Crystal's Questions
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fiction, Group Sex, Orgy, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Cream Pie, Voyeurism, Workplace,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Crystal works at Hubbard & Associates, and is struggling to reconcile the active sex life Hubbard employees have at work with her private life, including her marriage.

Crystal Harris smiled up at Robert as she made herself comfortable on the bed. She hadn't been with him for a couple of weeks. There'd been so much going on with her life that there just hadn't been time.

"Ready?" she asked, smiling. She took his cock and rubbed it up and down her slit. Finally she pressed it down to the right place. "Put it in"

"As the lady wishes," he said in his deep voice.

She started to say something, but went "Oh!" as she felt him press forward.

One of her co-workers liked to write romances. They weren't very good, but they were all hot. Her heroines had a lot of sex, about like here at Hubbard, but the one thing Rhonda never tried to describe were these first few moments when the man put it in.

"God," she breathed when he paused, "that is so good!"

He pulled back just as slowly, and then started his rhythmic thrusting. Crystal pressed her hands against his back, pushing back up on him. Robert felt so big, and he got so deep. It was all she could do to just hold on.

"God, yes. Yes! Oh yes! Sweet fuck, that's good! Oh!"

Robert shifted, and her words were interrupted by a moan as he seemed to get even bigger. She tightened her legs, there was no way she was letting him go.

"God, I'm burning. This is so good!" She pressed up against him as hard as she could. He'd started a fast series of thrusts, but then slowed it down, alternating, a few fast, a few slow, and moving around each time to push into her at different angles.

She slid her hand down to his butt. She could feel the muscles there. She fantasized that she was pushing his cock even deeper into her. She pictured the tip of his cock, pictured it deep inside her, maybe even reaching her tum my, or farther.

Robert speeded up again, and now he dropped a fiery kiss right under her ear. She arched up into him, feeling the tension rising. He was big, he was solid, and she was taking him, but she could feel a ball of ... something tensing down there.

"God! I'm gonna come! Oh fuck! Come for me! God, fuck-come..."

Everything came together in one incredible moment. She tried to hold it, fight it, and it stretched out, higher, tighter, until...

Everything let go. Everything rushed down there, squeezing around his rigid cock. Wave after wave, stretching out until she couldn't hold it any longer, and everything released again.

Robert had been moving fast. Now he plunged deep and held it. "Ah—uh—uh—oh!" He jerked each time, and then relaxed, breathing hard.

Crystal was breathing hard, too, and she brushed the hair over his ear. For the first time all day she felt relaxed. She was charged up, she wanted to go out and do things, but she wanted to just lie here in his arms, too.

Reality began to seep back in. There were so many things: her projects, turnover, the wedding, packing, last minute details, but for right now they were still just out of arm's reach. For now she could put them out of her mind.

Robert had fallen into a light doze, but now he woke up and kissed her. "We should do this more often," he said in a husky voice.

"I know what you mean. That was fantastic.""

He got up and sat on the edge of the cot. Crystal ran her hand up his back and kissed his shoulder. He had such strong shoulders, too.

"You first," he said. "I'm going to gather my wits for a few seconds." He grinned in the dimness of the room. "Girl, you plum drove them out of me."

Crystal laughed. "Why thank you."

She got up, politely ignoring the other couples using the break room beds. She picked up her blouse and made her way to the bathroom.

The showers in the bathroom attached to the break room were large enough to take two people, but guys didn't always share them with whatever girl they'd just been with. They pointed out that washing up like that tended to produce certain male reactions, and walking around with an erection, while not unusual at Hubbard, was uncomfortable.

Crystal thought of a couple of times where a shower had led to a return to one of the beds. That usually happened at lunch when you had more time. The custom was to shower alone after morning and afternoon breaks because of that.

She was just stepping out of the shower when her mother entered from the room with the beds.

"Oh, hi Mom. I thought I recognized your voice."

Her mother hung up her blouse and stepped past Crystal to turn on the water. "All set for tomorrow?"

"I guess so. How about we talk some more in a bit."

