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The Fights and The Clitorides

March 7, 2018
Posted at 11:30 am

First off, I posted a new story earlier this week and wanted to thank everyone that took the time to read it and the few that then offered their feedback.

Secondly, the little bar up top asking for you to visit and vote in the Clitorides awards. I know I've no chance of even getting nominated for, but wanted to first ask you all to vote and make sure your favorite author get recognition. And if you're looking for suggestions as to who to back. Well may I humbly suggest:

For Best New Author: Mick2016 and Paige Hawthorne.

For Author of the Year: Michael Loucks, Jay Cantrell, Xalir or G. Younger.

Another Story and Olympic Gold

February 19, 2018
Posted at 9:42 am
Updated: February 19, 2018 - 10:10 am

I posted another story yesterday and wanted to again thank everyone that took the time to read it.

Given the Olympics are running right now, I found myself re-reading the excellent Don Lockwood story Dance Of A Lifetime. If you've not read it then click on my favourites list and follow the link there.

Hello World

February 14, 2018
Posted at 2:24 pm

Earlier today I posted my first ever story to this site. I'd like to thank those of you that have taken the time to read my small (very small) tale.