Island Fever 2: Eternity
Chapter 1: Nineteen

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Wife Watching, BDSM, MaleDom, Light Bond, Group Sex, Orgy, Harem, Polygamy/Polyamory, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Double Penetration,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: Nineteen - This is a small epilogue to "Island Fever", a story I have already posted on this site. It picks up several months after the original ended and we get to check in with Jeremy and his collection of beautiful women. Will all of them sail off into the sunset and live happily ever after?

-- Wednesday, December 4, 2013 --

"Watch your step, Krissy," I said to my wife, taking her by the hand and guiding her along the beautiful shoreline on the western side of the island. I helped her climb over a collection of humungous, gray rocks, which had been polished smooth by many centuries of pounding surf, and then along a narrow waterway which led to a lagoon 200 feet inland.

Kristanna stopped once we reached our destination and surveyed the picture-perfect surroundings, then took a swig of her sports drink. "Is there any reason why the water in this lagoon always seems to have a reddish tent to it?"

I raised an eyebrow at her. "I never told you about the background and history concerning this particular lagoon?"

Kristanna glanced at me curiously. "No. Enlighten me?"

I nodded. "A hundred years ago, there was a tiny village on this island. The people who lived here - whenever someone was sick or injured - they would take them to this lagoon because all of them believed it had healing powers. More often than not, the people felt better after staying here for an extended period of time. The water, as you noticed, has that reddish tent to it. That is the main reason why the islanders back in those days believed it had those so-called mythical, healing powers. They were enthralled by it. I have done a lot of research on this island's history over the years and heard all of the legends and stories."

"Is there a reason why the water is red?"

"It's a very technical reason," I advised her. "It is because of the iron oxide in the volcanic soil that flows down from the mountain. A scientist told me that once."

"Iron oxide?" Kristanna countered, suddenly confused. "That is WAY beyond my comprehension!" She hesitated before adding, "Is the water safe to go into?"

"Of course it is," I responded. "How can the water heal you if you don't go into it?" I laughed at her in a teasing, playful manner. "Use your brain, Krissy!"

"You've got a good point," the 24-year-old pouted, seeming semi-embarrassed. "That was pretty dumb of me to ask. And if it was unsafe, you would not have took me here today so we could go swimming in it. I should have known better."

I shook my head at her and smiled. "Nah ... you're fine. It wasn't a dumb question at all. No question is dumb."

Unbuttoning the multi-colored sarong from her slender hips and allowing it to fall harmlessly to the ground beneath her, Kristanna eyed the water as I smiled at her in appreciation. Oh dear Lord, I said inwardly. What a sight...

Kristanna was an all-natural, athletic beauty with looks to kill, but for those people (like me) who claim it is what is inside that truly counts, this girl had it going there, too. Kristanna had an amazing, effervescent personality; she was bubbly, excited, enthusiastic and forever full of life. Most of all, however, Kristanna loved to laugh. She was an eternal ray of sunshine who had brightened and energized my life like no one ever had before.

Dressed in a metallic gold two-piece bikini that sparkled in the sunlight which peaked through the vast canopy of trees above us, the tall, statuesque blonde with the skyscraper legs took a deep breath and then dove into the reddish water. My arms folded, I stood there and patiently waited for her to come up for breath. I figured this may be entertaining.

"It's cold!" she screeched, literally hopping out of the water (but thanks to gravity, going right back into it). Her arms covering her front, Kristanna shivered theatrically and glared up at me. "You didn't say it was cold, Jeremy!" Watching her thrash about in the water was almost comical.

"What did you expect, dear?" I countered, motioning toward the vast, open area behind her. "Get out of the shade and swim to the sunlight over there. It will be much warmer."

When I peeled off my t-shirt, Kristanna licked her lips and seductively clicked her teeth at me, then turned and began swimming for warmer pastures. I dove into the lagoon as well, the water quickly chilling my body but certainly not my desire, then emerged and swam to where Kristanna was leisurely treading in the warm sunlight.

My bride of over three months looked spectacular with the glow of the mid-afternoon sun shining down upon her. Eyes closed, she tilted her head back, lifting her face to the high heavens in the process, and sighed contently.

Once I reached Kristanna, I brought both of my hands to her face and kissed those enticing, irresistible lips. She responded in kind, linking her arms around my neck and opening her mouth to accept my probing, anxious tongue.

"Hmmmmm ... you taste salty," she murmured, kissing me with a fervor and passion that rivaled my own.

"Am I warming you up at all?"

"Uh huh," Kristanna nodded, full of zest, as I trailed both hands downward and cupped her lush, tight backside beneath the surface of the water. She hooked her right leg around my waist and purred, "I'm not quite there yet, though. You need to warm me up some more."

"I have no problem with that."

Kristanna smiled, then brought her left hand to my face and offered a soothing, languid kiss. When she slipped her own tongue into my mouth, my right hand immediately drifted upward toward one of her breasts. As we continued to kiss each other in a slow, romantic fashion, I cupped and cradled her taut, firm breast through the thin bikini top she wore. Both of us moaned simultaneously, and soon I was squeezing her breast a bit rougher than before.

At the same time, I coiled my left arm around Kristanna's shoulder and pulled her tighter against me. Our mutual kiss intensified and before I knew what was happening next, the young woman reached between our pressed bodies and massaged the hard, aching lump that was tucked away in my shorts.

Our tongues danced and intermingled together as the kiss became rather heated and passionate. I drove my tongue deep into her mouth, tasting all of its sweet recesses. I swiped away at her teeth, her gums, the area underneath her tongue, as well as the roof her mouth and its velvety, inner walls.

I slipped my left hand downward and began to squeeze and prod away at Kristanna's tight, bikini-clad ass. Meanwhile, my other hand continued to cup and grope one of her luscious breasts. Soon, we had to break the kiss in order to catch our collective breaths. It had become that intense.

I used this opportunity to dispose of her gold top, whisking it up and over her head, and tossing it to shore. She placed the palm of her left hand directly onto my chest, over my heart, and held it there for several seconds. I responded by squeezing a bare, firm breasts with my own hand. After several seconds of mutual groping, I kissed the very tip of Kristanna's nose and she giggled at me.

The two of us maintained eye contact as my mouth slowly but surely descended toward her one of her breasts - or more specifically, its puffy nipple. As my lips closed around it, Kristanna let out a long-winded sigh and wrapped both arms around the back of my head.

As if it were nourishment, I eagerly sucked and slurped away at her erect nipple. Above me as the two of continued to tread water in the lagoon, Kristanna moaned and sighed, while voicing her approval at the same time. Meanwhile, I pumped her opposite breast with my right hand. Kristanna ran her long, supple fingers through my short brown hair, while massaging and rubbing my scalp.

"I don't know about you, Jeremy, but I'm HUNGRY."

I chuckled as Kristanna pushed my head away from her breast. She gave me a beguiling, devilish grin, then turned and began swimming toward dry land. I quickly followed, of course, and once I reached the nearby shoreline, Kristanna was already on her knees waiting for me.