Her mother turned on the water. "Sounds good."

Crystal finished drying off and put on her blouse. At first she'd been surprised at the "dress code" at Hubbard: bare from the waist down, but in the two years she'd worked here she'd gotten used to it. It made it easier to have sex during the breaks, and it put the men and women on an equal footing: their privates were all on display.

She was told that at two of the satellite offices they went even farther: you could be totally naked if you wanted. They were rebuilt motels and both had pools, and besides the sex the employees liked to lay out and tan, at least during the summer. In the winter there was a roof over the central area. Employees were still naked, they just didn't get the sun they got during the summer.

Crystal picked up a towel. She'd also learned that you put the towel down on the chair before sitting. It was sanitary, and was so much a part of everyday life at Hubbard it seemed odd to see people without towels when you left the building. Of course those people were fully clothed, too, so that was different.

She dropped behind her desk with a sigh. She'd worked through lunch, getting ready for turning her projects over to her co-workers while she was on her honeymoon. She knew she'd have to take a break, she'd been getting hotter and hotter as the day wore on. That was the thing about Hubbard. She didn't know what it was, but she thought of sex all of the time. She didn't when she was away from the office, but moments after she walked in and took off her slacks or skirt, all she could think about was sex. It didn't help having all of those men exposed in front of her through the day.

She felt better, now. It was like whatever sex drive she'd been feeling, and she felt it more strongly here than anywhere else, was sated for a bit. Now she could get some work done.

Karen was taking over her projects, and stopped in just about 4:00. "Ready for turnover?"

"Pretty much," Crystal said. "I think I've about got everything documented."

"The only two I'm worried about are the big furniture one and Bowman. The others will just be sort of sitting."

"I finished the payment module for Bowman. It's like what we did with McGee & Sons. I can show you the code if you want."

"No, we worked on McGee together, so I should be able to pick it up. What about..."

They settled into the details of her projects, and Karen took page after page of notes. Finally she looked up. "Geeze, it's after 5:00. Don't you have a car pool?"

"Not today," Crystal replied. "I thought I might run late, so I drove in today. How about you?"

"The bus runs until 8:00, so I'm good." She sighed. "Okay, just one more question. Where are you two going for the honeymoon?"

""Jamaica! We're going to a resort there for a week of sun, sand, and romance."

Karen gave her a hug. "Let me know what it's like. I think I'm going to be doing some honeymoon plans soon."

"Oh good for you!" She checked her co-worker's left hand. "He hasn't asked you yet, has he."

"No, but his sister wanted to know my ring size."

"Ah, a dead giveaway! Well congratulations!"

She logged off and shut down everything. She put up a sign: On Vacation and updated her voice-mail. That should about do it.

She put the towel in the bin to be laundered, then went to her locker near the door. Thank goodness her mother and sister both worked here, otherwise she might have to explain why her skirts were never wrinkled and her underwear always looked so fresh and clean.

She normally rode in a carpool so she never had to worry about parking. As she got her car out of the parking garage she reminded herself why that was a good thing. It cost $12 to park all day! She'd take the bus, she might have to after she and Carl got their own apartment, but maybe she'd start up a car pool of her own. The parking garage next to the Macy's store charged only $6 for a car pool. That was practically the same cost as a trip on a bus from the suburbs, and that was with a bus pass.

There were a lot of things she could do, but tonight she'd set aside for packing. The bachelorette party had been Wednesday, and the rehearsal on Thursday. Now, tonight, it was just the last second things.

She had Blue Tooth in her car, and punched the button, calling her mother. "Anything you want me to bring home for dinner?" she asked.

"No, I got everything. Be home soon?"

"Just about to get on the freeway."

"All right, see you soon!"

Crystal put her mind in neutral. She'd once been convinced that taking the surface streets was "better" than the freeway. That had been when she'd been just starting in the work place. Now she knew better. You used whatever way got you there the best. Some days it was surface streets, others it was the freeway. As she accelerated to 60, she nodded slightly. Today it was the freeway.

