Growing Up and Growing Close
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, Romantic, Incest, Father, Daughter, Masturbation,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Three years ago his wife died. His daughter also spent the last three years recovering and learning to adjust. During this time she had grown up, and the two of them had grown close. She now was turning sixteen. He realized how grown-up she really was, and just how close she wanted to be.

It had been just over three years since our life changed. I lost my wife to a car accident. More importantly, my daughter Ashley lost her mother. It's never a good time for a daughter to lose her mother; but age thirteen is probably one of the worst. After the loss, Ashley seemed to mature quickly. Her way of coping with the loss of her mother was to try to maintain normalcy around our home. She made everything so much easier for me, and consequently, for the both of us as well.

At first I threw myself into my work. Ashley ran the household. She cleaned, cooked, and allowed me to not worry about anything else. Consequently, I soon moved on and the two of us established our new routine. Over the three-year period, the life my daughter and I had established was wonderful. She kept busy with school and had lots of friends. Routinely they seemed to hang out at our house after school.

Each night I came home from work I could count on a hot meal. Many times one of Ashley's friends would be there because she helped with the meal. More often than not they would join us as we ate. When Ashley was not with her friends, it seemed the two of us were together. I no longer worked late. Instead, I enjoyed coming home and finding out how her day was. After dinner was over, I would relax in front of the television and Ashley would again continue to take care of everything. She ran a tight ship and made sure that the kitchen was clean immediately following dinner. I routinely offered to order out or go out. Yet my daughter seemed to take comfort in knowing that she was taking care of both the household and me.

After that, the two of us would spend each evening together. Many times we watched our favorite shows together. I found myself carrying on deep conversations with Ashley. The two of us had grown so very close in the three years since Jaclyn died. There was no doubt that the relationship between Ashley and I had changed and grown. In fact, it would not be much longer before our relationship was about to change drastically.

For Ashley's 16th birthday we had made special plans. She knew way in advance that her birthday was on a Friday. There was no doubt in her mind that she would go get her driver's license on that day. I had offered to leave work early and told her I would pick her up from school a little bit early as well. That would give us plenty of time to go to the DMV and obtain what she had been looking forward to for so long.

I also told her that once she got it, she could drive us to any restaurant she wanted to celebrate. She chose the family restaurant that we routinely frequented. I was thrilled when she mentioned she wanted to order steak. She liked steak there, but of course she cannot order it often.

I immediately surprised her, "if you're going to eat steak on your birthday, we've got to go to Alexandro's."

A grin crept up on her face, "really?"

I shook my head affirmatively, "you've never really had a good steak. What you always get is a sirloin. You deserve to have the best on that night."

By now her grin had turned into a huge smile. She lunged towards me, wrapped her arms around my neck and before I knew it I was being happily squeezed in a grateful hug.

"Thank you, Daddy," she quietly muttered as she completed her hug.

There was no doubt she had the weekend fully planned to enjoy her birthday. Friday evening the two of us would go out to eat together. This would give us ample time to celebrate as a family. Saturday night she was having four girlfriends over to spend the night and celebrate. On that note, it was not very special because many times before all four girls had been in our house. Of course, being there all night and to celebrate her birthday was going to be a special treat for her.

By Friday at lunchtime I was excited. I was surprised at myself to be so excited. It was a big day. My little girl was going to get her driver's license. She had grown so much in recent years; but now this was a sign that she was truly growing up. Add to that my evening of one-on-one time with her, and I felt like a teenager anxious for his first date. The feeling made me a bit uneasy because of how genuinely excited I actually was. I managed to put that out of my head and continue working until it was time to leave early at three o'clock.

I left work and drove straight to the school. I was able to find a parking space near the front. Nevertheless, I knew I wanted to make this quick because the school buses would be coming soon. Once they got there, all bets were off on how long it would take to get out of the parking lot. I walked briskly to the front door and made a quick left upon entering. This trip to the front office was familiar. In the past, many times I visited for an early release we were on our way to the orthodontist. Today was special.

"Big day today, huh?" Mrs. Philo said as she handed me the clipboard to fill out my daughter's name along with my signature. I was surprised how she knew.

My look must've given me away, so she continued, "I ran into Ashley in the hallway this morning. She gave me a heads up."

I shook my head affirmatively as the stunned look left my face, "okay ... I wondered how you knew what was going on"

Mrs. Philo had asked genuinely. Everyone in the school was aware that it was just Ashley and me at home. Sadly, the school rarely saw fathers. The mothers always seem to handle the school aspect. I know if Jaclyn was still around, she would've been the one signing Ashley out at that moment.

