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Breeder World Universe opened up to all authors

May 26, 2018
Posted at 2:47 am

When I started on the Breeder World Universe I planned for it to be a very large group of stories. However, that was over a decade ago and I was working with Cazna on the stories with him. Since then many things have happened and I don't see myself getting back to the universe very soon. Thus I've now opened the universe up for any author to write in if they wish to use the world background I've established. I just ask they leave my characters in Breeder Ships for me to develop, or seek my approval to use them.

Beds and Bathrooms

April 14, 2018
Posted at 8:36 pm

Due to questions from readers I'm aware many people in the USA and UK have a different idea of what is or isn't in a bathroom, and bed sizes. Here in Australia we have a number of arrangements for a bathroom, and different sized beds.


The link above has a good list of the various bed sizes. What's important is here in Australia we have King single which is 42 inches by 80 inches which I often mention.


A bathroom may contain a bath, a shower, a basin sink in a bench, a toilet, and space to dress - or any combination of them. Also, a bath may or may not have a shower over it. The simple rule is if any one of the above is shown as having its own room, then it's not in the bathroom. Thus the bathroom in Survivor: Moving On has a bath (in this case with a shower over it), a basin sink area, and space to dress. We also have a thing called a four way bathroom where there's a sort of central basin sink area with three doors off it to have the bath, toilet, and shower each in their own little area to allow privacy and multiple users. A three way bathroom is the same but no separate shower.

An en-suite is a cut down version with a sink, toilet, and shower or bath with a shower over it.

I hope this helps you to understand the plans I include as a memory aid.

Story status

April 12, 2018
Posted at 5:42 pm

At this time I've 32 stories in progress, 14 of them are older stories from prior to the Gestapo raid. One of the few items finally returned by the police included part written stories with a status from mid 2014 (they still retain most of my materials). Several of the stories were all but finished, so I'm doing what i can to finish them off and publish them. However, several of them are from a period in my life when my view on life was a lot darker due to a number of not nice events from the mid 1990s to 2010. The stories were also written at a time when I was collaborating with Cazna on stories. I focused on action and adventure and he focused on sex stories, thus these stories have a lot of sex scenes he wrote in them. Hal - the Beginning is the first of these older stories recently completed. I've had a few messages from people about how the tone isn't what they're used to from me. It didn't help that I published them without going through the full editorial process because most of my editors were busy with other matters at the time. I hope to do better with the editing on the rest of them that I feel I can get ready and publish without too much trouble. In some cases the sex scenes are being left alone, in some I feel I can reduce them or remove them without affecting the story, so I am. Some of them will later have sequels, but they'll be a long time away. The stories I'm currently working on to get ready for publishing are:

Older stories with Blind Luck, Estate Living, Slippery Jim, Guardian, and Sage Marsh. Estate Living and Slippery Jim are darker than the others and involve some revenge themes, while Guardian and Sage Marsh are more along the lines of adult themes stories due to reduced sex scene content. Blind Luck has a lot of sex scenes and is more of a love story with action, but not a romance.

The newer stories I'm currently working on to get published have no sex scenes and are John Henry Smith, Hobby Life, Matt Smith, and Odd Man in the Corps. While those have my main focus I'm also working on a few others as the muse moves me, so they may get published before some of what I'm focusing on.

Please check the tags of my stories before you read them, and if it is one of the older and darker stories please don't send me a message saying you found it too dark. I already know it is, and responding to messages takes away from the time I have to write after all the real life events get first bite at my time. Nor do you need to message me about this blog entry.

Thank you.

Modern Day Witch hunt update and uploaded - revised blog

March 13, 2018
Posted at 6:16 pm
Updated: March 13, 2018 - 6:32 pm

I've uploaded to the SoL Wizard a heavily modified and updated version of Modern Day Witch Hunt. There are significant changes - nearly double the word count to 24,000 words - and a lot of extra information about what hasn't been happening. It should be up on site when the next moderator logs in. The file has a lot of images and lists, so I suspect it's taking time to process.

It's already available for free at Lulu:

My website with story summaries only

November 5, 2017
Posted at 1:53 pm

I now have my own website set up with all of my stories summaries listed in natural divisions that may help you to sort out how they go together. But you will have to come back here or go to Lulu to actually read the stories.