Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, BiSexual, Science Fiction, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Rough, Transformation, Sci-fi BDSM Alien sex story

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Mankind knows that he is no longer alone in the Universe. The Novians arrive to help save Mankind from their own destructive ways. This is the story of a nearly broken man, confined to a pushchair, and the Novian's gift to him of a new life.

A chill gust ruffled the men's jackets as they exited the boxy, black painted cab, stopped at the curb. That same wind carried sounds from the spaceport many miles from where one man stood and the other slid from the rear bench style seat into a wood-slatted pushchair.

A loud bass note rumbling that was felt as much as heard drew the pushchair bound man's attention to the north. A silver rocket rose through the clear sky on a column of orange flame. He tracked it for a few moments before it faded from view to the east. Slowly, he let his awareness descend from the heavens, back to his earthbound reality.

Ten years previous, the question of whether Mankind was alone in the cosmos had been answered, by little green men. At least that's the image that was projected on each and every computer screen and television on the day of contact. For months social and political upheavals rocked the planet as Terrains came to terms with the idea that they were no longer the big dog in the Universe.

Researchers familiar with population and Earth's environmental sciences quietly celebrated at having the alien Novians confirm the predictions they had been making for the previous century. Earth was headed for a tipping point at which, pollution and population pressures would be so great that nothing would stop a massive die off of humans and other animal and plant life.

The aliens proposed a partial solution.

A year after their arrival, the world's news media broke stories of large colony ships orbiting the moon. Shuttles, like the one that he had seen, would ferry people from around the globe to the ships, the first step on their way to a new life. Twice each year, one thousand three hundred people from around the planet would depart in each of six ships, over seven thousand men, women and children in all, headed for a solar system called Terra Nova.

In the man's mind they were all brave souls, willing to hurl themselves into the Great Unknown like explorers out of history.

For the hundredth time, he wished he could join the expedition to the far side of the galaxy. His body, broken and crippled, guaranteed his only expedition would be from his house to the park across the street to watch neighborhood children play.

He passed the cabbie his fare card and waited for the young man to swipe and hand it back.

"Assist to the door, sir?"

"No, thank you, I've got it," he replied, his voice sounding older than it should be to his ears. Older, but not bitter. Not yet anyway.

"Very good, sir," the driver touched the brim of his brown duster cap. "Blessed be."

"Blessed be," the seated man replied automatically. He rolled himself across the broken pavement to the outdoor lift. The hydraulic pump wheezed and chugged to lift the battered metal platform, raising him like so much uselessness to the building's porch. He backed his chair off the platform and banging into the brick wall only once. He turned himself around and rolled his way to the door.

At the entrance, he used a reach stick to ring the brass bell hanging outside the door, then sat back and waited. A middle aged woman dressed in a white nurse's uniform and cap opened the door and helped get his chair over the uneven threshold and into the converted house.

Down the hallway she turned his chair and backed him into a small laboratory. A different assistant, this one wearing regular clothing under a white lab smock, helped him remove his coat. Once she could touch bare skin at the elbow, she swabbed his arm with alcohol and iodine. With practiced ease, the large woman slid a fine needle into a vein for the blood draw. She'd just set the first tube to fill when the doctor walked into the small alcove.

"Doc, are you sure of this?" the patient asked as the lab assistant swapped the full glass vacutainer for an empty.

The movement of the woman's hands drew the man's attention away from the grey haired doctor. They were powerful hands, but gentle in their movements. His gaze moved upward to her face, to her metallic silver grey eyes.

The doctor's voice faded into background noise as he became lost. The look in her eyes and the hint of a smile on her lips promised much. He looked away, not letting himself even consider she might be interested in a broken man such as himself. Bitterness welled up, threatened to overwhelm his carefully built emotional defenses. NO! The doctor promised to fix his crippled body. He wouldn't give in to hopelessness and despair. Not yet. Not ... yet.