Mrs. Philo continued, "a big day for her, but for you too. You ready... ?"

I hesitated, "yes, actually I am. She's ready. And I'm ready. She's been driving with me in the car for the last year now. Now if you asked me if I'm nervous..."

The smile on my face finished my sentence.

"She's a great kid. And her dad's pretty awesome as well."

I actually might've blushed as I handed her the clipboard, "I don't know about that; but thank you."

As Mrs. Philo went to the phone to call Ashley's classroom, I stepped away from the window and began to meander in the front of the school. I read the newsletter that was hanging on the bulletin board. It wasn't much more exciting this time around than when I received it in my email a couple days ago. I was examining what was for lunch the rest of this week when Ashley came out of the hall ready to go.

"Hi, Daddy," the smile and excitement on her face were huge. In her arms were a couple small birthday bags in addition to her backpack.

She still had one open hand, so I walked towards her with my hand extended. The car keys were dangling and jingling as we moved closer. She reached forward and I gently placed the keys in her hand and then embraced her entire hand within mine for a brief second.

"Happy birthday again, sweetie." I barely got the words out.

She sensed the emotion and realized the milestone. As I continued to hold her hand, she moved closer and extended her other hand despite the backpack and birthday bags within.

She whispered softly as she came closer to my ear and completed the hug, "thank you, daddy."

I squeezed her tightly and never wanted to let her go. But we both knew going in that this would be a quick hug. Lucky for me no one was around or I probably would not have gotten the hug at all.

We separated, and within seconds she was moving quickly towards the door. Next stop, DMV.

I was done checking emails on my phone, and looked up at the clock on the wall at the DMV. They had been gone just over 30 minutes. Surely they would be back any minute. My timing was perfect. I saw our car drive by outside and begin to pull into the parking lot. My fingers were crossed. If she didn't pass her test it was going to be a somber weekend.

As the driver door opened and she flew out, it was obvious immediately she passed. She was good enough to stop and look both ways before running across the front drive. But that was her only hesitation as she ran towards the door. Bu the time I stepped outside she was jumping all over me and squeezing me with a giant hug.

"I take it you passed??"

"Yep! No problem!"

As we were wrapping up her celebration, the driving instructor walked by on his way in.

"She did great," he said to me reassuringly. He ripped off the sheet of paper and handed it to her. "Wait in there and I'll give you a call in a minute to get your picture. Congratulations."

The smile on her face was great. I was slightly jealous of this man thinking about the many times he was able to provide the happiest moment in many 16-year-olds' lives. Then I considered how many times he had to disappoint these kids also.

Once again happy with my day job, I had to work to catch up to Ashley. She was already on her way back in.

Ashley drove us home safely. Telling me all about the test and how simple it was. I had her license in my hand. I was genuinely proud of her. I literally did not say a word the whole drive. Instead, she talked up a storm. After pulling in the garage, she turned the engine off. She stopped talking and I think the reality actually hit her.

"I'm proud of you, honey, " I was happy to finally get a word in edgewise. "Should we go in and get ready for our celebration?"

She started opening the door before her answer, "yes! I'm starving!"

We both headed inside. She immediately headed upstairs. I knew she would take longer so I wasn't in a big hurry. I stopped in the kitchen for a drink. After quenching my thirst, I myself headed up. At the top of the stairs I could tell she was already in the shower. I entered my bedroom and started to begin my effort to get ready.

I quickly undressed and threw my clothes in the hamper. As I entered the shower, the excitement of the evening hit me again. Yet this time I was scared. This time the excitement led to a full-blown erection. Normally an erection in the shower would be welcome. But considering the circumstances now, I was hesitant. I avoided my cock other than to wash it thoroughly. In the long run, I still wonder if that was a good thing or a bad thing.

After the shower, I put on my slacks. I followed this with the tie and the sport coat that I had not worn in years. I was glad to see it still fit fine. It was a bit uncomfortable; but Ashley and I agreed that we would make tonight very special. I knew I definitely would not be out of place with a jacket and tie in Alexandro's on a Friday. Besides, it was touches like this to make it more special for Ashley.

As expected, I was downstairs and ready to go long before her. Like so many other instances, she was reminding me of her mother. It wasn't long before the wait paid off. As I stood by the counter in the kitchen, I nearly dropped my beer when she walked in.

