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Rumors of My Death Are Bullshit

March 31, 2014
Posted at 11:45 am

Oh where, oh where has my little cmsix gone?

Contrary to recent rumors I AIN'T DEAD YET. I'll admit my output has been sparse lately but still, I ain't dead.

"Well, what's happened to your dumb ass then?" you might ask.

First, like any good old boy (read that as redneck) I got an ingrown toenail and tried to cut it out myself with a pair of Nippy Clipers from Radio Shack. I don't blame the clippers but maybe I should have more careful to disinfect them first. Come to think of it maybe I should have done a little washing on my foot first too.

Like anyone else who can read, or even listen I had heard of gangreene before. Still and yet I wasn't prepared for the malady to be visited upon me.

Cutting to the chase, I ended up in a hospital where they tried to fix me up by amputating my toe. It didn't do the job and so about a week later they amputated my left leg BK. That means below the knee for those of you who aren't up to date with your medical terminology.

After a weelk or so of rehab they sent me to place called OrPro and the nice man measured me for a peg leg. I wasn't on medicare yet and when the leg arrived medicaid didn't feel inclined to pay for it. Did you have any idea a peg leg cost around thirteen thousand bucks? I'll admit I didn't have the first clue. I bought a wheelchair and went on about my business. I spent a little time in South East Texas with my daughter and her husband but they got into a little trouble with the law and they had to take me up to Plano and drop me off on my youngest brother before they had to report for a stay in the pen.

My brother got sick of my ass pretty quickly and he signed me up for the "old folks" version of the pen or at least he sent me to a nursing home. Rose Haven Retreat in Atlanta Texas is my current home.

Funny about Rose Haven. They charge around 3k a month and they have a lot better form filler outers than I've encountered before. Not only did they get Medicaide to pay for my stay here, they even convinced them to pony up the money for my peg leg and they even have someone here to teach me how to use it.

My youngest brother, Richard, even bought me a laptop to use while I'm in here and after I asked politely someone sent me an IBM Model M keyboard and I'm trying to get back into the swing of things again.

My email is and I'd like to take a poll of which of my stories you might want me to work toward finishing. I ain't promising shit, but for once I will consider your emailed opinions.

as Bob Snapp used to say