The Borrowed Girl
Chapter 1

Caution: This Thriller Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, gi, Consensual, Coercion, Blackmail, Heterosexual, Mystery, Light Bond, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Violent,

Desc: Thriller Sex Story: Chapter 1 - DCI Griffin on the trail of kidnappers. Or is there something else involved in the strange disappearance of Rebecca Harrison?

Detective Chief Inspector Sidney Griffin and Police Constable Tessie Johnson were called in on a bright and cheerful Sunday morning to assist local law enforcement in a rural area not familiar with hardcore criminal activity. The small police station was overwhelmed with members of the press and curious citizenry eager to learn all the juicy details of the unfortunate missing child.

The very first thing that PC Johnson did was to make her boss a nice cup of tea in the kitchen because she could tell he was a bit befuddled from spending the night before at the private gentleman's club that made a strict rule of prohibiting the presence of females. She knew he enjoyed bending his elbow with his "war buddies" and reminiscing about the good old days.

The Harrison's residence was a bit on the posh side with ultra-modern conveniences and architectural bells and whistles that one seldom encounters in a rural setting. Apparently, the master of the estate, Graham Harrison had decided to remove his family from the stuffy confines of the inner city and moved lock, stock and barrel to the country. His wife Debra was a former model and a "Miss World something or other" and a fine horsewoman in her own right. Their only child Rebecca was a difficult twelve year old right on the edge of puberty.

Right at the moment, all of the curiosity seekers were kept at bay outside the sturdy iron and stone fence and gate with only persons involved in the investigation allowed inside the home. Mr. Harrison was reluctant to answer any questions at all on the advice of his attorney. His mouthpiece was the very attractive Adriana Wilkinson who had a very lucrative practice in catering to the rich and famous.

PC Johnson didn't miss the hand on Graham Harrison's knee when she sat down beside him on the sofa. Obviously, the lawyer-client relationship went considerably past confidentiality. Most of the males in the room were focused on Adriana's pretty knees which seemed to be stuck up high on the low sitting sofa allowing interesting views of her inside thighs. The notable exception to this was DCI Griffin who was more interested in listening to Mrs. Harrison relate for the umpteenth time the dreadful circumstances of her daughter's disappearance.

"I was instructing the upstairs maid Alice about the proper way to do pleats when the transit bus stopped outside the gate. I normally wait at the front door to greet Rebecca when she comes home from school but today things were a bit hectic because of the book fair tomorrow and allowing the library to use our grounds for the displays."

The still beautiful and fit Debra Harrison paused momentarily to gather her thoughts and sip at the cup of supposed tea in her hand. DCI Griffin was certain it was more brandy than tea dispensed to "settle" the upset mother's nerves and forestall an incidence of shock. That was more than appropriate in his mind since hysterical females make poor story-tellers and seldom relate useful information.

"I looked out the upstairs window and noticed that Rebecca did not get off the bus and was nowhere to be seen. I ran downstairs and asked the gardener if he had seen her at all and he told me that she never got off the bus. I ran back inside and called the school and they informed me that they had turned her over to the nice man with the note from my husband that asked her to be delivered by the driver to his office as they were planning a surprise party for her mother. I was so surprised at the ridiculous story that I immediately called my husband and he confirmed he knew absolutely nothing about the entire affair. That was when I called the police and reported that my Rebecca had been taken by a person or persons unknown."

DCI Griffin sipped quietly at his tea. It was the tea made by PC Johnson and entirely without the addition of brandy. It helped him to think because this was a crucial point in the incident and one that suggested to him that the entire operation was carefully planned and carried out by a group of professional kidnappers. That was actually on the plus-side because professionals tended to be more circumspect in their actions and seldom caused harm to come to the victims. It was the willy-nilly amateurs that caused the most damage and usually acted without logic when things started to fall apart for them.

The Chief Inspector saw Mrs. Harrison glance over at her husband and the attractive female attorney on the sofa and noticed the pained look that crossed her eyes when she saw the body language that told a story all its own. He noticed her fingers shook a little bit when she brought the tea cup up to her lips but he suspected it was more anger than fear.

PC Johnson had already started to interview the servants and gleaned little tidbits of information for their later analysis. She got directions to Rebecca's room and followed the upstairs maid Alice to see if there were any clues in the mundane items it contained. She did find a diary under the girl's pillow and placed it inside a plastic bag for deciphering later on. Strangely, she found what appeared to be a boy's jockstrap underneath the girl's bed and put that inside a bag as well. It could have been an innocent prank or some other non-sexual explanation considering the age of the victim. The last thing she found that might come into play was a photo of the young girl standing on a beach with several adults in the background watching her do a head stand with her toes pointed to the clouds. She was surprised that the photo was entirely devoid of youngsters the girl's own age and it looked odd at first glance. It could mean absolutely nothing but it was too early to come to any conclusions. After all, they weren't even certain the girl was kidnapped at this time.

