I Married a Virgin
Chapter 1

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I am a much sadder but wiser man today than I was just a year ago. Then, I thought I had the perfect marriage; I had a beautiful wife and two fantastic children, and I was on the fast track to success. Now I sit at home and wonder where it all went wrong.

Let me start at the beginning and let my tale unfold. I'm Robert Lawrence Simpson; I'm fast approaching thirty-one, six feet tall and weigh 185 pounds. I have sandy blond hair that is thinning a little but still all there. I have two great children whom I love unconditionally and until six months ago, I was a happily married man to my lovely wife, Melissa Ann Simpson, nee Taylor.

It all started when I was fifteen. Melissa Taylor showed up one morning in my high school, Henderson High in Pflugerville, Texas. I was a sophomore in high school, and as we were getting our morning announcements over the PA, in walked this angel, five foot six, raven haired and built like the proverbial brick shithouse. She was probably a 34B with a slim waist, and an ass that I would follow forever. She had just transferred from somewhere back east, northeast to be accurate, but where exactly no one knew for sure. Her accent was from the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey or northeast Pennsylvania. She never said where she was from, just up north.

I and every other male in that classroom, including Mr. Henry, our teacher, was drooling and making goo-goo eyes at this new girl. However, early on we all found out that the fresh angel was an Ice Princess. She was totally unattainable and had a mouth a sailor would envy. The filth and venom that could spew from those perfect lips could melt steel faster than superman with his x-ray eyes.

I got to know Melissa Ann, certainly not Mel, or Lissa, because we rode the same bus to and from school. Our school was surrounded by two fairly new subdivisions, but all the rest of the school boundaries were up to ten miles away. So most of the kids either drove or rode the bus, depending upon their age and financial status. Melissa Ann lived two streets over and down from me in the same subdivision, and we rode the bus together each school day.

I was pretty much a loner due to my being the resident geek on our bus. I was smarter than most of the kids on the bus, including some of the seniors. I was already taking junior-level courses in some of my electives. I had finished my Algebra I, and II, both Plain and Solid Geometry and I was just about finished with Advanced Math. Next was pre-calculus and then calculus, and I would be done with math. I had taken biology and chemistry, and physics was to follow on my sciences list. We even had some electronics classes at our school, and I planned to take them too. I planned to have more than enough courses done, so I could graduate in January of my senior year. That way, I would have a whole semester head start in college. I also knew that I might be a big fish in our small pond, but to jump into a large university would just about swamp me, so my plans were to go to our local community college for at least a year or two to get my feet wet being a small fish in a bigger pond before jumping into the lake of a big college.

I guess that from the talk on the bus, Melissa Ann gathered I was the smart one as everyone on the bus asked me to explain things they couldn't understand. Within a month of her arrival, Melissa was asking me questions, and I was helping her with her studies. We became friends of a sort, but nothing more than study buddies.

I graduated with honors, with a scholarship in my pocket, and I approached Texas State University (TSU) with a proposition concerning my scholarship. I wanted at least a year to eighteen months with ACC (Austin Community College) to get my freshman and sophomore prerequisites out of the way, and then I would start the scholarship with my major and minor courses in architecture and design. They thought it was a great idea and eighteen months later I was enrolled at TSU working on my degree in architectural engineering and design. While in ACC, I had taken the CAD design and drafting courses, so I had that going for me in my design work.

I was about halfway through my senior year at TSU when I met Melissa again. Actually, she looked me up as she had some questions regarding her statistics and probabilities class. It started out as study dates and then turned into escorting each other to some events, and a few parties. Before the semester was over, we were actually dating. No one could figure out how geeky me could melt the Ice Queen's cold heart and fiery tongue. Less than six months after graduation we tied the knot.

When we first started getting serious, Melissa told me that she was a virgin and would stay that way until the wedding night. I said that I was cool with that, and although we did fool around some with oral and manual manipulation, i.e. hand jobs and finger fucking; we did not consummate our love until the wedding night; and not really then either.

