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Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, Slut Wife, Black Male, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Why didn't I stop my wife when I had the chance?

I froze. Not for the first time that night but probably the most important time.

Every once in a while, maybe once every other month or so, my wife and I do the party scene on a Saturday night. This party evening started off like many had in the past. We both dressed up for the bar scene, especially my wife Louise.This time she decided to be a bit more daring than usual. She wore a long blouse with the front cut all the way below her tits. It would look sexy for a woman with B or C cup tits but with my wife's D cups? It was pornographic! To make it less scandalous she put on a lace boob tube underneath. The hem stopped at mid thighs and Louise put on a pair of black thigh high holdups. She knows I like them because I can put my hand up her skirt to feel her bare thighs. A pair of black lace bikini panties completed her outfit.

There are a couple of blocks downtown where you can just walk from bar scene to bar scene without needing your car. So we drove down and parked right in the middle. Whichever direction we ended up, the car would be close. We were going to bar hop for couple of hours first and get a few drinks into our bodies before going to one of the happening clubs in town. The difference this time was that we switched from beers and cocktails to hard liquor when we arrived at the third bar. So by the time we got to the club, and another bar later, both Louise and I were well and truly drunk and uninhibited.

I'm not all that much into dancing and Louise loves to let loose on the dance floor so I pretty much allow her to be in other men's arms from time to time. I've found that dancing with other men sometimes leaves her horny and I am well-rewarded when we get home. Usually the men come to our table and ask me if they can dance with my woman. Her eyes tell me whether the answer is to be a yay or nay.

Tonight though, was different. When we got to this one bar, all the tables were taken so we seated ourselves at the bar until a table became available. Instead of just sitting around enjoying the atmosphere or her dancing, we did something different. I do not remember who started the dare but somehow I dared Louise to flirt with a man and get him to buy her a drink. She readily accepted my challenge and as I watched her from across the bar she went down to the other end and initiated a conversation with a man in his mid-30s. Within 5 minutes she was holding a fresh drink in her hand. She continued chatting with him for another 10 minutes before making her way back to me. She was smug as hell so I double dared her to go further with him.

Louise went to the bathroom and a few minutes later came out and headed straight back to him. From across the room I could see she had taken off the lace boob tube. Her natural tits now hung much lower and swung with each step, threatening to escape the cover of her dress. Her stiff nipples were trying to poke holes through the material. I watched without being too obvious about it as she flirted with him, and I knew at one point that she had told him about me because I saw him turn and look in my direction, and while he was doing so, my wife winked at me. I smiled and raised my glass at them.

Then they were on the dance floor and I could see that he stood many inches taller than my wife, even though she was in heels. My wife has never said so to me, but I suspect that she likes dancing with much taller men because, when she is in her heels, she is taller than me. He, or maybe she, had chosen to go out during a slow and close-to-you number. I watched from a distance as they slowly turned on the dance floor, staying in the middle so as not to be close to her husband I gathered. Even from here I could see that his hands were roving over her tight ass cheeks.

At one point I saw Louise talking to him, and his head turned to look at me. I knew then that she had told him that I was watching as he was fondling her body. His hands immediately went up higher and around her waist, I saw her smile and say something to him and a few seconds later, his hands were on her ass again. I could tell that she was trying to prove to him that all was OK.

But I had not discussed this with Louise. She was to flirt, yes. Get a free drink, yes. Dance with him, sure. But to openly allow him to fondle her more intimate parts, well, now she was going beyond anything we had done in the past, and without asking me first. I have seen men getting some sneaky feels on her ass before, but that was when Louise maybe thought I could not see. Now, it was out in the open. This man had her consent to fondle her.

What? What did I see? I had glanced away momentarily and when I looked back I thought that I saw them just finishing up a kiss, but I couldn't be sure. Then I saw her speak to the man, and head for the lady's room while he went back to his bar stool. I received a text from her while she was in the bathroom, telling me that with my OK, she wanted to ride with him and that I could meet them at our house.

Her text ended with the words, "I'll wait in the bathroom while you decide.'

My heart was pounding. This was also something we had not discussed. Take a man home? And I had not even personally met or talked to him to see if I would like him. But I suspected that my wife might be wanting to add a new element to our marriage and she was waiting.

After two minutes I responded, saying 'Yes, but don't get in his car. Wait outside his car till I get my car near his.'

Not surprisingly, 5 minutes later she left the club with the man and they stopped by his car in the lot. He wasn't parked all that far from my car and I kept my eye on them as I went over to my car and got in. As I pulled my car up next to his, they got in without a word and I followed with my car. I was steering carefully since I was pretty high and making sure that he drove my wife to our home and not somewhere else.

I could see that my wife had ignored the seat belt and was sitting next to him, or it looked that way since he probably had bucket seats in the front and she had a shifter in between. But her body, it looked like, was over next to him so she must have been reaching way over. I wondered if she had his cock out and was hoping that she would wait till we got home so that I could enjoy the unveiling along with her.

This was a first. We had been married since Louise graduated high school and I had taken her virginity. Now we, or rather she, was bringing a man into our married home, and it had to be obvious that the intention was for her to go all the way. Over and over it was going through my head. My wife and I had not discussed this in advance, the possibility of her being intimate with another man. I mean, not on this particular night we had not discussed it, though we had during some 'fantasy fucks' in the past.

A couple of times I had called my wife over and showed her some photos off the net on my computer and though she looked at them, she never made any comments about the man. At first, I had searched for and selected photos that had a man who looked no larger than me. Then, getting no reaction from her, I had chosen a couple of photos of girls with guys who had larger than average cocks, and one I was saving for last, of a guy who looked like he had nine inches and was fairly thick.

My wife surprised me, maybe because she was being sensitive to my feelings. She only commented on the girl, and to whether the girl was innocent seeming and being photographed for the first time or just a 'slut.' I, secretly, was hoping that she might comment on the guy since I have always wondered what her reaction might be to having a larger man than me.

I didn't know how the man my wife had picked was equipped, but I sensed that she had not chosen this big guy hoping that he would have a little cock. I unlocked the door of our home, and they entered as I held the door. Now close to him for the first time, I could see that he was much taller than my five-eight, and I estimated him to be around six-two and 220. I wondered if his cock would match his body size.

Apparently Louise had decided that this was to be her night and I was to be only a spectator. Without a word to me or any introductions, Louise led him directly into our bedroom while I silently followed. She paused long enough to stop him at the foot of our bed, and as he watched, she slowly unbuttoned the top of her blouse. As she looked into his eyes, he took the cue and opened her blouse, pulling the top part over her shoulders and exposing her gorgeous D cups. I watched while she stood close to him and looked into his smiling face as he fondled her breasts, lifting them up a little to feel their weight.

"This ... this is my first time," my wife said softly as she watched him lifting her breasts.

He paused, but never let go of her tits. "Your first time for ... what?"

"My first time with a strange man."Louise nodded in my direction. "Before tonight, I've only had my husband."

I was ready to nod my confirmation if he looked at me, but he grinned without looking in my direction. "Well, you've picked a winner," he said with an air of confidence. "I'll see if I can make it good for you. I have an ability to last, and I think you'll like that."

Louise told me later that she had told him that for more than one reason:

One. To build the suspense.

Two. To let him know that her husband was watching her being fucked for the first time by someone else.

Three. Mainly because she was hoping that he would treat her with some kind of respect for an innocent wife rather than just a slut.

I think it worked.

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