Opposites Attract
Chapter 1

The attractive young woman walked up to the young man sitting on his own in the classroom.

"Are you Gwilym Edwards? My name is Michelle Dunbar, but my friends call me 'Mikki': I see we are down on the list to be lab partners. Shall we get a cup of coffee and get to know each other." The young man smiled, and nodded.

" ... Gwilym is my name, but I'd rather you called me the English version: 'William'; or even better, 'Will'!"

They were sitting in the hospital cafeteria, a couple of weeks later, when another young man came over to them.

"Hi! It's Michelle, isn't? I'm Tony, Tony Prescott! A few of us are going to the pub after, and we were wondering if you wanted to come along!" Mikki looked up at him and smiled sweetly.

"Sorry, Tony! Maybe another time ... I've already arranged something with Will." She turned back to Will, who had been sitting quietly the whole time, with an expressionless look on his face.

"Arrogant twat!" she said, when Tony had gone. "I hope you don't mind, Will?"

"No, not at all! You're an attractive woman; you must get that all the time."

"I suppose so. But it doesn't make it any less irritating! We are supposed to be doctors, for God's sake ... not bloody Barbie Dolls! Look, we've known each other for a while now, and you seem like a nice guy, Will ... I'm going to tell you something ... in confidence..." Will sat fingering his coffee cup, waiting for Mikki's revelation.

" ... I'm gay, Will! I like the company of men, but not sexually!"

"Have you told many people?" he asked her, " ... Here at the Hospital, I mean."

"No. You're the only other student who knows. I'm not ashamed, or anything: it's just that I think a person's sexuality is their own business!"

A few days later they were sitting in the cafeteria again, at the end of another busy week. Mikki yawned.

"Thank goodness it's Friday at last! Well, I suppose I ought to drag myself off home! But I could really do without a long bus journey at the moment!" Will looked thoughtful, then he spoke:

" ... Look, I hope you won't take this the wrong way, Mikki, but I only live around the corner and my flatmate has gone home for the weekend ... would you like to stop over tonight?" Mikki looked at him with a big smile on her face.

"Really! Would that be all right? I tell you what, Will ... I'll buy you a takeaway ... it's what I would be having tonight, anyway! I've just got to call someone ... to let them know..."

Will's flat was in a converted three-storey house, about ten minutes walk from St. George's. It looked a bit shabby from the outside, but that didn't bother Mikki. He opened the front door and looked for any mail that was addressed to him or Tom, his flatmate, then he and Mikki climbed the stairs to the first floor. Will turned the key in the lock of his flat and pushed the door inwards. They went straight into a fairly large room with several doors leading off of it. Will led her down the length of the room, first pointing to a door on the left:

"That's the kitchen, and this," he said, indicating the room next to it, " ... is the bathroom. Sorry ... it's not very private ... but you can always sing, or something!" Mikki laughed. They crossed to the room opposite the bathroom.

"This one is mine and that's Tom's room next door; I'll sleep in there tonight."

He pushed open the door to his room: it was a fair size, with a standard size double bed; a wardrobe; a chest of drawers, with four drawers; a small armchair; and a large, sturdy bookcase. He went to the bottom drawer of the four and took out fresh bedding.

"Would you like to give me a hand?"

She took off her coat and put it on the chair, with her bag. They then quickly changed his pillow cases, duvet cover and bottom sheet. He put the other ones in the bottom of the wardrobe.

"Do you have any phone numbers for local takeaways, Will?" she asked, when they had finished making the bed.

"Yes, in the kitchen; I'll show you."

The kitchen was about the same size as the bathroom: not particularly modern, but clean and functional. Will filled and switched on the kettle, while Mikki looked for phone numbers.

"Any preferences, Will? I usually have a pizza on Friday night."

"No, that's fine! Whatever you want will do me!"

Mikki ordered a large Marguerita pizza, with extra toppings, and some garlic bread. She went back into the bedroom and put her phone back into her bag and then took off her shoes and her tights. There was a sofa in the middle of the room that was facing the television, which stood in front of a blocked-off fireplace, so she went back into the living room and sat down. Will brought her tea in and sat next to her.

"The food's ordered. I must say, Will, for two guy's sharing, this flat is spotless! Have you lived here long?"

"Well, I only moved in a couple of weeks before the term started, but I took it over from someone I know at the beginning of the summer ... so it was unoccupied for nearly three months ... but I had to pay the rent from July to retain it; otherwise someone else would have snapped it up. It's easy to keep it clean if you do it as you go along, rather than leave it. And Tom plays his part, too. Where do you live, Mikki, if you don't mind me asking?"

" ... Southwark: I share with a friend, Kelly."

"And is she..."

" ... A lesbian," said Mikki, laughing, "No! About as far from being one as it's possible to get ... if you know what I mean!"

The food arrived and they sat on the sofa eating it. Will turned the TV on, which they sat watching, but at about nine-thirty, Mikki turned to Will.

" ... I really am just about done in, Will ... I think I need to sleep now! Do you mind If I take a quick bath before I turn in?"

"No, of course not! I'll show you where the towels are kept."

He led her into the bathroom. Like the rest of the flat, the suite and fittings were quite old looking, but everywhere was clean. There was an airing cupboard in the corner, with a hot water cylinder in it, with shelves above where the fresh towels were kept.

Mikki turned on the bath taps and while it was filling she went back into the bedroom and took off her skirt and blouse. Will was sitting on the sofa when she crossed the room back to bathroom, wearing just a bra and thong-type knickers. She looked at Will and smiled. Mikki was very much a woman: she had long, dark hair and brown eyes, a generous, full bust, a slim waist and broad hips; the classic 'hour-glass' shape.

As Will had said, due to the close proximity of all the rooms to the central living area, there was not much privacy in the flat, so that the noises from the bathroom carried into the living room. Will heard the taps being turned off and the sounds of Mikki getting into the bath, followed by little splashes as she moved around. He tried to concentrate on the programme that he was watching on TV, but every time there was a noise in the bathroom, it diverted his attention away from what he was viewing. The sounds weren't unfamiliar, of course, other people had used the bathroom before while he was there; but this was different!

He heard Mikki getting out of the bath and the also familiar sound of water escaping when the plug was removed. She called out from the bathroom:

" ... Do you have deodorant, Will?"

" ... In the cabinet over the sink ... use any one!"

" ... Thank you!"

He heard the hiss of the aerosol and a few minutes later the bathroom light was turned off and Mikki came out. She had a towel wrapped around her body and a smaller one around her head and she was carrying her underwear.

"Thank you, Will! I feel better for that! Where do these towels go?"

"Just leave them in the bedroom tonight ... there's a basket in the bathroom where you can put them in the morning."

"Well, Goodnight, Will ... Sweet Dreams!" Mikki said, blowing him a kiss. She went into the bedroom and a few minutes later, turned out the light. Will sighed, then went back to watching the TV programme.

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