Absolute Nudity — A Universe from the Mind of BareLin

In this universe public nudity is totally accepted everywhere.
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Kimberly’s Life as an Absolute BareLin In the highly competitive business of selling real estate, everyone always is looking for the next gimmick to bring in more customers through the door. Kimberly after an endless brainstorming meeting comes up with the idea of adopting the naturist lifestyle. This is her story about her first month as an absolute, where she ends up spending it completely in the nude. 24/7.
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Bailey, Marla Daughter BareLin If there is one thing about Bailey, is that for the most part of her life she has had a love hate relationship with clothing. Even know for a couple of years now she can legally toss them for good. She or her best friend didn’t seriously consider it until the summer prior to her senior year. This is her story into the life of being an absolute naturist.
Tags: Consensual, Slavery, Humiliation, Exhibitionism, School, Nudism
Sex Contents: Minimal Sex
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Marla, Naked at Work BareLin I am sure that that the last thing Marla was thinking about driving to work early Wednesday morning. That she along with several others at her work would be tossing all their clothes and start working completely in the nude. Now if that wasn’t enough for one person to handle. Try coming home after stressing on how to handle the new enforced lifestyle. Only to learn that her daughter Bailey, wants to willingly toss all her clothes and be officially declared an absolute naturist.
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Religiously Absolute - the Beginning (a Gloria Parham Story) Chessman The case of Parham vs. Jerkins had not gone in favor of the Parham family. Sentenced to one hundred eighty days of enforced nudity and one hundred hours of public service for discriminatory acts against Absolutes, they were ordered to strip naked in the open courtroom.
Tags: Consensual, Workplace, School, Nudism
Sex Contents: Minimal Sex
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