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LingerieRobot: Blog

Heroine Overdose/May blog posts

June 6, 2017
Posted at 3:10 pm

My newest short story, Heroine Overdose, is up. My next work will be the continuation to Saying Stay, so re-familiarize yourself with that story if you need to. Here are the May posts on my Wordpress blog that may be of interest to you:

May reading diary - With thoughts on bluedragon, Laura Antoniou and more
Passive Voice - On the passivity of male protagonists

April blog posts

May 6, 2017
Posted at 2:35 pm

Hey all. My new short story Mythologies is out. I've been picking up steam on my external blog, which is about the critical analysis of smut. There are some previews of upcoming work, as well as hopefully-thoughtful posts like this:

Sex and Money - on the prevalence of wealth in porn
April reading diary
Sexual Tensions - on the formal qualities of smut, and its problems

If you find my work interesting, these may be of note to you. See you next month!

Wordpress Blog

July 18, 2014
Posted at 10:25 am

Hi all. I've decided to move my author blog over to Wordpress. I've been wanting to do some serious long-form posts about online erotica, and wanted a spot where they would be permanently archived. If you're interested in my thoughts on the state of the genre (and I don't know why you would be), or updates on my current projects, check it out:


Saying Stay Ch. 6 / Count of Casuality

June 8, 2014
Posted at 12:39 pm

Since my last blog post two stories have gone up. One is the sixth chapter of Saying Stay, in which it is finally Ellie's turn in the spotlight. As I said while I was writing it, the banter is kind of overtaking the fucking in this story, and I'm kind of okay with that.

I've also posted Count of Casuality, a brief M/M short story. It's set in an intentionally nondescript, faintly science fictional war scenario, and features a little male bonding. Army people, please don't write in haranguing me about mistakes -- it's not meant to be a realist piece. I'm continuing to experiment with M/M, seeing if I actually like to write it or not. Let me know what you think.

Anyway, I'm hard at work (well, at work) on the next chapter of Not Alone, which is mostly emotional soul-searching punctuated by bouts of weird sci-fi sex. Hopefully it won't take another three months for me to post here, but you never can be sure. See ya!

Writing About Fucking

March 21, 2014
Posted at 11:44 am

Actual penetration is probably the hardest part of erotica to write about. You can go on for pages describing seduction and foreplay, and the delecate act of undressing, but when it comes down to penis-in-vagina/ass sex there often doesn't seem to be much to say. You can only use the verb "thrust" so many times after all. You can do different positions, but then it ends up seeming like a porno. This is, I think, why so much smut ends in an anticlimax, with a few throwaway paragraphs following a whole story's worth of build-up.

I'm not sure I've found the solution to this problem yet, and I'm sure having trouble with it as I write the next chapter of Saying Stay (coming soon!). I could go for a lot of implausible dirty talk, but that's not really my style. Instead I'll try to veer between crudely physical ("He thrust his cock into her cunt faster") and overly metaphysical ("Their bodies and souls melted together in an act of passion"). If I fail, at least I won't be the first.