California Rose's
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Romantic, Pedophilia, Rape, Drunk/Drugged, Slavery, Heterosexual, Fiction, BDSM, MaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, Sadistic, White Male, White Female, Oriental Female, Anal Sex, Enema, Pregnancy, Violent,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A story of a young girls who future is drastically changed by her kidnap and being sold and held against her will.

It was a mild Sunny Day in North California the middle of the school year. Erin Illiana Smart was child prodigy at the age of fourteen she had been emancipated and worked in a book store and babysat for extra cash. She owned a new BMW it was a compact sports model dark blue in color. It was a gift for her fourteenth birthday. It was paid for and she didn't drive it much she generally rode her bike. She decided to go for a walk it was mid-day it was warm and it was warm there was a slight breeze that made it feel cooler. She didn't notice the van following her. She decided to walk through the park on her way home when she was grabbed from behind and yanked into the van. Erin had red hair and innocent green eyes she was five foot eight she had full lips and large full breasts and a small trim waist and full hips. She was handled roughly as the men put a blind fold and a gag in her mouth. The van sped off down the road it headed towards the interstate. She struggled against the bonds. She struggled for what seemed like hours finally the gag was pulled from her mouth.

"Are you thirsty" her captor asked. She snarled a struggled harder to get free. She finally gave up and nodded a bottle was pressed to her lips she drank thirstily.

She drank most of the bottle she took a deep breath and said. "Why are you doing this? What have I done to deserve this? I don't even know you please let me go and I won't tell anyone. I beg you my family will be sad if I disappear." They ignored her pleading and started talking in a foreign language. She finally gave up struggling and tried to sleep. She must have slept for a few hours because when she came too fully she was laying on a flat soft surface. She could hear many different voices she played dead listening to the voices she could hear feet shuffling and papers ruffling and then she heard someone speaking English. She slowly sat up. She hit her head on something hard and metal she scootched back and felt the bars of a cage. She heard someone come near and say. "Is she for sell? And if so how much she appeals to me."

"She is for sell she is our newest addition she hasn't been trained in the lifestyle." This voice was very deep and commanding. "If you want her she is untrained and most likely going to be very willful. She is very stubborn and will try to escape till she is broken. Pay the agreed price and she is yours No checks only cash."

The man opened the cage and pulled her gently from the cage and helped her stand the gag was removed and the man asked her. "What is your name and how old are you." He circled her and waited for her to reply she trembled before swallowing.

She said "I am 14 and my name is Erin Illiana Smart. Please let me go and I won't tell anyone you kidnapped me. Please I am begging you."

The man chuckled and said "Sorry dear I have bought you, you are property I own you now". He touched her cheek and she was pulled by her arm she was "helped" into a car by her new owner. "So my dear are you a virgin?" Her hands were tied behind her back she trembled.

She gulped "would that change my fate?"

He laughed and said "well no it wouldn't but I have never had a virgin and you seem awfully young to be such a slut." She gasped and turned her head away. "Well are you a virgin or not answer me girl." He shook her; she could smell his cologne and his minty breathe. She trembled before squeaking in fear saying "I will never tell you". He chuckled then shook her a little bit.

"You will regret angering me." He threw her to the floor and flipped her on too her stomach untying her hands and the turning her back over. He yanked her back over on to her back and yanked her pants and underwear off. He started to touch her pussy it was a little wet. He slipped a finger into the entrance. He reached down an unbuttoned his pants and let his monstrous cock loose.

Her eyes got wide fear crossing her face " No please don't please I'm begging please don't do this." He grabbed her hips and pulled her towards him. She started to struggle and scratch and kick. He raised his hand and slapped her hard across the face her eyes closed and her head went to the side. She opened her eyes a little and saw him spit on the tip of his dick and then moistened the entrance of her ass.

He lined up with her entrance and slammed into her she screamed in pain and started to cry she could feel him ripping her open. She was unused to such rough treatment she begged him " ow it hurts no more please I'm sorry". She closed her eyes tears running down her face smearing her makeup. He had entered her unprepared ass she cried as he fucked her hard he was close too coming. He started to slam into her harder, her asshole was open and bloody. As he got closer to coming her started moving faster after he was done Cumming in her he was still hard. He needed to piss he buried himself deeper inside of her.

He relaxed and made sure he was deep inside her when he started to pee. He had a very full bladder he forced his piss into her She clamped her ass muscles around him. He moaned and continued to piss inside her she could feel the burning hot urine filling her insides. He finished and pulled out of her ass and placed an Enema plug in her ass. He then proceeded to blindfold and tie her up so she was defenseless. The Limo stopped at a private air hangor and she was carried to the airplane. When they were in the air he untied and unblindfolded her and led her to the Slave bedroom there was a weird bench-table she was forced to kneel over it as he strapped her to it.

After she was tied down he prepared an Enema bag and hung it and connected the tube to it. He opened up the valve and let the warm water start to fill her. Her guts filled with warm water and soon her stomach had grown to the size of a pregnant woman. He let the Enema do its job while he unhooked her he tied her to a modified work bench so her ass end was in the air. He lubed his cock and lined up with her pussy enterance as he slammed home. She cried out in pain as he ripped through her maidenhead the enema made her tighter then before as her intestines moved around painfully. She was fucked til he came inside her. When he finished he took her into the bathroom and pulled the plug out and forced her down onto the toilet in time to prevent a huge mess. She moaned as her stomach emptied into the toilet.

