Lazlo Zalezac: Series


3 Stories
Great-grandfather Donaldson had six daughters and no sons. Anna married a cook by the name of O'Toole. Donna married a military man by the name of Ables. Susan married a scientist by the name of Connor. Alice married an engineer by the name of O'Connor. Claire married a lawyer by the name of Anders. Cybil married Doc Sanders. The Donaldson family continues to grow.

Happy Harry

8 Stories
Happy Harry is the last of the hoboes. These stories tell of his time as a Druid.

Jade Force of Misera

14 Stories
The warriors of Jade Force are trained from an early age in the martial arts, the history of wars, and the science of waging war. They are raised to see war as something brutal and inhumane. War is a matter of life and death, not a political game. It is to be taken seriously with acceptance of the full consequences of entering into armed conflict. They are unleashed upon a world that employs wars as casual moves on the landscape of international politics and believes that wars can be fought humanely.
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