She was an angel. She was definitely not my 16-year-old little girl. She was devastatingly beautiful. She easily looked like a grown woman. My emotions were a whirlwind. On the one hand I was so glad this initial transformation was taking place while the two of us were going out. The last thing I needed was to send her out looking like that with some 16-year-old punk kid. Nevertheless, the stupor I was in made me worry perhaps even more.

Her dress was made of blue. The skirt was knee length. It was definitely appropriate for a girl, or woman, her age. Below the skirt her legs were long and beautiful. I cannot imagine how excited and frightened I would've been if her skirt had been any shorter. She was wearing heels, but they definitely were not an absurd height. Again, they were definitely appropriate. Yet these heels were more than I had ever seen her wear before. They definitely accentuated her legs. Her bronze legs were shining ever so sexy. I hated myself that the term sexy was in my head.

My eyes worked their way back up and they were both riddled with guilt as they stared at her cleavage between her beautiful D cup breasts. I knew Ashley was blessed in this department because over the last year I had been listening to her lament about what a curse it was. I believe tonight she might not have felt that way. I know I certainly did not.

I had to make a conscious effort to stop staring at her breasts. I was not disappointed though because when I took a good look at her face I melted. The smile emanating from her beauty was priceless. Of course it was still covered with braces. The braces were reminder that she was still my little girl. Yet they did not detract from her overall beauty.

Her auburn hair was lovely as it cascaded down just above her shoulders. Normally it was in a ponytail. Tonight however it was free-flowing and she had obviously used a curling iron. Again, the term sexy came to my mind although I didn't want it to. But I appreciated it.

"Oh my God, you're beautiful, " I spoke lightly but convincingly.

She smiled even more. I can't imagine she would expect any less, but she seemed surprised by my favorable response.

"Thanks, Daddy."

I continued to simply stare at her and I could not get a total grasp on my feelings. I decided to not worry about that and I shifted my focus.

"Are we ready to go, our reservation is in 15 minutes?" I grabbed my keys off the counter and started for the door.

As I began to walk past her I extend my left elbow. She graciously intertwined her arm with mine and the two of us walked together down the hallway and out the front door. As any gentleman would, I opened the car door for her and she settled in. As I closed the door I took a deep breath. I was ready to go now and was prepared for a lovely night.

The meal was fabulous. Ashley agreed that her filet was extremely better than the sirloin steaks she was used to. I myself had prime rib and it could not have been better. I was now sipping a glass of brandy while Ashley saw the bright light from the corner of her eye. She saw the single candle stuck in her cheesecake as the waiter approached our table. It was at this moment I was glad we were not at any other restaurant. I did not have to worry about a bunch of singing and clapping waiters. Instead, our waiter graciously wished her happy birthday and moved on.

The candle was enough to draw attention from several of the other tables. On this note, I was slightly relieved. I noticed that many of them were staring throughout our meal. There was no doubt that it could easily be construed that I was having a midlife crisis and on a date with a 20-year-old. The simple candle in the cake allowed people to reassess the situation and I believe they all quickly realized I was celebrating with my daughter. This was particularly the case when they saw her smile thus showing off her braces.

The problem is, deep inside I believe I enjoyed their original thought. I was proud to walk in with such a beautiful, dare I say sexy, woman on my arm. Yet in the long run, I think I was better off leaving with the truth be known. In fact, I realized that tonight I had gotten a 2-for-1 in terms of exterior opinions. Both had made me very proud and excited.

As she started to take the first bite, I set her birthday present on the table.

She set her fork down and wiped her mouth with her napkin, "Daddy, you didn't have to do that. Tonight is enough."

"Open it, honey...", My lack of explanation made her curious. She opened the small box. As the lid lifted, I saw the excitement and the confusion in her face all once. It was a silver heart on a silver chain. Within the heart was a very small cream-colored stone.

"Early when your mother and I started dating, I gave this to her. It's her birthstone."

"October?" Her word was a statement and the question all once.

"Yes, it's an opal." The stone I referenced had a slight milky tone to it yet it sparkled throughout. It definitely was not large; in fact, it was just a small piece.

I continued, "we dated a long time, but this was the first true gift I gave her."

"I remember it," she spoke with hesitation.

"You might," I explained, "she really only wore it for special occasions."

By now she had taken it from the box and was holding it in her hand. She inspected it closer. As she did, I stood up and walked behind her. I reached over her shoulders and gently grabbed it. I unclasped the chain and brought both ends just under her ears.