She was embarrassed as he sat there watching she turned her head away and pushed when it was done she was led back the work out bench thing and tied back down. She was strapped back down ass in the air. He left the room when he came back he had a large dildo in one hand and lube in the other along with a whip and a long thin riding crop. He lubed up the dildo and played with her asshole and started stretching her to except the dildo when she was finally stretched enough he started inserting the large dildo. Once it was in he set the other stuff down and started her training as his slave.

He got in front of her and grabbed her hair. "You're a piece of property now your name is no longer Erin. Your name is now Eva you are a Piece of property to me you are a slut for my use you will do what I want when I want." She shook her head no. CRACK. The whip came down hard on her ass she screamed in pain. "You are my property to do with as I want." She shook her head no. CRACK. She screamed again. "You are my property." She nodded he gently massaged her abused ass he let her go after he switch the dildo for a Butt plug. She sat up as he went to a chair he sat down

"Come here." She walked over to him slowly He patted his leg she sat down and he rubbed her leg. "Lay over my lap." she laid over his lap he softly rubbed her ass. "I can be kind if you do what I want when I want. If you are a good girl you will not get punished." She nodded he let her go she got up and stood waiting. "Are you gonna be good or do I need to whip you more". She shook her head no. "Good". He patted his leg she sat he put his arm around her waist. "I am not gonna stand for disobedience from you. Got it I won't hesitate to punish you I can be a kind master to you but if you disobey I will beat you back into submission."

She kept her eyes down he looked at her. "You will have rules and breaking of any rule will result in a punishment. The bigger the rule to more severe the punishment. You will have a safe word if you get to the point of passing out say your safe word and I will stop but your punishment will continue when you recover. You will be fed and bathed allowed to rest and if I deem you are ready for the rest of your punishment we will continue". She nodded and he kissed her cheek he had her stand up he led her to the table.

She bent over as he told her to be still while he tied her to the table-bench. He told her to relax she did he left the room and came back with a big dog. He pulled out the plug the dog sniffed her cunt she shivered the dog got up on his hind legs and started to hump her ass. The dog entered her cunt she grunted the cock was big she tried to dislodge it the dog growled and snarled she stopped he fucked her hard she could feel the knot growing inside her. The dog came inside her when his knot went down he got off and went to a corner to clean up. Her new master stuck and enema plug in her pussy he hooked it up to the bag. It started to fill her it filled her womb her stomach grew to the size of a pregnant woman. She moaned he turned it off and entered her Ass she moaned in pain he fucked her in the ass he came hard. After he led her to the bathroom he pulled out the plug she emptied her womb into the toilet and after he led her to the bench again he looked down at her.

"One reason I bought you is because of your age you will be a perfect brood mare for my Children. Do you understand?" She nodded looking down at the floor. "Are you going to be a good slave and obey your master?"? She nodded he had her lay on her back. She laid down he opened her legs and got down between them he leaned down and licked her she jumped a little and moaned. He licked her deep and she moaned. "Wanna cum?" She nodded. "Beg for it" She started to beg him to let her come.

He said "You can cum", She screamed and came hard he smiled after she came he let her lay down he covered her up and let her sleep he curled up with her when she woke up he wasn't there. She got up and went to find him. He was in the kitchen area he had a cup of coffee with his feet up the TV was on the news. She went up and covered his eyes. "Guess who?" He chuckled and led her around in front of him.

"Meet your sister slave Cordillia". The girl looked up from the love seat and smiled kindly. "You may speak Cordillia". She smiled and nodded. He smiled and looked kindly at her she blushed and looked down.

"Hi I am Cordillia I am 20yrs old and I have been with master for 2 months. I am a piece of property to please master". She patted the spot beside her Eva went and sat by Cordillia. "The life of a slave gets easier if you do what you are told master is kind and caring and will be good to you if you are a good girl". Eva nodded.

"I am named Eva Now I am 14 and a child genius I am good with numbers and I was a virgin Master deflowered me. We are to be sisters? You are very pretty you are a Bisexual?" Cordillia nodded. "I have never eaten a female pussy I haven't done much master was the first man I have ever been with. Master what is my full new name?"

"You can call me Lia for short I am bisexual I like eating Pussy. I am master's first slave I like a little bit of pain it feels so good I am currently unable to please master because of my condition". Lia whispered. "I haven't told master yet. Master will only give me pain if I ask for it." Eva looked down Lia was covered by a blanket. "Master wants children And I Probably can't give them to him. I am on birth control pills I will probably give up the pills".

"Are you sure you aren't pregnant already". Lia shook her head. "I would love if we had kids at the same time it would be very happy for me". Lia nodded, " I would like to see what it's like with a woman would you be my first?" Lia Nodded.

They were interrupted when there master cleared his throat. "Come here you two". The women got up and went to their master. "Sit on my knees my pretties". They sat down and waited, he smiled and kissed their necks. "You both will be good slave when you are trained I am very wealthy. If you become trained and willingly give your selves to me you will want for nothing. You can have freedom or you can have a prison". The women looked at each other. "I am willing to give you whatever you want I have the means to give you children clothing a pet". The women looked at each other. "I won't let you go I will lock you away if you try to escape".

The women looked at each other they smiled at each other and said in unison. "We will be your slaves as long as you are kind" the women looked at each other and then looked at their feet. Eve said "Why did you rape me I would have willingly given to you my maidenhead if you had asked". He kissed her cheek and nodded the women both put an arm around him. "We are both young we were talking we would like to have children. We are willing to give you our bodies and commitment".

