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Chapter Borked

December 4, 2017
Posted at 8:45 am
Updated: December 4, 2017 - 10:27 am

Chapter 17 of D&R was seriously screwed up during a repost late Sunday night. I have no idea how it happened; the chapter was fine when I previewed it, but upon posting is now missing about 1/3 of its text.

I noticed it almost right away and re-reposted, but as of Monday morning, the re-repost is still sitting in the submission queue.

UPDATE (Monday morning) The complete chapter is posted now, but the teaser is still missing. I've added a teaser (temporarily) to the end-of-story note.


November 14, 2017
Posted at 1:38 pm

Somehow when I was managing my latest round of chapter updates, I must have accidentally hit the "hide behind paywall" button. Oops!

In any case, it's fixed now and "D&R" should once again be viewable by all.

First SOL Story, Discipline and Reward: A Love Story

October 15, 2017
Posted at 3:47 pm
Updated: October 15, 2017 - 3:52 pm

This is my first story posted to Stories Online. I hope you like it. The story is complete and edited. Any mistakes remaining are my own.

The story starts off dark. Really, really dark. Torture, slavery, and mass murder dark. But I assure you, the subtitle is not ironic. Things do begin to get brighter as the story moves along. Because of this I have turned off voting at the outset. I don't think it would be fair to judge this story on the first couple of chapters alone. I promise that I will turn on voting at the end of chapter 4.

I intend to post two or three chapters a week, roughly at three-day intervals. There are 18 chapters and an epilogue, so I expect to be finished sometime between (US) Thanksgiving and Christmas, say around December 10. The chapters themselves are fairly meaty, ranging between 10-20 thousand words in length.

I know that some authors here post only once a week or less, many because they would prefer that you buy their finished story and wish to tease you into a purchase with the slow rollout of the plot. Personally I say more power to them and wish them luck, but this story will not be like that, as I will not be publishing this story for profit. As you read, you will quick surmise that the heroine is based on a popular DC comic book character. I think I would rather grab a high-tension power cable with both hands than tangle with DC's lawyers. So again, I'll be rolling this story out relatively quickly, and, of course, for free.