I slipped my belt off and then maneuvered my trunks downward. Once they were at my feet, I kicked them off and steadied myself before my blushing bride. My erection, needless to say, was already jostling back-and-forth in front of Kristanna's immaculate, unblemished face.

As she smiled and gently grasped my shaft with her left hand, I shook my head at her. "I love you, sweetheart. Our life has been wild and crazy over the past several months - juggling and trying to keep four other women happy - but you are the glue that holds everything together. I love you."

On her knees, Kristanna glanced up at me, her eyes aglow with passion and lust. I could not help but to shudder with arousal as the 24-year-old extended her tongue and offered my erection a teasing swipe. She giggled at my response, then slowly ran her tongue along the pulsing length of my cock.

"Do you like this?" she squealed at me, holding back a laugh at the same time. She already knew the answer.

"Oh yes!" I exclaimed. "Ohhhhh sweetheart ... ohhhhh ... you know I do. That mouth could bring about world peace."

She snickered at my praise, a happy expression upon her face. I would find it very difficult to go on in life without Kristanna's mouth to service my cock.

I gasped as Kristanna's left hand slowly tightened itself around my enlarged shaft. Again she giggled, this time while giving it a couple of hard squeezes. What a powerful sight; her piercing, blue eyes were in direct contact with mine as she lovingly caressed and squeezed my erection. But then...

A deep, guttural moan escaped from Kristanna's throat as she slipped my shaft between her pouty, red lips. As her left hand cupped my testicles and gently kneaded them, she closed her moist lips around my swollen member and began to feverishly suck upon it. She then moved her left hand to the very base of my shaft and started to pump away.

Within a matter of seconds, Kristanna was working my cock in-and-out of her mouth at a steady, but not fast speed. A hungry growl escaped her throat as she looked up at me, which in turn caused me to sigh. Seeing her mouth stuffed full of my cock, those precious lips forming a nice, big 'O' around its diameter, as she looked up at me was a definite turn-on.

I growled with sheer passion as I felt the tip of my cock collide with the back of Kristanna's throat with each intake. The collisions came quicker too, due to the increasing speed of her head as she bobbed back-and-forth upon my erection. Meanwhile, she continued to pump the base of my shaft with her left hand. I was, quite obviously, in Heaven!

Kristanna made a loud gagging noise as her cheeks hollowed around my hard cock, her head now bobbing back-and-forth at absolute warp speed. She was sucking me off like there was no tomorrow; as if this was her last act on Earth. I roared in pure passion above her while reaching the boiling point.

All of a sudden, the Norwegian goddess whipped my shaft out of her mouth. In one quick motion, she tightened her grip upon its base and extended her luscious tongue from her wide-open mouth. She aimed my cock at her tongue...

Then I exploded in desire as a thick strand of sperm shot out from my shaft and splattered over Kristanna's tongue. She began pumping away at me with her hand, wanting more. I obliged her, as a series of heavy spurts erupted from within me and covered Kristanna's lovely, charming face. The whole time, of course, I continued to moan while getting the royal treatment from my angel bride. Yes, this was Heaven.

Once my shaft was drained of all its juicy sperm, I opened my eyes and looked down at Kristanna. Her face and long blonde hair were soaked in my juice, but she sure did not seem to mind. In fact, Kristanna was giggling in lust as she wiped her face with her fingertips, then sucked each dry.

"Oh, you are definitely a sweetheart," I grinned while dropping to my knees and kissing a dry spot on her forehead. "I love you, little Miss Kris - more than you'll ever know."

She continued giggling while sucking her fingertips dry of all the thick jizz. "I love you too, Jeremy."

I hooked an arm around her midriff and pulled her down onto the ground with me. Now lounging on our sides and luxuriating in the warmth of the sand beneath us, I brought her right hand to my lips and kissed it tenderly. "How are you doing, peaches?" I asked her. "Still cold?"

"Not anymore," she responded, grinning.

"I'm glad you suggested that we come here - back to the island for a short vacation - while our home is still being built in Norway," I gently told her. "What a nice vacation this has turned out to be. The island brings back a lot of good memories for the other girls as well, you know."

Kristanna nodded her head. "The vacation idea works out perfectly. Everyone except Devvy - only because she doesn't want to - gets to spend some time with their family prior to the Christmas holiday. We have another week-and-a-half on the island and then, in Ohio, you and I have two days with your family, you and Lindsay will have two days with her mom and three sisters, and then you get to try your luck with Amy's parents yet again and devote two days to them, too. Then two more days, this time in Canada, where all of us can spend time with Trish's family. We will make it back home - to Norway - just in time for Momma's Christmas Eve dinner of lutefisk and lefse. I cannot wait!"

"I cannot believe Christmas is only three weeks away."

Kristanna pouted at me. "When are you going to tell the rest of your family about the true nature of our marriage and the other relationships that we have? Your father is really cool about it, though he says the idea is not for him. But when are you telling the rest of your family?"

"I don't know, Krissy," was my honest response. "I do not know how my mother would react if she knew that my newlywed bride and I have four live-in girlfriends who all have the aspiration - some more than others, mind you - of one day also becoming my bride in a polygamous marriage. My mother is very old-school, and would not understand that."

"She is your mother, Jeremy," Kristanna advised me. "If your mother loves you - and I know for a fact that she does - she will be accepting and supportive of you no matter the decisions you have made with your personal life." I gulped my throat as Kristanna continued, "The same goes for your two brothers and one sister. Families support each other."

"That is why I have always been up-front and honest with my own parents," she added. "Momma and Papa had their worries at first, sure, when I said I was bringing you and four other girls - all mutual lovers of ours - with me to Norway before our wedding a few months ago. But I had a long talk with Momma and Papa, and said this is the life I want to lead. They asked if I was truly happy, and I said yes. It was really all they needed to know."

"Your mother and father are very unique," I reminded her.

"Trish's family had a very similar reaction when she told them about her life as well," Kristanna mused. "Trish told her mother and father, and her two sisters, that she was madly in love with Lindsay, but also loved the rest of us, too - me, you, Devvy and Amy - and wanted to build a group relationship that lasts a lifetime. Trish's family loves her, and was supportive of her decisions. They were very nice and receptive toward all of us."

I shook my head at her. "Same thing - Trish has a very unique family. On the other hand, I do not think my mother - or even my two brothers and one sister - would be anywhere near as accepting. Well, my one brother from Kentucky - Steve - would not mind. He simply would not care. But Dan and Di would not like the idea of our relationship. I know for a fact that my mother would be totally against it."

"They are your family, Jeremy," Kristanna insisted. "It may take some time, but they will support you. That is what families do." She offered up a serious pout and grumbled, "I just hate the idea of going to a Christmas celebration and dinner with you and your family in a few weeks, while Devvy, Trish, Lindsay and Amy are all cooped-up and hid away in a hotel. They should have the opportunity to go, too."

"In the future they will, honey," I promised her. "I'm just not ready to tell my family about the others just yet."

