Wild Child
Chapter 1

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Ma/ft, mt/Fa, ft/ft, Fa/ft, Teenagers, Consensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Mother, Son, Grand Parent, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Juli Jones is a young girl coming of age. Puberty hits Juli later than most of her friends. She's smart, she's precocious, and she's a free spirit. She loves to read about sex, she loves to talk about sex and now she's ready to learn about sex. She loves her body and she loves her Gramps. There is a lot of sex in this story. If you don't like reading about sex, stay away from Juli Jones -She's a Wild Child-

Julisa Justice Jones hated her name. Literally HATED it!

She hated it so much that when she started to school, she enlisted her Gramps to help her come up with a name that she liked. They sat and talked and exchanged names and made lists, and nearly gave up...

UNTIL the very day before she was to start first grade, when her gramps hit on the perfect name for her.

"I suppose we'll just have to settle for Juli," he said in exasperation as he looked across at her, his little oval reading glasses barely hanging from his nose. He peered over the little black rimmed glasses and smiled when she jumped up and started dancing in the floor of his drugstore and malt shop.

"Gramps, you are my favorite grandpa in the whole wide world. You just saved my life and I'm only six years old," she said as she danced around the table and hugged his neck.

"Juli, I'm the only Gramps you have in the whole wide world."

"Yes, but that's beside the point, Gramps. When we go to school tomorrow, you will tell them my name is Juli and NOT Julisa Justice Jones."

"You better believe I will, Sweetheart, and if they don't like it, we'll take them to court."

"I love you, Gramps. I'm going back to read my magazines now, Gramps. If you need me, you know where I'll be."

"I love you too, Juli. Don't be looking at those naughty magazines on the top rack," he jested.

"Gramps, you always tell me that! I'll be so glad when I get big enough to look at those magazines and learn what makes them so naughty."

Oliver Wendell Jones loved to tease his little granddaughter. She was his son's six-year-old daughter, and when his son and his wife, and Juli's Granny, were killed in a boating accident, Oliver was awarded custody of his granddaughter. That was almost five years ago and Oliver has seen to it that she was spoiled absolutely-to-damn-rotten since that day.

They lived in the three-room apartment above the drugstore and Juli helped him clean it and the store, keeping the place neat for his customers. He had a part-time delivery boy who came in after school to deliver prescriptions and sundry items to the customers. Juli was living for the day she would be able to take over that delivery job and really make some money.

Juli wanted a motor scooter and Gramps told her she could get one when she was old enough to work and pay for it herself.

One day I WILL own one!

One day!

From the time Juli was six until she turned fourteen, her life was like the life of a princess. She had everything she wanted, except a motor scooter. That was still priority number one with her and she knew she was old enough at fourteen to take the delivery job.

"Gramps?" She'd started calling him that since she was older now and once in a while her friends would stop by for a malt, and that was what they called their Gramps too.

"Yes, Juli? What is it, Sweetheart?"

"I'm old enough to have that delivery job now. It's about time I started earning my own money, don't you think?"

"I agree. There's a new bike in the storeroom, I got it yesterday. It's a delivery special, just for my new delivery girl. All the shop owners on this street will be so jealous of Oliver the Druggist because he has the most beautiful delivery girl in town."

"OH Gramps, I'm just a plain old girl. I don't even have my boobs yet."

"Don't rush your body, Sweetheart. You have all the traits of your mother and your grandmother, and one day you will overflow your shirts. You'll have a trail of boys following you everywhere you go."

"Oh Gramps, you just say those things because you love me. I'm going to read my magazines while I sit on my new bike and pretend it's my new motor scooter."

"You go right ahead, Sweetheart. Just don't be reading those naughty magazines on the top rack."

"OK, Gramps. But one day I'm going to have a look at what's under those brown wrappers and see what it is that makes them so naughty," she teased him as she walked to the storeroom with her magazine folded under her arm, swishing her tight little butt just like she saw her friends doing all the time.

Juli sat on her bike and looked at all the glamorous stars dressed in their revealing dresses. Some were on the beach in their very revealing bikinis. One day she too would have boobs like these women and she would wear such glamorous, sexy, revealing clothes.

Juli looked down at her budding little chest and wished it to be bigger, MUCH bigger. The seat on her new delivery bicycle felt good when she sat on it. She was ready for a delivery on this bike. She knew she was going to LOVE riding it through the streets making deliveries and waving at the shop owners who came by to see Gramps and drink a chocolate malt with him and her.

