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A Much of a Which of a Wind-- Chapter 6

February 3, 2014
Posted at 11:27 am

For technical reasons chapters 3-5 were posted under the radar the other day. We're up to speed now. I'm still adjusting to the rules of this site.
In the course of the confusion over the earlier posting something came to mind that may warrant a warning.
If Susan's in the federal witness protection program you may reasonably assume she's a witness to some sort of crime. In fact she is, and the crime's a particularly nasty one-in this case, human trafficking. Specifically, the trafficking of children for sexual exploitation. That's the warning. There are no details or scenes or even explicit descriptions, but the issue does come up.
The activity is a peculiarly horrible one-as is pedophilia in general-but the fact is that both exist. I chose this crime both to put it beyond the pale of what any reader might find forgivable/explainable and to highlight the horrors of what really does go on in the non-fictional world in which we all live.
I'll continue to post every day or so.
Thanks to all who've commented.