There master looked at them and nodded. "Neither of you will want for certain things I live on a private island I have a huge house and a stable I have a professional cook and a butler. You won't have to cook all you would have to do is take care of my needs. You would have free run of nothing you won't be allowed out without a monitor or a chaperone. You will have an ankle tracker fixed to you at all times. As for kids we will get both of you on fertility treatments. I have a doctor who Lives on the island he has 5 nurses on staff and 6 orderlies they are trained to restrain if need be".

The women nodded and waited he gestured for them to get up. The women went and sat on the love seat. "Lia are you sure you aren't pregnant you may be and I think you are". Lia blushed " I think I am the pills were switched to fertility treatments a week ago. I haven't told master I think he might already know though not that I'm pregnant I am not positive yet. Master takes me everywhere when he goes traveling. He has shared me with men who he is trying to get things from I am not allowed to say no If I do he will let them rape you and a few of them are cruel. Master says he loves to watch and if you try to deny the men he lets use you he will beat you and lock you in a cage".

"If you fight the men he will tie you up and let the nurses and orderlies and anyone else rape you til you give in. If you don't want that you can disobey and fight but I wouldn't recommend it". The pilot announced that they were approaching the landing strip and to buckle up. They all buckled up and when the plane landed they were shuffled into a waiting limo. A large security guard was loading the trunk with the bags. The guard got in the back and sat to the side. The guard inspected Eva with lust in his eyes she was wearing an almost floor length skirt and a beaded top Lia had braided her hair. The women wore similar outfits but of different colors. The guard had a thing for red heads.

Jonathan Vincent Rothschild was thirty five with green eyes and black hair and a straight smile he was six foot tall he was a Rich philanthropist playboy. He was from old money his family went back to the mayflower and back all the way back before the revolutionary war. His family was the richest family and kept earning more. Rothschild were financial advisors who had major clientele. Jonathan though wasn't really much of a financial guy he left the management to his most trusted advisor. Jon didn't have any children yet but would soon he hoped.

The master looked at his slaves and smiled. "My pretties you may call me Master Jon okay". The women nodded and sat looking at the floor. The guard watched Eva with lust in his eyes. She didn't even notice the guard looking at her. She had her eyes on the ground and hands in her lap she didn't wanna get punished again so she was quiet and calm. When they got to the house the girls were ushered into the barn. The barn was actually a slave training room. The women were chained to a wall with locking collars. The guard stood at ease in a military fashion as Jon inspected the women. They both wore soft Indian style shoes.

Master Jon felt their breasts and there pussies he had them lay on a stirrup table he tied them to tables side by side. The doctor came he brought a bag. He pulled 2 vials of blood from each woman and then went down and inspected there cunts for any marring from disease he then stuck his fingers inside. He used a tool to open up the cunts so he could get a better look both women were quiet and patient the doctor finished and said "I will have results back in 1 week". The doctor had an accent that Eva couldn't place.

The doctor said something to their master that Eva didn't catch but he pulled down his trousers and put on a condom. He choose Eva he slammed inside her his cock was big but not as big as Jon's he fucked her she closed her eyes and turned her head away. The doctor continued to fuck her til with one last bruising slam he buried his cock inside her as he came. The guard watched this with mild interest the doctor pulled out and pulled off the condom throwing it in the trash as he left the guard waited Jon went over and released the women and led them to the house. The cook was making lunch when they came in the guard that kept eye balling Eva was assigned as her chaperone another guard was assigned to Cordillia. They sat down to eat after they were done eating the women were shown to their rooms the doors where to be locked at night and there where high tech camera's that where watching them the door between the two women's rooms were left unlocked so the women could see each other.

Jon took both women to his study to lay down the rule for them. The women sat on the duvet and listened. "Rules 1: you are to be in bed by 9 pm every night. Rule 2: You will submit to me your password and I may let you use internet under supervision. Rule 3: You will obey all commands I give to you. If I say drink my piss you will drink my piss got it". The women nodded, " that is all for now my slaves your chaperones will take you for a walk if you want. Dismissed til I call for you". The women got up fixing there skirts they left their chaperones walked behind them silently. They went down the hall to the stairs then down to the kitchen they grabbed bottles of water from the fridge and went the back door where Eva unlocked the door going outside.

The women walked outside to the pool area they stripped down to their matching swimsuits they had the butler bring 2 towels the women helped each other put on sunscreen. The guards sat under an umbrella the butler brought them some Lemonade. The women lay in the sun feeling the rays they enjoyed the warmth the guards watched them after 30 minutes of sunbathing the women went and got in the pool.

The guards waited when it got kind a dark they told the women to get out and get dried off. The women dried off and picked up there stuff the guards stood waiting the women walked into the house the guards behind them the women went into their rooms they went to their bathrooms and started their individual showers. They grabbed towels and stepped under the shower head. The chaperone/Guard who was assigned to Eva his name was Mark Anthony Davenport. The Guard assigned to Cordillia his name was Alexander Dante Vandeross. Eva's hair was long and it curled at the ends if it got humid. Eva turned off the water and grabbed her towel.

Mark Anthony Davenport was smart people liked him he was thirty and six foot two with Black hair and Deep green eyes he was getting rich off of his service and would be able to take care of his family long into the future. Mark had a thing for red heads which was why he immediately took a liking to Erin he was going to have to be very careful around Jon. He was good enough to give him permission to fuck his slaves but he wasn't going to get her pregnant if he could manage it. He was good at making sure that he wasn't the one to pop her cherry. Erin was beautiful he was absolutely enthralled with her every time he saw she wasn't looking he would watch her with lust she was unlike any other woman he had ever seen Jon with which wasn't to say that she was ugly she wasn't she was gorgeous but she clearly wasn't Jon's type. Jon was into Blondes he had been working for Jon for fifteen year's.

