Japanese Exchange Student in San Francisco
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Fa/ft, Consensual, BiSexual, Fiction, Spanking, Interracial, White Couple, Oriental Female, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Size,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - An addition to the Patterson household in the form of a tiny 18 year old female student has perks for both the husband and the wife.

The first time Doug Patterson had any inkling about the possibility of his beautiful daughter Brittany leaving for Japan in the student exchange program was when his flighty spouse Nikki told him she needed more money in her household account to buy her step-daughter a new wardrobe for the land of the rising sun. It came as a shock to his system to discover the 17 year old girl would be spending a full year in a school near Yokohama and improving her comprehension of Japanese taught to her on a daily basis by her biological mother Umeki ever since she was a small girl. His first wife was unfortunately swept up in a random tornado that caught her car out in the open with nowhere to run.

Nikki was just the opposite of Umeki whose primary purpose in life was to tend to her daughter and make certain her husband was well served in all possible ways. Doug always liked the Japanese culture of wives tending to their husband's needs and he sort of gravitated to a second generation Japanese American girl he met at graduate school at the University of Sacramento. Umeki was not particularly pretty but she had the sweetest body he had ever seen on a girl so tiny and petite. Sometimes she seemed a lot younger than her actual years and they liked to play roles with her dressed up as a Japanese schoolgirl. They both liked the play-acting best when it resulted in some kinky activities behind the locked bedroom door. Young Brittany looked more like her mother as she grew older and she had the same compact body that turned him on with devastating efficiency. After his wife's passing, the young girl would crawl into his bed and let him spoon her just like he liked to do his submissive spouse. He knew it was unhealthy and immediately scoured the match-mate ads to find a quick substitute for Umeki's perfect pussy.

He decided on Nikki because she was also a petite female but there the similarity ended. She had earned her living as a pole dancer for a few years in Vegas and tended to see giving up sex as a trade for something she wanted. It was just fine for Doug because he had plenty of money from his parent's estate and was a partner in a new start-up company that had several defense contracts.

His new bride gave Brittany plenty of leeway and the family seemed to work just fine for the high school years. Now this thing about exchange students had thrown a monkey wrench into his calm and peaceful lifestyle. He waved his daughter through the departure line at the airport and they decided to wait the next hour and a half for the second half of the exchange student contract to get off the express non-stop flight from Tokyo.

Her name was Fushimi and she was advertised as a young girl pursuing a degree in Systems Analysis at the University of California. Apparently, she had already recorded a couple of patents on design systems for upgrading maps. It sounded interesting to him but he was more of a back-end person interested more in making deals than in developing products or services. He sat in the large terminal composing a report for the next morning and tried not watch his seductively dressed wife flirting with two soldiers probably on leave from their base. He tried not to see her touch the boy's bare arms and lean forward so they both could sneak peeks down her low-cut summer dress. He could just picture those two making a sandwich of his wife making her take it from both sides at the same. Actually, he was more excited than disgusted at the thought because he knew how kinky stuff like that turned Nikki on for days.

The flight came in on time and the passengers were herded off to the customs wing. Less than twenty minutes later, a tiny oriental girl who looked too young to be eighteen years old came into the waiting room with an anxious look wondering if she was in the correct place. She had a little name tag glued on her shirt that said "Fushimi, Exchange Student" and he noticed she was not even as tall as his truly short spouse Nikki.

"Over here, Fushimi, we are the Patterson's. I am Nikki and this is Doug. You must be tired from such a long flight."

The girl looked up at the tall muscular Doug and held out her hand to Nikki as she had been instructed to do by her exchange program tutor to conform to the new host country niceties. She only had the one small bag because she believed in following the rules of the airline about size requirements. They all went down to the luggage racks and were informed after a rather long wait that her luggage had somehow managed to be sent to Chicago by mistake and they would receive a phone call to come and pick it up. Doug thought that to be quite rude because he remembered in the "old days" they would come out to your house to deliver items they had managed to lose by their own mistake.

Little Fushimi was not in the least upset and just apologized to inconvenience the Patterson's with her silly luggage. They managed to make their way out to the car and were winding their way through the traffic to their home on the North Shore.

Doug told Fushimi,

"You can look out the sliding glass doors and see the Pacific Ocean waves hitting the rocks and know that your home is on the other side of all that water waiting for your return."