'When I make some money, I'm going to buy me some sexy underwear too. These little cotton panties are SO warm and cuddly, but I just know those little white ones there would fit my butt so much better' she thought as she looked at the ad in the magazine.

'I bet they are as warm as my cotton panties too. Ohhhh, I love my new bike seat'!

Juli heard the front doorbell sound and ran up front to see her gramps waiting on a nicely dressed, very pretty young woman. She was having her prescription filled and she was looking at a magazine on the rack as she waited.

'OH MY, she's looking at the naughty magazines'.

The woman looked up and smiled at Juli and she smiled back as she sat at the small table where she and her gramps always sat to talk. His best buddies, the old men at the nearby shops, sit there with him and talk in whispers too.

Juli's hand was on today's paper and she felt something underneath it. When she raised the paper, there was a paperback book, placed face down to keep the page. Gramps had been reading a book. She turned it up to see what the name of the book was; her heart was thumping because she already knew it came from the top rack where the grownup books were.

Sure enough, she saw the artist's drawing on the book cover and it was a VERY sexy one. She saw the young girl wearing cut-off shorts and halter as she talked to an older man. She could see the girl's butt cheeks where the shorts didn't cover her good.

'One day, I'll wear some cut-off shorts like she has on', she thought as she put her finger on the picture. Suddenly it felt like her jeans were two sizes too small.

She looked up and the pretty woman was standing beside the table looking down at her. She looked to where Juli's hands were and smiled.

"I like that book too. Do you read much?" she asked.

"I like to read my magazines, Gramps was reading this one."

"You would love that book. The girl in the story is about your age, a young sexy girl like yourself. How old are you?"

"I'm almost fifteen."

"You look older than fifteen, but then girls nowadays do look older than we did at your age. Do you deliver for your gramps?"

"I'm going to start soon."

"Good, I'll call my next prescription in and you can bring it to my apartment. I wish I had known, I would have been your first delivery and we could have become friends."

"Tell Gramps you have to run, and ask him if he could have it delivered. I'd like for you to be my first," Juli said hurriedly.

"Oh Honey, I'd love to be your first and second too if I could."

"Really? Go tell him and give him your address." Juli was SO excited and didn't even know why she felt the way she did.

She wished she looked as pretty as the young woman standing there. 'Maybe we could become friends and she could tell me the secrets of looking so sexy'.

"See you soon. What's your name, by the way?"


"Juli, you and I are going to be best friends. I just love your name."

"What's your name?"

"Calice, but you can call me Cali. All my close friends call me Cali."

"Hurry and leave, Cali, I want to come see you. I mean I want to deliver your prescription."

"See you soon, Juli," she said and winked as she smiled.

Juli winked at her and they both smiled. Juli's jeans were about to cut into her crotch, they were so tight.

She still had her hand on the book and looked at the title.

'A Young Girl's Awakening'

'That's an odd name for a book. I need to snitch this book off the shelf tomorrow and read some of it. Cali told me she'd read it and loved it; and said I would too. I wish I had some of those shorts. I wish I had them on now', she thought as she touched her crotch and felt the heat. She rubbed her stiff jeans and it felt good, like when she washed herself.

'I bet Cali knows all about stuff like that. I'd be totally embarrassed to ask her though'.

She looked up at the bookshelf and saw three more with the same title. Looking toward the front, she saw her gramps back in his apothecary and quickly stood up to snitch one of the books off the top shelf. Her hand hit one of the magazines with the brown wrapper and the loose wrapper slid off.

Juli was face-to-face with a naked girl about her age. 'So that's what those magazines have in them', she thought as she slowly slipped the magazine into her backpack along with the paperback book. She was reluctant to cover the young girl up. She could see her small swollen boobs, just like her own. She could see her small swollen pussy. She wondered if her own pussy would swell up and get fat like that. She would have some interesting reading to do when she went to bed tonight.

"Juli" her gramps called her loudly and she jumped. She'd never had secrets from him and now she was shaking, thinking she'd been caught. She looked quickly toward the front and he was still back inside his small apothecary.

"Coming, Gramps," she answered as she opened the flap of her backpack to take one more look at the naked girl. She was excited about her first delivery and she was excited about what she'd discovered.

"Here's your first delivery," he said as he handed her the small white bag with the receipt stapled where the top was folded over.

She looked at the address and knew exactly where it was.

"I know right where that is. Gramps, I'm so excited. This is my first one. While I'm riding, I may ride through town on my new bike too."

"You go right ahead, Sweetheart. I'm going to finish my book. If I'm closed when you get back, just come in the back door and bring your new bike in too."