"Lindsay needs to tell her own family the truth, too," Kristanna nodded. "Trish really deserves to meet Lindsay's family and needs to get to know them. They are under the impression that Lindsay is engaged to you, Jeremy, and no one else. But the main person in her life is Trish. Don't you think it is wrong that Trish has never met Lindsay's family?"

"Lindsay comes from a very religous background," I tried to tell Kristanna. "Her father was a minister before he passed away over a year ago. I cannot envision Lindsay's mother, after being told that she is in a relationship with five other people - four women and one man - is going to throw open her arms and hug her, and say everything is okay."

Kristanna rolled away from me, and slipped back into the rippling water of the lagoon. "You're just a big scaredy cat, Jeremy. All of you are." She offered another pout, but this time it was playful and teasing. "Afraid to tell your family of all the happiness you now have in your life." Her head now the only part of her body above water, Kristanna turned with a giggle and began swimming away.

It had been some three-and-a-half months since the date of August 23, 2013, which of course was when Kristanna and I were married under a twilight sky on the beach in her native country of Norway. Along with the other women who also shared intimate roles in both of our lives - namely Devon, Trish, Lindsay and Amy - Kristanna and I had been on quite the whirlwind of a ride over the previous 14-plus weeks.

Following the glorious wedding ceremony and reception, Kristanna and I (along with the other ladies) began our honeymoon with a two week visit to Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It was there that Trish, who had been a life-long resident of the area, was reunited with her own family. Despite our unique relationship, Trish's family treated us with all of the class and hospitality that one could possibly ask for.

Our little entourage then ventured off to Paradise Island in the Bahamas for a three week stay at the world-famous Atlantis resort and casino. The honeymoon, which lasted for six whole weeks, ended with a week in Cincinnati, Ohio (Lindsay, Amy and yours truly all had family there).

In early October, we returned to what was going to be our new home - Norway - and began making plans to have a mansion built on the 300-acre farm that Kristanna's parents had owned and operated since 1979. It was going to be on the complete opposite side of the property from the house where her parents lived now. A top-notch construction company was hired and broke ground on October 25, and with multiple crews and round-the-clock labor, they estimated our 30,000 square foot home would be completed by August 2014.

The month of November allowed several of us to settle into our new surroundings and get acclimated to life in Norway. The entire lower level of Kristanna's family home, once a basement, had been converted into a comfortable living room and that was where the six of us were routinely staying.

Devon occupied herself with Kristanna in the full-service bakery and ice cream parlor which was part of the family farm. Trish and Lindsay helped out in the stables, looking after all of the many horses and ponies, while Amy embraced her new role as house maid and cook by aiding Rande (Kristanna's mother) with routine, daily household chores.

I worked closely with my new father-in-law, Kristof, who gave me a crash course on what it took to run a successful farm. The idea was that once he retired, the farm was going to passed onto Kristanna and yours truly so it would stay in the family for (hopefully) generations to come.

Previously, I knew nothing about the ins and the outs of owning and operating a farm. But I was learning and had Kristanna by my side and, with financial resources not being a concern, I was fairly confident in our ability to one day turn a consistent profit just as the family did now.

It sure was difficult and tiring work, though. The hard, manual labor was something I had not been subjected to since my teen-age years. It was a far cry from my days in the boardrooms of multi-million dollar companies, as well as all the many years of relaxing in the sun here on the island.

But the farm was something new to me, and I more than welcomed the challenge. Plus, Kristanna was so incredibly overwhelmed with happiness when I told her of my desire to one day take over the family business and make it our own. She had spent her entire life on the farm and truly dreaded the idea of her parents selling it to some random stranger one day in the future. Now, that was not going to happen.

What about the other ladies? Kristanna had her own little thing going with Devon. The two of them had been literally inseparable while in Norway, working in the bakery and ice cream parlor, and spending the majority of the rest of their time together as well. Since Devon was clearly Kristanna's favorite, that worked out great for me. I naturally hogged a huge chunk of Kristanna's time (since she was my wife, you know), so I was afforded the opportunity to be around Devon quite often, and get to further my own relationship with her.

I did not have a clear-cut favorite of my own when it came to our collection of live-in girlfriends, but if I had to pick one, it would most likely be Amy (with Lindsay as a very close second). Amy was a completely different person than she was from when I first met her back in June. With her medical issues now under control and the fact that she was in a safe, loving environment for the first time ever in her life, Amy had turned quite respectful and passive. She was no longer cold or abrasive when dealing with others, either.

Amy had that submissive side to her personality, of course, and she and I were still experimenting with that while I developed dominant tendencies to help control and protect her. It was a long and slow process, indeed, and I still could only force myself to be strict and demanding with her about once a week. But Amy was patient. When she and I did enter that mindset, though, things got very intense; we could literally break down the walls with our passion and desire.

While Kristanna and Devon spent a lot of time together, the same could be said for Trish and Lindsay. I still found it remarkable that these two ladies were back together after basically not speaking to each other for an entire month during their initial six week stay on the island. By no means was I complaining, though. In my mind, Trish and Lindsay truly belonged together. They always did.

Lindsay explained their troubles from months ago as her simply being scared. Trish was looking for a long-term commitment from Lindsay shortly after meeting her. Only age 18 at the time and fresh out of high school, the idea of a commitment was foreign to Lindsay, and Trish, for lack of a better term, sort of spooked her with all that talk.

Lindsay claimed that she never stopping loving and caring for Trish, despite the fact she asked her to back off and basically stay away from her. It was her way of putting up a shield to ward off all the talk from Trish about commitment.

But as time went on, Lindsay began to realize that staying and building a life with us was not such a scary thing after all. Once Lindsay finally understood that she would never find the type of love and compassion that we could offer her, she decided to commit to us. Lindsay apologized to Trish, and suddenly all was right in the world between them. Both of them now openly spoke about spending the next 50 years together in bliss, and one day being little, old ladies who still lusted after each other on a daily basis.

I had an excellent relationship with Trish that had its fair share of romantic and intimate moments, but she and I had mostly reverted back to friend status like we were for the overall majority of her initial stay on the island. It was fine, though, and I was not complaining. Trish loved Lindsay so much. No one - not me, not Kristanna or anyone else - even came close in comparison. Lindsay was by far and away Trish's favorite, and the one person she wanted to focus most (if not all) of her energy and attention on.

I honestly did not know if Lindsay looked at me as her favorite of the whole group anymore. Originally it was me, but she had grown so incredibly close with Trish over the past few months that I simply did not know anymore. Either way, it was fine. But as time went on, I had the sneaking suspicion that Trish would eventually pull out far ahead of me in Lindsay's mind, and ultimately leave me in the dust.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the one lady who, as I look back on things, I was attracted to the most (aside from Kristanna) during her brief visit to the island. A sensationally beautiful and intelligent young woman who had been trapped in a career as an exotic dancer for more than a decade, I fell in love from the outset with Pamela and did everything I could to convince her to stay on the island with Kristanna and yours truly. I desperately wanted to rescue Pamela from the doldrums of her life, and provide her with the love and happiness that she so richly deserved.

