E Mail Correspondence and 'Fantasy' Series by David
Chapter 1

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Teenagers, Coercion, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Slut Wife, MaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, Interracial, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Fisting, Sex Toys, Bestiality, Squirting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Double Penetration,

Desc: True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - From writing my SOL experiences I have received many sexy e mails. I thought I would add a taste of them starting with David and his amazing fantasy writing, including our hot correspondence and his writing about me...

Following my writing about my past and present fun times on here, I have received a lot of e mailed correspondence.

One guy in particular writes to me regularly now as we exchange pics etc and he has started writing some steamy 'fictional' pieces with me as a central character.

I thought it may be fun and hot to share them with you all:

From: Anna Mike
Sent: 16 October 2013 17:37
Subject: Thanks


Thanks for the very kind feedback and comments. I hope you keep enjoying as I add more experiences of mine form my past onto SOL.
Love n hugs
Anna x

To: Anna Mike
Sent: Wednesday, 16 October 2013, 19:16
Subject: RE: Thanks

You're welcome, your stories are a massive turn-on, hope you've lots more to go!
David x

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From: Anna Mike
Sent: 16 October 2013 19:29
Subject: Re: Thanks


Yes I intend to add more experiences from my teens, twenties, and of course from my married years too. Glad you are enjoying. Hope they keep that cock of yours stiff ... blush!
have you written anything?
love n hugs
Anna x x x

To: Anna Mike
Sent: Thursday, 17 October 2013, 7:26
Subject: RE: Thanks

No I haven't written anything, though your escapades have inspired. I will send you a story (fantasy) taking up from your adventures with Bill and Frank if that's ok?
David xx

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From: Anna Mike
Date: 17/10/2013 13:39 (GMT+00:00)
Subject: Re: Thanks


Oh yes for sure!! x x I would love to read it. I hope you keep enjoying as well. It will be a real turn on for me to read anything you take the ime to conjour up!
Love n hugs
Anna x

To: Anna Mike
Sent: Thursday, 17 October 2013, 20:29
Subject: Re: Thanks

Hi Anna
Have had a long day in London and now have a long train journey, so I'll attempt a story. I've written from your perspective and tried to copy your style and language which is a massive turn on, I've only sent to you, not posted anywhere, so if you don't like it, it can be destroyed and my apologies in advance.
David xxx

Here goes:

I had been looking for another job and had managed to get an interview with a company on the edge of town.

I dressed in a mid length grey skirt just above the knee, red blouse, tan coloured seamed stockings with red shoes. I thought I looked mildly sexy without being over the top and if a bloke was interviewing it may help my cause; I rounded this off with a red suspender belt, red bra and red see through mesh knickers.

Frank had gone away for a few days, visiting his daughter, and mike was away on one of his long business trips, so I wanted to make myself feel good.

The interview went ok, but it was a woman, so no chance to tease, but I hoped maybe my abilty would shine through.

As I was walking back to the car, I turned the corner to the car park and literally bumped into Bill and another guy of similar age.

What a surprise Bill said, me too I said, what you doing here I asked.

He told me had been playing bowls. Adding that the club was just over the road. He then told me Jim (the guy with him) here was coming back to his place to help set up a new camera he had just bought and his wife was away with relatives for the week.

As I new Bill lived quite near I offered them a lift, I also thought I could maybe have a bit of fun.

When we got to the car I removed my coat and made a display of putting it in the back seat, bending over so my skirt was pulled tight over my arse and letting my skirt ride up a little.

Jim sat in the back and Bill sat in the front. Although the journey was short I made sure my skirt rode up and Bill took full advantage of looking at my displayed thighs.

When we arrived, they asked me in for a coffee, as I had time to kill, no work and Mike away at work I eagerly accepted.

Once inside I sat on the couch, Bill made coffee and Jim got about fixing the camera.

