Kim Goes to Town

by jamaica

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Slut Wife, Wimp Husband, Cuckold, BDSM, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, Sadistic, Torture, Oral Sex, Squirting, Water Sports, Scatology, Exhibitionism, Leg Fetish, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Hot slutty wife scores some cock and rubs her husband's nose in it.

Have you ever fucked a horny bitch while her husband weeps in the closet?

You haven't lived.

You're probably wondering how you'd go about arranging something like that.

Ok, well the first thing is you have to meet the aforesaid horny bitch.

Barney's Bar, a run of the mill Tuesday evening; I was drinking alone, recently split from my g/f and in the mood for chasing tail.

Nothing much doing though. It was getting late and I'm on my umpteenth beer and considering calling it a night when she walks in. Brunette. Pushing forty but nicely preserved and dressed to please, poured into a clingy number that showed plenty. Good face too. Sexy.

She got a drink at the bar. The place wasn't busy but there were still several bozos checking her out. From the way she's sat, legs crossed, thighs flaunted, and the sultry pout of the lips, I can tell she's the sort who likes attention.

I get some eye contact going. She seems to enjoy it and gives some back. I know what a come-on looks like and I was detecting one here. As I say, there are other johns ogling too but I sense I'm in pole position. My competition wasn't that stiff, to be honest with you, and so I don't feel the need to dive in immediately. Play it cool, I tell myself. Couple of guys try their luck and get nada. After sending the second one away, tail between legs, she flicks me a smile that's distinctly promising.

A cock-teaser? One of those women who get a buzz from going out looking all desirable and getting hit on and saying fuck off?

Could be, I thought.

Only one way to find out.

"Hi, I'm Mark," I said, sliding in next door and giving her my best dazzler. She smiled back and I congratulate myself on the move. She looks even tastier close up. Sexy, yes, but classy too – top of the range cougar.

She extended a hand. "Kim."

"Hello, Kim."

She's grinning knowingly at me. "I was starting to wonder if you'd ever make it."

"Never in doubt."

"Well I'm sure glad you did."

She raises her glass and I clink with mine. It's a rocking good start.

We settle in, get to know each other over a couple of drinks. She's flirty and fun and time flies. We both know where this is heading and we're happy as larry about it.

"How old are you, sugar?" she asks.

"Twenny five ... about the same as you, right?" I say, snowing her.

"I love you already," she laughs.

Kim suggests her place. She has wheels, she says.

"Fuck, yeah," I tell her, eyes on her cleavage, hand on her knee. It feels good and it looks good. My cock is hard as fuck. I want her bad.

"You live alone?" (Better just check, right?)

"My husband is away."

"Oh, you're married?" (Didn't see that coming.)

She nods and rolls her eyes.

"Where's the ring?"

A sly grin. "Honey, don't you listen? My husband is away. Not back till tomorrow ... Late tomorrow."

Ok, fair enough. Won't be the first married piece I've done.

"Visiting his sick mother," she says, looking me right in the eye.

I hold her gaze for a moment. I have a feeling she's testing me out. Then I shrug and say good for him. "Yeah, good for him," she smirks, and she slides off her stool and picks up her bag. If it was a test, I've passed with flying colours.

We walk to her car, a high-end sports job. "Nice," I tell her, as she fires up and gets going.

"Least Frank is good for something," she laughs.

"That the husband?"


"So what's the story?"

Kim fills me in as she drives. It's pretty much as I expected. He's fifteen years older and she's bored shitless with him. Doesn't want to leave because she likes the financials. He's in business and doing more than alright.


"God, no. He wanted kids but I'd rather keep my figure if you don't mind."

"Good call," I tell her, staring at her splayed legs. They're pretty stunning and her driving position is showing them off beautifully.

"Poor Frank," Kim says, sounding amused.

She's noticed how I'm leching. She grins and hikes her dress to show me a bit more.

"You are fucking gorgeous, you know that?" I tell her. My cock is on fire. Kim accepts the compliment with an enigmatic smile.

I slip my hand up under her dress. "Hey, I'm driving," she says, but she's giggling and it isn't really a protest. I go further and cop a feel between her legs. "Wanna fuck you, baby," I grunt.

"Patience," she teases and she removes my hand, but not before I've felt the wetness: this little honey wants me too, no question.