I could have done it, too. I know for a fact that I could have given Pamela everything that she had ever hoped and dreamed for. Unfortunately, in the end, Pamela could not see devoting herself to a polygamous relationship where she would (in her very own words) "clearly be at the lower half of the totem pole". Not only did Pamela want to be loved unconditionally (which I tried to convince her that we would provide for her), but she also wanted to be the unquestioned center of someone's universe. In other words - very simply - Pamela wanted to be in a monogamous, one-on-one relationship. She was not interested in the bells and whistles of splitting herself romantically amongst a group of people.

Despite the mutual feelings we had for one another, Pamela opted to end her stay on the island early, and return to her life as an exotic dancer in Maryland. Of course, the series of arguments we had prior to her departure certainly did not help matters. Yet to this day - a good five months after seeing her last - I have to admit that I still missed Pamela. Not only did I miss her, but I was also worried about her.

Pamela was still incredibly angry at me for the things which transpired during her final days on the island and, as a result, she refused to speak to me or accept any offer of help or assistance to better her situation in life. I even attempted to wire $100,000 (USD) to her bank account, but found it bounced back and returned days later. When I tried to send her $500,000, it was returned as well, along with a bitter e-mail that claimed she did not want my pity.

It was at this point when I finally decided to give up on Pamela. She was not going to accept my help no matter what. It was time to move on, and focus on the positive things.

Kristanna, Devon, Trish, Lindsay and Amy! All of these ladies were now light years ahead of Pamela in my book. They offered me their commitment, and thus, I allowed my emotions and love for them to run wild with it.

A week-and-a-half ago, with the temperature in Norway routinely dipping down into the 25 degree Fahrenheit range, Kristanna suggested that a way for us to beat the unwelcome cold was to return here - to the island - and spend a couple of weeks in the heated tropics throughout December before returning home in time for Christmas. Of course, we also had plans of making a holiday visit to both Cincinnati and Toronto before going back to Norway because some of us (as I alluded to earlier) had families in those respective cities.

In our absence since the end of July, the island had been looked after by an older married couple - friends of mine - from Peru by the names of Harold and Juanita. Whenever I had left the island for an extended amount of time in the past, I would pay Harold and Juanita a sizable amount of money and get them to house-sit for me.

So all it took was a telephone call to Harold and Juanita saying that I would be coming back to the island for a brief visit. They quickly packed up their belongings and left to return to the mainland. Needless to say, once I arrived here with Kristanna and the rest of the ladies just four days ago, it seemed like nothing on the island or in the mansion had been touched. Everything was clean and sparkling; much the same as when we left it several months ago.

Our plan was to vacation on the island until December 14, then travel to Ohio and stay there until December 21. After two days in Canada, we would arrive in Norway (which was a two day flight with the long lay-over) on Christmas Day and have a holiday dinner with Kristanna's parents that evening.

I was really looking forward to spending Christmas with my new wife and extended family. I hoped that there would be 40 or 50 more before my time on Earth was up.

After an afternoon full of delight with Kristanna at the lagoon, I found myself playing a spirited game of air hockey with Trish in the recreation room of the estate on the island. At one time in my life - when I was still in high school - I was nearly unbeatable in air hockey. All of my friends would challenge me at the local arcade, only to come up short and fail miserably. Sometimes, I would intentionally let them jump out to a 5-0 lead before I came back and won, 6-5. I always seemed to get a sense of satisfaction out of that.

But nowadays, Trish was the undisputed champion when it came to air hockey. She would regularly beat me at the game, but not before allowing me to think that I miraculously had the upper hand, only to then smash my hopes of defeating her at the last possible second with the winning shot. Maybe I was starting to get old? Just maybe? Nah...

"I win again!" Trish squealed, jumping up and down, after depositing the decisive goal in my face.

"You cheated!"

Trish gasped and made a face. "I did not!"

"Yes you did!" I exclaimed, being funny. "You cheated!"

"How can you possibly cheat at air hockey?"

"Hey you two!" Lindsay greeted us, walking into the room. Trish and I put an end to our so-called disagreement, and turned our total attention toward Lindsay.

"There's my birthday girl!" Trish proclaimed, which caused Lindsay to smile and blush momentarily. "How you doing, honey doll? How does it feel to finally be 19?"

"I feel older," Lindsay admitted. "But not near as old as Jeremy. Jeremy is hardcore ancient."

"HEY!" I growled at her, albeit playfully. "I'm only 39. It's not like I'm collecting social security, you know."

"You were around when the dinosaurs got fossilized," she deadpanned, again teasing me.

Trish was laughing at Lindsay. "Did you just call Jeremy HARDCORE ANCIENT? I don't even know what that means!"

"I have a mind to put you over my knee, Lindsay, and show you the type of spanking that this old man can administer to you," was my light-hearted warning for her.

"Oh ... I wouldn't want you to tire out before your bed time," she shot back, giggling. Lindsay really enjoyed playing up and emphasizing the disparity in our ages. As Devon predicted in the past, Lindsay did look at me as sort of a father figure to her, and she truly loved the idea of being with an older man. Hey, I was not complaining.

And yes indeed, today was Lindsay's birthday. On this special date - December 4 - some 19 years ago, the miracle of Lindsay happened. Once the apple of her daddy's eye, Lindsay was definitely all grown-up standing before me now, with her long-flowing, windswept blonde hair and a loose-fitting pink top with a deep, plunging neckline that displayed a generous amount of her humble cleavage. She also had on a pair of hip-hugging faded jeans, and I noticed a cellular telephone with a wire attached clipped to her belt.

"Did you talk to your mom yet today?" Trish asked Lindsay.

"Oh yes, we talked for a long time earlier," she replied. "Mom wanted to wish me a happy birthday and was curious as to what I was up to with Jeremy. I told her that we were back on the island for a vacation, but would be coming to Ohio for a quick visit in a few weeks."

"You need to tell your mom about me!" Trish beamed.

"One day I will," Lindsay murmured. "Just not yet..."

"I understand, baby." Trish smiled at Lindsay and cooed, "Do you know what my ultimate fantasy is?"

"What's that?"

Trish smiled again. "To one day have a beautiful, lavish wedding like Jeremy and Kristanna did, but to marry you. To walk that aisle, and have you as my bride, and me as yours. And for your family to be there, and share in our joy."

Lindsay's sweet-cheeks face turned beet-red and she glanced away for a moment, but she quickly re-focused upon Trish and nodded at her in an appreciative manner.

"You know I love you," Trish added, stepping forward and moving her lips close to Lindsay's mouth. She kissed her and swooned, "I love you more than anything. There is nothing that I won't do in order to make you happy."

"I love you too, baby," Lindsay declared, bringing a finger to her own mouth and gently wiping it. She then wrapped both arms around Trish's shoulders and embraced her warmly.

Due to that little exchange, I now had a full-blown, raging erection. Watching these two charming ladies hug and snuggle on each other almost always did the trick.