He looked again into the woman's eyes and saw the strength there. Using that confidence he stomped down the self-destructive feelings that tightened his gut. When the emotional storm faded, he sighed and rested his head against the high back of his push chair. He caught the assistant's subtle smile and the small nod of her head.

She withdrew the needle from his arm and stuck a bandage on the venipuncture. Her short lab coat parted as she straightened, revealing the swells and sway of unencumbered breasts hidden beneath a tight fitting pullover the color of an eggplant's skin. Large bumps showed the size and state of her nipples. He couldn't help but look then shifted his attention to her shapely, slacks covered bottom. Her hips swayed provocatively as she disappeared up the hallway with the small rack of tubes. He spun his chair away from the torturous sight, stopping when he faced the doctor.

"Yeah, Doc, I know, pathetic. You try being a thirty year-old eunuch."

"I sympathize completely Charles," the doctor said quietly. "In her case, I'm in the boat with you. I can look and only imagine."

It didn't take long before the woman came back with a single sheet of paper. She handed it to the doctor and gave the patient a smile and a wink while the doctor read the report.

Whatever was on the paper seemed to please the grey haired physician, he nodded and handed it back to the assistant who disappeared up the hallway.

"Well, Charles, my lad, it seems everything is a go. All the tests came back within standards. Are you sure you want to do this?"

"I've been ready since you told me about this project a year ago."

"Just so you know, once the process is started, there's no going back, no stopping. And even should you survive the process, there's no guarantee of the results."

"Doc, I've been in this damn chair since I was eight," he brought his hand down on the chair's arm with a forceful smack. "If I get five minutes as a whole man, I'll consider it a success." Charles looked into the doctor's face and snapped, "You get me?" with the same voice his father had used when training recruits for the Service.

"I get you." The doctor chuckled then motioned Charles to follow him. He walked to a door set into the wall behind him.

Doctor Pennington looked into a wall mounted device while setting his palm on a glowing plate. After a moments delay, locks clattered, a motor hummed and the door slowly slid open.

The room beyond the door was one that I hadn't been in previously. It wasn't that special except for the massively over built hospital bed in its center. A cluster of portable monitoring equipment stood to one side, and a pair of steel cabinets resided along another wall.

The lab assistant followed us and ran the bed down to the stops. Even so, it wasn't low enough for me to maneuver myself onto the mattress. The woman expertly turned my chair around so that it was next to the bed and had me lock the wheels. She shed her lab coat before having me lift my dead legs so she could toe the foot rests out of the way.

She wasn't in any hurry, and it gave me time to get a very long look. The woman had curves that announced to the world that she was very much a woman. The top she wore had an enticing scooped neck that showed a lot of tanned skin and the bottom of the banded sleeves were tight around muscular biceps.

In my teens I'd discovered the world of fitness models and muscle women and had become fascinated with their beauty and power. This woman would fit right in with the bodybuilders I'd fantasized about in days long past. She caught me staring and gave me a smile that promised sensual delights beyond one's wildest imaginings. In my mind, anyway.

Bending down, she slid strong, muscular arms around me while I hooked my flabby ones around her neck. I had done this numerous times before with other medical assistants, but they were usually male and not dressed to entice one with broad swaths of bare skin. She easily lifted me. With her being much taller, my cheek landed exactly where I wanted ... on the top swells of her breasts.

I felt more than heard her chuckle as she turned us both so my well-fatted ass landed on the mattress. She held me longer than was strictly necessary, which I didn't mind at all, then stepped back. She wore an amused expression that told me she knew I was being naughty. The feeling that I had been caught with my hand in the cookie jar was unmistakable, but the twinkle in her eye told me that she wouldn't hold it against me. I couldn't help but notice when she stepped away the bumps under her top were bigger than before.

For a moment I actually entertained the notion that she might be interested in me, but quashed that fantasy hard. She was probably just trying to make a crippled bugger feel better and would have a good laugh about the pathetic man's attentions over drinks with her friends at the pub. I pounded down the self-pity. She didn't strike me as being a cruel, not like some women I had known.