In doing so, I moved her hair aside and gently brushed the nape of her neck on each side. The touch of her skin electrified me. At the same time, I heard her breathe deeply. My hands suddenly began to tremble as I tried to clasp it next to the back of her neck and underneath her hair. I finally got it hooked and gently let her hair cascade back down her back.

As I sat back down she was holding it tightly against her chest. Her eyes were full of tears. Mine were not. For me this was not sad. It was sentimental; yet more in a happy way for me.

"I love you, Daddy." She barely got the words out through the emotions. "Thank you."

"You're welcome," I paused for a second, "I love you too, Ashley." The tone of the statement was different than ever before.

We entered the house from the garage as always. Once in the kitchen, I made a beeline straight for the refrigerator. I was holding Ashley's leftovers. She was unable to eat all of her steak which was fine with me. I would make sure it was gone by tomorrow afternoon.

I opened the refrigerator, set it on the center shelf and grabbed a beer.

"You want something, sweetie?" I asked.

Ashley nodded at my beer, "can I have one too?"

I hesitated for a moment, and then figured what the hell. "Okay, but this is a unique occasion. I don't want to make this a habit. You're growing up fast enough with the drivers license."

I walked towards her with the beer extended out and she took it reluctantly.

"Thanks, daddy," and she took a sip.

I could tell by the look on her face she was questioning herself for asking in the first place. Meanwhile, I turned and grabbed myself the beer I originally wanted.

"We got this week's episode watch, don't we?" I asked my daughter about our favorite show.

"Yes! I forgot all about it." Her reaction confirmed my next question before I even asked.

"Let's go get out of these clothes and make ourselves comfortable."

The two of us walked out of the kitchen together side-by-side. As we approached the stairs I stopped and waved her ahead of me. It was the gentlemanly thing to do always letting the lady go first

"Thank you, sir." She playfully responded.

She started up the stairs and I waited a few seconds and watched her walk before I started. Her ass was amazing inside that blue dress. And the way it wiggled as she was moved up those steps left me again feeling a way that I shouldn't.

I began my walk up the stairs and the two of us went down the hall to our rooms.

I worked quickly and had my suit off in no time. I grabbed the hanger and managed to have it properly in the closet in under two minutes. I walked over to my dresser and saw it. I was rock hard underneath my underwear. There was no way I would be able to snuggle up with her on the couch.

I quickly made my way into the master bathroom and took off my underwear. Instantly I had my cock wrapped tightly in my hand and started to stroke quickly. I knew it would not take long as my feelings had been working it fully for the last several hours. I stood over the toilet jacking myself off quickly and efficiently. I was very careful not to think of Ashley at all while doing so. Although I knew she was the root cause of the erection in the first place.

I grimaced and my body tensed quickly as I shot my sperm into the toilet. Five massive loads hit the porcelain bowl with quite a bit of force. I took a deep breath and regained my composure. I flushed and backed away from my guilty remains.

I grabbed my underwear back off the floor and picked up where I had left off. Back in the room I grabbed my shorts and a T-shirt and I was on my way.

When I got down to the family room I couldn't believe I arrived before her. I grabbed the remote and turned on the TV. I figured I would check some scores on ESPN until she came down. I really had no time at all before I heard her. I was still standing in front of the television as I watched her come down the stairs. I nearly dropped my remote.

She was wearing a night shirt that I had never seen before. It was both shorter and more sheer than anything she had worn around the house before. The light blue material covered her fully, yet you could still ever slightly see her skin beneath it. The outline of her white panties were obvious through the material as well.

In fact, I was surprised I could not see the panties directly because of how short the nightgown was itself. I was now seeing even more of her legs then I saw when she was wearing that lovely dress. Now I was starting to wonder what she was thinking.

I acted nonchalant and walked back towards the sofa sitting in my usual spot. I watched her walk towards sofa as well and was simply awestruck. I knew I should not comment though and instead focus my attention on the television and hit play.

Ashley grabbed the blanket off the back of the sofa and set next to me. She covered herself up with the blanket just as she does most evenings. With that we began a routine ritual of watching TV. I drank a sip of my beer and realized hers was still sitting on the table as well.

"Did you want to finish your beer, sweetie?"

"Please," and her hand came out from under the blanket.

I handed her the beer and she took another large sip. She did her best to not make a face, but was not very successful. She set it down on the floor right below her and settled in once again on the sofa next to me.

As we continued to watch the show, she would occasionally come out from under the blanket and have another sip of her beer. Each time she would put the beer back in place and again snuggle under the blanket back on the sofa. Yet she seemed to be closer to me each time she returned to the sofa.