Let me explain. I knew she had her maidenhead since I could feel it when we played out our sexual games, and I felt that it didn't give much during our play, but I never figured that I couldn't break it come wedding night.

We started with a blow job for me to take the stress off and allow me to get her more than ready for the main event. Then I kissed and licked every inch of her body as she experienced about seven explosive orgasms. We were ready now for the breaking of her cherry, and as I slowly inserted my dick head to her virgin passage, I banged against her barrier. I tried easing in, pushing slow, and steady to gain access to her molten center, but no amount of steady pressure would do the deed. So we tried with her on top, she dropped down on me, and as she did, she screamed in pain as did I. She flew off me and curled into a fetal ball, and sobbed as I grabbed my shrunken cock and hoped that it wasn't broken. Once I knew I was still in one piece, I tried to cuddle and support my bride, and it became very evident that surgery would be required for me to gain access to her feminine charms.

I held my bride all night, spoke soothing words to her, and assured her that I was not mad. I said that we would get this fixed. I was there for her whatever may come. The earliest appointment with her gynecologist was next week, so until then, oral, and manual was the norm.

I went with Melissa to the doctor, we explained our predicament, and after an exam, he said it would take just a few moments, and my blushing bride would be ready to take home.

Melissa said he had to cut the whole hymen away as it was several millimeters thick and very tough. She was sore for sure, but the doctor said no sex at all for at least a couple of weeks. He had to stitch up a couple of places where the hymen was attached to her vaginal wall. He had never seen a hymen that thick or that firmly attached before. The good news was that after that, we should be good to go.

Needless to say, those two weeks were maybe the longest two weeks of our lives. We cuddled and talked, and loved on each other, letting the other know that our love was strong. We promised that our love would never break under any outside pressure. I really wish that one thing had been as true as we promised each other. However, I'm getting ahead of myself here.

Our new wedding night was everything we each had hoped for and was actually better since we had waited and now the anticipation had built to massive proportions. However, the wait was well worth it. Our new wedding night started Friday afternoon right after we both got home from work and lasted until Sunday evening about six. We were both wiped out; I think my sperm tank was empty, and I just knew it would take a week even to fill half way back up. Melissa was walking funny on Monday morning and had a smile you couldn't chisel off with a jack hammer. Of course so was my smile.

Life went on for the better part of a year when one morning Melissa woke up and immediately ran to the bathroom. I knew what I hoped had happened, but I waited patiently for my love's return.

"Well Rob, I guess that tells us what I felt was true since last week. I think I'm pregnant."

"Come here you sexy thing, come let me hold and love on my baby's momma." We cuddled in bed and discussed names. We did have to get up and go to work, but Melissa promised she would make the appointment to confirm our blessed event.

Mary Ann Simpson came along seven and a half months later and then the next year Jason Henry Simpson appeared.

Things went well for quite a while and a year or so after Mary Ann started school we had a pretty bad scare. Melissa started throwing up again, and we thought great, another child, but it was not to be. Something happened and we lost the fetus at three months. Another girl we named Sophia Marie. The doctor told us later that when he would do the DNC that it would be advisable if Melissa had a hysterectomy to prevent further complications. It appeared that somehow, her womb had moved and was twisted causing the miscarriage. We both discussed it and we agreed that it was the right thing to do.

I did wonder how her womb could have become dislodged and twisted and later asked the doctor what would cause that. He said that it could be caused by a heavy blow to the abdomen or a large object or other device being viscously rammed into her womb.

Now I knew that Melissa had a vibrator, but the damn thing was only about seven inches long and would never have caused such damage, so it made me wonder what had happened.

