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Breeder World — A Universe from the Mind of Cazna

A bio-weapon is released in a world wide war has killed off 70% of the world population and rendered most of the population sterile. A new world government and world order has arisen. The rarest commodity on the planet are fertile men. The majority of children conceived are female and many male children are born sterile as well. Social upheavals occur and many adjustments are needed. The continuation of the race is at extreme risk, but humanity and society evolves to meet these new challenges as every aspect of society changes. If you wish to write a story in this universe please contact Cazna for permission to do so. Suitable stories will be permitted. Please read the prologue titled Breeder World before reading any of the stories.

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Breeder World
Science Fiction
Ernest Bywater World War Three has come and gone, most of the world population are dead. The survival of the race is now at grave risk and society has changed beyond recognition. Learn what happened and what was done to keep the human race alive. - This short story sets the background for the rest of the stories in the universe.
Tags: Fiction, Science Fiction, Post Apocalypse, Workplace, Politics
Sex Contents: No Sex
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