Sandra's Hidden Depths
Chapter 1

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Mind Control, Heterosexual, Fiction, MaleDom, Light Bond, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Exhibitionism, Doctor/Nurse, Workplace,

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A snowstorm provides the backdrop and the opportunity for Sandra to act out her submissive fantasies

Sometimes, we go into work when we would much rather be huddled under our blankets. Issues like a continuing stream of paychecks, ongoing employability, and assorted similar trifles can mysteriously levitate us from our warm beds, through our kitchens, and out into our vehicles, there to drive in stupidly miserable weather so we could Fight Disease And Save Lives ™.

Now, I used to live in Northern Michigan, so a little snow does not faze me overly much. Hell, a lot of snow isn't much of a big deal. I used to volunteer with the rural rescue where my family lived, so I was accustomed to coding out in weather that even the locals (wisely) determined was too batshit fucking awful to drive around in, so driving in to work during this particular snowstorm only meant getting out of bed early, packing extra clothes, food and water beyond my typical lunch, and heading slowly off into the white out.

I arrived at work earlier than I had anticipated, so I got to let myself into work before anybody else. Or so I had thought, until I saw Sandra neatly seated at her station, looking for all the world as if she had just come in from a spring day to begin work.

"Not that I'm not delighted to spend the day with you, but what on earth brought you in to work today?", was the greeting I received. I summarized the foregoing for her, and turned the question back to her.

"Well, I only live about a half a mile from here, and there was no way I was going to get to Central Clinic today", she explained. "I swapped with Cindy, and she will work there today, since she isn't all that far, and I trudged in here. I made coffee!", she finished brightly.

Recognizing a good thing when I heard it, I dumped my stuff, and went about saturating my caffeine receptors. I took my station, and we began our day. Clinic medicine is different from hospital medicine, but similarly has your day determined by the decisions and actions of others. If folks make good decisions and avoid PDFL fails (wherein Pure Dumb Fucking Luck rears up and smites them), we sit and chat a lot. If they insist on doing dumb stuff, then we get busy. Snowed in folks seem not to do much in the way of clinic level dumbness. That works for me, from time to time.

Our day passed, we performed the clerical chores that came our way, saw the patients who managed to trudge on in, and we chatted. Mid afternoon The Suits called, telling us we were closing down due to the continuing snow. We concluded what we were doing, packed up, and headed out. I offered Sandra a ride home.

Of course, it had snowed yet more while we were at work. I was able to navigate out of the parking lot, after a couple of tries, but the city streets were entertaining, to say the least. I finally pulled into Sandra's apartment parking lot, and pulled to a stop. Once I felt the truck settle a few inches, it occurred to me that allowing her to eject while I slowly rolled past her place might have been a better idea, from a mobility perspective. As it was, I wasn't going anywhere for a while, a fact confirmed by a few experimental attempts to rock the vehicle forward and back. Sigh.

Sandra noticed, as well. "Looks like you might be interested something warm to drink. Lets carry your stuff inside, and get settled."

I juggled the majority of the baggage while she fished for her keys. Once the door opened, and our debris was collected inside, I offered to do some shoveling.

Around a half hour later, I could see beneath my truck (no, I wasn't going anywhere anytime soon), had cleared her walk, and started to excavate her car. I'd done as much as I was going to get done for the time being, and retreated indoors.

As I shed my winter gear, and hung it up, I savored the smell of something delicious cooking. Sandra looked up from the stove, and offered me a taste. "What do you think? It's my Mom's beef stew recipe."

"Yum! May I have some?"

"Of course, silly! You aren't going anywhere for the night. As my knight in shining armor, who swept me up and carried me home through the frozen wastes, of course you get fed, at the very least!"

We enjoyed dinner, and chatted about the storm, laughing about the media's hysteria. Having cleaned up, we sat on the sofa, and watched tv for a while, occasionally laughing about some foolishness or other. After a while, Sandra got up to retrieve a blanket, and returned to the couch, having wrapped the blanket about herself, and leaned against me. I placed my arm around her shoulder, and caressed her arm slowly. She stopped me, and drew my arm inside the blanket, where I found not the blouse she had been wearing, but a terrycloth bathrobe.