This occurred about four to five weeks after Melissa started coming home later, on some Friday nights after having a couple of drinks with the girls. For the last six months they met every other Friday night to wind down a little especially after Tax season. They normally left work at 4:00 and then the drive home took another half hour. Then it started being just a couple of hours like 7:30 to 8:00 instead of the 5:30 to 6:30 of before. Then, about three weeks after the DNC, she didn't come home until after eleven. She was pretty hammered and I helped her upstairs and figured I would talk to her in the morning. Yeah right. Saturday morning Mary Ann woke me up asking where mommy was.

I looked to my right where Melissa should have been and no one was there. After being as drunk as she was last night I expected her to sleep it off this morning, but she wasn't in the bed. I asked Mary Ann to get her brother up, and I would fix breakfast. I quickly did my bathroom chores and was downstairs to find Melissa's car was gone, but then I remembered that someone had driven her home, so maybe she went to pick up her car.

As we ate breakfast, I tried to call Melissa's cell phone and got her voice mail. This was getting weird. I took the kids to the park and let them have some fun while I sat at a picnic bench while I went through my phone list to see if anyone we knew had seen my wife. I was calling everyone that I knew that could have remotely seen my wife last night or today. The children and I walked over to Mickey D's for lunch and then went back to the park to play. I called home several times but just got our answering machine. I was really getting worried.

Finally, at four in the afternoon I was able to get a hold of Becky Schrader who worked on the same floor as Melissa.

"Becky, this is Rob Simpson. Have you seen Melissa today?"

"Oh hi Rob. No I haven't seen her since last night when we were leaving the Purple Tiger Lounge. She was headed to her car, and I was going to mine."

"When was that Becky?"

"Oh that had to be late, probably around 7:30 or 8:00 at the latest because I was home by 8:30. We got to talking about some new software we are getting and lost track of time, so we were a little late last night.

"Is something wrong Rob? You sure don't sound alright."

"No, no, I'm fine; I guess she had a hair appointment today she didn't tell me about. I haven't seen her since she came home last night is all, and she didn't leave a note. I'm sure it's nothing, thanks Becky. I'll talk to you later."

If Melissa had gone to her car at 7:30 last night, and didn't get home until almost 11:30, then where the hell had she been for three hours? I gave up, and put the kids in the car to go home. I then drove over to the Purple Tiger Lounge and Melissa's car was not there. Okay she should be home by now I figured and so I drove straight home.

Melissa's car was not at home, and she wasn't either. I called the local police and they pretty much laughed at me. They told me someone had to be gone 24 to 36 hours before a complaint can be made. That pissed me off severely. So I got on the internet and looked it up. In Texas a report can be taken immediately and "once a local law enforcement agency receives a report, it must begin its investigation with due diligence. However, if the person is a child in danger, or an adult suffering from Alzheimer's or dementia, it must begin its investigation immediately." So I guess due diligence for a missing wife is 24 to 36 hours or when they feel like it.

So I called the DPS (Department of Public Safety – State Police) and reported my wife missing. The clothes she had worn on Friday were still in the hamper where I put them last night, but I noticed her light blue blouse and black knee-length skirt was missing. How I knew for sure was that they had been hanging on her closet door since I did the laundry on Thursday evening. I wasn't sure what shoes because with like 30 pairs who could tell. Yeah I know another woman could tell, but not me. I gave the officer I talked to all the information about her car as well and I even emailed a picture of her to him.

"Now Mr. Simpson, please be aware that a lot of wives like to get away by themselves, once in a while and she may just be at one of the malls shopping. I'm sure that she will be home soon and this will all be a silly mistake. But we will keep you informed and if she comes home, please call us and we will close the investigation."

That call was at 6:00pm on Saturday evening. Sunday evening at 7:05pm, Melissa comes waltzing into the kitchen from the garage and says, "What's for supper, Rob?"

Mary Ann and Jason heard their mother's voice and ran to hug her and tell her all about their weekend and all the fun they had with daddy. Then, came the question I knew was coming, but dreaded.

Mary Ann said, "Momma where were you? We had lots of fun with Daddy, but we missed you."

"Rob, didn't you tell them I was going to see my parents this weekend? I left you a note."