Alexander Dante Vandeross was a silent person with blonde hair and green eyes he wasn't guy but he didn't do marriage or kids he just wanted a quick fuck at 29 years old and six foot six inches. He was very well muscled he was a weight lifter he kept himself in good shape he was not interested in either woman he was interested in making money and keeping his job. He had no interest in having a screaming baby any time soon. He planned to invest and double his money he kept his life private His boss paid double the normal pay so he was more than able to keep his boss safe he was actually usually protecting his boss. He traveled with Jon when he went to buy a slave to serve him.

Mark looked at Eva with lust she got out of the shower and stood in front of the counter wrapped in a towel. She grabbed a brush and started to brush her hair. Mark came in the bathroom and pressed up against her from behind he rubbed her hips and ass. She shivered and tried to scoot away. Mark leaned harder against her and put his lips against her ear, "I am very hard I wanna fuck you so bad. Will you let me fuck you are am I gonna have to rape you". She whimpered and struggled to get free he grabbed her and dragged her to the bed he threw her onto the bed.

She struggled to get free he kissed her neck softly she shivered she went still as he gently tried to spread her legs she shivered and tried to keep her legs closed he tied her hands over her head and he also put a gag in the mouth for the moment. He spread her legs as he got between them "If you scream I will put the gag back into your mouth". He kissed her neck and pulled off her towel he felt her to see if she was wet. She was wet he pulled off his pants and out popped his huge cock. He rubbed her clit gently she moaned and bucked as she got close to orgasm he went down between her legs and started to lick her she moaned and bucked.

"Wanna come?" he asked. She nodded and bucked again. "You can come now". She orgasmed screaming against the gag. The gag made it so her screams couldn't be heard. He moved to eye level with her he reached down and lined up eye level with her, he lined up with her cunt opening he pushed inside her it was tight very tight her eyes rolled back in the feelings of building pleasure

He slowly pushed deeper, he could feel her cervix wall just barely. He started to pull out she moaned he speeded up she moaned against her gag he started to fuck her harder. She moaned and tightened her cunt around his cock he started to fuck her harder. After about 15 minutes he came inside of her, she came at the same time he did he kissed her neck and nuzzled her ear "are you gonna scream if I take off the gag?" She shook her head. "Good". He gently removed her gag she sucked in a big breath and closed her eyes he gently touched her hair. She waited for him to let her go. He untied her and she lay still. "If you tell Jon He will fire me and beat you till you are barely alive. Got it he won't believe I raped you I saw him do it to the girl before you he sold her and fired the guard"

Eva laid there til Mark got up he went to the bathroom and took a leak Eva sat up and covered herself she got up and went to the walk-in closet. She picked out a matching light blue belly-dancers outfit she put on a pair of matching soft sole Shoes. She came out of the closet her rapist/Guard was standing at the door. She walked past him and went down the hall to her master's bedroom. She knocked softly on the door. Her master said "come in" Eva and her guard came in to the bedroom.

She saw Cordillia tied to the bed gagged with her master between her legs. He told her to sit and wait she sat watching Cordillia get fucked. It was a few minutes before the Master Jon came inside of Cordillia. He got up and fixed his trouser pants. "How may I help you my dear". She blushed and stood up. He went into the bathroom and washed his hands and then pulled down his pants and aimed his dick he peed quickly then shook and wiped the tip.

"Well master I wish to spend the night in your bed so I may learn to please you", She said.

"Take a shower wash cunt and ass hole. Wash them good and then have the guard shave your cunt bald. Make sure the hair is gone". She nodded and kept her eyes down. She left the room and went to her room she undressed and got in the shower she sprayed water into her pussy and washed out the guards come she washed her ass hole as well and then she finished washing her hair. She finished and got out and wrapped a towel around her.

The guard told her to lay back she laid back on the work out bench with a towel under her he lathered up her pussy and spread her legs he finished lathering and picked up the razor and started shaving her. He washed off the rest of the lather and the lathered the spots he missed he shaved more and then washed again he gently got the hair in her ass crack he washed more and then felt for missed hair he went over a few spots again.

He finally gave approval and washed her thoroughly with warm water he started eating her she came quickly. He washed her again deeply to wash away the come he helped her up and took her to the bathroom he shaved her legs and fixed and braided her hair. She didn't put on any makeup she fastened her belly-dancers outfit. She put on her soft sole shoes and left the room. The guard followed behind her, she walked down to the kitchen she asked the cook for something to eat.

The cook whipped up a small meal. She sat down and ate quickly she enjoyed the food. The guard sat reading the paper she finished and smiled endearingly at the cook. "Thank you sir that was very good". The cook nodded and took the dishes. Eva went back upstairs to the 2nd floor part of the library she looked at the books the books where organized by the genre of the book she looked for the romance books. She was accosted by her master he spun her around and asked her "What are you doing in here". She blushed and looked down.

She said "I like to read I should have asked you I am sorry I won't do it again". He smiled and cupped her chin.

"If you like to read then feel free to read I won't stop you". He said chuckling. She continued to look at the books she didn't find anything she liked she left the library and went to the solarium. She sat in the sun catching rays feeling it the guard sat watching her she was very beautiful he was mesmerized.

