Chapter 1

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Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - An early return from work and a voyeuristic opportunity that evolves into something much more intimate for a mother and her family.

Everything had gone well for a change; our meeting in Birmingham had finished more than two hours earlier than expected, then the traffic on the way home had been kind to us too, so Jill my workmate and I agreed that we'd keep things quiet, have an early finish for once and that she'd drop me off at home and then pick me up in the morning and take me in to work where I'd left my car, just to keep up the impression that we'd got back late from our meeting.

Jill dropped me off at our back gate, as her house is only a hundred yards beyond it, so, after organising a time for her to pick me up in the morning, I waved her a cheery goodbye as she drove off.

Our back gate is almost never used, so it took a bit of pulling to get the various weeds that had accumulated out of the way, then a bit of effort with the rusty latch to get it to open, but then I was through into the arched walkway that runs down the side of the garden to our bungalow, with the lawn to the left, giving some of the bedrooms and the kitchen a garden aspect.

It was summer, so the roses that we'd laced into the arch were in full bloom and the arch was almost totally covered by their green leaves. The air smelt sweet and the heat of the sun that was still hot in the sky was shaded, and there was a delicious coolness on my face as I closed the gate to head indoors to grab a glass of chilled rosé wine to enjoy in the garden on a weekday afternoon for once :-)

As I strolled down the shaded path, I glanced a movement in one of the bedrooms through one of the few gaps in the greenery and paused to see who was home.

The sun was shining directly into my eldest son John's bedroom, so I got a great view of what was happening there, and what was happening pulled me up and stopped me dead in my tracks!

John, now nineteen and in his first year at college, had a girl in his room (which was fine of course), but what startled me was that that it wasn't his dark-haired girlfriend Sarah, but a blonde with a bobbed haircut, and that he was undoubtedly fucking the girl, who was knelt on his sofa facing away from me. All I could see apart from her hair, were her white high heel shoes, white stockings and a hint of a suspender belt, and a bright pink skirt or dress pushed up to allow John access to her lower half.

As I paused in my stride, John paused too and obviously said something to the girl, as she reached back and, as John moved away, I saw that she had grasped the cheeks of her arse to pull them apart, revealing in graphic detail what John had been doing to her; the string of the girls white G-string panties was pushed aside, revealing a gaping anus, below which I could make out the pronounced bulge of her vulva beneath her panties. Her bum-hole was gaping because John had obviously just removed his cock from it! I'd stumbled upon my son having anal sex with a new girlfriend that I didn't even know about!

John walked to his bedside table and picked something up, then turned back towards the window; involuntarily I stepped back thinking he might see me, but I quickly realised that the sun would be in his eyes, that I would be in deep shade and that I would be completely hidden by the foliage, so I quickly returned to my peep hole.

I could see that what I had always considered to be a fairly normal sized cock on John while he was growing up, had developed significantly since the last time I'd seen it when he'd suddenly begun to get all shy at the age of about twelve. It was about eight and a half inches long, had a fat purple knob and swelled thickly at its base. Although he is my son, my female instincts got the better of me and I found that my heart had started to thump, my face had flushed and my pussy had instantly moistened at my sudden exposure to this unexpected voyueristic situation.

John walked back to where the girl was still showing off the most intimate part of her anatomy and I saw that he had picked up his mobile phone, then I watched as he began to take pictures of the girl from many angles, including real close-ups of her obscenely open anus. The girl seemed to be quite happy with the porno photo shoot, as I could see that she was talking to John and smiling as she did so, as I caught the flash of her white teeth.

After taking quite a few shots, John stood back and the girl released her grip on her bum cheeks and stood up, her pink mini-dress dropping back to hide her panties. As she turned I got a sudden strong flash of instant recognition, but then oddly couldn't place who the girl was, where I could have met her or what her name was.

She was very slimly built, almost boyish, with a pretty face, fully made up, and seemed to be very flat-chested, which seemed out of character for John, whose previous girlfriends, and indeed his supposedly current girlfriend Sarah, were always well-endowed in the breast department.

