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February 22, 2013
Posted at 7:32 pm

Both of my Literary Competition entries made it into the competition office by the deadline today, but I'm exhausted! I enter this competition every year and have placed in the past. I believe my entries are solid and have a good chance this year.

On the plus side, I received a huge amount of feedback on both stories that started their lives here on SOL. I've incorporated much of it and had good editors work with me to hone the writing. Also, my impression is that there are fewer entries this year than in the past couple of years. That's unusual, but there was a category restructuring that may have encouraged entries into categories other than what I write. So maybe the odds are generally better this year.

On the negative side, I know this to be a tough competition, I've entered one into the newly expanded category of Romance/Erotica which draws many writers anyway, and my proofreader for my psychological thriller sent the manuscript back to me with a note that the first chapter was so terrifying to her that she couldn't read the rest of the story and would never set foot in a hospital again. If I get contest readers that respond the same way, I might have slim chances of advancing.

But the entries are in and I'm focusing on "Prodigal" again. April 15 seems to be rushing toward me. I'm looking for another proofreader so that I've got someone to share the burden with Old Rotorhead. I've decided to double his current salary and am offering the same to others. ($0 x 2 = $0) That means you make as much for editing them as I make for writing them!

I'm drifting off to sleep again. Haven't had much rest the past few days. Maybe a quick nap before I get back to work.