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Sorry all.

July 10, 2013
Posted at 3:53 am

Just to inform you all, There is little chance that anything will be posted to this account. After some good criticism from people I came to the conclusion I am not really that good a writer and my stories aparently, without me realizing at, are much derived from other stories. I do not wish to be derivitive or a copy, bad or good, of any author so I have stopped writing. I might do something but then again I probably will not.
Sorry if I let anyone down.

It's a new year.

January 25, 2012
Posted at 2:38 pm

Well I have not forgotten anything and I am still writing. I have finally exhausted my addiction to Skyrim and....... minecraft (Goddamit!!!) and have returned to the story at hand, along with about 3 others that percolated out of my twisted little mind. so some time soon, I will have chapter 13 publishable. Oh look! A fluffy bunny! (Damit!)

Chapter 12.

December 4, 2011
Posted at 1:36 am

OK, I've submitted chapter 12, Thanks again to my proofer, and I'll start on Chapter 13 tomorrow, I'm tired and I have to drive 200KM first thing Monday morning to arrive at a job site at 7:45am. and 200KM back. (400KM Monday? DAMMIT!!!) I will probably sleep lots after that so if I survive the travel there and back, I will write intently for the week and try to get 13 up and running ASAP.
Goddamn work, getting in the way of writing.
*sigh* comes chapter 12.

December 2, 2011
Posted at 1:28 pm

Well it's been an interesting week. got caught up in Skyrim and just about lost it then on Monday I accidentally stepped on 3 4' long CLF lights and ended up with a mild case of mercury poisoning..., I looked at the symptoms of it on Wikipedia and suddenly realized that, apparently, I've been suffering it for most of the last 14 years (joke about 14 years of marriage) My proofer has the chapter 12 and some time in the next two days it will be finally posted. Ch 13 will be started tonight and is going to be interesting.
Wish me luck as I am still a bit off. I hope to be back up to snuff by January.


November 25, 2011
Posted at 12:30 pm

OK< so I've not forgotten anything... I have just made the biggest mistake of the year... I started playing Skyrim... GODDAMIT!!!
I did write last night and have written every night since I've started playing, just not at my usual prolific level. I have chapter 12 on the table still and it's going to be large..... verrry large. I've also started writing another story that had been percolating in my mind for over a month now. It finally came to the foreground and demanded attention. (I swear sometimes I'm bipolar and go into a manic stage whenever creativity peaks) Not to worry, Ch 12 will be out all in excessive time... er, good time I mean.