"I will. See ya, Gramps."

"You look so grown up, Juli, we need to see about buying you some new, grown-up clothes."

"I may talk to the lady who was here earlier. She sure dresses nice."

"YES, do that while you're there. Maybe she can show you the nice things a young girl needs and tell you where to buy them." Oliver knew he would never have the nerve or the knowledge to help the poor girl buy clothes like all her friends were wearing.

Those daring little she-devils!

"Bye, Gramps," she said with a wave and pushed her bike out the front door.

When she hopped on her seat this time, she felt different, almost as if her jeans really were tighter in her crotch.

'Maybe my pussy is swelled up fat like the girl's in the picture. I wish I could reach back there and put my hand on her picture again. I wish I could rub my pussy right now'

Juli pressed the button beside the door and heard the buzzer inside. Almost immediately the door opened and Cali stood there dressed in a short bath robe with her hair wet.

"Hi, Juli. I just got out of the shower, come on in. Would you like a coke or something?"

"Hi, Cali. I really don't want anything to drink right now. I sure like your curly hair."

"Thank you, Dear. I like to let it air dry after a shower and it curls naturally like this. Want to sit over here on the sofa so we can get to know each other?"

"Yes, I'd like that. You sure are pretty."

"You are very pretty too, Hon. You're at that age when a girl is just about to become a woman and her body awakens to the things a woman knows."

"Is that the reason that book was titled 'A Young Girl's Awakening'?"

"Yes it is, exactly. It's not about her waking up in the morning. It's about her body awakening to all the wonderful feelings a young girl can feel."

"You mean when her boobs start to itch and she rubs them?"

"Yes. I can see your beautiful young body is awakening too, Juli. I remember when I was your age and my body began to feel so good to me. I could hardly keep from touching my boobs and between my legs."

"I get that way now and it feels so good, but I'm afraid to go on."

"Don't ever be afraid of your body, Juli. If your body likes to be touched, don't deny it. You'll learn to make your body feel so good, you'll have an orgasm. Have you ever had one or heard about them?"

"I've never had one, but I read about a girl getting one. I didn't know what it was."

"Oh dear me! I wish I was able to show you all about those wonderful things, but if anyone ever found out, your Gramps would have me arrested and put in prison."

"For what?"

"It's against the law for an older person, woman or man, to do sexy things with young teenagers. Well, kids of all ages."

"What if the girl wanted the woman to show her?"

"She'd have to promise to never tell anyone, not even her best friend, that she learned all the wonderful secrets of her body from an older woman."

"I'd promise her. I mean if it was you, I would. I liked you when you came in Gramps' drugstore and I really like you now," Juli said as she looked down at Cali's breasts where her robe had slipped open, exposing them to her.

"OH MY! I've exposed myself to you. Sorry about that."

"I like looking. I've never seen real boobs before. I hope I get mine soon. Sometimes they swell up and feel so good, then other times they swell up and hurt like something's wrong with them."

"Oh Baby, they are just growing. I wish we could be best friends. I could show you so many wonderful things about your beautiful young body."

"You think my body is beautiful? I think I look pretty good naked, but I've never seen but one other girl my age naked and she didn't have as much boobs as I have. I sure would like to know all the things about my body that you know about yours."

"Tell me what you feel right now, Juli."

"I feel so good down here, I could rub myself in front of you and my little boobs feel like they could just pop out and be free like yours are now."

"What do you call 'down here'?"

"My pussy. I spent the night with my BFF Lila, and her older sister told us to call it a pussy. I really like my pussy. Does yours feel really good at times?"

"Oh yes, does it ever. Do you touch your pussy when you're bathing or in bed?"

"Yes, lots and lots of times. Sometimes I feel so good in my pussy it almost hurts and I stop for a minute. Then I can't help it, I start again and get that good feeling, but it just goes away."

"I wish I could see you rub yourself, maybe I could tell you what you needed to do to make your pussy feel even better."

"I'd show you sometime, that is if you really wanted to."

"You wouldn't mind being naked in front of me?"

"No! Sometimes I dream at night that I'm walking down the sidewalk naked and all the men in the shops are waving and asking me to come in to see them. When I wake up, I'm all wet between my legs where my pussy leaked and it feels so good."

"It's called a wet dream, Juli, all sexy people have them."

"I wish I could have one when I was awake, it must feel even better then."

"It does, believe me, it does."

"Do you want to see me naked now? I told Gramps I may ride my new bike for a while. I can stay and get naked if you want to."

"You really do like the idea of getting naked, don't you?"