I approached Lindsay from behind and latched onto her belt with my right hand, then gently pulled her away from Trish and into my own loving embrace. I encircled her completely, resting my chin atop her right shoulder. "Happy birthday, sweetheart," I offered. "We'll have a party for you later."

"I love parties!" Lindsay chirped.

I gave her backside a good, hard swat, though, which caused the young woman to jump unexpectedly and glare back at me with shocked, yet disapproving eyes. "What was THAT for?"

"For saying that I am hardcore ancient," I grinned.

Perhaps an hour or so later, I was walking by the guest cottage and noticed that someone was actually inside. Curious, I strolled over to investigate and then smiled as I realized that the one and only Amy was inside. With her cleaning cart in tow, the luscious red-head was hard at work. She was currently down on one knee, dusting the side of the large oakwood desk that was located in the living room.

Still smiling, I then shook my head at the mere sight of Amy. What had possessed her to even come to the guest cottage and want to clean it? This place was rarely used. Well, I knew why Amy was here. She wanted to impress and do a good job. The 31-year-old wanted to take on the role of Louisa, the former housekeeper here on the island (who was now officially retired), and do the majority of the cooking and cleaning for our little entourage from this point forward. Amy believed that becoming our personal maid went well with her submissive tendencies and training.

"What are you doing?" I asked with a grin, opening the front door and then stepping into the guest cottage. The enchantress turned toward me as I went on, "I never asked you to clean this cottage. No one ever even comes here."

"Well ... I haven't hit this place since we arrived back here four days ago," she responded, nodding her head. "Just in case you or someone else wants to come here, Jeremy, I wanted to make sure that it was at least clean."

"It already is clean," I advised her. "Harold and Juanita touched up everything before they left."

"Nothing is ever truly clean," Amy corrected me, furiously twirling a feather duster along the back wall of furniture.

"You sure have gotten into this cleaning role and truly embraced it," I observed. "I am glad it gives you a daily purpose, Amy, since you say that is what you need."

"I need structure and goals," she clarified. "And believe it or not, but I love to cook and clean. I'm good at it. And the doctor thinks this is good for me, too."

I motioned toward the nearby sofa and mused, "Take a break with me for a little bit. Sit down and relax for awhile."

"You sure?" Amy asked, as I went over to the sofa and took a seat. I nodded and then she sashayed over as well, and sat down beside me. "I haven't had a break all day. I woke up and fixed breakfast, and have been busy ever since."

I smiled at her. "You do all of the things that I ask you each day. You even do MORE than I ask you. Yet you also find ways to spend plenty of time with the other girls. You're so polite and courteous nowadays ... and you are forever looking to please me. I couldn't ask for a better submissive."

"I couldn't ask for a better Master," Amy cooed.

When I reclined against the arm of the sofa, I brought Amy down with me. Amy settled her back upon my front as I linked both hands together at her midriff, and then she wiggled about in a very content and gracious manner.

"What do you have planned for Lindsay's birthday party tonight in terms of dinner?"

"What would you like me to fix?" was her timid response.

I chuckled at Amy. She sure was quite the submissive. "I want you to make that decision, sweetheart. Do not rely on me for everything. Surprise me tonight. Surprise us."

"I'll think of something, I suppose."

"I doubt Lindsay would enjoy dinner if I were the one to cook it," I grinned. "In fact, none of you girls would enjoy it. Jeremy's Chicken Surprise can only go so far."

"Jeremy's Chicken Surprise?" Amy giggled. "I would like to have a taste of that one day."

"I'm more of a clean-up guy instead of the head chef," I confessed. "Put me in the kitchen and let me wash dishes, and I'm fine. Want me to cook, though? You have problems."

It took a couple of seconds for me to realize it, but Amy had brought my right hand to her mouth and was busy nibbling away on the very tip of my index finger as if she was a baby kitten. Silent, I held still and watched her for nearly half a minute before finally deciding to speak up.

"Are you having fun?"

"Uh huh," she nodded, still gently chewing on my finger.

"What are you doing?"

"I honestly don't know," Amy admitted, finally withdrawing my index finger from between those ripe, full lips, and then glancing back over her shoulder at me. "But it was fun."

"Keep doing it," I instructed her, poking that same finger back into her mouth. "I enjoyed it."

"Yes, Master," she responded, slipping into full submissive mode just like that. With both hands, Amy held my right hand to her mouth and began to gingerly munch away upon that lone fingertip. With my opposite hand, I brushed her silky-smooth red hair down across one shoulder and then massaged her neck.

"That's a good girl," I encouraged her.

"Thank you, Master."

"VERY good girl..."

"Did you and Kristanna have a fun time earlier during your hike, Master? I heard you went to the red lagoon?"

I nodded my head. "Yes, we did. And yes, we had a great time. It sure is nice to still have the island in our back pocket, so to speak. We can come here any time we want in the future, and vacation for as long as we want."

"It sure beats the snow back in Norway, Master."

"I'm never going to sell or get rid of this island."

By now, Amy had already enveloped my full finger and was sucking on it as if it were a real cock. Sucking was not the proper term; she was actually making love to my finger. Being slow and laborious, Amy seemed to be in her element now. I tilted my head back and sighed as her wondrous tongue licked and caressed the full length of my finger within her mouth. Of course, I knew of something bigger she could work over...

"You're such a good girl," I reiterated. "I'm gonna have to see to it that Santa Claus really stuffs your stocking full this year for Christmas."

"I'd rather YOU stuff my stocking than Santa, Master..."

"Oh, I'll stuff it," I promised her. "I'll stuff your hot, little body too, everywhere I possibly can."

Amy looked absolutely fantastic right now. She was wearing a metallic orange mini-skirt that was actually made of spandex. The clingy, stretchy garment tightly bound and adhered to her, showcasing every hidden angle and subtle contour of her hips and thighs.

One of my true weaknesses in life, needless to say, was a gorgeous woman in a mini-skirt. Amy had become the poster girl for my naughty, little fetish, as each morning I would rummage through her collection of mini-skirts (which now totaled over 300) and select one for her to wear that day. Often paired up with spiked high-heels (like now), seeing Amy in her mini-skirt was a daily ritual that reminded me of not only how attractive she was, but how much I loved her.

Oftentimes, I would bend Amy over a chair or table at random and use it as an excuse to inspect her. Watching her little mini-skirt ride even higher on her thighs as she stretched and contorted herself was simply exhilarating.

As she relaxed upon my front-side here on the sofa and continued to pay oral homage to my index finger, I realized that Amy had on a unique top as well. The same shade of orange to match her mini-skirt, the loose-fitting garment appeared to be like any typical cotton top from the front. In the back, however, sections of the fabric were cut out - starting at her shoulder blades and extending all the way down to her waistline - and the look resembled a pair of angel wings. It had a cool and flirtatious appeal, and matched Amy's new personality and demeanor flawlessly.

I should also point out that Amy did not have a pair of panties or a bra on underneath her attire, either. Not only did she hate wearing them, but I had actually told her long ago that she was not permitted to. Again, it went well with the fact that she was a submissive.

