So Young; but Not Too Young

by Grace Brazil

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, boy, gi, Teenagers, Consensual, Reluctant, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Mother, Son, Group Sex, Orgy, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Kids have group sex with mother...

My son Andrew is big for his age. He is fourteen and in this day and age at that age the kids know all there is to know about sex. Some have already engaged in many sexual acts from what I read in the news paper.

We have lived next door to the Carson's for nine years. Their daughter Carol has played with Andy since they were toddlers. So when Carol came over to visit one Saturday morning I thought nothing of it.

When Carol came in the back door I asked how her mother was doing and was told Stella was now working. I knew Carol's mother had been looking for work so I was not surprised to hear she had found a job and was off working this morning.

Carol is slender with dark hair that falls around her shoulders and around a pretty face. She has not developed breasts yet but her mother is not busty so maybe it will take time. I will admit for a child she does have a fine round behind.

I stepped over to the hall way and called up to let Andy know Carol was here. He called back for her to come up. Carol whizzed past me and took the stairs two at a time. I went back in the kitchen where I was fixing cookies for the church raffle.

It was a full hour before I thought about lunch and called up to the kids.

They came down like a herd of cattle and I handed each a large sandwich and a glass of milk and sent them out on the back screen in porch. I said I was taking the cookies over to the church and would be back late.

I went up stairs to change and when I returned Carol and Andy were sitting on the swing talking. I did not think too much about it until I caught a few words.

I stood there in shock and figured out that they thought I had already left the house. Standing there for another minute I thought of running out the front and not listen to this very private conversation. But my feet did not want to move.

Carol said "That is what Joanie told me just yesterday when we were in study hall. She said she gave Tom a blow job and she loved it. She said it was great to feel his cock in her mouth and when he cum she loved the salty taste so much she swallowed it all."

Andy said "Lucky Tom. I never figured little Joan would start this early sucking cock. But if she likes it I guess she will keep doing it."

Carol said "Well at least she will not get knocked up like that tall red head; what's her name?"

Andy offered a name "Margo Burns. I think"

Carol said "Yes that the one. My god she was so stupid.

After all they taught us in sex Edu; about how not to get pregnant. I sure as hell don't want a baby at my age. I'll stick with blow jobs and masturbating."

Andy said "I like fucking you in the ass best. But you're damn good as sucking cock too. If you feel up to it why don't we go over and see Norman. You up to a threesome?"

Carol said "I don't think so. If you want to come over to my house I'll let you fuck me in the ass. My Mom's not going to be home until after five this afternoon."

Andy said "Sure why not. My Mon may be back any time."

Carol said "Andy you're really getting big you know. You've got the biggest cock I've suck off. You're even bigger than Butch and he is eighteen. I've seen that guy Art the one my Mom's dates some times. You're even longer then him. I was Mom suck him off once he's not so big. But I'll let you fuck my ass if you take it easy. But if you get any bigger we'll have to stick with blow jobs."

I was so shocked my feet were glued to the floor. But I knew I had to move or get caught. So I back peddled and hid in the den until I heard the kids jump out off the back porch.

I slumped on to the sofa and held my head in my hands. I started to cry. But then I thought of my son next door fucking Carol in the ass.

His words not mine. I sat there with visions of my son and Carol naked. It was more than I could bare. I started to cry again. But then I recalled Carol's words. "You're the biggest one I've suck off." I wondered just how big my son had become at fourteen. I wondered how many of the kids Carol had sucked off.

Then my ass puckered as I thought of Andrew fucking Carol in her ass. My ass is not virgin but I was married before I lost that cheery. And I recalled that when I first sucked a cock and let it come in my mouth I did not like it. But after a while it becomes an acquired taste.

I was confused and feeling so lonely. I had been with out a husband for four years. Most of the time it did not bother me but hearing all this I found myself emotionally drained and yet I was aroused. I could not keep from thinking of my son and Carol. They were just kids yet they were playing adult games. I did not think there was much I could do about it. Maybe I should talk to someone. I needed help with this situation.

As I arrived at the church I saw three other cars in the lot. One belonged to Pastor Berlin and one belonged to Patty Wrightly the third one I had not seen before.

I found the group in the large hall under the church setting up tables and putting up signs. I said "Hello to all and took my cookies to the kitchen area. When I came back out to the hall Pastor Berlin introduced me to a tall well build man that was going to live in our small town.

