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Traveller - Entry 06

May 25, 2013
Posted at 8:24 am

It's a sad state of affairs that I've written more blog entries than story chapters. Of course, that just means that I have to catch up. I like catching up.

First, I'd like to thank 'Paul' who caught out my secret. He pointed out to me that in the early chapters, Chance's sister is Lana but later becomes Lena. I came up with a whole mythos-appropriate response detailing the subversive nature of Buck's dream memories and how he 'mis-remembered' the name and...well, it went on for two pages and didn't make a very good story.

The truth is...I screwed up. I went and checked my character notes (prepared before I started writing) and Chance's sister WAS named Lana Pestle. Somehow, my mind warped that and she became Lena Pestle (I blame my cousin Lena who wrote a hilarious e-mail to me which I read during a writing session; normally, I refuse to read anything while writing but Lena is a special case exception to any and all rules). I choose Lana or Lena? I decided, in honor of my cousin, to go with Lena. I've updated the main story document and I'll update the posts later.

Finally, I'd also like to thank 'Steve', 'David', 'Um' and I'm probably missing three or four dozen who've shown me a few places where my English grammar has failed (seriously, why does the English language need three different versions of one word? There, their and they're?? I feel this is more a failing of the English language than any comment on my ability to throw random letters at the keyboard and come up with legible words -- with Rob_3324's help, of course).