It had been over three weeks since Eva had been kidnapped and sold she was a good slave too her master. Her guard Mark had come too her almost every night a few nights he hadn't because of Jon spending the night in Eva's room. Eva was lying in bed reading A book she had found her door opened she looked up her master came in wearing a robe tied loosely around his waist. She closed her book and set it aside getting on the floor in the kneeling position. Her master came over to the bed untying the robe he sat on the bed and then told her to get naked and lay on the stomach and put her knees under her so her ass was in the air. She did as she was commanded her master got on the bed behind her and told her to semi spread her legs she slid her legs apart a little more.

Jon her master started to play with her getting her wet enough so it didn't hurt him when he fucked her. She moaned and rocked against his hand. He got behind her and inserted his cock into her pussy. He started to fuck her hard he moaned and spanked her ass hard and started to play with her ass she moaned and rocked her ass against his hand and moaned her body quivered at her masters touch. Her Master Jon was good but her Mark was so much better he knew how to make her squirm. She wasn't gonna say that too her master but she was slowly becoming enamored with her Master.

She was so hot she moaned and started to clamp and release her pussy she felt so good she had a hard earth shaking orgasm which set off her masters orgasm he came hard inside her his cock setting off another orgasm inside her body. She was so relaxed yet tired she collapsed on her stomach on the bed. Her master lay beside her til she fell asleep. When she woke up she was alone there was a note on the bed beside her she read it. It read "relax today and have fun swim and read or whatever I am going away for a week or so the guards have orders to not let anyone have your body. The guards have been given permission to fuck you but only if you say yes. I have cameras all over the property and they are watching you so you had better behave or I will punish you very severely.

When you get this note I will already be packed but I will wait down stairs so you can come say goodbye. Eva got up and pulled on a sheer silk robe and matching slippers she ran down stairs while holding on to the banister he was in fact waiting for her to by the door she ran to him stopping several feet from him he pulled her to him and gave her a kiss before leaving the house.

She walked to the kitchen and sat down the cook came in, "what can I get for you slave?" She smiled and thought about it

She said "you can get me toast and eggs and that's all I'm feeling a little nauseous so I need to let my stomach settle. I haven't really been well lately it might be the stomach flu or something. I hope it doesn't last long." she sighed and waited for her food she sat and picked up the newspaper just for something to do. She set the paper aside when the cook set the food in front of her. She ate most all of her food. When she was done she got up and went to her room she picked up her book and started to read where she had left off. She read for an hour before she put the book down on the bedside table and laid down for a nap since she wasn't going to be waiting on her master hand and foot. There was a knock on her door she said "come in".

Cordillia was at the door. "Hey how are you can I come in and lay with you? I have been lonely master has been neglecting me recently. I have been lonely I am not pregnant I have been spotting recently." She sat on Eve's bed beside her and laid down "master had to go to the main land. We will be alone for a while but I am getting used to it since I have with master for a long time. I have been hospitalized three times since I had been kidnapped and sold to our master over 4 months ago. Master will beat you and me if we disobey and don't do what we are told. He can be cruel if he is angered. He is a good master as long as we behave".

Cordillia lay down beside Eve and smiled they spooned under the covers when Eve woke up Cordillia was still asleep so she quietly got up and went to the bathroom to get cleaned up. She turned on the shower and got under the stream of hot water. She shampooed her hair and let it set while she soaped her body and washed her private areas she washed her hair and her body. She finished and got out dried off and put on her hoop skirt dress she tied the waist sash and slipped on a pair of flats that matched her dress. She went down stairs and out to the stable to go for a ride her guard came up to her horse and grabbed the reigns and led her to the stall he took a horse out and let her reigns go after mounting his own horse.

She let her horse walk as her guard followed they walked their horses to the beach and she got down from her side saddle to go to the water's edge. She knelt in the sand and put her hands in the water and watched the water she sighed and got up walked over to her horse she petted the horses' velvety nose and kissed the top. She went around to the side and got on the horse and got in the saddle. The guard followed her back to the horses contest pin. She led the horse to the beginning she urged the horse to a trot she had the horse jumping the opsticals she raced around the barrels before starting the course all over. She finished and rode the horse to the stable where she dismounted and handed the reigns to the grooms mans who was assigned to her horse.

She was very good with animals especially horses it was a talent passed through the female generations. She went into the house her guard following behind. Her room was empty she went into the closet and pulled out her normal slave attire. She went to the bathroom and turned on the water she got in and washed off all the sweat and horse smell. She got out and started drying off the guard came in he was changed he was wet and smelled fresh he backed her against the wall. He pressed his body into hers she swooned and moaned when he touched her hard nipples. He pulled her against him her bedroom had a large bathroom next door to a large walking closet and on the other wall nearest her bed was her personal nursery.

The guard picked her up carrying her to the bed where he set her before stripping and joining her on the bed. She moaned when he started to give her oral, she was in heaven. She laid there she came twice before Mark got on top of her fully and inserted his long thick hard dick into her tight pussy. She moaned and arched her back as his cock filled her full. She was so full she looked down at were there bodies were connected. She looked at her stomach to see if it bulged because of how full she was. She arched her back as he pulled out and started to push his cock back in. She was so hot she arched up towards her lovers hard cock she was so hot she needed to be used hard.

She was not usually like this she was being turned into a slut she didn't know why this was happening. She looked around as her lover plundered her body she was so hot she came hard as he came in her body she moaned and closed her eyes she was so hot and full Mark kissed her on the lips softly she laid there feeling warm and fuzzy. Mark laid beside her and smiled at her she cuddled up to him and fell asleep. She was content Mark pulled her close and kissed her temple she was very happy she felt deeply for her Master and Mark. She felt more for Mark then for her Master. She let her mind wonder she was thinking about the fact that she was more than likely pregnant by Mark. She wasn't going to say anything to anyone she didn't want to jinx it. She was more likely going to wait til she was sure she wasn't sure right now.

