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1 An Ordinary College Sex Life 2
Coming of Age
bluedragon An Ordinary Sex Life Story (7)
The continuation of An Ordinary College Sex Life. Ben, Dawn, roommates, classmates, sisters, sorority girls, strippers, and even a teacher.
Codes: MF Mf FF Mult cons dru cheat inc bro sis D/S Mdom span rough lght group orgy harem OM OF oral anal toys lac creampie teach BBr sch
Sex: Much Sex
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2339 KB 139072 1869 9.31
2 Reaching the Teacher
mattwatt Carol Anne Anderson is devoted to her teaching, as she had been to caring for her dying Mom. There as no time for romance, until she got a message from one of her students, and life changed.
Codes: rom teach
Sex: Much Sex
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3 Neuro Submission Transmitter
SamSlam After his uncle dies, Nick finds a iPOD-like transmitter that lets him control other people. He starts innocently controlling his mother, then has some mind control sex with strangers at the mall. He discovers how his uncle used the transmitter and gradually gives into to the incestuous temptation of sex with his mother and his sister. Along the way there are numerous adventures with a teacher, a girlfriend, a supermodel and a three-some.
Codes: MF FF cons rape mc les bi het fict inc mother son bro sis fath dau lght group interr BF BM WM WF oral anal mastrb exhib voy teach
Sex: Much Sex
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4 Lick 'N Tiff
rache Tiffany is a 16yo girl in love with her boyfriend, a black lab named Licorice. While she struggles to hide their romance from her mother, Tiff has to deal with her emerging sexuality and the age old question, "Am I really a lesbian?"
Codes: mf Ff cons rom les het inc mother dau span oral mastrb pett beast food creampie teach sch
Sex: Much Sex
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277 KB 13102 176 8.19
5 She Moves Me
Esperanza_Hidalgo This twisted tale is a Harlequin Romance on steroids, or perhaps, on aphrodisiacs. A romance explodes between a hesitant college dean and the campus slut. Both undergo a metamorphosis during the sexcapades. Plot builds before sex, but the sex is ribald, tawdry, and hot. The next submission will complete this story.
Codes: FF cons rom reluc les true HF oral mastrb exhib voy teach trans
Sex: Much Sex
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6 The Beginning pointless A Things Change Story (1)
The story of young women learning about their sexualities as their senior years in high school approach their end. In story one Macy's seemingly hopeless crush on a certain student-teacher turns out to be not quite that hopeless after all. In story two Naiya tells Ashlee a secret that quickly leads to a night neither will soon forget.
Codes: FF cons dru les 1st oral teach
Sex: Much Sex
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7 Jonquil's Diary
Mario Vacchi A Story in the Steampunk Fantasy Universe
In the world of Steampunk Fantasy, smart and 'with-it' young people are professionally 'bed-trained.' Jonquil's family has decided she should get it and sends her off to school.
Codes: MF cons het fict group 1st anal mastrb voy teach
Sex: Much Sex
53 KB 1116 62 7.69
8 I Just Don't Know...
Tedbiker A sad, shy University lecturer encounters an unusual and gifted student, who changes his life
Codes: MF rom het pett teach slow
Sex: Some Sex
54 KB 5320 430 7.60
9 Just Say 'Thank You' Harvey Marcus Mr. Marcus gives his neighbor Noni and her friends lessons on how to get along better with boys. The instruction is 'hands on' with demonstrations. With the other girls, Mr. Marcus enjoys physical pleasure, but with Noni, feelings arise.
Codes: MF cons reluc coer humor fath dau 1st oral mastrb teach BBr slow
Sex: Stroke Story
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92 KB 5000 115 7.59
10 Good Girl's Aren't Gay
Esperanza_Hidalgo This story contains explicit lesbian sex in great detail. It involves a cathartic encounter between two coeds and a college professor. The encounter leaves the professor questioning her sexuality and heterosexual marriage.
Codes: FF reluc les true group WF OF oral anal mastrb teach trans
Sex: Much Sex
76 KB 1808 36 7.55