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Rich Guy 1 chapter 1 is up!

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Rich Guy 1.1 is posted. Enjoy!

Rich Guy Update!!

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Since I've gotten a few emails about this, I'd like to clear it up. Rich Kid 4 is not the end of the series. In a way, it's just the beginning. I'm already a hundred pages into Rich Guy 1. I've got a lot of other things to do in my personal life, so I think I'll post it in about 2 weeks. I need to do a lot of clean up work to make it good, but the first posting should be quite large. Stay tuned!

RK i fucked up. reposted

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So, don't post stories while drunk. I've re submitted the last chapter

RK 4 is done!!!!!!!!

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I've decided to post the final chapter of RK4. Mostly because it's short and I'm excited about it. It reveals a lot of information and brings a level of closure to the first 4 books.

The next section, Rich Guy, will start to move another direction. I've already written a TON of RG1, so expect a large first installment.

As a personal side note, I got a little teary writing this final section. It hit a bit close to home for me personally, with father/son relationships.

Hope you enjoy!

P.s. I'm still looking for an editor

Rk 4.3 is up. It's my birthday!

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Today is my birthday but you all get the present. I've loaded a very large chapter to RK4. I was going to split it up in half, but its very early in the morning and I didn't sleep. So, you get a big update.

Only one more chapter and then RK4 is done. I'm well into the next book though. Hope you enjoy