Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Ma/ft, mt/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cousins, Spanking, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Freshman Frank is told by Brad, his senior pal and good friend, that the pretty girl in the cafeteria likes him. Surprised to learn that, he is coached on how to build a relationship. Anna had flirted with him unsuccessfully and felt shocked when he flirted with her. Later, she wanted to know about his weekend with the cousins that he didn't want to tell her about. First, they kissed, then they learned more about each others past. Her mother took a liking to him. Anyway, it gets better.

When I arrived at the high school cafeteria, Brad was sitting in his usual place of honor reserved for senior lunchroom monitors. He was a first-team running back and everyone in the cafeteria knew he tolerated no nonsense.

I saw him wave. "C'mon Frank, I saved your place."

"Thanks big brother. It's always nice to have a place to sit, even if it's with you." That line always got me a knuckle rub in the middle of my head.

He looked around the room. "Do you see that really pretty girl with the long brown hair over there?"

"Anna. She's in my algebra class. She sits on the front row and always gets a head start when we run over here."

"This is a secret. She likes you."

"What makes you think that? I barely know her."

"She always gets a table where she can see you come in. Then her smile goes totally unnoticed. Do you like her?"

"Well, uhhh, sure. She's nice."

"Look at her lovely lips. Would you like to kiss her?" He poked me. "Beautiful hair, beautiful eyes, a big smile only for you. You have to be serious. Did you notice that she has a lovely figure?"

"Uhm, well, everyone looks at Anna."

"Does anyone talk to Anna? I mean, she's sitting there all by herself."

Of course I had talked to Anna about algebra. I think even once she said something to me not about algebra.

"So, you agree that she's nice looking, has a great figure, beautiful lips, and a wonderful smile. Then, little brother, you stupidly sit with me?"

I was in a corner. Bradley always had a way of crowding me. He spent extra time with me at football and taught me how to tackle better. He included me in family affairs when he didn't have to. My mother said that he always wanted a little brother and didn't have one and I was the closest one he was ever going to get. "I think you're both lucky."

"I can't just go over there and put my tray down on the table and sit with her."

"Actually, you could, but I don't think you're ready, yet. So, we'll work up to it. Tomorrow, when you walk by her chair on your way here, you will smile at her and say, "Hi, Anna. Then, you will sit with me. I will see if she follows you with her eyes."

I don't know why it took so much effort the next day for me to gather my tray and walk by Anna's table, but I did. "Hi Anna. Looks like you beat me again."

"Well, I sit on the front row and you sit in the back. Doesn't matter. I would beat you, anyway." Her eyes were glittering blue.

"Oh, you would, would you? Want to try?"

"I'll wait for you outside the building tomorrow and then I'll save a seat for you."

I dutifully reported our encounter to Brad. He chuckled. "This might not take as long as I thought."

Kissing Anna? I know that Brad had a plan, but now I was in a hurry. The thought! I'd been to kissing parties and even had a girl friend until she moved away. Now, all I could think about was kissing Anna more than once.

Friday morning, she waited for me outside class and we walked together to the edge of the large field that separated our junior high from the high school. She picked up a leaf. "When the leaf hits the ground, we'll go." She had on trainers and I stupidly wore my boots. Oh, well, there's always Monday.

She greeted me with a beautiful smile. "I see you got a double hot tamale pie. That's one of my favorites, too." She looked worried. "Are you going to sit with Brad?"

I don't know where it came from. "With you, I hope. I just need to go see him, but I'll be right back."

"Frank, get your ass back over there and talk to that girl. She hasn't taken her eyes off you. God knows why. Walk back to your school with her and try to talk about something."

"Well, I'm glad you left my plate alone. You beat me good."

"I'm not surprised, but you wore boots for an excuse."

"I'll be ready for you on Monday."

Her eyes pierced me. "Oh, you will?"

We talked mostly about school stuff and other trivia. "Okay, Anna, what do you watch on TV?"

"I watch romance movies and National Geographic. I don't like all that burn 'em up, shoot 'em up violence. Give me a nice kiss any day."

"I'd love to."

"If that's true, maybe you will if you act right." We'd held hands back to our school. She poked me on the shoulder and went off to her class.

My phone buzzed as I walked toward the building. "Okay, Frank, tell me exactly what happened."

I told him in detail and about holding hands. "Okay, you'd better come to my house tonight. Our folks are partying and the cousins are coming over. Tell yours that you're staying all night. Take a shower and wash your hair."

