Dance in the Darkness
Chapter 1

Caution: This Thriller Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Horror, Rough, Sadistic, Torture, Snuff, Violent,

Desc: Thriller Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This novella, abounds with cruelty and dark erotic pleasure. Kassidi Maddox, a young twenty something leads a life that is far from normal. She and her abusive boyfriend Brian Porter are drifters that move from state to state. In each, they find one person who they kill for pleasure. Now, looking for their next victim, Kassidi wants to quit and build a normal life. Brian does not. Caution: Some scenes contain graphic depiction of sexual violence,

Kassidi Maddox's shoulders drooped and her voice dripped with disappointment as she spoke. "So soon? We're going to be arrested. Maybe, we should stop?"

Brian's Porter's eyes focused over her shoulder. She turned and glanced at the generous well-shaped behind of a waitress as she bent over to bus a table.

Kassidi shook her head and smiled at her boyfriend. "She's too old. I like them younger."

Brian smirked and turned his gaze to her. "The younger ones become more excited don't they?"

Kassidi smiled as the heat rose in her face. She took his hand and met his lecherous gaze. "Yeah, that turns me on."

Brian leaned across the table and kissed her. "We'll be fine."

Kassidi checked her watch and kissed Brian as she stood. "I need to leave."

He gave her a pat on the ass. "OK. I'll see you in our room."

"Look who's here."

Kassidi glanced from the magazine she was reading. Walking toward them was Jeff Cooper. A tall broad-shouldered young man with the muscled torso and thin waist of an athlete. A roguish grin crossed his face when he saw her. His gaze danced along her body with pleasure. Kassidi face warmed. She smiled and invited his attention with her gaze. He paused for a moment and took a selection from the candy shelf. He closed the gap between them and placed a candy bar on the counter.


Kassidi tingled at the sound of his deep, rich voice.

"Hello yourself."

"How's my favorite cashier doing?"

"Fine. How are you?"

"I was all right until I realized that the employees are ignoring company rules."

Kassidi smirked. "What rule is that?" she asked.

"The rule that pretty cashiers have to go out with me. I've asked and asked and asked, still nothing."

Kassidi touched her chin with her finger and looked up."Is that right? I don't remember seeing that one in the manual."

Jeff glanced at Janet "Didn't you go through the manual with her?"

Janet laughed and raised her hands "Oh no, don't get me in on this. You'll have to handle this one yourself."

Jeff placed his hand over his heart and bowed his head. "I'm wounded," He looked at Kassidi and shook his head. "You just can't find good help now and days. Are you going to let her treat me like this? Here I am a poor man trying to get a date with the beautiful woman and she..." Jeff pointed at Janet. "won't help me!"

Kassidi smiled seductively. "And just where would you take the beautiful woman on this date."

"I was planning on treating her to dinner at Giorgio's."

Kassidi glanced at the ceiling and then smiled at Jeff. "I can't do dinner. What about lunch tomorrow?"

"That will work. Let me give you my number," Jeff grabbed a pen and a business card. He scribbled his number on the back and gave it to her. "Here you are beautiful lady. Do you want me to pick you up here?"

Kassidi shook her head. "I'll meet you there. Say one o'clock?"

"I look forward to it."

Kassidi rang up the candy. He took the change and pushed the candy towards her. "Here you go. I'd better leave before I get you ladies in trouble." Jeff gave Kassidi a million dollar smile. "I'll see you tomorrow."

"You sure will." As he walked away, Kassidi's gaze traced his masculine figure, lingering on his narrow waist and tight buns. She shivered as she imagined herself in his arms. A whistle led her back to the moment. Kassidi looked at her young black-haired co-worker.

"I thought you have a boyfriend?" Janet said.

Kassidi rubbed her nose. "I do. But, he's an asshole." She shot Janet a wink. "Besides, did you see how narrow Jeff's waist is? If he's half as nice as he seems, I want to see what it's like to wrap my legs around it."

Janet laughed, her blue eyes dancing with glee. "Damn, you go girl."

"That wild living will get you in trouble."

The girls looked to see Mama Flo walking toward the counter.

Janet grinned "Oh Mama. You know you love us."

The shapely older black woman gazed at the girls with undisguised affection. "I sure do. That's why I worry about you. Did the delivery man bring my box yet?"

Kassidi said. "No Ma'am. He hasn't come in yet."

Mama Flo nodded. "OK. Let me know when it gets here. It's important. I can't finish inventory without it."

"We will."

Kassidi and Brian were leaving the diner when he spoke. "Damn, would you look at that."

In the parking lot, under the harsh glare of the parking lot lights, a shabbily dressed elderly man was trying to change a tire on an old clunker. A plump older woman with a worried expression stood near the kneeling man as he struggled with the tire iron.

Brian walked toward the couple. "I'd better help him before the old geezer strokes out."

Kassidi made small talk with the woman as Brian changed the tire. When they were ready to leave, Brian refused the tiny handful of bills the man offered him.

As they walked back to their motel room, Kassidi kissed Brian on the cheek. "That was sweet of you."

Brian shrugged. "It's no big deal. He needed help so I helped him."

Kassidi squeezed his hand. "Still it was nice."

Kassidi groaned as Brian pushed the lubricated head of his cock into her ass. Her thick, shapely legs trembled on his muscular shoulders as he invaded her, one slow agonizing inch at a time. Her body tightened instinctively to push him out. Brian groaned and pushed deeper. Her hands fisted on the sheet. Kassidi grunted, shaking her head as she grimaced. "Baby, It hurts. I want to stop."