The girl knelt in front of John and grasped the base of his penis, then moved her face to below his very stiff cock and looked up into his eyes, then she began to lick all around the base of his cock, occasionally pausing to talk to him, still looking straight at him, then restarting the licking of my son's cock that had so recently been buried in her anus.

Once the shaft of John's cock had been thoroughly licked, the girl released John's cock, stood up and then squatted down in front of him, revealing her panties as she did so, then she grasped John's cock once more, looked up at him again, then slowly bent her head to envelope his cock head in her mouth, slowly wanking his shaft as she did so and looking him in the eyes, with a smile on her face; my god she was good!

After giving the head of John's cock some good sucks, in which her tongue also seemed to be put to good use going by John's expressions, she took John's cock out of her mouth and talked to him for a few seconds, then began licking all around the rim of his cock, obviously making sure that every part of it had been seen to, then she stood up and pointed to the floor, obviously giving John some orders.

John lay down on the floor, grasping his stiff cock, and the slutty blonde in pink reached up under her dress and pulled down her white panties with her thumbs; she was obviously going to ride her pussy on John's cock now that her bum had been well fucked by it.

By this time, though many of my instincts were telling me to stop watching (as it was my son I was spying on after all), another side of me had taken over. My left hand had lifted the hem of my smart blue business skirt and then pulled my panties off and dropped them into the grass, my right hand had found its way to my pussy, and my index finger had automatically dipped into my hot juices then moved to rub at my engorged clitoris, and my left hand had gone on to loosen the buttons on my white blouse, push my bra up over my breasts and commence squeezing and tugging my very stiff nipples.

The slutty blonde was now stood over my son, her legs either side of his waist, looking down at him, pointing to his stiff cock and talking to him. Very, very slowly, she grasped the hem of her dress and began to raise it, teasing my son as she began to reveal her pussy; the tops of her stockings came into view, then the clips of her suspenders, then more and more of the suspenders themselves. All the while the girl was talking to John, smiling down at him and swinging her hips provocatively, then, just before her pussy just might become visible, she put both John and myself out of our misery and revealed all!

One of us obviously knew what was coming, but I wasn't that person, so the big reveal left me aghast as two things hit me really hard; the first being that instead of the expected neatly trimmed, or possibly shaven pussy, the blond revealed a small, obviously clean shaven flaccid cock and balls - it wasn't a girl, it was a boy! The second and much bigger shock, triggered by the revelation of the first shock and the removal of the block to my recognition, was that the 'girl' was actually my youngest son, sixteen year old Michael, John's own brother, dressed and made up as a girl and wearing a blonde wig!

At this point things seemed to go all hazy, and I'm not sure that I didn't almost pass out, as I found myself sitting on a garden bench at the end of the arch near the back gate, with my knees trembling and my heart thumping with the shock of what I had seen. Part of my mind wanted to deny it, but another part, the part that could see sense, put together thousands of little facts from the past and told me that my two sons were indeed gay incestuous lovers and that Michael at least was a cross dresser as well, and that both had probably been the case for some time!

John and Michael had always been close, but their closeness was obviously a lot more than any usual form of brotherly love; dressing as a girl and allowing your older brother to fuck your bum and to then suck his cock afterwards was way past what was normal I was sure!

The next question was, what I should do about the situation? Should I confront them then and there? Should I wait and try to find the right way to tell them that I knew? Should I tell them at all? Should I tell anyone else, my sister for instance, or perhaps talk to Suzy, their seventeen year old sister? If I did confront them, should I try to make them stop having sex with each other, or get Michael to stop dressing as a girl?

As the minutes wore on and I calmed down, I decided that they'd obviously been having sex for a long time, as a number of incidents in the past where one boy would be seen coming out of or going into the other's bedrooms at odd times of the day or night, and flushed faces when I'd stumbled upon them in their bathing costumes or underwear in a number of places suggested that illicit sexual activities had been being engaged in for a long time, and Michael had always liked dressing up since he was small, and had often dressed up as a girl; it seemed that his interest had not abated, but now also had a very sexual aspect to it.

So, as other than the sudden revelations of their sexual relationship and clothing fetish, they both seemed to be growing up as normal boys, with friends of both sexes and active social lives, and were both doing well at school and college respectively, I decided that I would let them continue to do what they wanted to and not interfere, though I might try gently quizzing Suzy to see if she had any inklings of what was going on.