"We'll talk later Mel. You go play with your children; they missed you all weekend. We can talk after bedtime." I barely kept the anger in my voice in check. I think by the time I finished that last sentence Melissa knew I was pissed. I never call her Mel, unless I'm mad. She had to know I had found no note.

However, as I was getting things ready for supper, I opened the fridge and closed it right back again. There, underneath one of the many magnets on the fridge door, was a hastily scribbled note that said, "Going to my parents, see you Sunday. Love M"

Now I know damn well that note was not there before Mel came in. I looked at the paper; it was a scrap from some receipt. The lettering was pretty faded, but when I held it up to the light, it read Bide-A-Way Motel. The date that I could read was for either six weeks ago or a year ago as the last two numbers of the date were not there. Now there could be an argument that the receipt was for a year ago due to the deterioration of the lettering, but with the sunny days we have had here lately it very well could have been six weeks ago if the receipt had been in her car.

I immediately called DPS and spoke to a Lt. Dawson. I let them know that my wife had indeed just come home and that she said she was at her parent's home in Waco. Her parents had moved there about a year ago for her father's job. He was real close to retirement from them and Ted wanted to stay until he could retire at 68. The company that he worked for in Round Rock expanded too much to stay in the area and had found a new location in Waco that allowed for their continued expansion.

Lt. Dawson is who I had spoken to the day before, and he said that they had patrols out looking for her car on the interstate but had not seen her car. I thanked him and said that I really appreciated everything they had done, and that I hoped I never had to call again.

After I had tucked both children into bed and read a story to Jason, I went back to the living room to talk to Melissa, and she wasn't there. I checked the kitchen, and garage; her car was still there, but where the hell was she? I went back to our bedroom; she was sound asleep in our bed.

I had half a mind to wake her and ask her what the fuck was going on. Then I had an idea. I went back to the kitchen and called her father, Ted Taylor in Waco.


"Ted, this is Rob; I wanted to call and let you know Melissa got home okay tonight. I hope you had a good visit. I wish I had known earlier that Melissa was going up there; we could have brought the kids to see you."

"Rob, what are you talking about? Lissa hasn't been up to see us since about two months ago when you all came up after that problem our Lissa had." Ted always did call Melissa as his Lissa.

"Oh I'm so sorry Ted, I thought she said that she had been up to see you guys this weekend. I was trying to make supper, and the children were yelling so I must have misunderstood her. I'm so sorry to have bothered you, give our love to Margaret, and we'll try to make it up there in a couple of weeks. We'll try to be there for the fourth."

"Okay Rob that would be great. You guys take care, and we love you all too. Bye."

"Bye Ted."

Now I knew something was definitely rotten in Denmark. But what could Melissa be up to? I knew one thing for sure; I was going to call Charlie Penniman first thing tomorrow. I had heard that Charlie had started working for some PI firm up in Georgetown. Charlie and I were school friends at TSU. He was going for a degree in Criminal Justice and I for my architectural degree. He had always told me if I need any help to call him. I knew I would, first thing in the morning.

I closed up the house and climbed into bed. I lay there for quite some time wondering what was going on. The only thing I could think of was that Melissa was cheating on me with someone else. Then the conversation with Mel's doctor came to my mind and I thought she must want a big dick now and my six and half inches isn't enough anymore. That thought put me in a real quandary and I got back up and went into the living room to my recliner. I sat there and wept most of the night. Our marriage was dead, my life was dead; how could I live without my wife and kids? I knew the courts would side with Melissa and I would lose my precious children. I would never see them again if this blew up and what I thought was happening turned out to be true.

When I awoke the next morning, I was stiff, sore and all cried out. At least, t I thought so. I started the coffee and went into the bedroom to wake Melissa for work, and she was gone again. I didn't know what the hell was going on, but I was going to get to the bottom of it today. I woke the kids and got them ready for school. I tried Mel's cell phone, and it was off again or my phone number was blocked as I got the voice mail immediately.