"Yes, mother."

The 'rents went off to party together. I rode my bike over to Brad's, carrying my stuff in my backpack. I was never quite sure about these pretty cousins, but one was a senior like Brad and the other was a sophomore.

Like his dad, Brad was good on the grill and fed us good hamburgers. Too bad we couldn't use the pool. As the evening chilled, we went back inside. Brad took me aside. "We can make this a nice evening if you go along. Watch for my cues."

We played Monopoly, a game I was good at. After my winning the second game, Brad turned on the TV and found a really hot movie on the X channel. The older cousin, Samantha, (no, not "Sam,") began. "Brad, are you doing this again?"

Brad was falsely indignant. "Oh, dear me, Samantha, I forgot about your sensitivities."

"Well, think twice. If you're going to show this kind of thing in front of the children, you have to get me a drink first. Whatever will they think?"

Jordyn, the younger one, jumped in. "I hope you don't embarrass Frank. After all, we know your kind."

Brad motioned to me to follow. "Sit with Jordyn as close as you're able. After the film, we'll play better games."

Brad made each of us rum and Coke, which we took back to the girls. Samantha tasted hers. "Just right. This will make the movie better."

I sat on one end of the couch with Brad on the other. Jordyn sat sort of next to me not touching. Fifteen minutes later, Samantha poked Brad. "I'm still thirsty."

"Okay, you can have one more. We don't need any problems. Jordyn?"

"Yes, please, oh guardian of the bar."

Brad poured the new drinks, not too strong. "After these have their effect, we'll do other things. I'm not sure about Jordyn yet, but Samantha and I have unfinished business later."

I looked at Jordyn carefully. As a sophomore, she had developed well. Almost as tall as Samantha and with blond hair, she caught my eye and held it. "Here you go. Don't forget to tip the waiter." I handed her drink.

When I sat back down, she sat closer and surprised me with a kiss on my mouth. "Thank you, sir, you made it just right."

"Ever at your service, ma'am."

She scooted closer. "We'll see."

The film developed into prolonged sex scenes without total nakedness or porn. "Do you ever watch the ones that show sex, Frank?"

"Not many. Brad gets them when we can be alone. Although I like to look at beautiful naked women, this film is more arousing. We don't yet know what they're going to do."

"I've only seen one XXX, but the size of those men scared me. I couldn't imagine one of big things ever going in me."

"Believe me, they're not all that size. I see lots of them in the locker room and those film guys are freaks."

When the film ended with the couple going off to the bedroom too do what we knew but didn't see Brad turned off the TV. "Time for truth or dare."

After three tries of paper-scissors-rock, Brad won. "Samantha, are you a virgin?"

I felt Jordyn shudder against me.

"I'll take a dare."

"Take Frank to the laundry room for three minutes and kiss him. Here's the timer."

I leaned against the washing machine while she set the timer. "Frank, here's how I like to be kissed." She put her body against me with her arms under mine. "Now, turn your head a little and do your best."

I could taste her drink and feel her warm lips move. Then, she surprised me by licking my lips and nibbling on them. She moved her body against me and felt me fully hard. "Yeah, that feels good. Now, kiss again."

Just as she put her tongue in my mouth, the alarm sounded. She pushed back. "Remember where we were."

"I'll never forget."

The next bottle spin, I dared Samantha to kiss me again for five minutes. We went back to the laundry room. "Frank, we need a nice chair. Follow me." In the family room was a chair large enough for both of us. "Now, let's go back where we were."

After a few minutes of tongue kissing, she pulled away. "Don't put your tongue in a girl's mouth the first time. I know I asked, but be slow and gentle." She wiggled against my hard cock. "See, doesn't that get you excited? It does girls, too." The alarm sounded.

Samantha nodded to Brad. I knew there was a code, but didn't understand it. When the bottle landed on Samantha, she said, "Frank, I dare you to kiss Jordyn for five minutes. Use the chair."

At the chair, Jordyn sat in my lap. "Frank, do you know what's going on?"

"No, but so far, I'm happy."

She hemmed. "Well, Brad wanted Sam to give you kissing lessons. He thinks you will get a girl friend. Okay, show me what you learned."

I teased her lips with my tongue and then gradually put my mouth softly against hers. She pressed back. I licked her lips and poised my tongue for entry. She sucked it in. The alarm sounded. "That was good, Frank. Maybe we could practice again."

