Watch Me Go All the Way Back Mommy
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Consensual, Lolita, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Squirting, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Size, Nudism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Danny was a tomboy with an agenda to lose her cherry as quickly as possible.

Danny was a bit of a tomboy. Her mother did not approve. Her biological father was a dyed in the wool "hippie" from the old school and hadn't shown up for any special events like birthdays or Christmas ever since Danny's mom cut him off from everything including blow-jobs so she didn't have any father issues.

It was a chore to get Danny to wear a dress or a skirt but since they were required in school, she had conformed to the gender bias and even started wearing skimpy knickers that she often was tempted to display accidently in front of her male teachers. Her favorite hobby was acrobatics or gymnastics. She sort of frowned on "cheerleading" since she felt it was intended to make sexual objects of females.

Most of her friends were boys but not in a boyfriend sense. It was more of a like-minded companionship thing that showed her level of comfort around boys was a lot more relaxed than girls. She tended to see most of the girls at school as manipulators of the worse sort sending out signals to boys just to get them to smother them with attention. Danny didn't think she needed any attention like that unless it was to recognize she was a pretty good tumbler and free-style dancer.

Her dancing routines and exercises had molded her compact little figure into a perfectly shaped hour-glass with nicely muscled legs and thighs. When she was younger, Danny would do her tricks and always shout out to her mother,

"Watch me go all the way back, mommy."

Now that she was barely eighteen and wearing real female attire, some of her tricks were a little risqué in mixed company that included males. There were always some risk-taking adult males with strong urges from down between their legs to teach young females certain tricks of their own. It was one thing to be a tomboy in the habit of wearing jeans and only sixteen to being an almost full-grown woman at eighteen and wearing a short skirt and revealing knickers when trying to do a backwards tumble or semi-split.

In the past few years ever since she had blossomed out into a "hot number" her always concerned mom had been worried that her naïve daughter would get into trouble with some nasty minded man just itching to get his hands on young pussy. Mrs. Johnson tended to stay with one man at a time and keep them around a few months to a year until she tired of their conversation or extra-curricular activities. Her current boyfriend was a few years younger but didn't drink or smoke so she had kept him around a bit longer because he had a cock that made all the women swooned when they saw it. His name was Jack and he was on good terms with Danny since they both liked gymnastics. Sometimes, she would use him to spot her or boost her up for a tumble and she was right in her comfort zone when he had his big hand planted square in the middle of her sweating crack. She never considered for an instant that he would ever take advantage of her because he was under mother's control and seemed to be a perfect gentleman.

She had no idea at all that Jack was primed and ready to spurt his cream into her safety deposit box at the very first opportunity. Besides he was a few years over thirty and that disqualified him from her hidden thoughts about finding someone qualified to break her unwanted cherry. She was certain it would be a university student with handsome features and a vast knowledge about the wants and needs of a virgin needing attention. If she could find one of those, she promised her diary that she would whip her knickers off in an instant and spread her legs for the test ride down the runway of lust. She was also certain she didn't want to complicate things with considerations like "Love" because it would just turn everything into an unmanageable mess.

Things came to a quick confluence of events when her mom announced that Jack would be leaving at the end of the month which was only like a week away. Apparently, she had a change of heart about the necessity for cock and had found a soul-mate in a pretty Hispanic girl she had met in Yoga class. She didn't explain the details to them but Danny got the idea that in the very near future she would have "two moms". She was glad she graduated in a couple of weeks because the prospect of explaining her home situation to friends at school was bad enough even when it was just a rotating line of her mommy's nocturnal playmates called "Uncle this or Uncle that".

At first, Jack was devastated about the whole thing.

He had to admit in retrospect that it was because the idea of leaving Danny totally was more depressing than the loss of the use of her mother's energetic pussy. He had become attached to the young girl and had been closing his eyes recently on top of Mrs. Johnson imagining it was Danny's virgin slit he was ploughing with such frenzy.

That very same evening, Danny's mother went to bed early claiming a migraine headache taking a couple of her knockout pills that always did the job. Danny thought it was because she felt guilty and had a hard time looking Jack in the eye and telling him he was redundant.

They were watching the football matches in the living room when Danny decided she would show Jack her new move for the free style event. She straddled his muscular legs on the sofa and told him to hold her knees. Then she threw her upper body backwards away from sitting Jack and the sofa and rested her palms on the fluffy white carpet that covered the entire living room floor except for right in front of the fireplace with its large semicircle of pure black tile. Danny could look back at the unlit fireplace and the black tile sitting like some malignant spirit waiting to spring out and devour her for her wickedness. She felt her virginal opening rubbing against Jack's hard male equipment but she pretended she was totally ignorant of the erotic interaction. She had done this a number of times before with her mom's boyfriends and they didn't seem to mind at all when she managed to get her flexible young body stretched all the way back in an upside down position wrapped around their thighs. The fact that her quivering pubes were pressing with unmistakable virginal anticipation on their aroused equipment made some of them uncomfortable because it was so up close and personal. Others were absolutely delighted with her creativity in satisfying her inexperienced craving in such a randomly innocent maneuver.

