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The Binding Rings
Mind Control
A chance discovery changes a young man's life - and not always for the better.
Tags: mt/ft, mt/Fa, Fa/Fa, Coercion, Mind Control, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Incest, Mother, Son, Aunt, Nephew, BDSM, MaleDom, Spanking, Harem, Double Penetration, First, Pregnancy, Sex Toys
Sex Contents: Much Sex
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390 KB 131446 1187 7.66

Stop Watch
Mind Control
A power that is too good to be true becomes a corrupting influence on a man and leads him into temptations he'd never thought possible.
Tags: Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Fa/ft, Consensual, Hypnosis, Magic, Mind Control, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Incest, Mother, Father, Daughter, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Rough, Anal Sex, Exhibitionism, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Petting, Voyeurism, Babysitter
Sex Contents: Much Sex
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306 KB 95721 868 7.68

Unintended Attraction
Mind Control
A man's journey to controlling an ability that he has feared and avoided his entire life.
Tags: Ma/Fa, Mind Control, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Oral Sex, Petting
Sex Contents: Much Sex
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150 KB 33433 635 7.24
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