"When are you going to marry me, Master?" Amy looked back at me over her shoulder and pined, "You know how much I love you, and how much I am looking forward to getting married. I want to see about getting my operation from many years ago reversed, too, although there seems to be some debate as to whether or not it is actually possible."

"From when you got your tubes tied?"

"Yeah," she nodded. "Maybe I can beat Kristanna to the punch, and give birth to your first child!" Amy pouted and ended, "I should have never gotten my tubes tied years ago. I don't even know if it's possible for me to give birth."

"You as a mommy would definitely be an interesting sight."

"So when are you going to marry me?"

"In due time," I assured her. "I just had my wedding with Krissy a few months ago. Let it sink in a bit."

"Oh, I don't mind waiting," Amy murmured, turning away and now resting the back of her head upon my heart. She pulled my finger from between her lips and kissed my hand, saying, "The wait will actually make the end result all the more sweeter. I know my day with you will come."

"Your day will come," I promised, settling deeper into the sofa and closing my eyes. After such a tiresome afternoon, I actually felt like going to sleep right here and now with Amy. Perhaps Lindsay was right. Maybe I was hardcore ancient? "I will see to it that you have the type of wedding that you have always dreamed about, and the type that you deserve."

Amy giggled and suggested, "A bondage wedding where I am led down the aisle on my hands and knees by a leash!"

"That's not quite what I had in mind for your dream wedding," I retorted, my eyes now open and focused upon her. I could tell that Amy was simply being playful with that prior comment. Still, what an image she had conjured up...

Amy was still giggling. "Instead of the stereotypical you may now kiss your bride, our wedding ceremony can have you may now suck your Master's cock!"

"AMY!" I chided her, laughing myself.

"Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Lindsay ... happy birthday to you!"

"Yay!" Lindsay squealed in pure delight, clapping her hands together, once the other four ladies and yours truly finished our best rendition of that particular song here at the dinner table on this lovely, peaceful evening.

"Blow out the candles, princess," I told Lindsay, who was nestled all nice and snug upon my lap, as I motioned toward the scrumptious chocolate cake perched directly in front of her. With a grand total of 19 candles lit up and flickering away, Lindsay took a deep breath and then blew all of them out in just one try. "Yay ... I did it!"

"Did you make a wish?" Devon inquired.

Lindsay looked back at me for a moment and smiled, then shifted her gaze toward Trish and the rest of the ladies. "All of my wishes have already come true."

"Awwwww..." Kristanna cooed, leaning over and stealing a quick kiss from the precious birthday girl. "How adorable!"

Lindsay glanced back at me and made a face. "You didn't spend too much money on me ... did you, Jeremy?"

"I spent the same amount of money on you for gifts that I did on Krissy when it was her birthday two months ago."

Lindsay's jaw dropped. "Jeremy! You brought Krissy that $100,000 boat for her birthday! I TOLD you not to spend a lot of money on me! You've given me enough already..."

"Who else is he gonna spend it on?" Devon asked Lindsay, echoing my own thoughts. "Jeremy is going to shower all of us with gifts. Don't worry, honey. Jeremy is never going to run low on money and go bankrupt. That's impossible."

Lindsay pouted. "I just don't want everything to be handed to me on a silver platter for the rest of my life."

"It's not like you don't do anything," Trish advised her. "You and I work hard in the stables back on the farm, baby. Now lighten up and enjoy your birthday for what it is. Jeremy got you some expensive gifts, yes, but myself and the other girls got you a bunch of little things."

"Open up some of your presents, dear," was my suggestion. "Open up that small box from Krissy first."

Lindsay nodded her head and lifted the package, but began unwrapping it rather slowly. "I better be careful," she told us. "Knowing Kristanna, it wouldn't surprise me if this present explodes with jell-o, and my whole face gets slimed. Being the a prankster she is, I wouldn't put it past her."

"I'll remember that for next year!" Kristanna snickered.

"OH! YOU DIDN'T!" Lindsay's pretty blue eyes were wide and glowing once she finished unwrapping the gift. "YOU DID!" Lindsay was ecstatic as she inspected a Barbie doll still encased in its factory box.

"It's an original Barbie from 1959," Kristanna mused, as Lindsay eyed the fine print on the packaging. "Jeremy said that you have quite the collection of Barbies at your family home in Ohio. Hopefully this one is a good addition to your collection. It's one of the first Barbies ever made!"

"It's a wonderful addition!" she gushed, "It has never even been taken out of its box! It's still factory-sealed! Where did you get this? And how much did it cost?"

"I bought it from a vendor over the Internet," Kristanna answered. "Don't worry about how much it costs. Like it?"

"I love it!" Lindsay grinned. "THANK YOU!" She leaned over and shared a warm embrace with Kristanna. "Thank you so much! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" When their embrace ended, Lindsay pursed her lips together and stared at her gift. "Decisions, decisions ... should I open it or not?"

"It loses a lot of its value if you take it out of the original box," I told her.

Lindsay shook her head. "I don't care! I will never sell her." Lindsay carefully opened the package and took the doll, which wore a swimsuit, out. "I'm going to have a display mantel for all my Barbies when our house is done being built in Norway. This one will look excellent standing in the middle of them all." Lindsay gave Kristanna yet another hug. "Thank you again! What a wonderful present!"

With Lindsay still seated upon my lap, I leaned down and gently kissed the side of her neck before offering her a cream-colored envelope with a red ribbon attached. "This is your first birthday present from me, princess. Open..."

Again, Lindsay took her time with the gift. But when she finally broke the envelope's seal and pulled out a bundle of tickets from within, I went into explanation mode, "Those are tickets for all of us to go on an ocean cruise next June. It starts in Toronto, and ends ten days later in the Bahamas."

"You've always wanted to go on a long cruise," Trish said to Lindsay, smiling. "We can even spend a couple of days at Atlantis in the Bahamas before catching a jet and returning back home to Norway. I for one am looking forward to it."

"Atlantis?" Lindsay purred, her eyes flashing. "That is where Jeremy and Kristanna spent their honeymoon. That was like, the most awesome place in the whole, wide world!"

I chuckled at her and nodded my head. "We have a lot of good memories already tied up in that resort. The cruise itself will take ten days, then we can stay at Atlantis for three or four days before returning home. How does that sound? We can stay longer if all of you want to. I just want to hold off until June when the weather is nicer in Toronto, since that will be our starting point."

"We can visit Trish's family there!" Lindsay squealed.

"That's why Jeremy chose Toronto as the starting point for the cruise," Amy chimed in.

"Thank you, Jeremy," Lindsay grinned, sliding her right arm around my shoulder and squeezing tightly. "I cannot wait! You ... you're going to spoil me rotten!"

"I have another present for you," I said, handing her a long, thin box with colorful gift wrap. Lindsay tore into it, then squealed and giggled once she got a look inside.

"JEREMY! This is a cheerleader outfit!"

Devon nodded her head and grinned, "Looks like we're going to be playing stuff the cheerleader tonight!"