We motor a few miles out of town to a neighbourhood which screams money; quiet and tranquil with a few exclusive looking properties dotted around here and there. Kim turns into one of them and we approach down a long manicured drive. The house is large and secluded. I get to know it well over the next twelve hours because we fuck like rabbits all over the place. Yeah, my numbers have well and truly come up with this one. She's got a dynamite body, really fucking lush, and she just loves cock. She can't get enough of me. There's nothing the hot little bint doesn't wanna do.

Doesn't mind talking about the husband either. In fact she seems to want to. Only just finished drilling her on the lounge carpet and she starts telling me how Frank spoils her rotten even though she's a terrible wife; how she treats him kinda mean but he puts up with it because he adores her.

"Stupid bastard worships the ground I walk on. He's just grateful that I stick around. Guess he knows I'm out of his league, huh?"

We're on the over-sized sofa now, just kind of kissing and smooching with each other. She's fondling my balls. It's nice. "Yeah, gorgeous, totally," I tell her.

"And you know the funniest thing?"


"I don't even put out for him these days. Told him I've lost interest in that sort of stuff."

"Could have fooled me."

She gives my cock a playful slap. "Ouch!" I go, then she kisses it better.

"I make an exception for cute young studs," she grins. "But me and Frank, no, we still sleep together but sleep is all that happens."

"He doesn't even try?"

"Not any more. He knows he's not getting anything."

I nibble at her large melons. "Doesn't know what he's missing, gorgeous, does he?" I tell her.

"On the contrary ... I'd say that he knows exactly what he's missing."

She's laughing as she's saying this.

"What's so funny?"

"Oh, you know, just it's such a scream."

"What is?"

"Keeping him frustrated ... Been over a year now."

"Poor old Frankie," I say, fingering her sloppy cunt.

"Oh darling!" she moans. The horny bitch is loving what I'm doing to her down there.

"So your husband never gets any of this nice juicy pussy? Is that what you're telling me, sweetheart?"

"Never, baby."

"Well I'm honoured."

Kim starts giggling again. "I let him see it though."


"Only because I know how much it torments him looking at what he can't have any more. Like, every night, he lies there in bed and I undress in front of him. Do it nice and slowly, almost like a little striptease."

"You're kidding!"

"No, honestly, I do. I fucking tantalise him. Oh my god, Mark, you should see how he gawps when I'm down to the lingerie. Expression on his face is hilarious."

"Starving dog looks at juicy bone," I chuckle.

She giggles. "Yeah, kinda like that. Poor guy. Then I taunt him a bit more by prancing around the room for a while in my bra and panties before I finally get naked and slip into bed. Give him a little cuddle before I turn away and say goodnight."

"Baby, that is downright sadistic! ... Poor bastard!"

"Awful, aren't I? When I want to really torture him I wriggle around and go off to sleep with my ass in his crotch ... Can you imagine?"

"Just about," I laugh.

"It drives the poor sod absolutely fucking crazy!"

"Kim, you are one evil bitch."

She pouts and squeezes my cock. "But you like the idea, sugar, don't you?" she teases. "You like that you're getting what poor frustrated little hubby can't have."

I have to admit I do. I'm rock hard again.

"Take me upstairs now, darling. Make love to me in hubby's bed!"

So I did, and I did.

In the morning her phone went off and it's Frank. Kim takes the call in bed and she chats to him while I'm between her legs eating her out. She gets a big kick out of the situation, I can tell. So do I.

"Ok, hun, later," she says, wrapping it up. "Oh, can you do me a favour? Can you get something in for dinner, I don't feel like going out today ... No, I'm fine, feel like messing around in the house, that's all ... What? ... No, whatever, just surprise me, ok? ... Yeah, great ... Ok, bye."

"How's Frank?" I say, chuckling into her cunt.

"Be back about four," Kim giggles. "Which leaves you time to screw his wife, what, another three times?"

"At least," I grin, and I slide up and get cracking on number one.

Couple of hours later she gives me a lift back into town, drops me off near my place. We swap numbers and she kisses me long and hard.

"Same time, same place then," I say.

Meaning see you next Tuesday. Frank's visits to his ailing mother being a regular weekly thing.

I can hardly wait. Little bitch keeps me simmering with a stream of x-rated stuff to my phone and by the time Tuesday comes around I'm fucking gagging for her.

Barney's again and she's late.

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