After the next fake bottle spin, I ended back on the easy chair with Samantha. "Now, Frank, after kissing is feeling. I want you to feel my breast. First, through my sweater, then under my sweater, then pull the bra away and pinch my nipple. Can you do that?"

As we kissed, I followed the script. When I began rolling her nipple between my fingers, I could feel her response. "Like that. Just like that. Some girls will come if you keep that up. Not too hard. Maybe suck on it to get it wet, but keep that up." She stiffened. "Oh, god." I could feel her spasms.

She took my hand away, quickly extracted my suffering cock and stuck it in her throat. I lasted maybe thirty seconds spurting just as the alarm sounded. We both staggered back to the TV room.

After Samantha gave Brad the thumbs up, Jordyn moved closer. "I think you passed the test. I'm supposed to give you the last lesson."

She took my hand and led me upstairs to the room where she slept. She rambled. "Don't do anything you don't want to, but Sam and I like to stay here when our parents party. So, if you're willing to be with me, our problem is solved. Sam and Brad have a thing going and I don't fit in."

"I'm happy to be with you. When do we start?"

"We start with kissing and then see how much you remember. Let's get on the bed."

We kissed, soon moving to tongues. I could feel her responding. I tweaked her nipple.

"You're doing great. Don't make me undress myself."

I removed her sweater, her bra—and then gasped at the large beauties—and finally her panties. She had trimmed her bush to fit her bikini, I assume. Seeing my first real one, I almost gasped when she opened her legs.

"Now, when you're naked, take me in your mouth."

Even having not done it, I couldn't flinch and stop. I had a huge hard on for a while, but I went forward and took her entire vulva in my mouth. I did what the Internet stories said and it worked. She floundered and wailed, clamping her thighs on my head.

When she recovered, she pulled my head up to hers and licked my face clean of her juices. "I don't know where you learned, but that was marvelous." I drew her to me to feel her naked breasts against my chest.

We licked and kissed. I moved my mouth to her nipple and bit it softly. First one and then the other. She pushed me back. "I could feel this all night, but I need to, I mean I told Sam I would make you come, too. Roll over."

She scrunched up between my legs and reached for my cock. "Jordyn, if you turn around, we can do each other at the same time. They call it 69 on the Internet."

"Okay, so, you read those stories, too."

Although it took a struggle to get us aligned, I had a wet fuzzy pussy in my face and she had me down her throat, or so it seemed. We arrived at a rhythm where she would do me for a few seconds and then I would do her. I couldn't warn her because my mouth was full and so was hers. Then, I had this most glorious come in her mouth. She licked and sucked until I was dry. After a minute, I continued sucking her pussy until she exploded squeezing my head.

We realigned and she licked her juice off my face again, which led to more kisses. She put her head back. "This is the best night of my life, Frank. I had no idea how good you could make me feel."

"As you could tell by my fumbling around, it was my first and best, too. I love the feel of your pussy on my mouth and the taste of you."

"Sam told me that if I got you deep enough, I wouldn't have to deal with the taste of your come. She says I'll get used to it, but I didn't taste much this time."

As we continued to kiss, she felt me getting hard again. I felt her hips begin to thrust against my hand. "Did your Internet story tell you what to do next?"

"Yes. It said that now, you would be ready to have me inside you and that I should go ahead."

"I'm ready and I want you to be my first. I think I'm your first. We might as well learn together. I told Samantha that I wanted to have real sex and she said you should be the one. We'll keep it in the family."

On my knees between her thighs, I started to move forward. "Oh, you don't need a condom, I'm on the pill. Remember to ask every time."

Based on the stories, I knew what to do, so I plunged into her. She screamed. I wilted. "My god, Frank, go in slowly, no matter what I say. You could hurt me with that weapon."

"I'm sorry."

"Oh, Frank, you couldn't know. Do not be sorry. Next time, you'll go slowly. I'll like that better. You're larger than you think you are." She ruffled my hair. "Now come back up here and kiss me so we can start over."

By the time we had repeated all the foreplay I could tell that she was wet and ready. I slipped a pillow under her butt and then entered her slowly, inch by inch. I couldn't believe how good she felt at first but then she astounded me by rotating her hips causing our pubic bones to rub.

"Roll over now so that I can be on top. That will be a new experience for both of us. Samantha says it's often the best way."