Danny hoped that her mom's soon to be ex-boyfriend was in a mood to accept her immature offering in a spirit of acceptance of her well-intended present. One previous "Uncle" had been so tempted that he had pressed his thumb into her private brown eye like a mischievous schoolboy looking for more dessert.

Jack just held Danny immobile resting softly against his hard cock and could feel her teenage quim tremble with uncontrollable desire for awakening. In light of his recent firing from his taking care of her mama's physical needs, he cupped her muscular cheeks in his hands and lifted her up and down on his shaft so she could feel the entire length of his huge cock. He knew her cunt geography fairly well from his acrobatic support duties but it was quite another matter to have her sensitive little slit bubbling juices right on his hard rod only separated by a flimsy piece of fabric.

"Jack, I went all the way back this time. Hold me tight and I will try to get up a little higher."

Danny shifted her palms on the carpet and pushed her pelvis up at a slightly different angle giving Jack the benefit of sliding up and down her backside crack playing her anus like a violin with his pre-cum dripping cock. It was difficult for Danny to pretend she wasn't in a frenzy of sexual arousal and her knees and legs were shaking in giving advance notice of her virginal orgasm.

They both stopped pretending when Jack pushed her knickers to the side and speared her vagina with his demanding cock that was so determined he knew he could not possibly be denied. The girl's pussy was stretched open and soon "Uncle" Jack was knocking on Danny's cherry with serious intent to gain entrance. She started to come back up into a sitting position on Jack's lab and could not restrain her audible shout of joy.

"Oh my God, Uncle Jack, you are inside me. How did that happen? Am I a bad girl? If you want to make me take it just like mama does it for you, I will try to be a bad girl for you. Take it out of there even though it feels real nice and put it further back in my other hole the way mama likes it. It would be better to do it that way to make certain I don't get pregnant. I am only eighteen and I don't think that would be a good idea at all."

Jack pushed her face down into the pillow and covered her head with another pillow to hide from him the fact he was giving it to an eighteen year old girl from behind like some pervert sniffing after schoolgirls. He could hear the whimpers and a whine coming from Danny's hidden lips and it forced him to pound her even harder into the deliciously scented white leather sofa. He could see Danny's backside was glowing red from the pounding and that her stretched sphincter was pink with friction from his thrusting cock.

He had already reached that point that signaled they were both on a fast track to complete and utter release. Actually, it was Danny that exploded first. He had a hard time controlling her youthful body moving with unexpected jerks and contractions in every directions but he kept her hips steady when he started to spurt his liquids into her twisting body in steady streams of creamy cum that filled her to the brim and slowly seeped down the insides of her pretty dancer's legs.

She wasn't quite sure exactly what had happened but she did know that whatever it was, she wanted more.

Jack checked on her mom and came back and announced,

"She is out like a light, honey babe. We got plenty of time to try some new stuff and I don't mean tumbling."

Danny giggled and went down into a little ball of teenaged flesh on the white fluffy carpet. There was enough of her pretty pussy slit showing that Jack could poke from behind only this time he had a condom on his dick and he humped her fast and furious until they both fell laughing on their sides at their twin climaxes.

She didn't like the idea of taking an over-thirty cock into her mouth but Danny figured it was called for because Jack had been a good sport and had managed to bust open her cherry so quickly that she didn't even know it was gone. It was like having her blood taken by the nurse and not even knowing it was over because the nurse was so good at doing it.

In the early morning hours, she scooted back to her pretty pink bedroom and fell asleep between her black and white panda and the Hello Kitty pillow. Jack's stuff was still seeping a bit from her backside so she crammed one of her mom's butt plugs back there to hold until the morning. She wiped her lips and chin real careful because some of his stuff was still there after he held her tight to his groin when he spurted more stuff right inside her horrified mouth. She could tell he didn't like it when she spit it all out on the tissues but she couldn't care less. She was still a little mad at him because he had promised her that he would not shoot inside her mouth and she had believed him.

Jack had asked her to come with him to his new apartment and she was still giving it consideration because he was pretty good when it came to the sex stuff even if he was a slob like most men. She didn't like the fact he was over thirty because that seemed ancient to her even though he was in pretty good shape. She knew her mom wouldn't mind because she was on this female to female Yoga thing that didn't make any sense to her at all.

The clincher was when he told her he had a whole room full of training gear for exercise and competition training. She told him that it was a deal if they installed mirrors on all the walls and did their training in the nude just like the Greeks from olden times.

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