Lindsay playfully smacked my shoulder. "Jeremy! This present is more for you than it is me!"

"Possibly," I grinned, defending myself in vain. "You got a present that all six of us can enjoy. You can look good wearing it, while me and the girls admire the sight."

"That thing is going to be covered in gobs of cum before the evening is through!" Kristanna laughed.

"SUCK SQUAD?" Lindsay giggled, pulling the blue shell top out of the box and eyeing the embroidered logo across its front. She held it up for the others to see and asked, "What type of cheerleader team calls themselves the Suck Squad?"

"I don't know," Devon told her, smiling. "But seems to me that you would be the perfect captain for it."

"Devon!" Lindsay exclaimed, trying to act offended.

"We're going to rip you apart tonight, honey, with that outfit on," Kristanna advised her. "I hope you're ready."

Again, Lindsay's face flushed into a bright shade of red and she swallowed hard twice in response. But she changed the subject. "Which birthday present should I open next?"

"Try the one from Amy," I advised her.

Lindsay opened the next package, which had a collection of five picture frames (all different sizes and each expensive) inside. "Thank you, Amy!" she exclaimed, taking each out one at a time and inspecting them with her hands and eyes. "I can never have enough picture frames, you know. Thanks!"

"Oh ... you're welcome, sweetie," Amy nodded. "Open the next one! The big box sitting on the floor over there."

Lindsay scurried over to the large box with the bikini girl gift wrap, then ripped it open. "What in the world... ?"

"It's a candle making machine!" Devon informed her. "It is your gift from me. You know how much you and I love candles, honey. Now, we can make our own! Do you like it?"

"Of course I like it!" Lindsay told her. "I ... I didn't even know that anyone could buy a candle making machine. Did you get this over the Internet?"


"Want to try it out tomorrow morning?"

Lindsay smiled. "I'd love to."

Trish handed a small manila envelope to Lindsay. "I got you the most simple gift of all. But I hope you enjoy it. I know you don't like us spending lots of money on you."

Lindsay maintained eye contact with Trish until she was able to peel open the envelope and pull out the 2014 post-it note calendar from within. "365 Reasons Why I Love You," Lindsay mused, reading off the title. She began to leaf through a couple of the pages and read them aloud, "The way you stroke my fingers when we hold hands. How cute you look when I tickle you. How I instantly feel better when I hear your voice. Our first kiss sent ripples through my heart; even now it feels the same." Lindsay put the little calendar down and swooned, "Trish! How nice! Wow, thank you!"

"I got you one more thing," Trish offered, pointing toward a large box in the corner encased in colorful gift wrapping. "Go over and open it, baby. You'd never guess what it is."

"Lindsay looks like a kid in a candy store opening all of these presents!" Devon observed.

"She sure does," Amy agreed. "I'm so happy for her."

"What is THIS?" the 19-year-old asked, after ripping away the stylish gift paper.

"It's a motorized surfboard," Trish informed her. "You can lay down on the surfboard, flip the motor on, and it will slowly propel you through the water like a jet-ski. I have one back in Canada. It is loads of fun!"

"But you know I don't like going into the ocean..."

"That's a fear you need to get over," Trish told her. "I say you and I go out to the beach tomorrow afternoon and put this surfboard to the test. How about it?"

Lindsay seemed tentative. "I ... I don't know..."

"What don't you like about the ocean?" Devon inquired.

"She is afraid that a big Jaws will pop out of the water and have her for dinner," Amy answered.

Devon giggled. "Really?"

"Out of the many millions of people throughout this world who go into the ocean on a daily basis, there are only about 50 or 60 confirmed shark attacks on average PER YEAR," I said to Lindsay, as well as the others. "You have a much higher chance, princess, of being struck by lightning than you do of ever meeting up with a hungry shark in the water."

"I got struck by lightning when I was a little girl!" she reminded me, with a dizzying huff.

"I won't let a shark near you," Trish promised her lover. "I'll smack it upside its head and tell it to dine elsewhere!"

Lindsay glared at Trish with squinted eyes. "Now you sound like Jeremy. He basically said the same thing when he coerced me into the ocean with him one day a couple of months ago."

Devon was laughing again. "Jeremy COERCED you? I cannot envision Jeremy coercing anyone into anything."

Trish approached Lindsay and latched onto both of her hands with her own. "Please, baby? I want you to get over this fear of the ocean you have. Just go out to the beach with me tomorrow afternoon. Let's have some fun. I'll show you how the motorized surfboard works. You'll like it!"

"You love swimming at the waterfall," Amy reminded her. "I think the ocean itself is a million times better."

"There's no sharks at the waterfall!" Lindsay pouted. "But yeah, sure ... I guess I'll go."

"Awesome!" Trish chirped, even giving Lindsay a hug.

"The least I could do is try out your birthday gift."

"We will have fun!" Trish insisted.

"You have one more present," I said to Lindsay, "and it is waiting for you back on the farm when we return to Norway."

"What is it?" she asked, curious.

I pulled my cellular telephone out and sifted through a couple of photographs before coming across the right one. "This," I answered, turning the device toward her so she could see the image first-hand.

"JEREMY!" Lindsay suddenly screamed, her blue eyes wide and set to burst. "JEREMY! OH MY GOD!"

"I think she likes it," Kristanna grinned.

"What is it?" Trish wondered.

"OH MY GOD!" Lindsay repeated.

"I bought her a brand-new Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet convertible," was my response. "It will be a nice, little car for her to drive around in and explore Norway with."

During my honeymoon with Kristanna in the Bahamas back in September, Lindsay saw one of these vehicles and made the passing comment to me that it had always been her dream car. As someone who enjoys making dreams come true - especially those of my precious ladies - I filed that little fact away in my memory bank and made the decision to purchase it for her birthday. The Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet convertible did not come cheap, either - its MSRP was 781,000 Norwegian Krone (or $126,000 if converted to American currency).

"JEREMY, ARE YOU INSANE?" Lindsay screamed at me, totally shocked and awed. "HOW? WHY? YOU BOUGHT ME A PORSCHE!"

"He actually spent MORE money on you than he did for me on my birthday back in October," Kristanna told her, smiling. "Actually, the car is a present from both of us. I helped Jeremy pick it out. I know silver is your favorite color."

Lindsay put up a faint protest by whining, "JEREMY ... you know that I don't like you spending a lot of money on me! I never have! How could you buy me a PORSCHE? My God ... you have already given me and my family SO MUCH in the six short months that we have known each other."

Lindsay does not like me spending a lot of money on her simply because, a) she is one of the least materialistic people I have ever met, and b) Lindsay does not want me to think that she is in love with my bank account. That was a little bit of an issue with her, because she made it quite clear in the past that her only reason for coming to the island in the first place was the financial compensation that I originally offered her (as well as all of the others).

But those days seemed like eons ago, and things were definitely different now. I had no doubt that Lindsay's feelings for me were pure and genuine. She was very much in love with me. Thus, I had no issue spoiling her rotten with very lavish and expensive gifts. The same could be said for all five of the ladies (just wait until Christmas).