Normally she parked near the front door. Today she put her car next to the garage. She wouldn't be using it for a week, and her father would park it out of the elements while she was gone.

"I'm home~" she called as she walked in the side door.

She gave her father a quick hug, and her mother another one. She left her sweater, purse, and portfolio case on her bed, and followed her nose to the kitchen. "What can I do to help?"

"Park yourself in the corner," her mother said, opening the oven. "Dinner in five minutes."

"There's got to be something."

"Or you could get your luggage out."

"I'm mostly been packed for a week. I followed your advice. I packed last week, now I've just been adding and subtracting, mostly subtracting. I'm down to one large bag"

"Just one?"

Crystal laughed. "Okay, one large one, a small one, and the carryon."

"Good. I think airlines have a requirement: a woman must have a minimum of two bags."

"How do men get by with only one suitcase?"

"One of the mysteries of life, dear." She took the chicken out of the oven. "Call your father."

She did, and then approached the dining room table with a moment of sadness. This would be the last family dinner for her. After this everything would be different.

It was actually snowing when the plane landed. Crystal looked out the plane's window at the snow on the tarmac. "I'm already missing Jamaica," she told Carl.

"I couldn't believe the weather report," he admitted. "This is the earliest snow in years."

The plane came to a halt and people began to get up. "so much for global warming."

Carl nodded. "Yeah, a few years ago they were afraid it was a new ice age. Strange, it had the same cause, and the same solution."

Crystal laughed and got her carryon from under the seat in front of her. Her Mom had insisted they stash heavy coats in lockers here at the airport, and now she was glad they had. It didn't seem that long ago when she was wearing a very small bikini and lounging around the pool, the most important thing to think about was whether to have a cocktail before dinner. She looked out the window as they entered the jetway. If she wore a bikini of any kind outside she'd freeze solid in a couple of minutes.

Her sister Candace had advised her to take an empty bag for all of those things they'd get on their trip, and now she was glad she had. It seemed hard to believe they'd bought so much stuff in Jamaica, but that Open Market had been wonderful. The resort had even had a tour bus that just went to the market, and now she knew why.

Carl got their bags off the carousel, showed the tickets to the attendant, and they headed for taxis and parking. She and Carl kept bumping shoulders, and when they did, they grinned at each other.

The taxi was warm, and Carl gave the driver the address of his apartment. They had an apartment they were moving in to later this week, but for now his place would do. She didn't think about it. They'd found a place, they'd pick up the keys tomorrow, and start moving on Tuesday. Instead she stared at the swirling snow.

"Been doing this long?" she asked the driver.

"Yesterday and today," the driver said. "The weather forecasters are expecting only a couple of inches, just enough to snarl traffic." He sounded disgusted at the idea.

Crystal slipped her hand into Carl's pocket. Yes, this was a long way from Jamaica.

She texted Candace and her parents while they waited to get on the freeway. "Back. @ Curls"

Candace met them at the door to Carl's apartment. "Welcome home, you two! I put something in the oven when I got your text, Crys. Oh, and I kept both of the Moms from cleaning the apartment while you were gone. They did that when I got married, and I still haven't found some of my things."

Crystal laughed and hugged her sister. "Thank you! I should have expected they'd want to clean. I think it's in a mother's DNA or something."

Carl unlocked the door. "This isn't our place," he said, "so I'm not carrying you over the threshold."

"You two love birds take care," Candace called. "I'm sure both moms are on their way right now. Oh, and there's salad in the refrigerator." She waved, and was gone."

They hauled their luggage into the bedroom. Crystal looked out the window. Snow. She used to like the stuff, but after a week in Jamaica she wasn't sure.

She stopped to check her hair. It was normally light brown, but was a little lighter right now, the effects of sun and salt water. She also had a tan, the result of a couple of days when all they did was lounge around the pool. She sighed. That was definitely another world.

Their mothers arrived together, two bundles of energy that wanted to check up on the newlyweds. Carl played the perfect host, and they shared the large salad Candace had made.

