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1 Car 54
dotB 'Car 54' is a road trip down memory lane with highs, lows, curves, detours, bumps and potholes. There are sunny days, stormy weather, bucking broncs, stock cars, love, angst, sports, farm life, car racing, arguing, fighting, as well as a near death experience or two. Read the story of a friendly guy and his family as he learns to handle love, life, and a dirt track stock car. Oh, it's not a stroke story, it's a convoluted romance.
Codes: MF FF slow rom teen non-con dru
Sex: Some Sex
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2 An Ordinary College Sex Life 3
Coming of Age
bluedragon An Ordinary Sex Life Story (12)
The continuation of the Ordinary Sex Life series. Don't bother reading this unless you've read the previous stories in the series, including OSL: Morris Camp.
Codes: MF Mf FF ff Ff Mult cons non-con reluc rape coer dru inc bro sis span rough group orgy harem OF oral anal toys lac preg creampie exhib voy DP BBr violent sch
Sex: Much Sex
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3 Danica
Darkniciad A That Which Was Before Story (1)
A magic-user of little renown, Danica seeks a little excitement in her mundane life. When she is ensnared in the web of the Archmage Zoraster Arias, Danica gets far more than she bargained for. She discovers hidden power and hidden desires, long repressed, as Zoraster indoctrinates her to his service through pain, humiliation, and temptation. She forms bonds of friendship and love with others caught in Zoraster's web along the way, but can they escape and make him pay?
Codes: MF FF MM Mult cons non-con reluc mag fict hiFant BD sad group 1st oral anal mastrb pett fist toys squirt ws creampie exhib voy size BBr menses public slow
Sex: Much Sex
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4 Tom Billionaire
bluedragon A John Billionaire Story (4)
Fourth Book in the John Billionaire Series. The story of one Tom Eriksen, a wealthy billionaire who has suffered great tragedy despite his financial success. Abandoned by those he loves and shunning those that still care about him, he sets off to drown his sorrows in a sea of sexual excess and hedonistic pleasure. But some old friends will remind him who he really is.
Codes: MF FF Mult cons non-con rape dru group orgy harem poly oral anal creampie BBr violent
Sex: Much Sex
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5 Dream Clystra49 She hated being alone when her husband went away for business! Her mind begins to wander, creating an erotic dream...or was it?
Codes: Mult fict non-con
Sex: Much Sex
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6 A Chance to Advance Vulgus A Story in the Middlebury Chronicles Universe
Childhood sweethearts marry and after college the husband gets his dream job. He is soon offered a big promotion and a huge increase in salary. There is a catch. His wife must make herself available to the company executives. This was originally written as a story, a sequel and two standalone stories that somehow ended up as part of the original story. They have all been combined here.
Codes: MF FF Mult cons rom non-con bi het fict wife watch Mdom lght swing gang group 1st oral anal exhib
Sex: Much Sex
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7 Slut Mommie
Fantasy69 A young Mother finds herself irresistibly drawn into photo encounters with her son which leads to sexual situations. Mother's internal fight between what is proper and what her body demands creates more desires for not only her son, but others as well.
Codes: MF cons rom non-con reluc coer Blkm dru les bi het cheat wife inc mother son bro sis fath dau D/S span BD lght group orgy safe oral anal mastrb toys exhib voy size caution sch
Sex: Much Sex
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8 Flight of the Code Monkey
Science Fiction
Kid Wigger Join Jameson the code monkey in space. Although he is one of the uber-geek computer programmers onboard, he manages to make a life for himself. He gets the girl and tries to help an outcast shipmate on her first mission. Doing a favor for another new friend, he discovers things others wanted hidden. Space Marines, space pirates, cavemen, sexy ladies, hijacking plots, a new world to explore and survive, and detached duty await. Starts slow, but worth the effort.
Codes: MF FF cons rom non-con reluc rape coer dru les bi het fict ScFi ESP space myst D/S Mdom Fdom span rough BD harem poly 1st safe oral anal pett exhib voy slow violent Mil
Sex: Some Sex
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9 Saint and a Sinner
Daniellekitten A Cop Drama (3)
Novel size story of a serial killer who terrorizes a small community and the detective and sheriff's deputy who hunt him.
Codes: MF rom cons non-con rape violent
Sex: Much Sex
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10 The Girl With No Name
Edward EC EC's historical novel about the Grand Duchy of Upper Danubia. Peasant Danka SĂ­luckt's life forever changes when she is arrested and put in the pillory for stealing apples. She is rescued by the farmer she stole from, but she must escape and travel throughout Danubia as a naked penitent, wearing nothing but penance collar and carrying with her nothing but a bucket. She finds sexual adventures during her travels, but ultimately must keep moving until she finally finds redemption.
Codes: MF FF cons rom non-con reluc rape coer slave het Fict hist reven D/S Mdom span BD humil 1st exhib voy public nud
Sex: Some Sex
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