Having made the decision, I thought I'd better let the boys know that I was coming home, so I decided to call them on my mobile phone to tell them that I was on my way, then give them ten minutes grace to get tidied up before I came in through the front door.

I'd taken my phone from my pocket and dialled John's number as I carefully walked back to the peep hole, just to see what my boys were up to now. I planned to speak to John and then leave quietly by the back gate for a slow walk around the block to my front door and an attempt to maintain things as if they were 'normal'.

As John answered my call, the room came into view and here was my third shock of the day; there, in my eldest son's bedroom, Michael had stripped off his pink mini dress, but was still wearing his girly lingerie, including a pretty white bra, and his high heels, but his cock, now very erect, was being fucked very enthusiastically up the pussy of a new participant in the party, whose mouth was avidly sucking John's cock as he held his phone to his ear, with her school blazer and blouse thrown on the floor, her school skirt up over her back and her small breasts hanging down, rocking in time to the vaginal pounding she was taking from behind, with John pulling at her nipples as Michael fucked her; it was Suzy!

The world went fuzzy, the world span, the sky and the ground changed places rapidly, and this time I did pass out, which I vaguely knew was happening as the bushes in front of me brushed my face as I tumbled through them and the lawn came up to meet me...

When I came to, probably only a few minutes later, Suzy was kneeling beside me holding my hand, with her school uniform restored, and John was standing at my feet wearing his dressing gown; Michael was nowhere to be seen.

"Are you alright Mum?" said Suzy in a concerned voice, to which I nodded, then propped myself up on my elbows. Looking down at myself, I saw that my split skirt had ridden up during my fall revealing my naked pussy, that my blouse had opened up revealing my naked breasts and pushed up bra, and that my panties were blatantly obvious in the middle of the path through the hole I'd made in the rose arch. Suzy followed my gaze and saw that I had seen how obvious it was that I'd been watching what had been happening and playing with myself as I did so; she looked me straight in the eye and asked, "Did you see us Mum?" - I paused, trying to work out what to say, but caught the look in her face and had to say "Yes, I saw it all. I saw Michael in his girly clothes, I saw John fucking him, I saw you being fucked by Michael while sucking John's cock; I saw it all". Suzy nodded and glanced at John, then back at me, "we don't hurt anybody, you know" she said gently, "We just enjoy playing together, but now you've found out about us, what do you want to do?".

I was now starting to get a grip on myself again, so I stood up and pulled down my skirt, pulled my bra back down over my breasts and did up the front of my blouse, then Suzy led me back to the garden bench which I sat on the edge of, then she squatted down in front of me. "I don't know", I said, "I'll have to think about it, as it has all come as a huge shock to me".

What happened next was the fourth huge shock of the day; Suzy, with a lightening quick movement, slipped her hand up under my skirt, and before I had chance to move she'd slid two fingers into my still very damp pussy, hooked them deep inside me and began gently rubbing my clit with her thumb, looking straight up into my eyes, "Mum", she said, "we've often fantasied and talked about getting you involved in our naughty games. So, now that you've discovered us and it obviously excited you, why don't you try it for yourself - it's very erotic, and we have lots of naughty fun together!". As she said this, she licked her lips as she felt the heat and wetness of her own mother's vagina for the first time.

My mouth dropped open and my mind reeled yet again, though my body seemed to know what it wanted, as instead of pulling away, my legs dropped open to give Suzy even better access to my pussy. I looked in amazement down at her, then at John, who'd let his dressing gown fall open to reveal his rapidly swelling cock. "It's true, Mum." he said, "We would love to have you involved in our sex games too, and it looks like you're pussy is really enjoying what Suzy is doing to it right now!" he grinned. Looking down, I realized that without knowing it I had pulled my skirt up so that Suzy could see what she was doing; she looked up at me and said, "Ooh mum, your pussy is so pretty, and it's dripping wet, mmmm". She then withdrew her fingers and sucked them into her mouth; "Ooh, your pussy juice tastes delicious too", she said and then, moving forward, she put her head between my legs and began slurping greedily at my pussy, making obscene sounds of lust and enjoyment as she did so.