I rubbed her arm, as before, companionably, glad I wasn't sliding my way home, while I enjoyed the warmth of the cute young woman at my side. She was 20 years younger than me, a bit shorter than my own 5 feet 6 inches. She looked to be around 120 pounds, shoulder length brown hair she wore in a pony tail most days. Cute, smart, professional, capable. Yep, quite the attractive package.

She relaxed against me for a while, then turned a bit, her right breast pressed against my side. "You know, Mark, most guys would have wandering hands by now. How come you don't?"

"Well, this isn't a date, you're young enough that you are likely more interested in some younger man who isn't bringing along my baggage, and, finally, if I started caressing you, I don't know where I'd stop. You do know I've been admiring you from afar, don't you?"

"What makes you think I'd want you to stop? I know I've caught your attention. The fact that you tried so hard to be subtle is only one of the things about you that interest me. Guys my age don't seem able to stop undressing me with their eyes. They make every move that they seem to think that they can get away with. You? I know you've admired my figure, but you make considerable efforts to avoid being obvious about it. But, a girl knows when she has been ogled. You, young man, have ogled me!"

"Guilty! I hope I haven't offended you. Like you said, I have tried to be unobtrusive about it."

"I hope you realize that sometimes, I played into your ogling. When I saw we would be working together, I gave some thought to how I could tantalize you, and maybe trick you into some horn dog leering. You never entirely fell for it. You continued being your subtle, low key self. That day of the last big snowfall? I picked that jacket and those boots, specifically because they showed off my butt so well. What did you think?"

"I think that you succeeded. I tried to not act like I'd never seen a woman in a coat and boots before, but you looked so tasty as you left for the night, I suppose I might have looked star-struck."

She giggled a little. "Yep, you certainly did. I saw you staring down the hall, right where I was, when I turned to close the door. Made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! A girl likes to feel appreciated once in a while. That look you were giving me, sure made me feel appreciated!"

With that, she settled her cheek into my shoulder, and her left arm across my chest. Adjusting her head into the hollow above my shoulder, she murmured, "Feels like that spot was just made for me."

I responded by giving her a squeeze, and thoughtfully gazed off into the corner of the room. I was indoors, I was warm, I had a cute young woman beneath my arm: life was good. I relaxed, imagining where this might lead, at least according to my fevered imaginings.

After (I suppose) a half an hour, I roused from my thoughts, and gave Sandra a little shake. "Time for bed, I think." I suggested.

"You don't waste any time on foreplay, do you," she grinned back at me. "I usually insist on being wined and dined, before we go to bed, mister!"

I backpedaled, since I had meant a completely innocent slumber. Not my best conversational moment. Stuttering, I searched for something to say. She laughed out loud.

"You should see your face! I don't think I've ever seen you at such a loss for words. Oh, I wish I had caught this on video!"

I was not nearly as amused, trying to recover my balance. I had indeed meant it entirely in innocence, but she had given voice to my lustful musings. The contrast left me nonplussed. I continued to sputter and make no sense whatsoever. Eventually, she rescued me.

"Your bed is in here," she said, rising and pulling me to my feet by my hand. " I even have sheets and a blanket, so you don't have to use your chilly sleeping bag. All the comforts of home!"

I had somewhat recovered. "And sharp witted company! Simply an extra service you offer your guests?"

"Yep!" she agreed. "You ought to see what we include in the holiday package!"

"I might never be able to collect myself enough to speak at all!", I ruefully admitted. "Thank you for the hospitality."

"You're welcome. Sleep tight!"

She turned to exit the bedroom, and I now noticed how short her housecoat was. When she stood, it came to about the middle of her bare thigh, revealing a firm expanse of leg. When she was seated, if must have risen to nearly ... I wasn't sure I wanted to think about how high it would rise, when she was seated. I did watch her firm rear roll as she walked out into the hallway, and turned toward her own bedroom.

It had been a long day, and the unaccustomed exertion of shoveling both her vehicle and mine was the capper. I shortly fell asleep.

Once asleep, I began to dream. I found myself facing Sandra, who was wearing her short housecoat. She had the tie loosened, and was playing with it, nervously or teasingly, was not clear. She had a faint smile on her face, as if she was uncertain of my reaction, but anticipating my positive reaction to whatever she was about to do. In my mind, I could tell I was thinking, "Take it off! I want to see all of you."