Being inexperienced I didn't maintain myself inside her as we rolled over. She quickly repaired my error. "I think that if we practice we can roll over without losing contact. Next time we'll try again." She continued her hip rotation much like one of those professional dancers on TV. "This is good Frank. I can't imagine anything feeling better. I'm almost there Frank. Almost there. There. There. There oh God, there." She fell to my chest. I could feel her pussy continued to spasm and I almost lost it.

Soon, she pushed herself back up and started her marvelous movements again. "For a couple of newcomers to all this activity I think we're doing well. I can feel you all the way to the end and when I twirl my butt you touch every bit of the inside of me. Now I know for sure why everyone says the real thing is better than my vibrator."

"It's sure better than anything else I've ever done." I remembered that pinching her nipples might get her off again and I started on them.

"If you keep that up you're going to drive me crazy and I want to go there." I could feel her pick up the pace. "Almost there. Just like that almost – almost – almost there." Her words collapsed into a guttural moan as she continued her movements.

"I can't hold out. Oh my God here comes." I continued to push in her until I had nothing left. "My God, Jordyn, that was the best thing that ever happened to me." I only thought of hugging her to me and kissing her again and again.

As we snuggled she sighed. "For a couple of virgins I don't see how it could be any better. I used my fingers before I got my vibrator which was then a big improvement. I'm afraid I'm going to want to do that again and again and it scares me. We can't get together often and I don't have anyone who could make me feel that good."

"I don't have anyone either and I don't have a place even if I did. To think that our first time was on this lovely bed after those people downstairs got us all worked up makes me think we have been lucky."

"Samantha likes Brad a lot. She's his cousin and can't run off dating him. All they can do is get together when the parents want to party. I suppose we need to encourage our parents to party more. Hey? How might we do that? I just wonder if they swing."

"You mean have sex with everyone?"

"That's what swinging is."

There was a knock at the door. "Okay Frank, Jordyn, time to come back down."

As I started to dress, Jordyn walked over and put her bare breasts against my chest. "I like you Frank. I had no idea that you could make me feel that good. When you look at me like you want to eat me up that's exactly what I want you to do. Remember that."

As I stumbled down the stairs I reflected on how well Brad had orchestrated this night. I guess he and Samantha had been on the phone trying to figure out how to get everyone satisfied. I guess he hadn't predicted how well Jordyn I would get along. When he told me to pack my bag and come over I had no idea what to expect. How could I?

When we sat on the couch, Jordyn began. "It looks like you guys have had a nice time and I damn sure have and I want to do it again. Samantha, do you think our folks are swingers?"

Samantha laughed. "Yes, Jordyn, our parents are swingers they have been for years. Frank's father had an affair with our mother and Brad's mother found out about it. She called Frank's mother and the three of them had quite a session, at the end of which they decided to share. The men were shocked to be found out, but went along. Mom says it just got better after that. To think, they could have divorced and we wouldn't be here.

"It was tricky for them to get together when we were younger but now that they can send the two of us over here for our loving Brad to take care of us and feed us, I think they feel a certain freedom." She held up her glass. "Brad, I'm empty."

With glasses refilled, I noticed Jordyn thinking. Jordyn is smart. "You like to be with Brad and I like to be with Frank, how do we make our folks get together more often?"

"Well, Jordyn, Frank, Samantha, let's put our IQ together and see if we can orchestrate parental liberation." He went on. "Ultimately our goal has to be for them to recognize that we need to be together and approve of it."

Samantha giggled. She gasped and giggled again. "Well, children you do know that our folks go to that cabin in the nudist resort. That's where our liberation will be. So we have to encourage them to consider going off together and taking us with them. I'm sure we can find articles that say that kids of our age should be introduced to nudity early on. So, we plant some articles where they will find them."

Brad looked at me. "Frank, I know you're good on the Internet. Let's take an hour and go see what we can find. You take dad's computer because it is bigger faster and meaner hotter than any other and don't bother to erase the history. Let him find it."

I took Jordyn's hand and went into the forbidden zone. There on that desk was the most impressive computer system I have ever seen. I mean I've seen pictures on the Internet and read all the numbers but this was real. "Jordyn, sweetie, give me some keywords."

"Lick Jordyn's pussy. Suck Jordyn's nipples. Fuck Jordyn senseless. Do it again."

"You are not being helpful. Write out some keywords or phrases."

She pouted, picked up her pen and began writing words. While she was writing the words I built filters. We soon came to a list of serious potentials. One called, "If your parents are nudists."