She fell asleep semi quickly she was very tired she rolled to her side and curled into a semi fetal position. She fell asleep quickly when she woke up when the sun was going down she got up pulled on a robe she went downstairs to the kitchen She sat at the island as the cook came in. Eva smiled "May I please have a steak and salad and potato salad". The cook cooked her food and then set the plate in front of her. She was very hungry she ate everything on her plate. She was finished then let the cook take her plate she was Sated she got up and walked around the house. Eva went to the balcony outside her room and looked up at the stars.

She was content it was beautiful no bright light or loud sirens. She could see Orion as well as the big dipper and Columba. She was enjoying the night air. Mark came up behind her and covered her eyes. She jumped and little as Mark said, "Guess who?"

She laughed and said "Jon Paul". Mark chuckled and uncovered her eyes she smiled and leaned up against him and looked at the night time sky. Mark was very kind he wrapped his arms around her waist and held her close. She moved closer to him he held her close and nuzzled her neck she felt very secure in his arms he kissed her neck and bare shoulders she was looking out at the land scape. Mark was very happy to have Eva she was beautiful she was young enough to carry children. If she got pregnant he thought to himself he'd care for her he hoped it was his child. If it wasn't he would still take care of it.

He smiled and kissed her shoulder she smiled and looked around she loved the fresh air and the quiet life she was very happy she didn't feel pressured or boxed in. She moved out of his embrace and then went to her bed she laid down on the bed he came in closing the doors behind himself. He went and locked her bedroom door. He turned out the light she turned on the bed side lamp. She started to read her book he crawled into bed with her and laid watching her after about an hour she put the book mark in the book and set it on the bedside table before turning the light out. Mark pulled her into him she closed her eyes she fell asleep quickly when she woke up Mark was on the balcony he was leaning against the rail he had a cigarette in his hand. She got up and pulled on a robe and went to him he gave her a kiss on the head. She smiled she went into the bedroom and into the bathroom she sat down to take her much needed pee.

Mark came in after putting the cigarette out him turned on the shower a set of clothes sitting on the sink. After she was done peeing she went to the closet and got out one of her dancers outfits. She looked very sexy as she pulled off her robe and got into the shower. Mark came in behind her. He grabbed the soap and soaped Eva's body he was gentle and sensual he finished and then had her wash off. He washed her hair for her he helped her rinse it good. Her hair was long she washed mark then they switched places. He rinsed of then shut the water off. He handed her a towel she wrapped it around herself mark lifted her up and clear of the tub. He held her in his arms and carried her to the bed she was playfully slapping at him.

He threw her on the bed she bounced and laughed he pounced on her and kissed her neck she was playfully acting as though she didn't want it she laughed and tried to get him off. She pretended to not want it. Mark grabbed her wrists pinned them to the bed. She tried to get him off more furiously he gathered her wrists together and undid her towel he leaned down and suckled her nipples. And he pinched one nipple with his free hand as well as fondled her breasts before moving down to her pussy she struggled he bit her nipple enough to make her moan. Mark fondled her pussy sticking a finger in she struggled harder to get loose.

"She will learn to obey and obey within seconds". Jon said confidently.

Mark didn't say anything just stood there " She will be awake soon I am sure I will let you know when she is awake and ready for another retraining session one of the servants will come to change the bed? She wakes up long enough for me to get her to the bathroom to go pee and what not I bathe her with soap and water. She need a few days but she should be okay by tomorrow. Goodnight"

Jon nodded and left the room. Mark sat on the bed by her and rubbed her hair softly She was beautiful the scars would mar her back for as long as she lived she would limp for a while but she would be back to normal soon. Mark went over to the window and looked up he turned when he heard Eva say his name. Mark walked over to her and pulled her too his chest. He went to the bathroom and filled a cup with water he held it too her lips, "Drink".

Eva gulped down most of the water and pushed the glass away and smiled. "Thanks why does my body hurt her so bad". She asked Mark She grimaced in pain and lay back down and stayed that way. Mark frowned "you don't remember?" She shook her head no. "Jon beat you yesterday for being disobedient He enjoyed beating I think I found you on the floor when I came to check on you. You where bleeding and I patched you back up Jon is going to make you a mindless slave and obedient as fuck. He says he'll beat it into you." She nodded and sighed.

She got up and went down stairs to find Jon in the kitchen. She exited the room and went back up stairs. 2 minutes later Jon walked into her room and dragged her down to the basement. He shackled her to the rafters and pulled out the whip and whipped her. CRACK she screamed and arched away, CRACK she managed to not scream but arched and stifled a sob CRACK she arched and twisted Crack this went on for 10 minutes before he undid her wrists and bent her over a table and raped her unready ass. She stifled moans and whimpers as he raped her she prayed for it too end quickly.

She felt his cock swell and held on as long as she could. He finished and pulled. She moaned as the warm water started to fill her to a full gallon. Jon pulled out the plug and replaced it with another plug he told her to leave the enema til he said she could release it she went upstairs to her room she moaned as her guts moved painfully full of warm water she got up and went to look in the mirror she cupped her stomach and turned to the side.

She was still looking at herself when the door opened Mark came in and stopped at the door he smiled and said, " wow you look good I like pregnant women most they are tighter and hornier and I am so hard Fuck". She smiled and bent over and offered her pussy to him he dropped his pants and entered her tight pussy and started to fuck her good he came hard and pulled out and went to the bathroom and cleaned up he left Jon knocked on the door she was staring at herself in the mirror and cupping her distended belly Jon came up and put his arms around her and kissed her neck he led her to the bathroom and removed the plug he left and went to his office to work.