"Bill Turner I want you to meet Beverly House." I took a hand that was offered and I looked up into the deep blue eyes of a man that had a wide smile as I felt a shiver all over my body. As I held Bill's hand he was talking but I was thinking of my son. Here I was being introduced to a handsome new member of our church and I was seeing my son spreading Carol well formed ass cheeks and pushing his cock; now ever big it was into her tiny ass.

I felt terrible and yet I could not shake this vision from my head. I said something in reply and let go of his hand. I quickly turned to Pastor Berlin and ask if we might talk in private.

He put a hand on my shoulder and told me "Of course."

A minute later we were up stairs in his office sitting across from one another. He was waiting for me to start. I had no idea what I wanted to say, ask or even if this was the right place to get advice.

So I said "Pastor; Curtis I corrected myself. I believe a couple of youngster's in the congregation are engaging in sex of some kind. I don't think it sexual intercourse but some thing."

He leaned back and looked at me. He said "Do you want me to talk to them or their parents. What is it you think I should do?"

"Oh my; I really don't know. I guess I thought you would have some advice as how to approach them and get them to see how dangerous this is at there age."

He looked at me again and asked "Are we talking about Andrew and a girl from our church?"

I guess the blush and astounded look on my face was enough to tell him he had found out my family secret. I started to cry and lowered my head in shame.

"Now, now" He said. "I tell you what. Let me get you some information on how to talk to your children and after you read it over we can talk again and work out something. How is that?"

He was patting my shoulder and hands. I straightened up and wiped my eyes. After a minute of looking he came up with to small pamphlets and I went out the side door feeling some better.

That night I went up stairs early took my shower and slipped into my night gown. Sitting up in my bed I read the material. With what I read I worked out a plan and decided to talk to Andrew right away. I was not going to wait until morning. I put on my robe and went to his room as soon as I heard him come up.

I knocked and said "Andrew may I come in."

"Sure Mom. I'll be out of the bathroom in a minute."

I went in and sat on the side of his bed waiting for him to come out of his bathroom.

Andrew came out with a wrap around is waist. He was broad though the shoulders and he had muscles like a full grown man. The wrap fit tight and the out line of his penis was very well defined. It did look large for a boy his age. I looked at it with the eye of an adult woman and I realized his penis was very large indeed for a male of any age. I thought "How on earth did Carol take that thing, that large thick penis into her anus." It was a beauty that's for sure.

I came back to my senses when Andy said "Mom! There something you wanted?"

"Yes, I. MMmmm Oh, I don't know what to say. Maybe later! Yes I think later would be better."

"Mom what do you want? There is no better time than right now what ever it is let's get it out. I don't want you brooding about something all night. I know how you are."

"Andrew; I, oh, never mind. This is not a good idea."

Andrew moved up close standing just to the side. I again saw the out line of his manhood and I swear it was beginning to push out ward. His cock was getting hard. For some reason Andrew was getting aroused. Was it me, was it the fact that I was confused and could not come to the point. Again the thought of Sweet little Carol sucking my son and swallowing his semen came into my head. My God what were these kids coming to now a days?

"Oh, Andrew I know about you and Carol"

He laughed and said "You know what about Carol and me?"

"I know you're having sex."

"Oh, is that all. Mom, all the kids are having sex. We only play at it. I'm not going to get her pregnant or any thing like that."

I straightened up and looked up into a man's face. I said in a rather loud voice. "Is that all! Is that all? For Christ sake you're doing things only adults should be doing. Your, your ... well your putting your ... Your penis in her." I was stammering and nearly choking.

Andrew turned and pulled the chair from his desk over and sat down. The wrap slipped open showing his thigh. He said "Mom; it a new age, the kids of today are taught in school all about sex. We're shown movies and lectured on how to protect ourselves from diseases. We're taught now to keep from getting the girls pregnant. The schools are showing us how and the kids are just doing what they are taught.

I said rather shyly "But you're not old enough for sex."

"Mom we are old enough or we would not be doing it. I don't know what makes a boy a man or a girl a woman but if it is simply having what it takes to have sex well then I think I'm old enough."

With this he opened his wrap and pulled out the cock of a man.

His cock was thick, at least six inches long or maybe more. The tip was a swollen deep purple and it was long and very pointed. I could see how it would easily push into Carol's proud behind. But I still thought "How could she take this size cock up her ass"

I sat there stunned that my son would freely show me his man size cock. He was stroking it and it was getting longer and thicker as I watched him masturbate slowly pulling it from the tip back down to his balls.

He said "Well is this a man size cock? Do you think girls like to suck this cock? Is this cock big enough to fuck a full grown woman?" He paused and then said "Mom would you like me to fuck you with this cock?"