Once my precious angels were off to school I stopped by the day care and told them Melissa could no longer pick up the children. I said we were having some marital problems, and I did not want her grabbing them and disappearing. The manager said that it was funny that my wife had never picked up the kids before, but she would make sure that she put up a notice that she could not take the children. Since she had not picked them up before, she would have to show some ID and sign them out. She would make sure everyone knew about her not being able to pick up either child.

Once at work, I called M. Falcon Investigations and Security and asked for Charlie Penniman.

"I'm sorry sir, but Charles has not reported in as yet, but I expect him momentarily. Can someone else help you?"

"Sure, this is Robert Simpson and my number, here is 512 123 4567. I want to hire you to keep tabs on my wife. I think she is having an affair."

"Sir if you go to our website you can fill in all the information and even leave a credit card number for a retainer, we can get back to you later this morning or about an hour after you send us the information."

"Yeah, that'll be fine, but have Charlie call me when he comes in. I haven't talked to him in a while and thought I could touch base with him and get this started as well. Thank you."

I hung up and called up their website. The site was very professional and even showed their vans with M. Falcon Security Services on the side of the van. Very nice, people would think that you were getting a security system installed if they had to bug your house. I had filled out the preliminary paperwork, added my credit card, and was just closing the site when I received an incoming call.

"Perry and Associates, Rob Simpson speaking, how may I help you?"

"Rob, this is Charlie, I heard that you are having some trouble at home. What can I do to help?"

"Charlie, I think Mel is cheating on me. She said she went to her parents this weekend, but I called them, and they haven't seen her since we went up almost a couple of months ago. She came home drunk Friday night about eleven. She was gone at seven when Mary Ann woke me up the next morning. She came home about seven Sunday evening and when I tried to talk to her, she was asleep at eight at night. She was gone again this morning when I woke up to the alarm at seven. I have more, but I'd rather not say what on the phone. I think this has been going on for a while now perhaps a couple of months or maybe more. I..." that was as far as I got before the sobbing started again.

"Rob, relax, it easy, we can handle it, and I see you just sent us the paperwork, so we are now on the case. Can you make a run home at lunch time? I want to put a recorder on the phone and maybe a camera or two. It won't take but a few minutes. Also do you have a set of keys to her car? If so I can bug her car and put a GPS tracker in it. I'll even give you a transmitter for her purse that you can put in tonight. We will find out everything she does within a week. Now does she go out every Friday?"

"N ... no it's more like every other Friday, but she has never been gone all weekend before either. Charlie, I just don't know how I can cope, but if she is screwing around on me, I want custody of the kids. I don't ever want them around what I think is going on."

"Hey no problem, Rob. I even know a dynamite shyster that you need to talk to if we find anything. She will wipe the floor with her, and I can almost guarantee you could get custody if she is slutting around like you think. Abandoning her kids for a weekend of hot sex would not look good for her. Just let me do the thinking for right now Rob, you just take care of those children, and we will take care of you."

"Thanks Charlie, you're a real pal. I'll call your cell when I get close to home."

"See you soon and hang in there buddy."

I hung up and cried for a little while longer then went to the restroom to try to wash the red out of my eyes. When I came back Pam, my secretary took one look at me, followed me into the office, and locked the door. I had just recently been promoted to warrant an office and Pam was my assistant and all around girl-Friday.

"Robert Simpson, what the H E double hockey sticks is going on. You come in before time, close the door, and say nothing to me. You've been on the phone for almost the past hour, and now you look like someone ran over your puppy dog in front of you. So what's going on? You know I won't say a thing about this, but I'm not leaving until you spill it."

"I think my wife is cheating on me." That's all I got out before I broke down again. Pam rushed to my side and held me as I cried into her skirt.

Pamela Stuart is twenty-one, to my thirty and as cute as a button as the old saying goes. She has only been with the company about two years and when I was promoted, she begged Bob Stone to let her be my assistant and secretary. I had been a part of Perry since I graduated eight years ago. Bob is the CEO here at Perry.