"Off with the clothes," she said, her voice bringing me back to reality.

I shed my clothes down to my underwear. I tried to retain a small measure of modesty, but the woman was having none of it. She motioned for me to lie back on the bed. When I didn't, she pressed a finger-tip to my forehead and pushed, forcing me to lay flat on the bed.

"Be nice," she admonished, all the while smiling, as if it amused her that I was acting like a defiant child.

She then took hold of my baggies and the 'adult incontinence garment' I wore and pulled. The muscles in her arms tensed. She made a show of slowly tearing both garments off me, shredding them like used tissue paper. By all the gods! What I wouldn't have given to have been a whole man right then. Soon, hopefully, I wouldn't have to look away from such sensual display of physical power to keep my sanity.

"You won't need those anymore," she balled up the ruined diaper and plastic underwear and tossed them into a rubbish bin.

The woman continued preparing me for what was to come. My legs were clamped into hard restraints as was one arm. I watched the muscles of her arms flex and slide under her skin as she prepped a Foley catheter. With a gentleness that belied her strength slid it into position, secured it in place and connected it to a urine collection bag. She started an IV drip into my arm then stepped back as the doctor approached.

"Ready, I see," he said, double-checking the restraints on my legs.

"Trussed up like the Christmas goose is more like it," I replied anxiously. "Let's get this thing going, Doc. I've spent too much time as a cripple."

The doctor nodded then motioned to the woman standing next to the bed. She unlocked a cabinet, pulled out a large IV bag and injected it with a blue-gray colored liquid from a very large syringe. Those would be the nanites, the little buggers that would be fixing the injuries to my back; the crushed vertebra and the damaged nerves in my spinal column. The assistant opened a little cooler in the cabinet and brought out another syringe, just as large, containing a clear yellowish solution. That was my reprocessed DNA.

When the doctor first pitched his method for fixing my paralysis, he explained that it would require a large extraction of my DNA. I had several holes in each hip to remind me of just how much original material it required. Once the samples were prepared, he'd run them through some type of whizz-bang machinery to get rid of the bad genetic material, markers for heart disease, cancer and the like. Once that was done, the clean DNA would be run through a second process to re-sequence the double helix chain. Optimization he'd called it. He didn't say much else about it other than I would be closer to my genetic potential.

The last step was to allow the cleaned and optimized material to grow in a nutrient solution. The goal was that there would be such a massive amount of processed DNA it would replace the original when it was re-introduced into my body.

That had been his pitch anyway. And I, being a pathetic crip looking for any solution to my situation, swallowed it all. At least he hadn't asked for money up front.

Stretching over my head, the nurse hung the two liter bag on a pole next to the bed and routed the clear line through an infusion pump and into the catheter in my arm.

"All set," she reported and smiled down at me. Her hand played with my chest, and I was more than embarrassed by the size of my man-tit. Her hand covered it completely, and she gave it a cup and a rub. It was an odd feeling, pleasurable only because it was her playing with it.

"Good night, Charles. You'll awaken into a whole new world when this is all over," the doctor said before walking out of the room.

"My name is Anna," the woman said, bending over me. Her breast landed in my hand as she reached across the bed to set the infusion pump to working. She remained that way for a long moment, giving me every opportunity to cop a feel, which I didn't let pass. I gave it a squeeze, and she looked at me as if to say you can do better. I squeezed harder. The flesh barely yielded to my grip. She put her hand on mine and squeezed both together.

"I'll be here when you wake up." Keeping hold of my hand, she moved it into the wrist restraint and I felt myself drifting off. As my vision dimmed, the last thing I recall was Anna's brilliant smile.

My dreams were odd, disjointed. I heard voices but didn't understand what was being said. My whole body buzzed at times, as if there were a million bees crawling around on the outside, or inside. Worst was the pain, the burning sensations. I tried to scream but couldn't.

There were pleasures, too, sensations I hadn't experienced since falling off Ellie. There were tickles along my legs and feet and a strange pleasurable feeling that wasn't just nice, but electrifying in its intensity.