I heard his words and I coughed. Choking on my own spit, on my own words I mumbled "I guess you man enough for any woman."

"Mom! Listen to me. Would you like me to fuck you with this cock? Well would you?" He screamed at me.

I screamed back at him "Yes, for God's sake yes."

Andrew stood ripping the wrap free. He moved closer and grabbed me by the hair. He looked down at me and said "Mom I want you to suck my cock. Take my cock in your mouth and suck my cock."

He did not pull me forward to his pointed cock he held my hair loosely. I could have turned my head away.

I could have pulled back. I could have stood and left the room. But I did not do an of these things.

I reached out letting my fingers encircle his cock. I squeezed it tight. I felt the hardness under the soft loose skin. I felt him tremor at my touch.

All of a sudden I felt that I was once again the Mother, I was the parent here and I was in control. Andrew was after all a just child. He was only a child. I should have been the one doing the talking and telling. I'm the adult here. I thought all this as I leaned forward and sucked all of is cock deep into my mouth.

I heard his gasp. I felt his knees quiver. I felt him jerk his hips back pulling most of his cock out of my mouth. He pushed forward filling my mouth with his thick cock. He was now rhythmically working his cock in and out of my mouth. He was slowly fucking my mouth and I was so aroused I wanted him to finish so I could taste his cum.

His cock punched at my throat. Gagging me for a second. But I managed to control the gage reflex. I grabbed him by the thighs and pulled him closer taking all his cock into my mouth. He moaned. He stiffened; his cock throbbed as the first splash of his cum shot across my tongue. It was thick salty but sweet and I swallowed the first flow and the next five or six. I swallowed it all and then milked the last drop from his cock licking the purple tip as he fell back on the chair.

Our eyes met and I just looked at my son. I was so shocked at what I had done I could not move.

"Mom that was the best blow job I ever had." I was sure that comment was some how meant to make me feel better. Some how to reassure me I was still a wonderful lover even at my age. Maybe he wanted to make me feel as if we were now some how more than mother and son. But what those words did was make me wonder how he knew a good blow job from great blow job. "For Christ sakes how many times as my son had his cock sucked to compilation?"

I sat there looking at my son. Andrew was once again stroking his cock and it was once more alive and growing. I thought he wants to fuck me. He wants to put that cock in me and fuck me. My son wants to fuck his mother. I was still thinking all this when he lifted me to my feet and pulled my night gown and robe off in one movement. Up and over my head in one second I was naked standing in front of my son. I was going to let him fuck me. I knew that and I knew there was nothing I could do to stop him nor did I want to stop him.

Andrew pushed my back on the bed. It was a slow motion not forceful. He leaned over me wiggling himself between my legs. I felt the heat of is cock rub my thighs. I felt him touch my wet slit.

I managed to squeak out a few words. "Andy, no please."

He stopped and looked down at me. "Are you sure? I really would like to fuck you. The cock-sucking was great but it really would feel good to cum in your pussy. I've never fucked a pussy before. You cannot get pregnant can you? I thought you were fix or what ever it is called? I'll fuck your ass if you would like that better."

I said "No. I can not get pregnant. But that is not the point. I'm your mother and this is wrong. We should not be doing this. Will you please get up?"

Andrew lifted himself up and once again stood at the side of the bed. His cock was very erect quivering, bouncing to the beat of his heart. I must say he is very inch a man. I thought of young Carol sucking him and talking this lovely cock up her ass.

I said "how long have you been having sex with Carol?"

He said "Not long a few months. She had already had sex with Jim and Butch. But now we're pretty much just doing each other. We have seen her mother doing her boy friend and that makes us excited and it makes us want to have sex more."

I sat up and waved him to the side as his cock was right there in front of me. He moved and said "Would you like to suck me off again. I can cum more if you liked it. I can cum three or four times before I go soft if Carol keeping sucking me. She really likes me to fuck her ass. Are you sure you don't want me to fuck you Mom?"

My head was buzzing, I felt dizzy and my ears started to ring. My vision blurred and I felt sick at my stomach. I was scared all of a sudden. What was wrong with me? I said "Help me to my room. I think I'm going to be sick."

Andrew lifted me up and places an arm around under my shoulders. He held me up and together we made it to my bathroom. Kneeling on the floor I thought I was going to toss my dinner.

I said "Would you get my night gown and robe. Then I think I'll call 911."

"I can go next door and get Carols' Mom to help."

I repeated my need to get covered up. He brought my night gown and robe and helped me with it. I felt a bit better so I went to my bed. Andrew said he was going next door and ran out before I could stop him.

I heard them running up the stairs. Carol was right behind Andrew.