I sat on the couch and thought about a bit of fun. I crossed and uncrossed my legs, letting my skirt ride up a bit. Jim sadly didn't seem to notice.

Bill came back in with the coffee and asked if Jim had fixed the camera as he fancied taking some pics of me!

"Cheeky bastard" I said laughing. "What you want like Bill? Like this?" I said as I uncrossed my legs slowly so they could see stocking tops and my knickers.

I didn't pull my skirt down and sat there with my tan stocking tops clearly showing.

Jim nervously said the camera was ok and Bill started to take pics of me, I crossed and uncrossed my legs letting my skirt ride up to my waist with my knickers on show.

I then spread my legs wide and asked if thats what they wanted, my cunt was clearly visible through my sheer mesh knickers. I then pulled my knickers up so they where up my crack and my cunt flaps where folding on either side.

At this Bill got his prick out and started to wank while taking pics, Jim didn't know what to do. all the time I'm telling Bill to wank while I'm spread legged showing my gash to all.

Bill then said to Jim to go and sit with me, as he did so I hooked one leg over his thighs. The bulge of my cunt through my knickers was massive they where so tight.

Jim looked at me and said he hadn't been near a woman for ten years since his wife died.

I then simply opened my blouse and said, "Suck these."

In a flash he'd pulled my bra down and was sucking my nipples, fuckin hell my nipples where like bullets!
He really knew how to suck tits.

"Come on Jim finger me out," I said as I lifted my hips in the air, without warning my knickers where pulled to one side and he was shoving 3 fingers up my fanny.

I reached for my bag and got my phone, I threw it to Bill who's prick was bursting and asked him to take pictures of this, he did and when I grabbed the phone back I texted the photos of Jim fingering my cunt and sucking my tits to Mike.

My phone rang immediately to ask what was going on and I told him I was with Bill and his mate taking pics, he was ok as long as I kept the phone on.

I put my leg in a position so I could open Jims trousers and get his cock out between my legs so I could rub his bell end up my crack, Mike hadn't said yes to fucking.

I opened his trousers and the biggest fuckin cock I'd seen flopped out. Fuck it was like snake, it must have been about 9 inches but as fat as a beer can with a circumcised bell end that was like a tennis ball!

I wrapped my hand around it and started to wank it, I couldn't keep my fucking eyes off it, my cunt was dripping.

Bill walked over and shoved his cock in my mouth taking pictures and telling Mike on the on the phone that I was wanking the biggest cock he'd seen and was sucking him off at the sane time.

Mike shouted what was happening. I pulled Bills cock our my mouth and screamed to Mike, "I want this fucking horse cock."

I got Jims cock and rubbed his bell end up my crack through my mesh knickers. As I was telling Mike how the thick end was strechthing my hole through my knickers Bill spunked on my face and hair!!!! The bastard didn't even tell me.He just shot his fucking load all over me.
By now nearly all Jims bell end was in my cunt but still through my knickers I screamed to Mike as I started to cum, I sprayed cunt juice everywhere it was like a fucking hose. "Can I fuck him Mike?" I begged...

Hope you like it and I haven't offended you.I can continue if you like? I actually done it on a train from London, been rock fucking hard for 2 hours
David xxx

From: Anna Mike
Sent: 18 October 2013 06:04
Subject: Re: Thanks


Thanks sweety x x
Of course I have taken no offence, loved reading the story. You are a naughty so and so!! Hope you managed to stay rock fucking hard for a while LOL x I know I am a terrible tease! Mmmmm 9 inches and thick as a beer can! Mmmmmm
Hop you have recovered from your busy day and train journey
Love n hugs
Anna x

PS here's a little naughtier pic of me.For you only!

(I attached a pic of me lying down, finger fucking myself in my black high heels.)

Hi Anna
Glad you liked the story, I have corrected the spelling mistakes, I had to stop as I was reaching my station and my hard on was becoming noticeable to the other passengers! would you like me to finish it?