Strange images invaded my dreams as well. Creatures that seemed somewhat familiar flashed in and out of my mind's eye. They would look at me and I would hear strange sounds that might have been their speech. The sounds repeated a number of times. They sounded different with each individual in my dream. I could almost understand what they were saying after a while.

I felt no fear of the creatures, even though I knew they weren't human. I accepted it as normal, like seeing someone with spiked and pink dyed hair in the park.

For a long time I drifted, hearing and seeing nothing. But I felt warmth. It reminded me of when Dad and I would float in the rehab tank after therapy. He would hold me in his big arms. I was warm, safe ... loved ... and never, ever afraid.

"Hey, Chuck," a feminine voice whispered, "time to wake up." A hand slid into mine and I instinctively I grabbed it. "Ohh... ," the voice said. "Ease up there."

I relaxed. I drifted. It was peaceful.

"Come on, Chuck, open those pretty eyes of yours."

I could feel myself smile. No one had ever called me pretty before. Anna's face hovered in my vision. She had a silly, toothy grin.

"There you are. I knew you'd make it."

"Hi," I croaked. I tried to say more, but I couldn't form the words. I wanted to put my hand on her cheek, but nothing was working.

"Don't try talking, Charles. Don't try doing anything. Just lay there. You've been out quite a while," she said gently.

"I barely see you." My voice sounded strange, different somehow.

"That's because the lights are barely on," Anna said. "We're going to keep things at a very low level until the remainders of the drugs are flushed out of your system.


She disappeared from view. While she was gone the rest of me slowly woke up. It was so gentle, like waking up after being gassed in the surgery, but different, nicer.

By the time Anna did come back, I was fully awake.

She smiled when she saw me.

"Bump up the lights. I want to see you better."

"Not right now, Chuck. I need to check you first. Baby steps, hon. We'll get you checked out first then we can turn up the lights."

"Please Anna, let me see." This time I felt something push, I guess you could call it. Anna straightened up with a surprised expression on her face.

"Computer, raise room lighting five percent," she said, looking at the ceiling.

This must be one hell of a high tech hospital to have voice response computers to control the lights. It couldn't be NHS, they were so broke they couldn't pay attention. A snort broke free with that thought.

The lights came up a bit, and I was able to see Anna better. Her long hair was pulled back into a pony tail, her eyes were different, but I couldn't decide how. She was dressed in a muted green skin tight catsuit of some sort that contrasted with her hair perfectly. The front was opened enough that I could see she had lost none of her curves.

I could also see more of the room. It certainly wasn't the same room where I'd fallen asleep. The walls here looked like polished wood, not stainless steel and tile. Only the bed looked the same. It was larger and massively overbuilt.

"Come closer," I said. I didn't feel a push, but I didn't need it.

Anna leaned close. This time I could stroke the side of her face. She leaned into the touch and it felt wonderful.

"Let me loose?" I asked.

"Only if you promise not to get out of bed."

I nodded and the woman circled the bed unfastening the hard leather restraints. The remote was easy to find, as was the control to tilt the bed up. Big mistake. My bladder clinched, trying to hold back a flood.

Anna grabbed a catch bottle from under the bed and positioned it between my legs.

"Let go."

Automatically I reached down to steady things and realized there had been changes. Big changes!

I couldn't miss the amused expression on Anna's face as I relieved myself into the container.

"At least we know that works now," she commented as things died to a dribble and then quit altogether. She handed me a wipe which I used and dropped into the waste pail next to the bed.

I watched Anna walk off with the urine filled bottle and started a self-examination. There had been changes. Lots of changes. Lots of big changes!

I flipped back the covers and flexed my feet. They worked. THEY WORKED! Up and down, curl and flex. I couldn't believe it! I moved other parts that had been dead for so long and little by little realized I was whole again. A shout they probably heard three rooms away broke free.