It seemed to take forever to shoo their mothers out of the apartment. "It's like they want to hang around and watch or something," Carl muttered at one point.

"That gives me an idea." Crystal went back into the living room. "Well, it's been wonderful seeing you, but we've got to get to bed. We've got this whole apartment to pack up, plus the stuff at your house, Mom, and we want to get an early start on it tomorrow."

"Early start?" Carl's mother asked.

""The rental place opens at 7:00," Crystal said. "We'll get the truck first thing, and get started right away."

"What about the snow?"

"It's not a problem," Carl said. "Anyway, it's late, and you be careful driving home."

It was obvious Carl's mother wanted to hang around a while longer, but Crystal's mother seemed to get the hint. A few minutes later Carl and Crystal looked at each other.

"I think we're alone."

"I like what your sister did," Carl said as he turned out the lights in the kitchen and followed her into the bedroom. "Hi, welcome back, see you later."

"Sis is thoughtful that way. That's why I had her watch the apartment." She undressed and slid under the covers. "Brrr, it's cold in here. Come warm me up."

He slid in beside her. "How does 'steamy' sound to you?"


One of the benefits of working in IT was that people learned to go without sleep when they had to and not let it impact their performance. Carl's mother drove by at 7:30, and seemed satisfied to see the truck parked where it could be loaded.

"I'd never realized," Carl said as they rode up in the elevator, "but it's almost like she wants to make sure we don't do what newlyweds do."

"I think she's part of the generation of women who don't like intimate contact." She'd wondered why Carl was an only child. Now she was pretty sure why. At least her mother liked sex. If she didn't she wouldn't work at Hubbard!

Their new apartment was more spacious, and a lot warmer, than his. They had most of the things moved by Monday evening. They still had things to unpack and put away, but for the most part they were done.

"I think we have one more trip," Crystal said as they dragged themselves up the steps. "Then we can turn in the keys, get a final sign-off on the papers, and we'll be done."

"Just one more thing to do," Carl said as the elevator door opened. He unlocked the apartment door, then turned and scooped Crystal into his arms. "Ready?"

She laughed. "Oh, quite ready."

He carried her over the threshold, pushed the door shut behind him with his foot, and deposited her on the couch.

"I think, sir," she told him around a couple of kisses, "that that was very well done."

"Good. Now I had something in mind."

"Let me guess!"

"Actually, that, too. I was thinking of that spa/bath. You know, it's big enough for two."

"Why so it is. We'd better check that out."

The bath was, and Crystal reflected that she'd never made love in one before. They almost fell asleep in the bath afterward, but the phone finally made her get up.


"Crystal!" It was Carl's mother. "Is there anything wrong? You didn't answer right away."

"We were carrying things up from the truck," she said.

"I called your cell and you didn't answer that, either."

"It's in my purse, and my purse is on the dining room table."

"Well you should carry it in your pocket or on your belt. What if someone calls?"

Crystal rolled her eyes. "Anyway, what's up?"

"Well, I brought you two dinner. I'm only a couple of blocks away, and—"

At least she wasn't parked out front, Crystal thought. She made meaningless noises while hastily pulling her clothes on and getting Carl up. He caught what was going on and not only got dressed, but drained the tub and ran the fan enough to get rid of the moist air in the bathroom.

"She's only trying to help," he said.

"I think she's snooping far more than that," Crystal said. "At least my mom doesn't. it would be worse with two mothers doing that."

Carl nodded. He looked at the boxes still to be unpacked. "good, it doesn't look too organized."

Crystal nodded. "She wants to think she can still take care of you better than I can."

"Do women really think that way?"

"Some do. Now let's be on our best behavior." The front door buzzed, and they let Carl's mother in. Crystal pasted a smile on her face. It might be a relief going back to work on Thursday.

Crystal knew she'd have to make new carpool arrangements, so she drove and endured the slow traffic, the snow, and all of the hassles of getting downtown. At least the receptionist was friendly when she got off the elevator.

"How was Jamaica?" the young woman asked.

Crystal slid her ID badge in the slot, smiling when the light turned green.