She rubbed against my back making certain that she knew those breasts were impressing me. "Go there. Let's see what's happening."

The website showed families of all shapes and sizes walking around nude.

She put her arms around my neck and whispered in my ear. "Go see what the rules are and where it is."

The rules were cool but it was a long way from where we live. There were links to other resorts closer to home. We followed those links until we found the link that sounded like the one our parents used.

Jordyn whispered. "Can you imagine what we will feel like in the nice warm sunshine and you with a huge erection and me with a wet pussy?"

"Jordyn, dammit, let me do this."

"Old dear me Frank, I'd rather you did me."

We called Samantha and Brad to view our results. Samantha looked carefully. "You know, I think that is the place."

We spent an hour trying to figure out how to get them to include us. We yammered and yammered until Jordyn said, "Didn't you guys ever hear of blackmail?"

Silence. Silence. "Okay, Jordyn, how?

Back at the computer, she gave me keywords and phrases while licking my ear. I swatted her butt. "We have two choices. Beg or blackmail. I don't like either. Then, I remembered an old story. Fake a letter on the company letterhead. I called them back."

Upon hearing my suggestion, Samantha said, "I can replicate that letterhead. What does the letter say?"

"Standard marketing stuff like a form letter. 'We haven't seen you in a while. Maybe you have children who might like to enjoy our lifestyle before they're too old.' Blah, blah."

Samantha turned around and kissed me good. "Frank, I knew you were good for something. Jordyn agrees with me. Now, get out of my way."

Within twenty minutes, she'd copied the logo from the resort, organized a nice letterhead and then stopped. "Brad, can you write the letter?"

"No need to write it. Just cut and paste from the website."

"Great idea."

It took us an hour, but we had a perfectly faked letter. Maybe we could counterfeit bills?

Brad asked, "You guys want sandwiches, hot dogs, or pizza?"

After all the arguments about the toppings, he called in the order, barely making the delivery deadline. He then took Jordyn by the hand. "Help me with the drinks."

Samantha came close to me. "Okay, by now, you know you've been set up. Brad wants you to be confident like he is. Oh, he got in my panties the first time he tried. I never regretted that. Uhmmm. Anyway, about this Anna, what do you want? Brad says she has nice boobs."

I felt invaded. I liked Anna. "Well, I want to kiss and hug her and see if she likes me."

Samantha pondered. "Okay, kiss me and then feel my breast like I showed you. If she resists, back away. Go as slow as necessary to keep from scaring her. Talk to her about non-school topics, ugh, even sitcoms. You'll never do without when the cousins are here."

We finished the pizza, cleaned up our mess, and looked at each other. Brad opened. "Jordyn, are you okay with Frank?"

"Oh, yeah. We had a nice time."

"Took your cherry, did he?"

"And, I took his."


"Life couldn't be better. Don't mind us. We'll find something to do."

Brad faked a yawn. "Well, kiddies, it's my bedtime. Come along Samantha and tuck me in."

When they left, Jordyn whispered, "Want to watch TV or go to bed?"

"Are you kidding? I haven't had enough of you yet. I think I'm addicted." I locked the bedroom door as we went in.

She chuckled. "That lock is only a suggestion. It's easy to come in here from that bathroom. That door doesn't lock. Don't worry, we'll be fine."

She moved in and kissed me. "Think we ought to practice nudity tomorrow before we have to leave?"

"I'm for that. Let's see if the old folks are willing."

"Sam says showering together feels good. Want to try it?"

I washed her hair, rinsed it, and then turned her around to face me while I put in the conditioner. "I'll never feel the same by myself in the shower again and I used to think that was a great feeling. The pulsating showerhead gives quite a thrill. This is better."

I could feel her soapy breasts against my chest as she held her head back for the rinse. That pushed her pubic mound against me. She washed my cock as it stiffened.

"Don't overdo that. Too much soap makes it itch later. Besides, I want to save it for a special place."

When she moved her hand, I washed her pussy. "You don't have to stop, mine doesn't wear out." I held her with one arm and stroked her with my fingers until she shuddered and pushed my hand away.

Back in bed she turned to face me putting her breasts against my chest. Her eyes sparkled in the lamplight. "I am so surprised at how well we get along. Other than the hot sex that I didn't expect, I like your company."

"I like to be with you, too. Too bad we live so far apart."

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