Anna had come back and was standing off to one side, watching with a grin on her face. Reaching out to her, she moved to the side of the bed and we wrapped arms around each other.

"Ease up, Chuck," she said, gasping for air.

I loosened my hug. The woman buried her head in the crook of my neck.

"I had no doubt that you'd make it," she whispered.

When we finally parted things became more official. Anna gave me a thorough physical examination. Starting with my head, she poked, prodded, peeked into and squeezed things. Her strong hands felt wonderful. When she moved below my navel, I was ecstatic. Sensations that were dusty memories flooded back. I shivered as her fingers stroked my thighs and laughed as my leg jerked in reaction to her tapping my knee. I took the little rubber hammer and did it again.

"It's — alive!" I crowed hoarsely, sounding like the evil scientist in an old black and white movie. Anna laughed with me.

Leaning forward, I captured the woman's hands as she pressed on the nails of my large toes and pulled her to the head of the bed. Looking at Anna, I lifted her hands to my lips. Carefully, gently, I kissed each hand then urged her closer. She didn't resist, bending over the bed, her face hovering over mine. Reaching up, I drew her down into a long, sensuous kiss. Things twitched; the first sensations that I'd had down there in twenty plus years! My free hand found her breast and closed around the firm globe.

The woman made pleasurable noises and kissed me harder. I pulled at the jumpsuit and felt the cloth shred. I closed my hand on now bared flesh and gave a hard squeeze. Anna broke our kiss and groaned loudly, trembling. Her hands clenched the side rail. When her fit subsided she literally shredded the remainder of the jumpsuit. Gods she was beautiful.

Without preliminaries, or even a by your leave, she swung her leg over my lap and took her seat.

I didn't question, didn't think. Anna took control. She leaned forward, and I tasted bare feminine flesh for the first time. The woman gasped as I sucked and nipped at her lips, her neck, her breasts. Her moans were loud, and at first I thought I was hurting her and drew back. She made it crystal clear that what I was doing was pleasurable and urged—no—demanded—that I continue.

When I was ready she raised herself up over me then impaled herself with one sure stroke. With a primal cry she announced her claim of me for everyone to hear.

Anna rode my changed body for all it was worth. The sensations were so new, so intense, so blindingly pleasurable, I didn't last long. It didn't matter. I stayed hard, and my mate posted on me like an equestrian astride a favored mount. Her intimate muscles clamped against me, and my second ride to the peak was a rocket sled. The explosion at zenith, if one could see it, would have made New Year's in Sydney pale in comparison.

Anna fell forward on my chest. I wrapped much larger arms around her. She cried into my neck, but they weren't tears of sadness or pain, but of happiness.

"It's been so long, Charles, so very long."

I wasn't sure what to say to that, so I said nothing, only held her close, stroking her bare back.

Anna raised herself, looking every bit the regal lady astride her stallion. She leaned down from her seat on my half-wilted cock and we kissed, hard. Our third time was much slower. She took my hands and guided them over her hard abdominals and upward to her breasts. I gripped them in my hands and squeezed like I had earlier.

"Harder," Anna demanded.

Who was I to argue with the woman?

I gripped harder, digging my fingers into the firm flesh, and Anna cried out. I felt a gush of liquid heat where we were joined as she arched, her mouth open in a soundless cry. She all but collapsed on my chest. Wrapping my arms around her, I held her tightly. We panted in each other's ear and enjoyed the sensations of bare bodies touching.

Turning to one side, we snuggled together. It was a snug fit on the bed, but I welcomed the intimacy. I held her close, so afraid that she would suddenly disappear like the few other women in my life. But she wouldn't. Something deep inside knew that Anna wouldn't leave me.

When I woke, Anna was still snuggled tight against my side with her head on my shoulder. I'd never felt so —good—before in my life, not even before the accident. I looked down at Anna and my heart swelled in my chest.

Sliding out from under Anna's arm, I needed to find a place to relieve the building pressure down below. I stood next to the bed and gingerly took a step. I needn't have worried as my legs worked just fine.