"Beautiful and warm. I wish I was back there."

"Any place warm would do for me," the receptionist said. She pressed the buzzer and unlocked the door. "I hope you brought pictures."

"I have, and I'll have them at lunch."

"I'll be there!"

The air in the office had that same flowery scent she liked so much, and that she'd missed. It was also warm. She didn't know what it was that they'd done to the windows, but they didn't radiate blasts of cold like she remembered from a different workplace. The windows were also silvered so people couldn't see in, which was understandable.

She'd worn slacks and boots, and put those in her locker, slipping on her sandals instead. She wanted to laugh. She'd been here two minutes and was already thinking about sex. She and Carl had made love the night before, and again that morning. You'd think that would be enough, but no. She was already thinking about the way a man's hands would feel on her.

"It's the honeymooner!" Karen called when Crystal walked down the aisle. "How was Jamaica?"

"I miss it already."

"You miss the warmth and sun."

"Well, yeah, that too."

Crystal; spread a towel across her chair and had a seat. "What have I missed while I was gone."

"Read your emails," Karen said. "That'll catch you up. Then, after break, we'll talk. I made some progress on Bowman."

"Good." Crystal logged on, looked at the number of emails queued, and sighed. She wasn't sure she was ready for this.

She knew she was past due for a break when someone guy stopped by her cubicle and all she could remember was his cock, she couldn't remember his name of race, or what it'd been about. She could see that thing of his wiggling as he walked, his balls sort of moving around as he walked, and she suddenly felt a flush of heat.

Half the fun of break time was that you never knew who would be on break. It turned out to be KEVIN, AND SHE REMEMBERED HE WAS A TIT MAN. Her "girls" were in for a lot of attention.

She skinned out of her blouse and bra, and sucked his cock until it was hard. He kept massaging her breasts, and when she drew him down on the cot he replaced his hands with his mouth. She held him as he sucked away. Finally, though, he kissed his way up to her mouth, and she opened her legs for him.

She was so wet he slid all of the way in with the first thrust.

"Welcome back," he said. He grinned and started thrusting.

"God, it's good to be back," she groaned. She'd made love just that morning, and here she was acting like she hadn't had any in months!

Kevin rolled so she was on top. She shifted around a little, and then started ramming herself back on his hardness. His mouth went to her tits, and each suck seemed to shoot right through her. She opened her mouth, moaning softly each time she shoved back on him, and moaning again with each suck. God, that felt so good!

She didn't expect to come, not right away. She'd figured it would take a while to get back in the habit, but whatever magic Kevin had in his mouth was irresistible. Each suck, each kiss, went straight to the base of her tummy. She was already boiling from the feel of his cock down there, and now this.

"God," she blurted, "I'm going to come!"

"Come for me, baby," Kevin whispered. "Come on my cock."

"Oh! Cock! Fuck! Fuck! Come! Oh yes! Yes! Ohhh... !"

It was sudden, and it overwhelmed her. Everything squeezed down, and for one giddy instant she thought she'd pop Kevin's cock right out of her.

It was also fast. In seconds she was panting, spaced out in the aftermath of a really strong one.

And Kevin was still going!

He rolled her over onto her back and began to drive into her. She moaned, holding him, that part of her on automatic, rising up to meet him, trying to take all of him.

"You're making me come, baby," Kevin got out. "Come! I'm going to ... come!"

She held him as her own emotions rushed together in one super intense moment. He'd been thrusting, now he stopped, his body jerking as all of his passion came spurting out.

They held each other as their climaxes ran their course, staring at each other, grinning, and fighting for breath.

"Wow," she murmured, and then kissed him. "God, that was really good."

"You came twice," he said.


"A little. I come, and I'm done for a few minutes. A girl just gets wound up again."

"Yeah, I'm glad it's that way." She pulled him down for a long, slow, passionate kiss. "Thank you."

They drifted for a bit, just holding each other. All of the tension would have been wiped away, but Kevin insisted on kissing and playing with her breasts, and that got to be arousing. Her nipples tightened under the attention, and pretty soon she reached between them. He'd slid out of her, but now she made a happy discovery.