In my dream, as if she heard my thoughts, a look of decision crossed her face, and she drew the tie loose of the knot, grasped the lapels of the robe, and drew them apart. Her breasts came into view. I admired their firmness, the erect coral nipple atop each one, I noticed her own breathing was more rapid than I had noticed at dinner, and there was a flush (a blush?) developing across her upper chest and breasts.

The director in my mind continued orchestrating her actions, suggesting, "drop the robe". She hesitated a moment, then did so, her shaved pubis revealed by the falling cloth. I admired her beauty, in my dream, and recall thinking, "I sure wish she would turn, so I could admire her butt!" She began a faint smile, and she slowly turned, glancing over her shoulder uncertainly as if worrying about my response.

She shouldn't have worried in any way. Her firm buttocks complemented her upright breasts, and curved in to meet her waist. Fetching, simply fetching. As if she heard my praise, she smiled a radiant smile at me over her shoulder, and gave her hips a little wiggle, causing delicious things to happen, from my point of view. I gazed upon her, nearly breathless at her loveliness. I remember thinking, "I want you to come to me, I want to hold you close." She turned about, and began to walk to me. That is about all I remember of that dream.

What I do recall, is being awakened by the bed shifting. I opened my eyes to find the room dimly illuminated by outside streetlights. I saw Sandra seated upon the edge of my bed, and she looked at me, both concerned and radiant at the same time.

"Mark? Were you just dreaming?"

"Yep. Very nicely, too."

"uhhh ... was I in your dream?"

"Yep. That is why it was such a nice dream."

"I was dreaming too."

"Really? About what?"

"You go first. Tell me about your dream."

"Do you really want to hear about my dream? It was kind of graphic"

"Tell me. I bet I already know."

That was odd, but, whatever, she had asked twice. "I was dreaming about you. You were in that bathrobe, and it was like you could read my mind. I was hoping you'd give me a glimpse of your breasts, and you did. I wanted you to drop the robe altogether, and you did. I wanted you to come closer, so I could admire you closer, and, well, here you are. Some dream, huh?"

Sandra grinned at me, and replied, "Yep, that was some kind of dream. Were you really thinking all those things? About how pretty I was, about how you wanted to see me, about how you had desired me? All those things that seemed to flow through my mind, while I was dreaming about you, about submitting to you?"

At that, her hands flew up to her mouth, and she turned her head, as if this was an admission too far. I sat up, and took her hands, gently laying them in her lap. Placing a hand upon each of her cheeks, I turned her gaze towards me.

"Sandra, I was thinking those things just now, because I've been thinking them for months. Only a fool wouldn't desire you. Only an idiot wouldn't seek you out."

"Then why did you hold back? You have been a perfect gentleman, and I had no hint you felt this way. Yeah, you glanced at me, and I appreciated that, but you made no moves. Why?"

"Well, for starters, there is the age thing. Then, there is the fishing-in-the-company-pond thing. Finally, I had no indication you would be receptive to my attentions. That might have gotten awkward. Of course, I've desired you. Who wouldn't?"

She looked at me, and the silence lengthened. I noticed her breathing was faster than I would have anticipated. I took a chance. "What happened to your robe?"

She cocked her head. "I ... I got dressed to come here."


"Huh? Because that's what you do. You get dressed to leave your room."

"You weren't dressed a moment ago, were you? Why not?"

"You ... you wanted me to take off my robe?"

"Why would I want you to replace it?"

"You ... you don't want me to wear my robe?"

I grinned. "Nope. I try not to act, all the time, like I was an idiot."

She paused. I prompted her: "Well?"

Sandra stood, hesitantly. She grasped the tie holding her robe, and looked at me, A ghost of a smile began to play upon her face. "You really want me to do this?", she asked.

I corrected her. "I really want you. And, I really want you to do this. Now would be good."

She began to untie her robe. Again, she grasped the lapels, and drew the robe down her arms, and let it drop to the floor. Naked, she stood before me, and again I admired her. As in the dream, she turned, glancing over her shoulder at me, uncertainty now banished from her face. I celebrated her form with my gaze, running my eyes over her legs, her firm finely curved derriere, her slim waist, the swell of her chest complementing her breasts, her neck, and, peering over her shoulder, grinning at me mischievously, her full lips.

I spoke. "I don't really know if I'm awake or not. I have to wonder, because this seems like a dream. I really want you to come closer, so I can be certain you are as real as you appear."

That looked to be the right thing to say, as her smile broadened. She turned back my way, and came to a halt.