Within 15 minutes, her beer was gone. This time when she returned to the sofa she literally sat next to me and pushed her body next to mine.

"Snuggle me, daddy, "she asked. This was not a unique request from other nights. However, given the outfit she was wearing and the fact that she was drinking a beer it definitely was unique.

I obliged and wrapped my arms around her body. I was in heaven given the combination of sensation on my arms and my legs. In many places I could feel her warm skin, while in others I felt this year sensation of her nightgown's material knowing what was underneath.

Within seconds my cock was at full erection. I know she felt it. In fact, instead of pulling away, she remained right up against it. It was now pushed up against her right buttock. Neither of us moved. We both held this position for the next 10 or 15 minutes until the show ended. The whole time I paid no attention and instead my mind was a whirlwind wondering what might happen next.

The show ended and it was obvious neither one of us wanted to get up. But we knew we had to. She threw the blanket off and started to rise. I quivered slightly as her ass left my cock.

"You had a big day today," I reminded her.

"I'll say," she said with conviction, "thanks again for the necklace daddy."

"You're welcome," I was staring at her and so amazed at how grown-up she was.

I stood up from the sofa. Once completely up, she moved towards me and kissed my cheek.

"Night, daddy," she said sweetly.

"Night, honey," I replied.

She turned and started to head upstairs. I was frustrated; but happy because my moral dilemma and many worries no longer were a concern. Instead I watched her lovely ass wiggle as she moved up the flight of stairs. As she turned up the second flight I watched her kids balance as she moved quickly from stair to stair.

I flipped on "SportsCenter". I figured perhaps that would get my mind off of her. It didn't work. Ten minutes later I decided to go upstairs and try to sleep it off. Within seconds of entering my bedroom and closing the door, I had all my clothes off. I pulled the covers back and climbed into my empty bed. It'd been a long time since anybody else had been in this bed with me. Consequently, the most action that ever occurred was masturbating. And now it's time to continue the usual action.

I laid back in bed. For the very first time, I focused completely on my daughter Ashley as I started to stroke my cock. I cannot help myself. I closed my eyes and imagined all the lovely views of my beautiful 16-year-old daughter throughout the night. I imagined what it would be like to explore her young, nubile body. All the while, I continued to stroke my cock. I pictured her in her lovely dress tonight. I imagined her mouth full of braces becoming even fuller with the shaft of my penis shoved within.

I did not last long. Within minutes, I had come all over my own belly. In fact, the force shot the majority of it onto my chest. I grabbed the Kleenex from the side of the bed and wiped myself off. After several tissues, I realized I was best to simply get in the shower. I did just that – a very cold shower.

After calming down, and making sure I was now washed and clean, I climbed back into my bed and went to sleep for the night. It was starting to get warm so I threw my blanket off and fell asleep with only my sheet covering me. Later in the night I would be throwing the sheet off of my body as well. I would soon find out that this would be a key to future events.

I was lucky. My fantasy and lustful thoughts carried through to my dreams. I found myself dreaming that I was with Ashley. She was excited and I could hear her breathing. It was deep, heavy breathing. I knew I was with her, yet the dream was not clear. I felt I was somewhat awake, but I wanted to go back to sleep and continue my dreams. To no avail, I could tell I was on the verge of waking up. Yet I still heard heavy breathing.

I opened my eyes briefly and I saw her. I quickly closed my eyes again. I knew I was awake. The breathing I heard was Ashley. She was in my room. I don't know how long she had been there. The sun was shining in and it was obvious that it was her standing there. I opened my eyelids ever so slightly to continue to peek and see exactly what was going on. It was then I knew for sure she had the same feelings that I had been having recently.

Apparently, my dreams and basic anatomy led to a morning erection. I realized I was laying on the bed fully naked. I had obviously kicked off my sheet in the middle of the night. I also knew that my cock was rock hard. I could feel the pressure and actually wanted to relieve it. But I did not want to move for fear of startling her. My beautiful 16-year-old daughter that I had been fantasizing about recently was now standing next to my bed. Her nightshirt was lifted up by her left hand. Her index finger and thumb were stroking her right breast and pinching that nipple. Meanwhile, her right hand was pushed underneath the waistline of her panties and it was obvious her fingers were jammed deep within her box. I wanted to open my eyes fully and see it in all its glory. Yet I wanted it to continue. And for that, I needed to remain "asleep".