"Um, this thing feels pretty hard."

"And you feel ready." He wet his fingers and her sex. "Um, yes, nice and ready."

"Then I think you'd better put it in."

She was ready for it, but it still felt pretty big as he pressed. It felt so electric as it slid over every raw nerve down there. She wrapped her arms around him as they lay on their sides. Her knee was hooked over his hip, and she felt so open.

He slid it home, and then began thrusting. In moments she was matching him. For some reason she thought of a guy she'd met back before she came to Hubbard. He'd sort of freaked when she'd started moving. He wanted her to just lie there while he did all the work.

Kevin pulled out and tugged her up to her hands-and-knees. He was behind her in a shot, and driving down and in. She rammed herself back on him until his tummy hit her bottom.

"God, that is so deep," she muttered.

Back in school she'd read that humans had developed the missionary position, and it was supposed to be so wonderful. It was, for kissing and stuff, but guys always felt like they were getting much deeper when they did it doggy style. He had his hands around her hips, but now he leaned forward to play with her tits. They were hanging down, swaying, and her nipples were brushing the sheet, more electric sparks.

They went this way for a while. She kept getting hotter and hotter. She lost all of the strength in her arms. She felt like such an animal with her butt in the air. For some reason that thought made her tighten up, and she realized she was going to come again. Kevin was driving harder into her, but she somehow knew he was still a ways away. She wasn't.

This climax came slowly, her entire body tightening around his cock until she couldn't hold it back and she came in one surge after another.

Kevin must have felt it. She felt him pull out, then put it back in. She came to her senses she was on her back, her thighs resting on his. She stared down her body, fully expecting to see his hard cock pop out of her tummy.

His thrusts began to pick up, making her whole body shake. Her middle was on fire. Nothing seemed to exist except his hard cock. He leaned back, making his cock press new nerves, making her quake as the tension rose sharply.

"God!" she breathed. "Coming! I'm going to come!"

"Come!" he ground out. "Come!"

"Fuck me! God! Cock! Come! Yes! Yes! Ah! Ah! I'm coming!"

Everything squeezed around him. She dimly saw Kevin grimace, and then groan as he stopped thrusting. He's coming! she thought.

They collapsed on top of each other, still joined and breathing hard.

"Promise you won't take it out," she murmured when she finished gasping with a huge sigh.

"Feels too good in there."

She smiled and tried to press into his warmth.

Inevitably they had to separate and clean up. Crystal felt all loose, like the lower part of her was glowing and made of liquid. She cleaned up, pulled on her blouse, and walked shakily back to her cubicle.

"You look like you're glowing," Karen said as she passed her friend.

"Um, yeah. I got a lot of tension worked out."

"I bet. Tell me when you're ready to meet."

"Be a minute or two."

She settled at her desk and sighed. She hadn't been that thoroughly laid sense the department off-site. That was the time all of the women in IT were not only laid, but worked over with vibrators. She'd actually passed out from one of her climaxes, the only time she could remember that happening.

Karen came in with her hands full of notes. "Ready?"

"I suppose so."

She didn't think she'd want to make love that night, but it was just as good as always. She lay there drowsily, feeling secure in Carl's arms. Was she sex mad? She hadn't done anything at lunch. That had been a slideshow presentation of her trip to Jamaica. But that afternoon, on her break, she had hooked up with Blake. It'd been great. He seemed longer than most of the guys at Hubbard, but she suspected that was because he liked to do it slowly, at least at first.

She sighed. She and Carl had made love once in the morning, and after going to bed. Then Kevin had popped twice, and Blake once. She didn't know how many times she'd climaxed, but it was more than the guys.

It was funny. She'd heard that the average woman didn't come from doing it, but every woman at Hubbard did. She didn't know why that was, but every woman had that bright, happy attitude of a woman who'd had fantastic sex.

She wondered why that was. It seemed to deep a question, though, so she tucked her arm under her head and drifted to sleep.

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