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Hey, readers!
If you've downloaded "Life, 2.0" or if you've never read it, I just reposted it with a few corrections. There were a few little "oops" spots in there that tainted the final product. If you saved it, you might want to replace the old file with the new one.
FYI, the second story in the "Drifter" universe is being edited now; it'll be posted in the next two or three days.
Thanks for your support.

A reposting and an update.

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Hello Readers,

I just wanted to relate some information you might be interested in if you've been following my stories. I really appreciate the comments and critiques you've sent in your E-mails, and I thought this forum would be a convenient way to address your inquiries.

First, I've done a re-write of a story that was originally posted back in the spring of 2014. It's "Things That Go Hump In The Night", and I've cleaned it up quite a bit. I've also made several changes in the text to make it read more smoothly. I encourage you to take another look at it if you're into ghost stories.

Secondly, I've had several E-mails asking about the promised sequel to "The Heir", titled "Here and There". I've been working on it all along, and it's growing almost exponentially. I've decided to go all the way and make it a full-fledged novel. Of course, the book will include "The Heir" as its beginning. I'm still considering where to publish it. Sorry, but at this point, I can't say when it will be done, but I'll try to keep you posted.

As always, I'm very interested in your opinions. You know how to reach me.

Levi Charon