"Want me to send it back and get you a Yugo instead?"

"NO!" Lindsay giggled. "Please! Don't send it back!"

"A Yugo?" Kristanna asked, confused.

"Jeremy..." Lindsay gasped, throwing both of her arms around me and offering a spirited, forceful embrace. I hugged her with equal fervor and emotion in response. Wait a minute here ... was Lindsay crying?

"I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!" she exclaimed, pulling back and looking at me. Indeed, there were tears in those eyes. Tears of joy! "THANK YOU! THANK YOU!"

"My pleasure," I returned, overjoyed that Lindsay was so happy with her new car.

Devon was snickering. "Oh, Lindsay will most assuredly be captain of the Suck Squad tonight, it seems..."

I smiled at Lindsay. "I know it will be a couple of weeks before you actually see the car and get to drive it, but rest assured that it is all safe and sound inside the old barn back on the farm. I put a protective tarp over it, and Kristanna's parents have the barn on total lockdown for you. No one else even knows that it is there."

"Hey!" Kristanna chimed in, a goofy expression upon her lovely face, as she looked at her girlfriend. "I know the first place we can go in your new car once we get back home in a few weeks ... the veterinarian!" Lindsay vehemently shook her head as Kristanna added, "Hogglesworth needs to see the vet for his yearly check-up."

"There is NO WAY that I am allowing that nasty pig of yours into my new car!" Lindsay exclaimed, sounding very firm and authoritative. I got a kick out of her reaction, though. Kristanna had not lost any of her charisma and playfulness since I met her five years ago. She was actually funnier now.

"Hogglesworth is not nasty," Kristanna said, defending her beloved pet. "He just ... he likes to play in the mud."

Lindsay smiled and nodded her head. "If that pig of yours ever puts its muddy, grimy paws in my car, I'll see to it that we will be having him for breakfast the next morning!" Kristanna's jaw dropped and she appeared stunned as Lindsay quickly added, "Bacon! Bacon! I smell BACON!"

"You wouldn't do that to Hogglesworth!" Kristanna huffed.

"If that thing is ever inside my new car, you don't know what I'll do!" Lindsay warned her, grinning.

"What do you think about taking Vincent Van Goat to the veterinarian in your Porsche, then?"

"Kristanna!" she squealed, laughing. "No barnyard animals in my car! I'll have to get a sign made up for that! Hang it on the dashboard - Keep Out: Barnyard Animals!"

"You're no fun!" Kristanna pouted.

Amy was chuckling. "I never knew that Lindsay could be so MEAN and SPITEFUL! She sounds awfully vicious!"

"Happy birthday, baby," Trish cooed, bringing Lindsay into her arms and embracing her once again.

"Yeah ... happy birthday," Devon nodded.

"Happy birthday!" Kristanna and Amy said in unison.

"Trish has a birthday two weeks from today!" Lindsay beamed. "I already have an awesome present in mind for her!"

"We still have Amy's ooey-gooey, yummy chocolate cake to cut and dive into," Devon reminded us. "I want to have a piece! But Lindsay gets to eat the first one. Why don't you cut the cake for us, honey?"

Just then, my cellular telephone rang.

Odd, I thought to myself. A telephone call from the (440) area code in the United States? Off the top of my head, I did not recognize the area code or know its general location. Plus, not many people knew what what my cell number was to begin with. I did a good job of keeping it private. Who could be calling me now? It definitely was not any of my family from Ohio (513), or my father in California (424).

"Hello?" I said into the speaker.

It had been a wonderful day, capped by an even better celebration of Lindsay's 19th birthday. I wanted to keep things simple, and not overwhelm her with too many presents all at once. That was why I only allowed the others to get Lindsay one item each (though Trish got her two). The new muscle car from me was perhaps a bit excessive, but I felt it was warranted and justified. The simple, little party the six of us shared tonight had been a lot of fun.

The act of giving - simply making others genuinely happy - had always brought me to a very special and unique place. It seemed to give me a certain high, so to speak, and I would usually not crest downward from it for several days. I was in a position in life where I could spend extravagant amounts of money on the people that I loved and cared for. In turn, I got a great deal of joy out of doing so. So why not do it?

But all those wonderful feelings and emotions literally vanished in the blink of an eye with this telephone call.

My expression and demeanor must have changed, because all of the ladies around me quickly sensed that was something was horribly wrong as I continued to listen to the voice at the other end of the line.

"What is it?" Devon demanded, concerned, staring at me.

"Is everything okay?" Amy fretted.

"I've never seen that look on your face in all the years that I've known you," Kristanna said to me, stepping forward and closing the distance between us. She knelt down in front of me and shrieked, "What's wrong? What happened?"

"Hold on a moment, please," I said into the telephone, my voice sullen, before covering its speaker with my hand and focusing on the collection of worried faces all around me.

"It's Pamela's sister from Baltimore, Candice," I told them. "She says Pamela was working tonight at the strip club. Pamela grabbed her chest on stage and then fell down in front of everyone." Lindsay gasped as I continued, "Candice says the paramedics believe Pamela had a heart attack. They were able to revive her - just barely it seems - but she is in the intensive care unit right now and under heavy medication."

"OH MY GOD!" Devon exclaimed, full of fright, covering her mouth with both hands and trembling in response. Trish was stunned. Amy was shell-shocked. Kristanna looked confused and hurt. Lindsay, whose father died just over a year ago due to a massive coronary, was now sobbing uncontrollably. The emotions of that horrific day had probably just come instantly crashing back, and hit her like a tidal wave.

Me? I felt a certain wave of anxiety and grief wash over my entire body and soul all at once. It felt like a thick fog that was suddenly choking the very spirit out of me. My beloved Pamela suffered an apparent heart attack and was in the hospital as a result? She and I may not have been on the best of terms, but this was truly crushing news.

When I put Candice on loud speaker mode, she was already talking to me.

"I have never met you, Jeremy, but I feel as though I know you inside and out. Pamela loves you so much. All she has done since returning from that summer vacation is go on and on about how she loves you and misses you, and wishes she would have done things differently so everything worked out in the end. About how leaving the island early was such a huge mistake, and how she should have stayed. I know this is a wild request, but I was hoping that maybe you could come here - to Baltimore - as soon as possible. Pamela really has no one in her life except for me. She is on the outs with our parents, and absolutely refuses to date anyone." Candice began crying. "All Pamela does is talk about you..."

"I'm scared out of my mind!" Candice went on. "I ... I'm scared I'm going to lose my sister! Pamela needs help. She needs strength and support. She needs people to be by her side. I'm doing the best I can, but I'm just one person. It would mean ... so much to Pamela, I think, if you showed up and were here for her. Please? I'll beg if I have to! A heart attack they say? She's on-only 30 years of a-a-age..."

Kristanna offered me an intensive glare as she spoke loud and clear into the telephone, "You tell your sister to stay strong and hang in there, and that Jeremy will be on the first flight to Baltimore in the morning."

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