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The Cattle Town Chronicles — a collection from Ron Lewis
The story of a dusty cattle town on the grassy plains of Kansas. Some of the stories are in the town when it was known as Penny, other are after they changed the name to 'Cattle Town' and still others are about those that will make the place their home.
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Claim 227 a Tale of the California Gold Rush
A nervous hand reached down trembling as it went in the cold water. Pulling the nugget out as larger as his hand. He knew as soon as he touched it what it was. Holding it up to Andrews, yelling out to him his eyes wide looking wild, "Bonanza, Ya?" Walking to him David saw the yellow stone with other minerals clinging stubbornly to the gold. Taking the cold metal in his own hands, he felt a rush of excitement the gold warmed from his touch. Perhaps this where the fever comes from.
Tags: Fiction, Western
Sex Contents: No Sex
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Gunfight With a Fool
Meet Harold Andersen, a pitiful man for whom happiness just does not fit in the equation. If good luck were water, Harold would die of thirst. Having tried many things in his miserable life, and failing at all of them it makes perfect sense to Harold to become a gun fighter. He was born with money, not brains. His desire to become famous sends him head first into a confrontation with John Henry "Deadeye" Bain.
Tags: Historical, Western
Sex Contents: No Sex
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