I couldn't believe how Pam was able to let me cry and soothe my troubled soul. After about five minutes I once again went to the restroom and washed my eyes. She told me once I got back that she would handle the everyday stuff, I needed to get busy designing the new Peterson building that I was working on. Bob expected to see preliminary floor plans by the weekend.

"Thank you Pamela, you have no idea how helpful you have been to me since you became my assistant. Today shows just how much you care about me and this company. I won't forget about this. Now let's get to work."

"Now that's the Rob I know and respect."

I went to work looking on the computer for my floor plans for the Peterson building. I had the plans all started, it was just adding some new walls and then adding furniture to get the plans into a preliminary stage enough to show the client. They had requested some changes last week and most were done already, it was just clean up and making sure I didn't have to change the lighting and HVAC much. I had previously completed the electrical and half of the HVAC the week before my world fell apart.

Pam called me for lunch and told me I had to leave to meet Charlie. I had immersed myself into my work and never even took a break until Pam called me. I met Charlie, and he wired the house and gave me the transmitter for Melissa's purse and one for her cell phone. He took my second set of keys to her car and said he would bug her car later tonight when she came home. So we were all set now to watch her and see her activities.

I picked up Mary Ann and Jason from Day Care and arrived home a few minutes before Melissa. The children were watching TV in the living room when she came in the back door to the kitchen. I just looked at her and went back to prepare our supper.

"What no hello?"

"Oh yes, hello Mel, did you have a good day? Oh, by the way; your mom and dad said to say hi. They expect us to come up in a couple of weeks for the fourth. I said we would try to make it."

"Rob, I know we need to talk, and I'm sorry about this weekend but ... when did you talk to my folks?"

"I called your dad last night, and we had a nice talk."

"Rob, I can explain about this weekend, but just not right now."

"Hey no need to explain it to me, I'm nobody, only the chief cook, and bottle washer around here, you don't have to explain anything. I'm just the hired help, right?"

"Rob, please there is no need to act like that. I can explain but not right now, okay?"

"Sure, no problem, supper will be ready in about 30 minutes. Go play with your children, they missed their mom this weekend."

I turned around and ignored her. After a minute or so she left the kitchen, and I tried my damndest not to break down again. I couldn't even work up a good cry because I think I was all cried out. I knew my life with Melissa was over. I just wondered how I would be able to go on without the love of my life with this huge hole in my heart and soul.

Supper was kind of a quiet affair, the kids told us about their day, and I talked to them but not much was said between Melissa and me. Once the meal was over Mary Ann and Jason went to the living room to play, and Melissa came into the kitchen to help clean up.

"Mel, I just would like to know why you lied to me about this past weekend. I know you didn't go home so please tell me where you did go."

"Rob, I know you're pissed at me for this weekend, but please don't call me Mel. My name is Melissa, not Mel, okay. However, if you must know, I went to see a friend; she received some very bad news Friday. Karen Fuller found out she has cancer. I was with her all weekend. We all found out Friday night, that's why we were so late and why I was drunk."

"Okay, I guess I can overlook this onetime occurrence, but from now on, please do me the courtesy of telling me the truth. I worry about you when you're not here with us. And would it kill you to give me a call when you're going to be late like that?"

I knew she was lying through her teeth, but I would find out more, later. She was just overly trusting; she thought that I loved her too much to think anything other than what she said was true. She had a big surprise in store for her if I found out differently.

I let it go for now, but since Becky said she left the lounge at around 7:30 where did she really go and who with? It was still early yet and Melissa had left to go into the living room. I managed to install the cell phone bug and the transmitter for her purse and then I went to the garage and unlatched the door so that Charlie could just open the door and it would then catch the door opener when he opened it to install the things to Melissa's car. He could hit the button and run out, and clear the door before it closed again. While there, I called Becky Schrader again.

