Major Changes My Life
Chapter 1

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, True Story, White Couple, Masturbation, Bestiality,

Desc: True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Major is my dog who become more than a friend. And a friend that became more in many ways.

My love for dogs goes back to when I was a small child. My mom said that I was still crawling when I would try and get to the puppies just outside the back door in a fenced area. I can't remember a time in my life that we did not have a dog for a pet. They were my best friends and very sweet companions, but one day I found my love for my dog changed and included a different kind of emotion.

It all began when I was having problems with my husband and things were really bad, I was crying and went out on our deck that was several steps above the yard. I had on a skirt and blouse that I had warn to work that day. I was crying and I sat down on the deck with my feet on the first step going down to the yard. My sweet dog, an Eskimo spits named Major, came running up the steps thinking he would greet me. But he stopped on the step with my feet and did something different. He pushed his nose under my skirt. I pushed his head away and gave him a pat on the head and sniffed and blew my nose. As I did I felt his head nudging back under my skirt and between my legs and he was sniffing my panties and I could feel his breath on my legs and my pussy tingled and I was surprised at my reaction but I liked how it felt. But I pushed him away and said no! I got hold of myself and my life went on for a few days.

But the thoughts of Major sniffing my pussy continued to haunt me and every time I thought about it I would get wet and I would think about how that made me feel. I decided I wanted to feel that again. I planned an evening that I knew I would be alone and went back out on the deck and sat as I had before with my feet on that first step. But this night I had put on a loose fitting skirt and when I sat down I pulled it up in my lap. I did not wear any panties and as always Major came running up the steps but when he reached me I was sitting there with my skirt up and no panties. He once again nudge his face between my legs sniffing and oh my, I was excited. I moved my legs a little more apart and I felt his nose as he sniffed my hairy mound. I was getting wet, this was such a turn on. I just did not know what was in store for me. I felt his cold nose nuzzle in my mound and then felt his hot tongue as it darted out to taste what he was smelling for the first time. I know I must have opened my eyes wide, because I had not expected him to do that. But oh that was such a wonderful feeling and he must have liked the taste. He moved in closer and licked more rapidly. I loved how that felt ... I opened my legs wider and looked down to see him with his nose on my mound and his tongue licking my cunt. This was the best feeling and I did not want it to stop. I took my fingers and opened my pussy lips wider and let him lick the inside of my pussy more and omg I was loving it my juices were flowing like crazy and he was lapping at my pussy. I could feel his tongue almost going inside my hole and then it would go to my ass to get that drop running down the crack. Mmmmmmmmmm I know I was moaning because it felt so good. I pulled my skirt up high and put my hands behind me where I could lean back and spread my legs even wider. I felt his nose as it nudged into my pussy hole and his tongue was lapping at my ass. I started to cum and as his tongue went to the top and licked my clit ... I came so hard ... it was heavenly.

I had on sandals and while he was standing there I felt something warm and wet on my toes I notice it was his cock that had run out of its sheath and was touching my toes. I loved how he was licking me and after I came I continue to let him lick my pussy, but I let my toes began to rub his cock, it was getting hard and bigger. I was almost afraid to look, but I wanted to see how big it was. It was a nice size and felt good to my toes. I was enjoying all that was going on but I heard the keys rattling in the door and knew it was my husband. He was returning home, early from his meeting. I stood up and went inside leaving my sweet Major out with his cock hard and me wanting to continue what we were doing.

Over the next few weeks I let Major lick my pussy often ... I went on line to find out more about dogs and girls and found that it was not unusual for women to be turned on by dogs and that dogs seems to love to lick and actually fuck women. But my life took a turn and I went through a very difficult divorce and so Major and I did not have much alone time since I found myself now a single mom with lots of responsibilities and very little alone time.

But on one occasion I was sitting by the pool and Major was there beside me as I read my book and he started to lick his cock, the tip was run out and he whine a little. I saw it and reached down and began to stroke it a little in the sheath and it came out more and I touched it and felt the hot wet cock in my hand. I was all alone and I continued to stroke it and he stood up and began to hump it back and forth in my hand. I had read about the knot and I wanted to see it and so I continued to stroke that hard dog cock until I could feel the knot beginning to form ... I found that dogs have a lot of cum and that the knot was much larger than I had expected but it felt very good in my hands and now my pussy was drenching wet ... I put my legs over each side of the lounge, I was sitting in and he immediately started to lick my pussy, all the time his hard cock with that knot was touching my leg making me even wetter. At this point I decided I wanted to know more and maybe even wanting him to fuck me. I was scared to do it alone and I felt I needed to research some, especially after seeing the knot and wondering if it would get stuck in me and me alone, what would happen.

I had seen rooms on AOL that were for k9 lovers and animal lovers etc. I was not sure if they were what I was looking for or not but I went into a couple of these rooms and found that yes, people in there were talking about animals and fucking and licking. I talked to a couple of people and some were giving directions and others were sharing videos but I had made up my mind that I wanted this experience.

One day I was talking to a gentleman from another state and he ask me about my experience and I told him about how I had let my dog lick me but had never let him mount me. We continued to talk and both were excited and he ask if he could call me and I gave him my number. I found him very pleasant we talked and shared many fantasies and I ask him if he would be on the phone with me when I let Major mount me the first time. He was very willing and wanted to share that experience with me.

We made plans for a time when I would be alone. I had learned that you should have a certain place to be in your house when you let a dog mount you and to always be in that place. So he would not expect you to do this in other parts of your home. That way he would not create an embarrassing situation for you later. My bedroom had been off limits for him. He actually slept in my daughter's room. So this day I took off all my clothes brought him into my bed room and closed the door. I lay down on the bed spread my legs wide and called him to jump up on my bed. He did and went right for my pussy and started licking ... I love that so much. I was wet as water and my juices were flowing like a spring.

My friend called and we began to talk he said he could hear the dog's lapping at my pussy and it has him really turned on. As we talked I would tell him what I was doing. My friend was stroking his cock and we were both so into this together. I got up on my knees and spread my legs. Major immediately got his nose right back to the spot he had learned to enjoy and began licking again ... I could feel his cock on my leg and knew it had run out and was getting hard ... I began to crawl around a little and he would follow and sniff and lick but since I had not let him mount me I had to reach back and pat my bottom and call him to mount me. He finally got the idea. And when he did he was humping and was trying to find that pussy he had come to love, but it was not going in right away. MMMM I can remember how it felt when it first went between my pussy lips and just slid between them. His cock was hot and wet and he was trying to get it in me ... but it was just sliding between my pussy lips but feeling so good. I reached under me and took hold of his cock and guided it to the right spot. Oh my when it went in he did not hesitate to start to fuck fast and hard I can remember putting my head in my pillow with my phone up to my ear talking to my friend ... and getting fucked so hard and fast ... I felt his knot beginning to bang against my pussy but I did not let him get it in me this time. He came in my pussy and he continued to squirt cum in me for what seemed like several minutes. Cum was running out of me onto the bed and I was Cumming as well and my pussy was squeezing his cum back out. Oh my that experience was amazing and having my friend on the phone made it so much more exiting. When he pulled out he lay on the bed licking his cum and my juices off that amazing cock that had just fucked me so good for the first time, but most definitely not the last time.

My friend has become a lifelong amazing friend that we have shared many things and I love that we found each other and that we can still share so many exciting thing in our lives. That I will share at another time.

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