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Honey, I'm home!

January 27, 2018
Posted at 6:03 am

As of yesterday afternoon, I'm back in the land of bacon, beer, and freedom! As I had feared, my internet downrange did not allow me to access SO but it was really nice to come back and see all the messages ya'll left me. I truly appreciate the support.
How's Pantheon II? Glad you asked! In my rare free time (6.5 day work weeks sucks donkey nuts) I managed to plunk out two more chapters but was unable to send anything to my beta so I'm still a ways out from putting anything new up. Fortunately, Uncle Sam realizes what a shit show deployments are and I get the next two weeks to fuck around and write without having to go to work. I should be able to wind down and get some words on paper.
So, TL;DR, thanks for the encouragement, I'm home safe, new content in a bit.

See you bitches

November 14, 2017
Posted at 11:19 pm

Its nearing midnight and I'm sitting in the only operating bar in BWI. In uniform. With a martini in one hand and a bacon slandered burger in the other. Since I'm about to go on bacon and alcohol probabtion, it's a good way to finish out my time on US soil.

I'm also staring down a bottle of Svedka and wondering how I'm going to incorporate Russian Jumpers into the plot. I might not get there this novel. I've been chewing it over for six damn weeks and can't find a good point to put them in. My amazing beta, SpiralBound, and I have gone over some of the hooks in the story and despite his usual Herculean efforts to get my stories to a readable state, I just can't find a way.

Anyway, morning half drunk, rambling diatribe aside, I'm out for a few months. I've got my trusty laptop and notebook so I'll keep the story going as much as possible but it might get tough.
Thanks for all the support and encouragement, it's been a bright spot in a tough deployment spin up. I'm grateful for all of you and that I have the privilege of serving a nation filled with such fantastic human beings.
Cheers, bombs and freedom,

We're doing it live!

October 29, 2017
Posted at 10:38 am

Howdy my fellow pervies!
First, apologies for leaving people hanging with chapter 7. I didn't feel that it could be added to any chapter I'd written and that people would be able to grasp what was going on better if I left it as a stand alone. I've added chapter 8 to the posting queue and it should be up shortly.
Yay, new content! Crap, I'm out of pre-written chapters.
So, we're at the point where I'm doin' it live! Read: you get chapters as they're written/edited. I have an absolutely fabulous beta (SpiralBound) I work with but as both of us have lives (shocking, I know) my posting rate will probably slow down a bit.
Additionally, Uncle Sam has tagged me for a fabulous "vacation" to the Middle East starting in about two weeks, so I will lose some time there as I figure out whether or not I'll have first world luxuries like the internet. More than likely I will, but if you don't hear from me for a bit, I'm not dead, just off playing "responsible adult" for a bit.

Whew, Pantheon 2!

September 28, 2017
Posted at 7:43 am

Howdy fellow pervs,
Yay, P2 is up! Ok, so three chapters of P2 are up!
As you can see, I'm changing it up a little from P1: there are three POVs and the tags up front have changed slightly. Nothing life changing there, just makes it easier for me to cover all the plot I want without having to shoehorn Val into places she wouldn't have otherwise been. Like other people's bedrooms. ... On second thought... ;)
I will try to post on a weekly to bi-weekly basis but that will all be dependent on my ability to write in my rare free time, my two lovely, wonderful, and amazing editors free time, and how much I can get done before I deploy. I anticipate still being able to work on this while deployed but the internet at my FOB is so-so at best so communicating back and forth with my editors might get sporty.


June 9, 2017
Posted at 9:17 am

Yes, I'm finally done with this masters degree! Thesis complete, signed, and defended. Comprehensive exam passed. Now it's just waiting to attend graduation.
This, of course, means I have free time again. I can write what I want and not what my professors want. So, starting tomorrow I'll be picking Pantheon II up where I left it a year ago. I've got a few scenes sketched out already, now it's the labor intensive process of cobbling a coherent story arch together.