So I continued to lay on the bed and it was obvious I was completely naked. I so badly wanted to grab my rock hard cock and start to stroke. However, I knew that would prevent her from continuing her exploits. So instead, I remained motionless and watched her through my eyelids which were open ever so slightly.

She continued to pinch her nipple tightly but it was her right hand that intrigued me. It now was moving faster as it moved up and down and side to side over the top portion of her pussy. I could not see clearly though because her panties were still in the way. Her pace continued to move more and more frequently, and her breathing rate continued in sync.

Then it stopped. I was disappointed and wondered why she had stopped. I quickly realized it was only a brief pause. Instead, both her hands moved to her waistband and she quickly removed her panties. I was startled as I could feel them fall on the bed near my right arm. She raised her nightshirt once again and returned to her self-exploration and masturbation. Again she continued to fondle her breasts and pinch her nipples. But now I was able to see two fingers fully enter her vagina as she continued to satisfy herself.

Again I could hear her breathing and I so badly wanted to join her. Then, I watched as she raised her left foot to place it on the bed near her discarded panties. Now through my barely open eyelids I could see her pussy was open wide. She again shoved her two fingers deep within her and began to finger herself at the same pace as before. After several more strokes her fingers left the inside of her pussy. Instead she began to play with her clit. She stroked up and down the top of her pussy rubbing her clit completely each time. It was obvious this was her fastest route to orgasm.

It was here I had to ponder what my next step would be. I so badly wanted to rise from the bed and take my lovely daughter in my arms and make love to her. Yet I felt the timing would not be right. It would startle her, it would embarrass her. If we were going to be together I wanted to make it special. At least now I knew she was interested in much more than I had ever imagined.

I also had my raging hormones and throbbing erection that wanted to be satisfied immediately. As I thought about how quickly it could be deep inside her pussy I wanted to jump out of bed. This was obviously not an option. I also wanted to simply grab my penis and stroke with her. This was the most viable option. Yet again, it would probably startle her and right now she was "alone" so to speak.

Instead, I left her to herself. I continued to watch through my slightly open eyelids. She was now simply stroking her clip from side to side rapidly as could be. It was obvious she was just seconds away from orgasm. I watched as her fingers pinched her nipple extremely tight. In fact it was tugging forcefully. Rather hand continued to stroke her clit. Her eyes were closed and her head was back. This allowed me to open my eyes and fully enjoy the view. To see my lovely daughter in all her glory and in such an uncontrollable state was so fascinating and thoroughly stimulating for me. Just then she stopped. Her sudden lack of motion lasted for just a second and then the quivering began. I watched her body shake slightly followed by her hips jerking quickly several times.

I closed my eyes again figuring she was likely to open hers. That was the case. She dropped her foot off the bed and clamped her legs together tightly as she stood quietly. Her hand still remained between her legs. It was obvious she was applying pressure, but not moving at all.

Her breathing settled down and her motion was now minimal. Meanwhile, my cock was still rock hard and dying for attention. But I stuck to my initial decision to wait. Ashley's hold her hand away from between her legs. I saw her reach over close to me. It was only scrap her panties. I continued to watch through the small slit between my eyelids as she slid her panties back over her glistening pussy. Her nightshirt dropped back down. Then she left out of my line of sight. I heard her go around my bed and then I could hear the door open slightly and quietly. Seconds later I heard the click as the door closed. She was gone.

Instantly, I opened my eyes to ensure she was gone. With confirmation I was alone again, I immediately grabbed my cock to stroke quickly. There was no way I could be patient enough to make it to the bathroom. I fantasized about what would've happened if I had risen right then and there and taking her in my arms. The thought was too much. In less than a minute I shot my load all over myself in the bed.

I made my way to the restroom and into the shower. It was time to start my day. It was a big day ahead. My daughter is preparing for her slumber party. Five other 16-year-old girls would soon be in my house. Normally I would be extremely excited. Not that I'm a dirty old man; but yet I always enjoyed the company of my daughter's friends. They were wonderful girls and spending time with any of them was always enjoyable. Sure they were attractive and sometimes I thought impure thoughts. Yet overall I get through the day and just enjoy their company.

Today however I was not thinking about them at all. Instead, I was thinking more about Ashley and what would be next between us. Nothing had changed at this point as far as she was concerned. I would go on as usual. I wondered how many other mornings she had come into my room. I doubted if it'd ever happened before. I wondered if it would ever happen again.

In less than 24 hours I would have my answer. The answer to that question was going to please me very, very much.

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