Intimate Conversations

by harry lime

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Doris was destined to be a prude. But fate stepped in and she became a slut of the worst sort.

Doris Dayton had always been a well-behaved youngster and she was quite circumspect in high school with the possible exception of pulling her best friend Doreen's brother's business as a favor so his sister wouldn't have to do it and commit a terrible sin of incest. It was a win-win situation for Doris because not only did she gain valuable intelligence about how to turn a boy on but she felt it was simply a "good deed" that could only make her more pleasing in the eyes of the Lord. Doris had been a religious girl ever since she could remember and never looked at any television program or watched any movie that engaged in sexual foolishness of any nature.

Doreen was so happy that she was relieved of sister jerking duties that she offered to do "anything" to make her friend Doris feel better about the dirty job. Doris, of course, thought she meant buying the popcorn at the movie or letting her read her diary to see what she had been up to. However the more experienced Doreen had bigger fish to fry and she gave the naive Doris so many clues that she all but jumped into her lap and gave her a big kiss on the lips. Unfortunately, it all went over Doris's head and she was quite happy to just hold her best friend's hand when they were sitting in the picture show.

When Todd tried to get more than a lubricated palm from Doris, all he got was a hard slap on the face and he didn't try to get fresh with Doris ever again. In the meantime, Doris managed to discover the special places boys liked to be touched and the optimal speed of tugging to get them to spurt their messy juices as quickly as possible. She had voluntarily expanded her explorations to include the best ways to stroke and massage the boy's hanging sacs and had even ventured an excursion up darker channels in a place so sensitive that she tried to imagine the same thing happening to her. Todd was most appreciative of her efforts and told his sister that she had "the best friend in the entire world".

Several boys asked the pretty Doris to go out on dates but she always declined because she had all she needed in sex education with Todd's happy cock and she hated to be under pressure to do things that she was not all that sure she was qualified to do. The fact that she was still a virgin was a source of great pride to her but she never mentioned it to people and didn't answer the question when it was posed to her directly. Dirty-minded Doreen informed her that she had been "taking it up the ass" ever since her eighteenth birthday party and that it was the safest way to have sex without any fear of finding condoms or getting pregnant.

Doris found it necessary to confess the fact that even the mention of such a kinky act made her own womanhood leak excessively and she had some lurid thoughts of boys making her do terrible things without her consent. Father Donnelly was quite angry with her because he was invested in keeping her pure until he could marry her to a good Irish boy in the neighborhood. The problem was that most of the altar boys were all a bunch of sex fiends ready to take advantage of any young girl foolish enough to let them pull down their panties.

The minor faults that Doris had were of no consequence and it looked like Father Donnelly's plans were well on track as she approached graduation from high school. At eighteen, Doris was a fine looking young lady with an impressive bosom and a behind that made all the boys line up at the bottom of the stairs just to see if they could catch a glimpse of her cotton undies when she was walking upstairs.

When Doreen told her about the perverts looking up her skirt, Doris blushed and pulled her panty line down an inch or two as if the filthy minded boys were looking right into the ladies room and trying to see her privates. She told her mother she needed her skirt to be lengthened at least two inches so she could prevent the bad boys from seeing her business.

Tragedy came into the life of young Doris when she decided to join the cheerleader squad on a trip to adjoining county to cheer the team on against another high school team for the right to represent the school at the regional finals in the State capitol. It was an almost perfect trip and the victorious team was returning to the school grounds with the boisterous crowd of happy youngsters when a front tire blew out and the driver lost control of the bus allowing it to flip over on the asphalt highway. Fortunately, none of the girls were killed and the driver only suffered minor injuries but Doris was terribly unlucky by being crushed by some heavy equipment at the back of the bus. She was unconscious when they pulled her out and rushed to the emergency room. Her mother cried a river of tears when she found out her precious daughter Doris would never walk again because of a spinal injury.

While Doris finally absorbed the irony of losing her mobility at the age of eighteen and still a virgin, she steeled her heart to keep from feeling sorry for herself. Her next two years was spent at the community college learning the communication skills needed for a "work at home" position. Eventually, she sent out her resumes to a large number of firms interested in finding such labor to fill positions in their organization. Unfortunately, they were not geared up to hiring someone with health issues in an entry level position in a changing health care environment. After about a fruitless six months of looking, Doris was ready to give up and just live off the disability stipend from the government.

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