She finished her business and cleaned up she had had Mark buy a camera for her and she had written him an IOU. She looked in the mirror and sighed she was skinny and needed to gain weight she wasn't sure if she was pregnant or not but she wasn't going to ask for a test. She'd know soon she went down stairs and got something to eat and went back up too her room Mark was waiting for her she laid down and frowned. You can't be here it's against the rules Master will have a fit so please go. That night she went to her masters chambers and knocked he told her to come in she opened the door.

Jon was in bed a young woman sucking his cock she was smaller than Eva she was probably 14 years old she had black hair with pink under color she had her hands tied behind her back Eva turned and ran from the room tears in her eyes. She ran into her room and closed the door and threw herself on her bed she cried she soon fell asleep still crying she woke the next morning with a headache and red puffy eyes she stayed in her room all day the staff came and knocked and left trays of food on the table beside the door she ate only enough but refused everything else she wouldn't eat her favorites she'd eat bread or salad and drink the water this went on for ten days before Mark came to see her she wouldn't even acknowledge him she just stared out the window at the sea. Mark left and didn't return he'd left the mail for her there were dozens of envelopes she opened them then destroyed the junk mail.

Jon didn't come to see her for that she was grateful she left mostly full trays of food she ate for two she hadn't received her period yet but she wasn't worried she gained weight the sickness had decreased quite a bit she still got sick at times there was a calendar on her wall she marked her last period she looked at it she also marked birthdays of family and friends she looked back to the day she had gotten here she had gotten her period before but it had only lasted 5days. She hadn't got her period in 5 months she went to the mirror and pulled up her shirt and looked at her stomach she had a bulging in her stomach it wasn't huge but it was there.

She turned to the side and looked, it looked bigger from the side she had taken pictures every day since she had missed her period she looked through the pictures and she was right it was bigger she put her hand on the bulge and felt a flutter in her womb she moaned as a wave of nausea hit and then passed she felt her breasts they were bigger she squeezed them gently a milky color liquid formed on the erect nipples and she wiped them away. She put her shirt down and went back to where she was sitting there was a knock on the door "What???" the door opened and Jon was standing there the young woman she had seen was standing slightly behind him she had a metal collar around her neck.

Jon came in and looked at her the "staff tells me you aren't eating only drinking whatever they bring too drink they say you empty your cup but don't eat this has gone on long enough", Jon raised his voice. "Start eating or I will have the orderlies force feed you DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR EVA". Eva nodded not saying anything just staring at the floor under Jon's feet, "This is Shaniqua She is your new slave sister she isn't allowed freedoms like you she is not trustworthy Cordillia has been moved and the other woman Jenny are gone they are probably in brazil by now. Shaniqua is a sex slave not a breeder she has some unsavory words in her vocabulary and is wearing a humane shock collar to teach her who is boss she has tried to escape on a daily basis she will start her retraining soon. Mark has been banned from the house til the end of the week".

Eva didn't even look up just nodded and listened she knew better then to interrupt Jon when he was speaking Shaniqua whimpered she heard a click then a soft yip. Jon wasn't done "you will be helping to train her she is willful she bit me", at that Eva looked at Shaniqua with disbelief Shaniqua had a black eye and was naked except for a skirt she had her hands tied behind her back and clamps on her nipples a breathing open mouth gag adorned her mouth she had an angry look on her face she wasn't smart to do such things. "Shanea is her APPROVED nickname she is 13 — she's from Russia she is still a virgin."

Jon looked at Eva she was being very well behaved she had learned her place as a woman. He was glad he wanted a slave who obeyed without question and would do what he wanted within seconds of a command. "Cordillia was sold to a well to do man. He owns a business empire I have invited them here to visit this summer Jenny was sold to a breeding house for unwanted slaves her babies will be placed in closed adoption with infertile couples. The babies that aren't placed will grow up as slaves and be sold at auctions to masters or mistresses the slaves will not be straight they will be Bisexual. They will both be well taken care of Jenny will be bred with any man who has the money to pay".

"Cordillia is doing well she had to get surgery but is going to be able to conceive now. Have you been bleeding regularly?" Eva looked up and nodded "okay we will keep trying you are gonna be my baby breeder and only you I have noticed you gained some weight", She blushed. "Its fine you look good you have a glow about you, you make me horny". She got up and laid on the bed and opened her legs for him, "Shanea Sit". He pointed to the chair she sat down Jon got on the bed and started to fuck her he came hard inside her and got off of her and went to clean up she pulled her underwear back on and sat on the corner of the bed and looked Shanea over and then went back to her chair and looked out the window at the sea.

"Tomorrow I better hear you ate more then you have been eating Or I will beat you with very little mercy". Eva nodded Shanea and Jon left she was glad to be alone again with her thoughts. She was happy to be alone she pulled out a notebook and started to write she was writing notebooks full of short stories that she would keep. She looked around trying to figure out what to do with this story. She started to write just letting it flow from her mind she let it work it's self out. She was good at writing and wrote for a while she finished the story and put the notebook away she went to bed and went to sleep.

She woke up early and stretched and touched her toes. She started the shower water and let it warm up she got under the water and let it flow over her she sighed it felt good. She was enjoying the warm water she shut it off and got out and dried off. She got dressed in her belly dancer outfit there was a knock on her door she got the tray and ate what she wanted which was more then she had been eating she put the tray on the table and went out for a walk it was warm the sun felt good she put on her MP3 player and started to dance sensuously around the yard she wasn't able to be seen she was sweating when she finished her exercise.