She laid one manicured finger on my chest, pressing it lightly into me. "You are a dangerous fellow", she said with a grin. "You look so mild and low key, you don't openly leer at women, but, once you get them alone, you actually listen to them, and look them in the eyes. THAT makes you dangerous!" She withdrew her finger, looked me up and down, and continued. "That sort of attention from a grown ass man, who is capable and confident, can charm a girl out of her panties. That sort of scheming can distract a girl from the fact that you want into those same panties. That sort of maneuvering can convince a girl that you are familiar with what a woman wants. I think you can convince a girl that you know how to show her a very good time. I want you to convince me that you have, indeed, shown me a very good time. I think tonight will prove to be a wonderful opportunity for all these things to come together. What do you think?"

I think that there was no way on Earth that I could become any more erect than I was, at that very moment. I think that there was a pronounced lack of oxygen in the room at that moment. I think I wanted to give her the the correct response.

What I said was, "I think that is a wonderful idea. I think I will do my very best!"

She grinned at me for moment, then asked, "Aren't you kind of overdressed?"

"It sure seems like it!" I replied. Sleeping in my shorts and t-shirt, I didn't have far to go to catch up with her, and shortly I was naked as she. My approval of the circumstances was wobblingly evident, and she took notice.

"Does that mean what I think it means?"

"If you think that it means that I approve, you are correct", I replied.

"Approve, eh?", she answered. "Are you intending to simply admire me, or was there something else in your devious agenda?"

"Actually, I suspect there is something in our common agenda, and while admiring you is indeed a part of it, we both know that there is more. For starters, why don't you sit on my lap, and tell me a bedtime story."

"What sort of story did you have in mind?"

"Sandra, tell me about your dream. I'd like to hear it."

She looked over my shoulder for a second, and straddled my lap, pressing my stiffy into my belly with her pudenda in the process. She seemed to enjoy this, as her oils began to collect along my cock's length as she settled in. She began:

"I fell asleep fairly quickly. Once asleep, I began to imagine that you were there, and speaking to me. My ears did not hear anything, but it was as if your voice was in my head, as well as awareness of what you seemed to be feeling. I was wearing that housecoat I had worn earlier, and I felt that it showed me off well. While that was the effect I wanted, it made me nervous. I mean, you are older and more experienced than me, and I did not know if you were even interested in me at all in that way. So, I was both anxious about your reaction, and aware that you found me, and me in that short housecoat, attractive. While I was fidgeting with the tie, you told me you wanted me to loosen it. You wanted to see my breasts.

It was like you were commanding me, and it was exciting to feel the power of your desire for me. It was like I could feel how hot my breasts made you, and that excited me. Next I kind of heard you direct me to drop the robe, so all of me would be exposed. That was forward of me, I never do that sort of thing with a man. But, for some reason, you directing me to do it, made it ok, and I did it. I don't know why I shaved myself this morning, and I was afraid you'd think I looked like a little girl. When I realized that you were getting more excited by me, and I could sort of hear you admiring my body, my pussy started to gush! When you ordered me to turn, and show you my butt, well, I did it. I didn't know if you'd like my butt. I think it's too small and flat."

I interrupted. "Does it feel like I find anything wrong with your butt?"

"What do you mean?", she asked

"The evidence is throbbing between us. Your firm butt is perfect for your body size. Your butt, along with the rest of you, excites me. I tried to conceal how you attract me, but, well, now it seems is a good time for full disclosure. I've been lusting after you for some time now. Your seductive games certainly kept my blood pumping. I hope you're proud of yourself!"

She smiled at me. "Yep. Thank you for admiring me. I'm happy you like my body. Anyway, when you ordered me to come closer, the overtones in your thoughts let me know you meant considerably closer. I could feel your hunger for me, and you can imagine how that aroused me."

As she continued her story, she began to slowly rock back and forth. This spread her secretions along greater reaches of my rod. Long about this point in her tale, she appeared to have reached a decision. She raised herself a bit, reached between us, and, adjusting my hardness, settled herself along my length, drawing me into her steamy depths. She rolled her head back, and inhaled deeply, as if to savor our first joining. I drew her hands down from my shoulders, and, joining them behind her, secured them with my grasp. She trembled at this, and looked into my eyes. Holding my gaze, she began to raise and lower herself along my length, her grasping depths seeming to reluctantly release me.