He said "Carol's Mom is not home so I brought Carol. Is there any thing we do? How do you feel now?"

I said "You're sweet for coming over Carol but I think I'm going to survive. What ever it was is passed quickly and I feel better."

Carol sat on the edge of the bed and took my hand. She asked "Do you have anything in your medicine cabinet for an upset stomach?"

What a smart girl I had not thought of that. I said pointing toward the bathroom. Both kids move off as I heard Carol ask "What was she doing just before she got sick. I thought for a moment Andy was going to blurt out what I had done. But he just looked at her with a funny look on his face.

Carol looked at him and she knew. She knew right away what had happened. How or why she picked up on it I don't know but she knew. Carol looked back at me and then at Andy.

Carol said "You didn't? You did. With you own mother? Wow, that's either sick or very fucking sexy. How did you get your Mom to suck you off? She swallowed your cum. She really sucked you off. I know that is what got her upset. Remember that was the same way I got the first time. Andy; you have a very powerful load of cum you do and its strong. I've learned to like it but your Mom has not. Well not yet. I guess since she sucked you off once she'll do it again."

Carol turned and came back to the bed. She sat took my hand again and looked into my teary eyes. She said "Its okay. I understand how it is. You love Andy and some times these things just happen. But doesn't he have the most beautiful cock you've ever seen? Did Andy tell you about us? Is that how this got started?"

Andy jump in and said "No, No I didn't tell. Mom already knew."

Carol asked "How did you find out? Did you tell any one?"

This time Carol slowed down long enough to let me get a word in. I said "I heard you kids talking on the porch. I did not tell any one but I did ask Pastor Berlin a few questions about kids having sex too early. No names. I did not tell him names."

Carol said "That's good because if my Mom found out she would ship me off to live with my Dad. I don't want to leave here I like this school and I like sex with Andy."

Carol looked at me and asked "Did Andy fuck you to? I knew he's has been wanting to get his cock in a real live pussy and not just in my mouth and ass. Did you fuck Andy?"

Andy jumped in again saying he tried to fuck me but I stopped him. He said he really wanted to fuck me.

Carol said "Oh, that's alright Andy she'll fuck you now that I know she sucked you off again too. She'll fuck you or I'll tell."

I said "You would not."

Carol smiled and said "Sure I would and I got another idea too. Jim wants to fuck a real woman too so why don't we invite him over for a party."

I said "I'll tell your mother and she'll ship you ass out of town."

Carol laughed and said "I just said that. I think Mom might even enjoy joining us too. I can see her really getting it on with a few young boys. Besides she just dumped her boyfriend. You need to know one thing about my Mom she loves to fuck. I think that is were I get it from. Like mother like daughter."

Andy was shivering like he had earlier when he was getting excited. I saw brightness in his eyes and I knew what he was thinking. Carol saw it too. She moved her hand to the hem of my night gown. I moved to stop her but she had it up around my waist before I could move. I jerked my hand to push it down. But she held on. Andy was on the bed and pushing my legs apart.

His cock was rigid. He held it in his hand milking it. Carol had her fingers spreading me. Eager to help Andy. I stiffened my body but it did no good. I felt myself beginning to melt inside. I was giving in and willingly accepting my fait. I had wanted him earlier and I wanted him now.

I brought up my knees and reached up to embrace my son. He found me open, wet and eagerly waiting for him.

He moved slow and easy. The head invaded me and I could feel its warmth. He pushed in and I could feel him all the way moving along the vaginal walls, rubbing, and spreading me filling me with his manly cock.

I screamed for him to "Fuck me. Fuck me."

Carol reached between us and began rubbing my clitoris. I jump at her touch. I jumped because it sent a shock through me. I jumped because it felt wonderful.

Andy was into the hilt probing and prodding deep in side me. I felt the heat of him and I felt my own heat building wanting to boil up to erupt out of me. I had not climaxed in a very long time. But it was coming and I welcomed it. I wanted to give it to my son. I wanted him to know he had dome it for me and this was his reward.

He run in and out making me moan uncontrollably. Screaming words that made no sense, but it gave him reason to move faster. Driving deeper and harder.

He stiffened and his cock swelled and got hotter. I arched my back to receive his cum. I felt my own climax coming up. I let go with a scream and we started jerking together, shamelessly we screamed that we were coming.

He filled me up with a shower of hot semen. Spurting again and again. He was moving in and out slower but still driving pumping his seed into me. I felt myself wind down and lower my hip to the bed. That is when I felt Carol's hand under me. She had one maybe two fingers pushed deep up my ass. Still working them in time with Andy's movements.