The crash of Brian's palm against her cheek made her ears ring. "Quit whining."

Kassidi turned her stinging face to the pillow and sobbed. Brian's hard fingers clawed into the soft supple flesh of her hips as he forced himself further into her ass. Kassidi moaned as his cock stretched her tight tunnel. She beat her fist on the bed and yelped as his sharp hips pressed against the tender mounds of her buttocks.

He leaned forward, crushing the breath out of her as he bent her in two. Kassidi gritted her teeth and grabbed his forearms, digging her nails into the corded muscles. Brian moaned and slung his hips in wide full circles. He pulled his hips back and started a slow rhythm of assault. Kassidi grunted with each new thrust into her body. His hand wrapped her throat and squeezed.

"Let go!" Kassidi said, knocking Brian's hand away. Brian snapped his hips forward driving his cock deeper between the swollen cheeks of her tight ass. She whined and squeezed his cock with the muscles of her bottom, hoping to get him off faster.

"I thought you liked this?" Brian said as his hand drifted toward her throat again. Anal excited her when done with gentleness. Brian's sex was never gentle. His hips spun in slow tight circles grinding against the hot red hand prints that marked her ass. He called them his brand.

Kassidi grabbed his hand and pulled it to her breasts and held it there. "I don't want that now."

Brian's face hardened, anger burned in his eyes. "Fine." He pinched her nipple and twisted hard. Kassidi yelped and pushed her ample breasts toward him. Anything, to keep his hand from her throat.

Brian smiled a sadistic smile, as he twisted and pulled the engorged nipple again, laughing as she whined. He pulled his hips back and slammed his cock into her.

"Baby, not so hard."

Brian's weight lifted from the back of her thighs. His hard callused hands scraped the delicate skin of the back of her knees as he pushed them to her breasts. Her eyes widened as she realized what was about to happen. "Baby, please don't! I'll -" When his hand rose, Kassidi squeezed her eyes shut and held her breath.

The impact of his palm on the creamy smooth skin of her thigh shot fire through her and brought tears to her eyes. Biting her lip, Kassidi trembled as she fought the urge to scream.

Brian shoved her knees to the side. Kassidi moaned as she turned like a roast on the spit of Brian's cock. His hand tunnelled between the bed and the soft curve of her hip and lifted. "Get on all fours."

Kassidi scrambled to her hands and knees. It was awkward with Brian rooted in her ass. Brian pulled her thick blond hair to seat himself deeper into her.

He released her hair and pawed the ample flesh of her breasts, pinching her nipples. Kassidi squealed and arched her back to avoid the pinches as he pistoned into her ass with short hard thrusts.

Crying, Kassidi shoved back against him, locked her elbows, and submitted to the inevitable. She squeezed and released the muscles of her bottom in time to his thrusts. He slammed his sweaty body against hers one final time and grunted. The jerking of his cock as he came inside of her sent twinges of pain through her raw passage. When he pulled out of her, she stumbled off the bed and into the bathroom.

The quiet murmur of voices surrounded Kassidi as she went into the restaurant. The gentle movement of cool air caused by the lazy turning of the ceiling fans brought goose bumps to her sun drenched skin. Kassidi stood near the doorway relaxing in the coolness as her eyes adjusted.

Jeff waved his hand and caught Kassidi's attention. Her stomach fluttered as she walked toward him.

"Sorry, I'm late. There was a last minute issue at work." She said sitting.

Jeff's eyes twinkled and his smile widened. "No problem. I just got here a few minutes ago."

Kassidi leaned toward Jeff resting her chin on her folded hands. Her eyes captured him. "How's your day going so far?"

"Excellent! And yours?"

"Pretty nice, thank you for inviting me here."

The sudden appearance of a waiter beside them jerked Kassidi's attention away from Jeff and back into the world around them. With quiet efficiency, the waiter placed drinks on their table and took their order.

As the waiter left, Jeff sipped his water. Sitting the glass on the table, he took Kassidi's hand in his. His thumb traced the contours of her knuckles in a slow repetitive movement.

Kassidi thrilled at the gentle touch. Her heart warmed at the expression of heartfelt acceptance on his face.

"Tell me something about Kassidi Maddox."

They devoted the next few minutes to sharing with each other the basic highlights of their lives. When the waiter brought their orders, conversation slowed as they enjoyed their meal. Over after meal drinks, their talk drifted into more personal areas.

"Why do you move around so much? " Jeff asked.

An empty feeling grew in the pit of Kassidi's stomach. She looked away from Jeff and took a sip of her drink.

After a painful silence, Jeff asked. "Boyfriend?"

Kassidi nodded and held her breath. All she heard in return was the slow steady sound of his breathing. Coming to a decision, Kassidi set her glass on the table and spun it slowly in her fingers. She caught Jeff's eye.

"Look Jeff, I like you and I want to spend time with you. Right now, my life is complicated and I neither need or want to answer a lot of questions about it. If you wish to spend time with me you just have to accept that I'm not always available and I can't change that. Like I said, I have an interest. But, that's the deal."

Jeff raised an eyebrow and a small smile crossed his lips. Tilting his head, he asked "How interested?"

Kassidi glanced at her watch. "I have two hours. Take me back to your place and I'll show you."

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