I directed her, "Please continue telling me about your dream."

She paused briefly, then resumed both her reciprocation along my length, and her story. "Well, I turned, like you directed, and showed you my butt. I could sort of 'hear' your approval, and that made me feel warm inside. I heard you tell me you wanted me to come closer. Out of habit, I picked up my robe again, and came to you. I was hoping you would take charge, and we'd wind up like this, but I didn't know if this was simply my dream, or if I had correctly read your intentions. I was hoping my subconscious had read you right, and you wanted me. Seems like I got that part right!"

I was really enjoying the effect her slick canal was having upon my prong. I directed her to accelerate her pace upon me, using her hands to do so. "You got it dead right. Is the reality living up to the dream?"

Distractedly, she replied, "Ohhh, yeaahh! Just like in my dreams."

"What have your other dreams involving me been like? What sort of activities, what sort of feelings?"

She rode me for a moment, then considered. "Do you really want to hear all this right now? How about I tell you my highlights, and we can go over the details later?"

"Fine with me. Tell me as little or as much as you want to, now. We'll fill in the blanks later."

"Well, I have imagined you taking control of me," as she wriggled her hands in my grasp. "I have dreamed about us being intimate like this, about you filling me. I have wondered what you might demand of me, about how you might make me please you, and how thrilling it would be for me. I had fantasies about you taking my puss, and how that would feel..."

I interjected, "And how does it feel?"

She paused, reflecting, then resumed fucking herself on me. "It feels really warm, and hard, and you are almost stretching me. No, you aren't built like some movie star, it's more that I'm so excited that I'm squeezing you inside, and that makes it like you are stretching me. You understand?"

"A little bit, and I'm flattered. I've desired you for a while. The reality is better than my imaginings. Here, I'd like to try something different for a while. Get on your knees on the bed. Tell me what you think about this."

Once we had readjusted ourselves, I grasped her hips, and slotted my cock at her introitus. I reclaimed my place within her, slowly easing in and out. She told me what she thought of that!

"Ooohhh! Yeah! You feel like you get so deep like that! Hhmmmmm! Keep that up, just like that!" She fell silent for a while, rolling her head back and forth. I continued to thread my throbbing erection into her grotto, retreat, and return. She began to push back onto me, with the effect that I was fucking her harder as we went along. Soon, I was flat out driving for the home run, as she met each of my thrusts. The build up had gotten us both steaming, so we couldn't handle too much of this chase, and so we soon began to cry out our climaxes. I felt her begin to caress my shaft with her inner muscles, and she began to chant "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!", increasing both in pace and volume. I accelerated the pounding her quim was receiving, as I chased my own release. She froze, clasping me tightly deep inside her, and drew out my own climax.

I couldn't move for several seconds, and she likewise froze. After I realized once again that I could breathe, I fell to my side. Sandra folded up like a towel, and, slowly, raised her arm, crept next to me, and drew my upper arm over herself. We lay like that, feeling the quakes of our orgasms fade away. She eventually raised her head, looked at me, and with half a grin noted, "That wasn't bad for a first encounter. I have high hopes for a rematch. You may find yourself resetting my personal high water mark for fun in bed, it you keep this up. I think you show a lot of promise!"

The speech center of my brain must have started getting blood flow again. I replied, "You didn't do so poorly yourself, for a kid. With a little bit of training, and a bit of practice, you will develop into a lover of world renown!"

She made a moue, and lightly punched my chest. "Kid, huh? Not so poorly! Huh! I was expecting you'd melt into a puddle of lust, and whimper about how I'd rocked your world! Practice, huh? You rat!"

"Well, I did just offer to train you properly, you know. I'd think you'd be more appreciative of the opportunity to benefit from my superior experience, and the wisdom that comes with my advanced years!"

"When I've had enough sleep to think straight, lets talk about 'training'", she responded. "Right now, I need to catch up on some missing sleep. Somebody ordered me out of my bed in the middle of my dreams, and he had better realize how I get when I'm short of sleep! Goodnight, mister!"

Sounded like a plan to me. "I'll try to keep my more prurient dreams about you under control for the time being. For now, you have nearly worn the old guy out! Sweet dreams."

She settled her head against me again. Soon, her regular breathing revealed that she had fallen asleep. I caressed her flank, and felt her warm softness against me. Shortly I joined her in sleep...

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