"I love being naked and I want you to see me naked and I want to see you naked. I sure would like to touch your boobs too. I sure hope mine get big like yours."

"Hon, my boobs are bought boobs. I'm sure yours will be natural and lots bigger than mine were a few years ago."

"Lila's older sister Lisa has big boobs and she lets us see them all the time. She wanted me to feel of them but I was afraid to. I wanted to so bad though, but I didn't know how, so I didn't."

"I'd love to show you all those wonderful feelings and teach you how to make love to your own body. I bet you'd touch Lisa's big boobs then."

"I think I'd love for you to show me. Would I get to touch your body and learn how to touch Lisa's too?"

"Would you really want to touch mine?"

"I already want to now. I feel like I could get naked and run down the street, I feel so good."

"I feel that good sometimes too. I've even gone out with no panties on and sat on a park bench and let the old men see my pussy."

"OH WOW! I want to do that! I got a good feeling when you told me that."

"Do you wear a bra?"

"No, but my friend Lindy started wearing them. I kind of like my boobs to be free. Do you like wearing bras?"

"I hate them, but with some clothes, a woman has to wear a bra. When I'm home alone, I like to go naked though."

"You're not naked now."

"I was until you came."

"Let me see you, Cali. I feel so good when I look at your naked boobs."

"Let's both get naked, Juli."

"Yes, let's do that, Cali. Will you show me your pussy?"

"Will you show me yours?"

Cali stood and let her short robe fall to the floor. Juli looked at her sexy body and her tanned belly. She looked at her pussy that was shaved on the sides with a little puff of hair on top.

"I like your pussy, Cali."

"Show me your body, Juli, and I'll show you pleasures like you never dreamed of in your wildest wet dreams."

"I dream of boys too sometimes."

"I love young boys as much as I love young girls. You and I will be secret best friends and I'll show you where to buy all your sexy little undies."

"YES! I want to wear the sexiest undies made. I want to let the men see my undies."

"We'll go to the park together and let the men and boys see our panties and naked pussies too, Juli."

"OH YES. My pussy jerked when you said that. I think my pussy likes the same things I like."

"I know she does, Hon. Now show me your sexy young body, Juli. Do we have time for this?"

"Yes, we have more time, but I already want to come back to see you soon. I want to know all about my awakening body."

Juli pulled her jeans off and Cali saw her long coltish legs as she kicked her feet out of them. Next came her shirt, which she quickly pulled over her head to reveal her small, swollen breast mounds and puffy, eager nipples.

Juli stood before her with only her white cotton bikini panties on. Cali lusted after the girl's prominent butt as she envied her young, developing form. She knew Juli was going to be a lusty, sexy eyeful in a few years. Her body wasn't just awakening, it was already stretching and yawning in the early morning hours of her puberty.

"Pull them off, Juli. I'm dying to see your naked butt and your sweet little pussy. Do you still want me to see all of you?"

"Oh Yes. I want you to see me all over and I want to see you all over so I'll know what my body will look like when I get older. I want to know all about my body, I love my body, Cali. Is it wrong for a girl to love her own body?"

"Sweet Juli, I love your body too and I'll show you all about your young body if you're sure about this. I am already in love with your beautiful young, sexy body and I want to kiss you all over."

"Kiss me?"

"Yes, women like to kiss other women's bodies too, Juli."

"Then I know I'll like to be kissed because my pussy just told me I would. May I kiss you? Will you teach me how?"

"Oh you sweet, innocent babe. We will barely have the time to scratch the surface of pleasure this day. We will need many more visits to school you in the art of looking and feeling sexy. If you can talk your gramps into it, I'll take you shopping and we will buy you the sexiest clothes young girls wear today."

"YES! I want to be with you a lot. I want to know all about me and all about you. I want to have sexy clothes and I want you to help me try them on. I think my pussy loves you Cali, she just told me she likes the way we can talk."

"May I touch your breasts, Juli?"

"May I touch yours too, and you tell me what to do?"

"You are the best pupil ever. I love your eagerness and your yearning to know it all. Of course you may touch me. I want to feel my nipples become excited by your touch while I stimulate your young buds."

"Do it, Cali, and I'll do to you what you do to me. Show me, I feel like I need to pee and I need to feel my pussy too, all at the same time."

"It's called sexual arousal, Juli. You'll love being aroused forever if we can teach your body the things you need to know."

"I want to know it all. I'm just not sure I'm ready to learn about boys and girls loving each other yet though."

"What if your teacher wants to show you?"

"How will you show me that?"

