Galactic Chronicles — a series by Vanessa Ravencroft
GALACTIC CHRONICLES My stories all occur in the same Universe. The background, Aliens and support characters will always be the same. The Worlds, the times and the main characters change. You do not have to read my stories in any particular sequence as they are all self contained and hopefully make sense without having read any of the other books. For more information, visit the Galnet Database (a wiki) at
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The Adventures of a Greenie (GC IV)
Mind Control
Roy Masters, a Teenager raised on a dangerous planet by scientist parents, finds a strange animal in the Jungles and that's when everything started to change. Roy find himself on a virtual roller coaster ride through the Galaxy, chased by Kermac Agents...
Tags: Mind Control, Science Fiction, Extra Sensory Perception, Military
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Eric Olafson, Fleet Cadet (GC VII)
Science Fiction
The Year is 5015 (Old Terran Time). Eric will soon turn eighteen and he has been accepted at the United Stars of the Galaxy Fleet Academy on Planet Arsenal II. He was born Nilfeheim. Eric is 198cm tall and weighs almost exactly 90kgs. He has long blonde hair and he wears braided as it is traditional for New Viking men. He has gray eyes and some say he moves with the same purpose and grace as a Tiger or Nubhir Wolf. This is the next installment of the story of his pursuit of his dream.
Tags: CrossDressing, Science Fiction, Extra Sensory Perception, Space, Military
Sex Contents: No Sex
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Galaxy at War (GC)
Science Fiction
Book II in the Roy Master Cycle Roy Masters, born on Green Hell, one of the most dangerous and deadly worlds in the known Universe, just turned sixteen, lost his parents to a Pirate attack and helped foil a scheme of the Kermac that almost destroyed his home planet. He and his alien pet, an Imperial Fury Beast, are now on their way to Sares Prime, where he is supposed to go to College. While he travels to the exotic home system of the Saresii, the Galaxy prepares for war.
Tags: Fiction, Science Fiction, Extra Sensory Perception, Space, Military
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Eric Olafson, Neo Viking
Science Fiction
This is the beginning of a compete rewrite of the Eric Olafsons Saga.
Tags: TransGender, CrossDressing, Fiction, Science Fiction, Robot, Space
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The Six Spires of Egtor
Science Fiction
(This story takes place in the Galactic Chronicles universe. The year is 5040 OTT. War against the Shiss has just started, but it is hardly registered by most of the Union. The Nul are now part of the Union and so are the Golden. The place is a garden world about 3500 light years past the outermost fringes of Union space in the Spinward Sector.)
Tags: Fiction, High Fantasy, Science Fiction, Robot, Space, Mystery
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