I wiggled my ass and Carol removed her fingers. But it was not all together an unpleasant sensation.

I relaxed as Andy rolled off me. His cock was still half hard and rhythmically throbbing. Lifting my head I watched Carol lean across taking his cock in her mouth. She was sucking and licking the juices from his cock while fondling his balls. She wanted to get Andy hard so she could get in on the action. Carol was a sexy little mixture of grown woman and girl child. I saw that she had this cock-sucking down pat.

I sat up and pulled my legs up so Carol could get to Andy easier. I was about to roll of the bed when Andy place his hand between my legs pushing two fingers into me. I was hooked like a fish.

Andy pulled me back to where he could move his fingers freely. I wanted to pull away but Andy had other ideas. Half turning I watched Carol swallow nearly all his cock and then let it out almost to the tip. I guess this is when it dawned on me. I was now part of my son' sex life and this included Carol too. My life was going to change for better or worst I did not know at this point.

I lowered my shoulders to the mattress and kept my hips in full view of Andy. Andy was jerking me until I turned and ended up laying flat next to Carol.

Carol lifted her legs and came down over my head. I was facing down but there was no doubt as to what she wanted me to do. I was not going there.

However Carol pulled back from Andy, together they rolled me over on my back and Carol once again placed her pussy right above my face.

She went back to sucking Andy's cock. Carol for a girl of fourteen had a fair amount of pubic hair. Andy reached between us rubbing a finger in her pussy then wiped it on my lips. I really did not want to do this. But it was what Andy wanted me to do. So I lifted my mouth and licked her tiny split. It tasted strangely salty not a lot unlike a cock. Andy replaced his fingers in me. I was now curious as to what this would do for me and Carol.

Andy was getting excited again. Carol seemed to get wiggly. I was feeling a warmth slowly rise up from inside me. I found her tiny fatty clitoris and sucked on it. I've always like this so I tried it on her. Carol's reaction was swift. She let out a whimper and ground her pussy on my mouth. I was beginning to see the results of my labors and it strangely aroused me too.

I heard Andy moan and his hips jerked. He was coming again. God this boy was endless. Carol tightened her stomach muscles and the taste of her wetness changed to a sweeter more juicy thick fluid. Christ Carol was coming too.

Somehow we all got untangled and came to rest side by side.

I got up and no one tried to stop me this time. I came out of the bathroom fifteen minutes later to fine my bedroom empty.

I was in no hurry to go fine the kids. It was late and I for one had had enough for this night.

I slept soundly and without dreams. Dressed in jeans and a t-shirt I went down to the kitchen. No one was here. I made the coffee a cup in hand went out on the back porch to enjoy it. But mostly I needed to think.

I was on my second cup when Carol wandered up and sat on the swing. She said "I guess Andy's not up yet. Did we tire him out?"

I did not answer I just hunched my shoulder as if to say "I don't know."

Carol said "I think your special. You're going to like being with Andy and me. You really got into it last night. I know Andy really love banging you. He has said he wanted to cum I a real pussy for a long time. I'm glad it was with you. May I call you Beverly?"

I nodded and smiled. I still did not know what was going on here and what my part was going to be.

"Beverly; I know this it strange to you and I know you don't think kids our age should be involved in sex as much as we are. But we are and that is not going to change now. We like it and we want you to be a part of it. Andy wants to screw you as much as he does me. Is that going to be a problem for you?"

I did not know what to say. I said "Carol; I think my biggest problem is with others and that is you being a part of it. I may live with what Andy and I have done but I'm really uncomfortable with you watching and being a part of it."

I listened to my words and realized I had just agreed to continue having sex with my son. I felt that this should stop but deep down I knew if Andy came to me I would let him have his way.

Carol said "Oh, don't worry about me. I'll just be here once in a while. You and Andy can do as you want most of the time. But I really like you licking me. It was way better than when Andy does it or Jim either. You knew what to do and how to do it. Did you just do to me what had given you pleasure in the past?"

She had found out or figured out what I was doing and why. So I said "I guess. But that did not do a lot for me."

Carol said "But you like being licked don't you?"

I answered "Yes its always been some thing I enjoyed."

Carol said "Well then why should it make any difference if it's a girls tongue or a boys. I like to lick pussy as much as I like to suck cock. So what the difference?"

Here I was talking go a child as I would a full grown adult. But she did have a point.

I said "Carol there has always been a taboo attached to lesbians. But I did not feel like a lesbian last night. It was more like I was just helping Andy and you get the most joy out of the evening."

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