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Chapter 153

October 11, 2013
Posted at 4:07 pm

A few typos last time, fixed, & a major geographical error. I stated Kurdistan included western Turkey & eastern Iran. Pretty difficult task. Let's try eastern Turkey & western Iran. Big, typo! Fixed.

Everybody loves Stormy. Presidents and their dogs have a storied history in politics. There was FDR and Fala, Nixon and his Checkers speech, LBJ picking up a beagle by the ears, and the current 'controversy' about the Obama's dog having a handler. Stormy fits right in.

My dates on the Liberian problem are relatively close to what really happened, and we can assume that enough of a butterfly effect occurred to match the story.

A number of readers were concerned about the story ending at some point, months in the future. Okay, at some point time is going to begin catching up. Does Carl finish then? I have some ideas on that, which might just blow people away. In the meantime, keep enjoying the story, and stop worrying about the future.