Looking around the room, there wasn't anything that resembled a commode. There was, however, a pocket door. Pressing the wall switch next to it rewarded me with the door disappearing sideways. Inside was a shower, sink and the fixture that was needed most at the moment. When I was done, wiped and washed, I turned to open the door and saw my reflection in the full-length mirror.

Who in bloody hell was that?

It had to have been me staring back out of the mirror as there was no one else in the tiny room. I stood there, naked, staring at the refection, dumbfounded at the changes in my body. From my head sprouted coppery red hair, rather than the jet black strands I'd been born with. It fell to my shoulders in tight wavelets. The same red hair continued down my body covering me like a pelt, where before my body hair had been a fine, almost invisible fuzz.

Feeling my body as I had in the bed was one thing, actually seeing the changes was something else entirely. I ran my hands over the muscles in my arms and chest. Large and defined would describe my body now, but not freakish. I had seen pictures of freakishly large bodybuilders. The man staring out of the mirror didn't qualify on that count.

What hung between my legs had changed too. Long, thick and covered in veins. My parents had me circumcised so having a foreskin was something new. The best thing was that it worked the way nature had intended, not as before when it was stiff only with a shot's length of tubing stuffed up it.

Chubby Charlie was gone. What looked back at me out of the mirror wasn't the sack of soft mash that had sat in a push chair doing make work for charity's wage. Gone was the crippled, anonymous— thing — that had merely existed in a past life.

After studying my reflection, a few words did come to mind ... confident, powerful, and dominant. One other thing had changed, my eyes. Gone was the look of hopelessness and despair that had become the norm. Confidence and steely determination showed in the eyes of the man in the mirror, me. The same look my father had in his eyes, the look that said failure was not a consideration.

I left the water closet and went back to bed. Anna had stretched out on top of the covers. She was more beautiful now than at the doctor's office. Her body had changed, was subtly more muscular, more defined than before. Even asleep she was a powerful, graceful woman that any sane man would have done anything, given anything, to have on his arm. I traced a finger along a cut between the muscles of her arm. It gave me the shivers and one emotion grew inside me.

"Mine." The single word came out as a soft growl. Primitive, primal feelings welled up. She was mine and I would do anything I had to, everything I needed to, to protect her, no matter what.

I laid the flat of my palm on her hard abs and floated it up to her breast. I cupped the firm mound, felt the nipple harden and listened to her quiet purr. I bent down to kiss her awake when the lock bolts on the door clacked. As it slid open, I grabbed the sheet from the foot of the bed and threw it over Anna then spun around so that I stood between her and whatever was coming through the door. Going into a boxer's crouch and balling my fists, I waited to face the approaching threat. They would have to go through me to get to my mate!

When Doctor Pennington stepped into the room, I relaxed, but only slightly. He looked older than before, tired, worn down.

"Charles!" the doctor exclaimed, a smile coming to his face. "I didn't think you would be on your feet so quickly. Computer, increase lighting to fifty percent."

The lighting came up quickly, increasing to where it was almost too bright. The man stood a few feet away and gave me an appraising look from nose to toes and back again.

"Turn around, Charles," he ordered, and I did. "How do you feel? Any dizziness, weakness, nausea?"

"I feel great, Doc. Better than great, really."

He stepped towards me and I moved backwards, keeping distance between us and myself between him and Anna.

"I'm no threat to you," he glanced past me towards the bed, "or Anna." He stepped back and I felt myself relax some but maintained my alertness. "I doubt seriously that I could even survive coupling with her, even if she'd have me. I am glad to see your protective instincts are intact. You'll need them."

Anna brushed herself against my back, settling my nerves somewhat.

"I want out of this place, Doc." I took hold of Anna's hand.

"You can't leave just yet, Charles. There are tests that have to be performed, and even with as liberal a government as we have now I doubt that the constabulary would allow you to wander very far in what you have on."

"I think he means what we don't have on," Anna whispered before nibbling on my earlobe.

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