When she got back downstairs, she saw the form of Mrs. Harrison leaving out the back door to head for the stables. Her boss informed her that the former Miss World was concerned about her horses as she had already missed her afternoon ride and one of the jumpers was "off his feed" because of spoiled oats. She thought it a bit odd that the mother was more concerned about her horses than her own daughter but had to admit the poor woman had control in one instance and not in the other.

Max was nervous when he stood in front of the school principal.

He was certain she might see something suspicious about his appearance but it looked like he passed muster as a private driver because he had a nice big luxury sedan and a uniform and hat that filled the part. Both he and Dolly had bleached his hair and added a thick moustache for a disguise that completely changed his appearance. The big black frame glasses had only clear glass in them but they also distracted notice of his nose and lips that might be used to identify him later in a lineup. He wore a two inch heel to make him seem taller and gave a different posture to his walk and stance.

The principal was a right old cow and treated him like some servant called to do her bidding. At least, she bought the letter and the story which sounded quite plausible. He made certain to compliment her on the décor of her office and the neatness of her desk to help ease the delivery of the young girl into his arms. Moments later a frowning Rebecca Harrison stood at the doorway with her schoolbooks and a pair of running shoes over her shoulder that must have been used in the exercise class.

"I don't know this man, Mrs. Ames!"

The elderly sniffed as if she had opened a jar of something unpleasant.

"Now, young lady, this gentleman has been sent by your daddy to take you to the office and a nice party for your mother. Do hurry along as we are getting ready to ring the bell and everything will be crowded in a matter of minutes."

Rebecca looked a little dubious about the entire affair but she was an obedient girl and bowed to the wishes of her person in authority. Max did his best to look entirely nondescript and noncommittal as if it was entirely something that had nothing to do with him at all.

They were down the stairs and into the luxury sedan in less than three minutes and it was indeed fortunate because that is when the dismissal bell rang out loud and clear.

Max drove straight to the vacant lot a short distance from the school and told the girl it was necessary for them to switch to another auto for the ride into the city. Rebecca thought that was far too suspicious and refused to get out of the back seat. That was when Max pulled out the bottle of ether and put the hanky under the small girl's nose. She was out in an instant and he placed her into his own Mini-Cooper for the return to Dolly's house. He wiped down the sedan for prints and locked it up with the keys inside so it would not be stolen. Hopefully, it would be returned to the rental lot where he had appropriated it the night before.

He drove carefully home being careful not to break any rules of the road and within the hour was pulling into his attached garage with a look of relief on his tensed up face. After he pulled down the garage door, his sister Dolly came out of the house and peered inside at the unconscious girl.

"Did you have any trouble, Love?"

Max could tell she was already heavy into the gin even though it was only mid-afternoon. There was no point hounding her about it. He was certain his sister Dolly was a full-blown alcoholic now but she had precious few vices other than the booze and a predilection to criminal behavior. This entire affair was of her making and he was just along for the ride because she kept him from having to work for a living and gave him other nocturnal perks from time to time. He was not in the least bit guilty about it because they weren't really brother and sister but he was a foster boy brought into the family by her now deceased father and mother. Right from the very beginning, she had used him to perfect her sexual skills even though she was already nineteen and he was only sixteen and completely innocent. That was twenty years ago and a lot of water had gone under the bridge since that time.

This was the first time they had actually taken someone for ransom. They did do a good job on an old widow's cat the previous month which was sort of a practice run for the real thing. The silly old hag had paid a nice ransom to get her little pussy back in one piece and they decided to go for a nice big prize with the real thing in young Rebecca.

Debra Harrison stood outside her favorite jumper's stall. All of the horses seemed in tip-top condition and she was just standing there killing time before returning back to the tense situation in the big house. Suddenly, her tears started to fall and she couldn't stop herself. The realization of the dangerous situation finally started to sink into her brain and she knew without a doubt that her one and only daughter had been kidnapped. There was nothing she could do about it except hope that the police would be able to find the kidnappers and return her daughter home safely to her.

She dried her tears and primped her hair trying her best to look normal and unaffected by the disastrous chain of events. She could tell that DCI Griffin looked to be a capable fellow but she was not too certain about the other police from the local station who all seemed a bit overwhelmed by the serious crime committed in their quiet little village.

All she really had on her mind was the safe return of her daughter. Nothing else really mattered to her.

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