Thank you for that lovely picture, there's some lucky old blokes in your area!

I attach a little pic for you, even though it's early morning!!!!
I'll send a much better one later if you like.
David xxx

(He had attached a pic of his hard cock spunking all over the pic that I had sent him.)

To: Anna Mike
Sent: Friday, 18 October 2013, 22:45
Subject: RE: Thanks

Second part of the story below, hope you like it and I haven't offended!
Yes, your second part on SOL is great, lucky bastards!!!!
Am trying to send you something via dropbox, but that will be separate and you'll see the full fucking effect your cunt and legs have on me if I can and you get it hope you like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The pic you sent was great.
I'd love to lick the inside your thighs and fanny till you came in my mouth, just to start with!
You've given me a massive hard on ... again

Heres the second part for you, you sexy bitch!:

... Mike said no not yet.I got hold of Jim's prick and pulled it out of my knicker covered cunt, his bell end was massive all purple and wet, my knickers where still up my hole, as I pulled them out I could see they were white on the inside.

I'd fucking creamed them! I took them off and threw them to Bill.
"Smell my fanny," I said. BBill put them to his mouth and nose and called me a dirty slut.

Jim's cock was still rock hard, I got on my hands and knees and lent over to suck it.

Precum was oozing out it as I got as much as possible in my mouth.

Bill started taking more pictures, me with his cock in my mouth with Bills spunk over my face and in my hair.
I was loving it being a real slut for these old guys.

Jim asked me to lick his balls. I pulled his cock from my mouth and grabbed his big balls. I licked and sucked them, his prick was across my face as I wanked his cock end. Bill was now behind me fingering me hard and fast. I looked around at him with my spunk covered face and said "Fist it!"

I was that hot, fanny juice was dripping out of it, he shoved his hand in right up to is wrist. He shouted to Mike as the phone was still on that he'd got his arm up my cunt. I shouted to Mike that I wanted it up to his armpit!

I was literally cumming non stop, they could have done anything to me and I'd have loved it.
Bill had got my knickers wrapped around his cock and was wanking himself silly again. I was still sucking Jims cock when Bill moved alongside my face. I thought I was in for another spunk bath but no, he opened my cream filled knickers and started to spunk into them.
He filled them, spunk was in the front, gusset and back, thick globs of spunk.
"Put them on you slut," he said. I looked obediently at him. Jim then pulled his cock out my mouth and said lay back, as I did he shot the biggest load of spunk all over my face, on my nose, cheeks forehead and in my hair.

I don't think he'd cum for years, it was like he was pissing spunk!

His next load went all over my tits and blouse and he still hadn't finished as he aimed his last load at my cunt and thighs. I was covered, lovely thick spunk all over me. I put on my knickers, Bill shouted to the phone that Mike would have to crack them to get them off when I got home as there was so much spunk in them.

I just pulled my skirt down and fastened my blouse, Bill checked the doors there was no one around who might se me get to my car. I still had cum on my face, on my clothes in my hair, I looked a right slut!

David xxxx
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From: Anna Mike
Sent: 18 October 2013 23:21
Subject: Re: Thanks

OH my lord ... sorry hadn't realized it was added!!

you dirty fucker, you must think i'm a right slut LOL...
Loved it!! LOL. I have had few experiences where I have been fucking plastered in spunk, from a few guys at once.
Recently, a few months ago. Bill Frank and 3 young lads had me! They fucked me bandy legged and covered me Mmmmmm LOL

Here are 2 more pics ... JUST for you ok!!

They are from my experiences ... pic 1 is of me in black the day I teased Frank and let him watch me toying and the one in red is one he took of me x x x
God this is so horny LOL
Loved the story and will save it x x x x
Love n oodles of kisses
Anna x x x

(I had attached a pic of me dressed in a black skirt, black stockings and see through blouse and one of me in a red suspender ste fucking myself with a candle.)

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