Nikki seemed terribly bored because she was not a person who ever had such thoughts, but Fushimi understood that Mister Doug was trying to put her at ease and she appreciated his thoughtfulness. She was sitting right in between the two of them and allowed her left leg to relax against his muscle ridged thigh. The heat of his body made her shudder with anticipation and she had absolutely no idea why her tummy was suddenly filled with butterflies uncertain about which direction to fly. Whenever he reached down between her knees to shift the big round knob she had the urge to slam her knees together and keep his hand in between her legs forever.

Fushimi hoped that her cotton panties were absorbent enough to sop up her juices and that she would dishonor her family by staining the Patterson's lovely automobile seat covers. She could smell the scent of her own shameful desire inside the small car and she prayed her hostess, Mrs. Nikki would not detect her sinful thoughts. Her father constantly reminded her of her terrible weakness of character and took her over his knee more than she ever thought possible. Her mother just giggled behind her hand at her daughter's shameful appetite for fondling her private parts and enjoyed watching her youngest daughter's backside grow red with deserved punishment.

Fortunately, her devotion to studies helped her to achieve high honors in school and she qualified for the student exchange program with little difficulty. She hoped her inexperience in sexual matters at the ripe age of eighteen would not hinder her performance in the highly respected program. Her mother with the wisdom of her years gave her the special pills that would preclude any possibility of becoming pregnant and she told her,

"Take the red one if you think that you will spread your legs for a man's pleasure. In the event you forget or it happens without warning, take the white capsule before the sun sets the next day. If you follow my words, you need not fear any complications and can enjoy learning about western ways of making love without fear."

Her mother's words were burning in her ears with Mister Doug's hand between her knees but she knew there was little likelihood of discovering the strength of his manhood with such a pretty wife at his side.

Fushimi loved the house on the edge of the ocean and the beautiful room with her bathroom right next to it with both a shower and a tub for washing. She wished she had her pan and a washcloth right then so she could fill the tub and squat in the shower to wash her body. It would also give her the opportunity to finger her button into that glorious tingle of fulfillment that made her see stars even when there were no stars to see.

Mrs. Nikki came in just as she hit the starry peak of her quivering slit and the older woman laughed at her quaking body in obvious orgasm.

"Honey, you are a real hot number. Come on over here and let mama help you out."

Nikki sat down on the wide ledge in the huge shower and adjusted the shower head so it reached right in front of her. She pulled the willing Fushimi onto her lap and encircled her with her legs and arms. Fushima was reminded of her mentor Mister Kono who held her inside his sheltering body when she had doubts and fears. However, he didn't do like Mrs. Nikki who was stroking her little pearl with a gentle finger and pushing her other fingers into her little cave with experienced skill. Her new series of orgasms hit her with full force and she turned her head and whimpered just like a little baby into the pretty woman's shoulder. She could feel her other opening pulsating with sensitive energy but the lady only toughed it briefly just to calm it down.

"Oh, Mrs. Nikki, thank you so much. I am very happy here in this house. I must tell you my sin of wanting to have your Mister Doug's manhood inside my joyful cave. I am a bad girl and you may punish me for my terrible thoughts."

Nikki just giggled and whispered into the tiny girl's ear.

"Honey, he has got a real big one and it might be too large for you to fit inside. But you are welcome to try to get him to make you take it. He really likes tight holes and little women. I think you should start with your pretty little mouth. Just be sure to keep eye contact with him and cradling his balls and licking them will get him going real good. His stuff is a bit thick at times but he has lots of it and you might be better off trying to swallow it down just to get rid of it. Don't tell him I gave you the OK for doing it because he loves to think he is putting one over on me."

Fushimi squatted down on her haunches and moved up inside Nikki's legs with the shower water hitting her on the back of her pretty head. She started to tend to Mrs. Nikki's little garden with her talented tongue which had plenty of practice with her female sleep-over friends whilst her parents were sleeping. Nikki kept her hand on the back of Fushimi's head and she hummed a silly tune while the girl managed to touch every neglected corner of her womanhood. In fact, when she thought about it later sleeping in Doug's arms she had to admit it was the best licking she had ever received and that included some of her skillful pole dancing co-workers. She fell asleep picturing her husband on top of the Japanese girl with his cock sawing deep inside her nicely trimmed bush.

She reached back and grabbed hold of Doug's shaft placing it in between her backside cheeks hoping that if he woke up later he might have had an erection and would accidently shove it in her back door where she loved it best of all. Then he would think it was all his depraved fault and she was innocent of any kinky thoughts about such matters.

Nikki wished there was some way she could see him mounting the tiny girl for the first time and she could hear the sounds Fushimi would make when he was making her do it.

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