"I have a young friend that would help me show you. He and I would show you all the things a boy and girl can do together and you could experiment too. He just wouldn't go inside your pussy. I'll not allow any boy to have your pussy until you're ready for it."

Cali was rubbing her finger tips slowly, lightly over the young girl's swollen, puffy nipples as she swayed and hummed to herself in pleasure.

Juli was following her example as she lightly ran her soft slender fingers over Cali's swollen, aroused nipples. She looked at Cali's face and saw her looking eye-to-eye with her. Juli leaned over and their lips touched for the first time. She had dreamed about kissing boys, but never had another girl been in her dream. She loved kissing this beautiful young woman. No, she lusted for more of this as they pressed their soft lips together and sensually kissed, sucking each other's wet, swollen lips.

Cali leaned back and took Juli's other hand and placed it above her pussy. Juli smiled as she felt the heat from Cali's pussy beneath her fingers. She resisted the urge to dip her finger tips into the full, wet, swollen lips of a woman's pussy. She loved the feel of Cali's pussy and wanted to be down there with her face close enough to smell and see her fingers on this beautiful pussy, her first-ever pussy other than her own to have its juices smeared on the very tender tips of her fingers.

"Kiss me, Juli. Rub my nipples lightly and touch my pussy just as I touch yours. I want to show you how to love a woman from her eyes and ears to her feet and all the places between. We need to be dressed soon. I don't want your gramps to scold you. I want to be your friend and I want him to like me as your friend."

Juli felt Cali's fingers slide over the puffy little lips of her pussy and she nearly fainted with pleasure. She let her fingers follow Cali's lead, moving them over Cali's wet pussy just as she was showing her. They were both on fire with lust and sweat began to pop up on Juli's young body as she came closer and closer to the very thing that had always eluded her.

Cali slipped the tip of one finger between Juli's tight, swollen pussy lips and moved it up and down, not entering her soft virginal opening, yet stimulating her beyond her wildest wet dreams. Juli was rocking her body back and forth to increase the pleasure as she returned Cali's touches. She wanted more; she knew right then she would always want more, no matter how much of this she endured.

"This is your clitty, Juli. She will be your best friend for life. She will give you hours of pleasure and she will always love your touch even another woman's touch, and if you teach him right, a man's touch. Find my clitty and we will soon end this first of many times we love each other."

"Like this?" Juli asked as she searched for and found Cali's swollen jewel buried in her wet pussy.

"YES BABY, YES. My clitty loves your soft touch. Hold on to me, Baby. I'm going to show your little clitty something she will love."

"OH YESSSsssssssss!" Juli gasped as Cali rubbed and stimulated her swelling tender sex bud.



"Did you cum?"

"Is that like an orgasm?"

"Yes, you and I will call it getting our cum, or cumming, or make me cum, or see me cum."

"I'd love to cum but it just won't cum. Can I taste your cum?"

"Baby, are you sure?"

"I feel so good I want to kiss your pussy and taste your cum."

"Juli, we don't have time for that. Trust me, Baby, we will take time, next time. For now do as I do and taste my pussy," Cali said as she pulled her fingers from Juli's pussy and put them to her mouth as she smiled a big, sexy smile.

Juli smiled as they stood face to face and she licked her own fingers until the sweet, tangy taste of Cali was gone. She smiled at Cali and put her hand down to touch her own pussy, then put it to Cali's lips. Cali did the same thing and as they licked each other's fingers clean. Then they kissed again. This time, they didn't hold back as they mashed lips and sucked tongues and bumped their wet pussies against each other's pelvic bones.

When they had washed up and dressed, Juli stood ready to leave. She hugged her hard young breast nubs against Cali's naked breasts and they both moaned.

"Go home, Juli, before your gramps starts to worry. We'll see each other a lot from now on, if he'll let us."

"Will you come to the store to see me?"

"Yes, I'll come by tomorrow and browse the books and the shelves. Come talk to me when I do and I'll talk nasty to you and make your pussy want me."

"Will you teach me how to do that too?"

"Oh yes, Baby. You will learn it all from your hot friend Cali."

"When you come over tomorrow, wear a sexy top that shows your breasts. Gramps loves to look at sexy women. I've seen him. He reads the naughty books and looks at the naughty naked pictures in the magazines too."

"Then we'll give your gramps a treat each time I come over."

"Be naughty and show me your breasts too, I want to see how you do it and not be seen by others."

"I'll even show you my naked pussy tomorrow."

"Then I'll show you mine."

"Get out of here, Juli, before you corrupt me," Cali said and they laughed as she walked out the door.

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