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Father of the Year: A Review from Netflix and a Request

July 24, 2018
Posted at 5:07 pm

We just watched Netflix's Father of the Year, it stars David Spade as a trailer trash father. It is definitely a comedy. I was afraid at first it would be similar to Joe Dirt but he is a different character all together.

I have to say that watching it made me miss the story "Hard Times" - and I loved some of the lines:

"Shut up trailer trash"

"You live in a trailer too!"

"Yeah, but mine is a double wide"

I could have sworn I put that in Hard Times a long time ago!

There is another part where his 'swimming pool' is the back of someone else's pickup truck, and his bubble-jet is an egg beater. He strips off naked - and I am like "Dang, I wish i had put that in the story!!"

The trailer park captured the feel of Ted and Hard Times that I was kinda going for at times. I like to include some humor in my stories because in my real life - humor is all around me and I find that people don't just fuck- they also laugh and that is something that I don't see a lot of in dirty stories - unless they are over the top silly.

I'd give it a strong recommendation to watch if you have Netflix "Father of the Year" if you have a love for Hard Times.

I will eventually put an ending on it- but I want to give it the ending it deserves and that means finishing Joanne's story so I don't rush it.

In the meantime: my request

If you do watch the show, write a short story in the Father of the Year setting with some Hard Times overtones to it. Doesn't have to be about those exact characters but I'd love to see something gritty and interesting.

I don't love stories about limousines, mansions and people named "Victoria Steele" because I can't relate anymore than I can to a story about aliens and starships.

I can however get into a fun story about some trailer park sluts and some dirty old men at the trailer park.

I know HTML like a fucking idiot

June 12, 2018
Posted at 3:02 pm

I use Open Office Writer to "Save as" HTML when I finish writing a chapter so I can upload it to SOL. I am not very techie though so I trust that this is a complete and perfect copy just in HTML.

What I realize today is that my stories have been getting corrupted - perhaps because of how I save it. It looks fine in the word format but in HTML it gets garbled - its how i am saving it that is fucking it up. I realize now how to fix it (I think).

I would ask anyone who reads my stories - if you see garbled text or spelling errors - please send to me the chapter and story title. I would prefer to fix it and as I have so many chapters - it is a monumental task to read them all again.


Road to repentance and news

June 7, 2018
Posted at 7:33 pm

First some news: Chapter 30 is in the final stages of edits. Its a massive chapter for the Joanne Swift story and I think the loyal few of you who actually read my stories for your patience.

I absolutely LOVE SOL. The webmaster is responsive, the site is easy to use, it has all the features I love. I've tried others (Literotica I am looking at you) and it seems geared for short attention spans who like vignette stories. You can write a serial but it is not easy.

I like long stories because if I don't love the characters enough to write about them on an epic journey until they grow and evolve - then why the fuck am I writing about them.

My one complaint is I get downvoted a lot. I tend to think there is a large contingency (perhaps mostly over the summer) of people who prefer the site not be about sex/humiliation stories and so they purposely open my story and downvote it. I don't know - I could be paranoid but it is disheartening to see 35,000 donwnloads posted yesterday for a story that begins "I went back in time and became a cricket and then didn't have to mow the lawn, because I hypnotized my Dad in Space" or something absurd and my story I've been writing steadily for years is still at like half that downloads and 10% of the votes.

So my complaint isn't that I get downvoted - its that maybe this isn't my demographic.

I have found over the years a few loyal readers who offer constructive feedback though and that keeps me writing. I always hope someone will be inspired by my ideas and write a story like I would write - only that way I can read it.

In this case, I have a request - I am going to post a link to a cool story drawn by a French Artist but translated in French. It is called "Road to repentance". It is free to read - so don't worry there.

Its about 60 or 70 pages long I think and set in the renaissance period in a fictional France. It is about a noble woman who is so impressed with the humility of nuns that she joins a convent but becomes an adherant to the flaggelation and discipline aspects - I don't want to ruin any of the plot for you but there are a lot of really interesting twists to the story.

I don't possess the expertise of the time period to write a story like this - but I would love to read something that expounds upon the story. You could even set it in modern times if you wanted. I could picture a college educated liberal minded girl going to Haiti or something to volunteer and being convinced through her experiences there to join a local church.

Granted - there are many people on the site to whom any story with any religious aspect is particularly taboo. They'll read incest, they will read bondage, they will read all kinds of kink - but say nothing about religion.

So you can't write a story for those people - it has to be explicit that this is part of the content and like it or not.

I like the freedom to write about anything - and real life includes religious thought/kinks - and I like the freedom to read those stories too.

So I implore you -if you are thinking about writing - read this story and maybe let it inspire you?

You can see the story here:

It is a free site - and I am in no way connected to them.

The Middle - Fanfiction request

April 25, 2018
Posted at 2:53 pm

When I started writing Taylor Swift - I had in mind the family from "Friday Night Lights" The TV show

Tom is the Coach Kyle Chandler
Joanne is the wife Connie Britton - although with much bigger tits
Janie is the daughter Aimee Teegarden
(If you want to google them)

Taylor is a little bit of myself and based on a picture I saw of a Goth Girl at a Birthday party not having a good time.
Donny and Scotty are based loosely on people I know and Jesse Plemmons and Zach Gilford from the same show.

Obviously, nothing that happens in the story has anything to do with FNL - it just seemed like a good template to draw inspiration from.

I do enjoy erotic fanfiction though - especially when it is clever.

So I have a request:

The Middle - if you have ever seen the show and read my stories, you probably already know they would have been an ideal family to base Family Feud around.

I'd love to see an engrossing story where Mike and Franki's kink spills out of the bedroom, and Sue Sue Heck wants to be a donahue and has submissive tendencies. I don't know what would be going on with Brick and Cyndi but I gotta think Cyndi would wear the pants (and the hats) in that relationship.

Please Internet, make it happen?

Hotter than the Devils Asshole

April 10, 2018
Posted at 4:08 pm

Today, I am posting chapter 16 of the sequel to "My Name is Taylor Swift".

I was thinking what a great chapter title "Hotter than the Devil's Asshole" - it's a reference to something Rachel Goldman says when she sees something sexy- which got me to thinking about the name of the story overall.

The story is called "My name WAS Joane Swift" (Book Two)

I've been thinking about this name for a while - and I am not sure it is obvious that it follows "My name is Taylor Swift".

Does it make sense?

Should I rename both stories to the same thing and just have a I and II afterward like Family Feud?

Was it intuitive to you if you read them that they follow one another?

One is the story of Taylor (as told by her mother for most of the story) and one is the story of Taylor's Mother (as told by Taylor's mother Joanne).

Is it even necessary to read them in order to understand the plot in Joanne? I've tried to provide enough context in the Joanne story that you can follow what happened without beating the reader over the head with it and just backtracking - show not tell.

If you have a better name for both stories - I am all ears.

It can't be "Hotter than the Devil's asshole" though - because even though it's a great chapter title - I am not sure it could apply to the entire series.