I would normally think of myself as quite strong-willed, but the multiple shocks and revelations of what my sons and daughter had been getting up to must have lowered my defences, and the sudden sexual excesses I was being exposed to seemed to have lowered them further still, as I felt completely helpless and unable to stop what was happening. I found myself sliding forward on the bench and opening my legs even further so that my daughter could get better access to suck and lick her own mother's vagina.

At this, John walked over to the bench, his now highly swollen cock standing straight up, and he took my right hand and wrapped it around his stiff tool, and then, covering my hand with his own, began to slowly wank himself, using his own mother's hand to do it with.

At this point, any moral or other forms of objection that I might previously have had to incestuous activities seemed to vanish, and I was completely caught up in the moment; my hand was soon wanking my own son's cock without any help from him, and my mind and body gave themselves up to raw sexual lust in a way that I had never experienced before, and would not have believed possible.

I soon found myself completely naked, with my seventeen year old daughter lying beneath me as I squatted over her face, with my son standing straddling her waist. Suzy's panties were wrapped around her ankles and her knees were spread wide to give me full access to her vagina, while her fingers stretched my vagina wide open and her tongue probed deep inside me, occasionally stopping to lap at my clit, with the fingers of my right hand wanking my nineteen year old son's cock as I sucked on it and tasted his pre-cum in my mouth, with my left hand alternately frigging my daughter's clitoris and sliding fingers into her hot, wet pussy, before eagerly sucking the juices off them, before returning to sucking John's cock some more.

John was looking down at what must have been a totally obscene picture of his own mother sucking his cock while his sister sucked her pussy and it had the effect you would probably expect. John's head went back and he began to grunt and I knew that he was going to cum; quickly, I stood up and said, "Quick Suzy, John's cumming!". Suzy scrambled to her feet and we both knelt in front of John and took it in turns to suck on his purple knob, while Suzy wanked him too; he looked down with an awe-struck expression and the grunts got louder and more often, until it was obvious that he would cum any second. Without hesitation, I pulled John's cock from Suzy's hand and engulfed it with my mouth, then looked up into his face, as with a huge grunt he began to spurt. I took the first spurt, then quickly directed part of the second and all of the third into Suzy's waiting open mouth, then the rest of the seven or eight spurts went all over our faces, into our mouths and onto my tits and Suzy's school blouse.

It was a long time since I'd had a mouthful of sperm and I found myself analysing the taste of John's as I held it in my mouth, looking at my daughters sperm-spattered face as she did the same. John's cum was thick and creamy and it tasted divine; just right, with a lovely salty sweetness to it.

I found myself looking into Suzy's eyes and somehow we both knew what to do next; our life-long mother-daughter relationship had always been loving, but it had now reached a new, much more physical level, and we both knew it. We both stood up, put our arms around each other, put our spunk-covered lips together and had a glorious French kiss, with our eyes closed and our tongues invading and exploring each other's mouths, her swapping the taste of my own pussy juice to me and both of us swapping our sons or brothers spunk in the process. Our hands weren't idle either as we both roved each other's bodies, fingering, tweaking and rubbing. I gave an involuntary gasp and flinched as Suzy's sperm-sticky fingers parted the cheeks of my bum seeking my anus, but the next time they found their way near there I reached back with one hand to spread my cheeks to give her better access and soon one of her slippery fingers was gently caressing my anal opening. I found that my left hand was matching hers, reaching up between her legs, and gently stroking a part of my daughter's anatomy that I'd never touched on anyone in a sexual way before.

Slowly, Suzy broke our kiss, opened her mouth to show me the creamy contents, then swallowed her brother's spunk, so I did too, though for me it was my son's spunk, feeling incredibly naughty for doing so; John was stood there with his penis still partially erect grinning inanely at us. Suzy smiled at me, took my hand and said, "Let's go inside, have a shower and put Michael out of his misery. He was petrified that you might blow up over what he and John were doing, so he ran to his room to get changed back into a boy again, hoping you'd think it was someone else", I smiled, nodded, picked up my clothes and we headed into the house.

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