"Becky, I know it's late but this is Rob Simpson again. I just heard about Karen Fuller. Is there anything that we can do to help her with this? I mean we can keep her children or maybe just be with her when she is feeling down."

"What are you talking about Rob? And who is Karen Fuller? Are you sure you're all right?"

"Becky, Melissa told me that you all got the news that Karen Fuller had cancer and that is why you were all so late on Friday night."

"Rob, I have no idea what you are talking about. I ... Oh MY GOD! Melissa is cheating on you, right. That's why you called Saturday and why you're calling me now. You're checking up on her. Oh god I'm so sorry Rob. I didn't know."

"Becky, please don't say a word to Melissa, please. I'm trying to get some evidence together so I can divorce her if she is cheating, and right now I'm pretty sure she is."

"Rob, I can guarantee you she won't get a hint from me. I never figured her to be like that the way she talks about you and her kids. I don't see her every day, but do you want me to see what I can find out from work?"

"Becky, please don't do anything yet. I have a friend who is a professional that is on top of this right now and I don't want any leak to get out at your workplace. I hope you understand. I know that you and Kevin have not been our best friends, but I consider you good friends though. I'm almost afraid that what Melissa has gotten into is just too much for me. I really don't know what to do or how to feel anything but hurt. She has outright lied to me and I think that this has been going on for a while now, and I can't take this much longer without exploding. I'm so sorry for unloading like this on you, but I had to talk to someone about this, or I'll go nuts."

"Rob, never feel that you can't talk to either me or Kevin. I know that we're not close, but then I'm not that close with Melissa either. Like I said we work at the same place but not in the same department, so I only see her maybe two or three times a week at work and then every other Friday at the get-togethers, but she mostly hangs around with Jeremy Cook, Shawna Peters, and Dorothy House. They are all in her section and always have a table with John Stenson their boss."

"I don't think I know any of them. They have never been to any of our barbecues or holiday parties. Are they all new people?"

"Jeremy started about a year ago, and John came from the Dallas office at the start of the new year, but Shawna and Dorothy have been there for a few years. They were married before, but got divorced sometime last year. They were always close with Melissa and Joann Whitehead. However, Joann left suddenly just before Halloween last year. I heard that her husband found out that she was cheating on him and put her boyfriend in the hospital. He went to jail, and she moved away."

"Wow; that is some hotbed of problems. Did they bring in John to straighten things out?"

"Rumor had it that he was here to clean house. I have no idea if he did because not that many others have left from that department."

"Becky, I want to thank you for all this nice information. Please keep it a secret about what I suspect. I don't want to tip anyone off as to my plans. I'll call you later."

"Rob, you are one of the good guys, I know you love your wife and children a lot. I truly hope that this is all just a misunderstanding. If half of what Melissa has told us in the past is true, you are one of the saintly few good men left in this world. My Kevin is one too. Goodnight Rob and call us anytime."

"Thanks Becky, goodnight and say hi to Kevin for me."

I hung up with a much better understanding concerning the office politics and environment that Melissa is in. I only hope that she is not in as deep as poor Joann was last year. All I can do now is to hope and pray that it is all just a misunderstanding.

I tried to initiate some sexual play this evening, but I was shot down. Melissa complained that she was not feeling too good. I had already gotten my fingers into her pussy, and although it was a little slippery, it was much looser. Now it was never that wide open before. I no longer suspected that she was cheating; I knew she was, and the guy must be a gorilla with a dong a foot long and as big around as a coke can. God damned that bitch! God damned her all to hell. What had I done that made her look elsewhere for some big cock? Didn't she love me or our children enough that she would do something and lose the love of her family and would surely take all that away from her? I was totally confused.

I lay in our bed trying to figure out what I had done or not done to deserve this betrayal of her. After several hours of coming to no conclusions I think I drifted off to sleep. I found I was no closer to finding the cause of our problem and any solutions other than divorce. I was not even sure if counseling would help. All I could do was worry, and wait and see what Charlie and his company could find.

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