Ancient Abilities - Part 1

In writing the original version of Ancient Abilities, I had a brilliant brainstorm regarding how to introduce and end a story.

Unfortunately, after posting the story, I decided my brilliant brainstorm belonged in a round file. In this rewrite of the story, I updated this Foreword, Chapter 1, and Chapter 8 to delete my not so brilliant brainstorm. I also decided to make a few minor edits and changes in other chapters.

I have just started working on Ancient Abilities Part 2, and decided to update Part 1. The main content of the story has no significant changes, just a few edits.

If you read and remember the original release of this story and choose to reread it, you will note the deletion of my commentary about being Ancient Abilities' ghostwriter. If you did not read the original or do not remember it, then good, just enjoy the story.

Chapter 1 ยป