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Redemption finished.

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The final chapter of Redemption is posted. As I said in the begining, the characters got away from me!

Many readers commented on the abrupt ending, and the fact that Jack did not get any tangible satisfaction about the betrayal. I had originally planned on having him follow thropugh on the sexual opportunities he was being afforded, but the more I developed his character, the more it seemed an unlikely action on his part, especially if he was still going to ultimately reject the status quo. As I told one reader, the deception went on too long and was too calculated for him to foregive her. If she had been open from the begining, maybe he could have embraced her lifestyle choice.

Some readers wanted me to continue, with a "revenge" storyline, but that would also have been out of character, especially in light of how nearly he was tempted. If he had gone after the Churchills his own redemption would have been in jeopardy. I was also hesitant to go in that direction because just writing the characters of Gloria and Frank made me feel a little slimey!