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New chapter up!

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Happy memorial day weekend!

Rg 10 celebrity cross over

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If you dont know who Olivia is, just ask Google.:)

Rich Guy 9 is up

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New chapter is up.

As a note to the readers, I have 3 more chapters pretty much done and I've outlined the rest of Rich Guy Book 1. I think I have 4-5 more chapters after that for a total of around 8 in this book.

A note about the Rich Kid series for new readers.

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For everyone that is just starting the Rich Kid series, I wanted to clarify a couple of things. As you can tell, the story is quite big. It spans years of time and a lot of stuff has to happen. If you start RK1 and dont care for it, keep going. The story and characters evolve over time, as we all do. In my opinion the story doesnt really Start until Rich Guy 1, but the previous 4 years of high school are critical for the story to make sense

New chapters up

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New chapter being posted now. More on the way soon. Things are going to start picking up. Hope you enjoy