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This page is in Alpha status

(version 1.1a last update: 2011-12-26)
(still under development with incomplete features)

For more info about the tags, read the Formatting Guide

Known Issues with this previewing facility:

  1. The List tags '{+}' and '{n}' are not previewed.
  2. Although all HTML tags work here, that doesn't mean that they work on the site. Check the formatting guide's html section for info on which HTML tags are actually supported.
  3. Formatting validity is not checked. So for example, if you put a {b}{/b} pair of tags around multiple paragraphs (which is invalid), it will work here, but may be removed on the site.

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Tags Supported:

Paragraph Level:
(affect one whole paragraph)

{3}, {3c}, {3r}
{4}, {4c}, {4r}
{5}, {5c}, {5r}
{r}, {c}

Multi-Paragraph Level:
(affect all the paragraphs that it encloses)

{_ _}, {* *}

Inline Level:
(affect the text that it encloses within one paragraph)

{br}, {b}{/b}, {i}{/i}, {em}{/em}, {strong}{/strong}, {sup}{/sup},
{cite}{/cite}, {small}{/small}, {str}{/str}, {tt}{/tt}
{blue}{/blue}, {red}{/red},{green}{/green}, {lblue}{/lblue}

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