A Soldier's Story
Chapter 1: Drafted

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Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1: Drafted - A young draftee makes love to his mother and later to his sister, impregnating both.

In September of 1968 I received a letter from my local Draft Board inviting me to come down to the Induction Center for processing and "possible" induction into one of the branches of the United States Armed Services. I had been DRAFTED.

My Draft Board had also included fare for the El so I could get to the Induction Center. I was to report on September 17th. My mother and sister were really upset. They didn't want me to go, what with the war going on in South East Asia. But, as strange as it may seem, for some reason, I wasn't too upset about it.

It wasn't that I wanted to get away from home. My life wasn't bad; in fact it was pretty good.

I should explain, at the time I lived with my Mother, Sarah and older Sister, Rachel, just outside Chicago, IL. My father had passed on about four years before and at that time I had become the "man of the house" at the ripe old age of 14. What that meant was far beyond me. Mom was a chef in one of the more up-scale restaurants in the city. She made a very good salary and neither my sister nor I wanted for anything. So being the "man of the house" simply meant that I felt responsible for anything that went wrong. But, nothing ever really went wrong, so I just did what a normal 14 year old did; went to school, hung out with my friends and fought with my sister.

In High School, I participated in sports, track; swimming and intramural basketball. I was never a star but I was the captain of my intramural basketball team; and we actually had a winning record once or twice over the four years. At 5'11" I was the tallest on the team.

I dated some in High School but never with the same girl for more than a month or so. My friends told me my standards were too high, as I would always find a reason to break up after a couple of dates.

There is a person I should mention "Uncle" Freddy. Uncle Freddy was not a blood relative. He and my father had grown up together. They were drafted, served in the Army and went to Korea together. They were closer than brothers. When Uncle Freddy's parents died, we were the only family Uncle Freddy had. Thus, when Dad died, Uncle Freddy was always there. He spent all the holidays at our home. He had played Santa Clause, even the Easter Bunny. There was nothing he wouldn't do for us.

He was a plumber by profession, but he was one of those people who could fix anything and could build anything, from model boats that could sail, to remote control airplanes. He taught me so much. I was a good student and was eager to learn from him. However, this would never be a case of the student surpassing the teacher. I would never be as adept as he was.

After graduation I got a job in a grocery store stocking shelves. I had given college some thought, but didn't think the time was right, even though I was prime draft bait. After about a month, Uncle Freddy had me put an application into the Plumbers Local so I could get a plumbing apprenticeship. He had told me that I would be hearing about my acceptance into the program in about three weeks. But another uncle of mine had other plans for me and two weeks later I received the letter from my Uncle Sam. Maybe I wanted to do something different ... Dummy.

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