She went back to her room and got in the shower and washed up real quick and went to the library she went to the romance section and started to look around at the books. She picked up a book she had read about in a magazine. Mark got her magazines from the main land she asked for magazines like in touch and people she was very particular about the magazines she read. She got up and went to the office where Jon was working, Jon didn't give her money, but she had been very faithful and very good. Jon was at the desk doing work so she waited til he looked up at her.

Jon looked up "Master I have been very good and was wondering if I could have my credit cards back as well as my ID/ Driver's License and my backpack. I have been really good I am your faithful slave and I only want to be allowed to have my things. I don't have a cell phone so that's not a problem."

Jon nodded "yes I know you don't have a cell phone. You can have your things back I guess let me get your back pack." Jon got up and went to the closet and pulled out her back pack she took it kissed his cheek and went back to her room. She dumped the contents on her bed she picked up her mini mac book and put it in the bedside table she looked in her wallet and counted out what she owed Mark She wrote a check and went and gave it to him. She went back to her room and took a shower she asked Mark to get her some cash next time he went to the main land. She was smart and kind she was laying on the bed when there was a knock on the door.

She said "come in" the door opened Mark was standing behind Jon. Jon said "Mark has been given permission to use your body when he wants. You will give him your body when you are getting close to your ovulation or your cycle you will tell Mark to wear a condom. If you refuse him He has my permission to spank you." Eva nodded "yes Master I will obey him." Jon turned and left she got up and removed her clothes and got into dog position on the bed offering her pussy and ass to him. Mark came in closed the door and then dropped his pants his hard cock sprang up he entered her pussy and fucked her hard after he finished they laid down spooning.

Eva got up and then put on some nipple clamps and a see through skirt. She walked out of the room and then down to Jon's office. Jon had Shanea on her knee's giving him oral. She was naked wearing a set of nipple clamps that went into a Vie and a clamp on her clit. Jon looked up "is something wrong." Eva shook her head no "I wanted to watch you use Shanea have you taken her virginity yet?" Jon shook his head and moaned. Eva kneeled on the floor and watched Shanea she was completely naked except for the clamps.

Jon had planned to take her virginity after he had come once. Eva didn't look fat but she had a slight bulge in her belly. Jon looked at Eva and noticed the weight gain she had had been eating more than when she had first gotten here she exercised daily which was good he didn't really like bbw look unless it was pregnancy induced. Eva took very good care of herself meticulously showers everyday shaving her pussy every two days shaving her legs and underarms. Plucking her eyebrows trimming her hair putting make up on.

Cleansing her skin and checking for zits or blackheads as well as lumps on her breasts. She checked for things that didn't belong so she could let her master know she needed to see a doctor. She had a checkup every 4 months she was scheduled for her next apt. on Saturday she looked on the calendar and saw that it was June her appt. was on the 10th she had only a day before her appointment. She was worried she didn't want anyone to know she was pregnant yet. She was already at the six month mark. She waited until Jon came and then watched as they got on the floor Shanea struggled to push him off.

Jon slapped her and then forced her legs open she whimpered and tried to close her legs. She screamed when Jon slammed his hard cock into her open pussy. She cried out and tried to push him off slapping at him and begging him to Stop Eva watched Jon and Shanea. She stopped moving and just laid there like a dead fish. Eva could tell Jon was close to coming. Jon Came and then got off of her and put a clip on her cunt holding cum inside of Shanea's body. She was flipped on to her back and hogtied like that Jon got up and left Eva got up and went back to her room. Mark was laying there cock hard and ready Eva got on the bed and opened herself. She felt nothing when mark entered her.

Eva felt like a sex doll she wasn't enjoying sex like she did with Jon. Jon made her cum before he used her body. He was cruel but he wanted her happy He wanted her to produce babies many fine babies. Many would be his some would not be his. The ones that were not his would be adopted to couples who were unable to reproduce. Mark was a good candidate for fatherhood. Eva wasn't sure when the baby had been conceived she got up and went to the calendar she went back 24 weeks and marked the first time Jon had fucked her. She also marked the first time Mark had had fucked her.

She calculated and marked the 3 week mark and then the 5 month mark she thought back and marked her last period so she had they ability to know when she had ovulated. She hoped the baby looked like Jon she felt a flutter in her womb she went to the bathroom and went pee. Mark was lying on the bed on this back he sat up and looked at her. She smiled faintly and went to see Jon She found him in his office wearing a suit his suitcase on the chair he seemed to be getting ready to go somewhere she knocked on the door and waited he said "come in ". She came into the office and waited he looked up and she smiled. "I am leaving for the main land and won't be back for a week." Jon said.

Eva nodded "I just came to tell you something." She took a deep breath and said "I am pregnant."

Jon looked at her "Um ... Okay how far along are you. Have you been eating healthier? No alcohol No drugs. Were you gonna tell me you were pregnant? When did you conceive you're sure you're pregnant?" Eva looked at him and sighed.

"I am about 6 Months I have stopped drinking soda I haven't drunk alcohol and No drugs not even aspirin I was waiting for the right time. I didn't want to tell you I was pregnant and then I miscarry. I conceived shortly after you bought me. I'm sure I had morning sickness and swollen feet and extreme sexual appetite. I had always planned on telling you I just didn't want to lose the baby."

Jon looked at her and said "Do you know it's my baby" She looked at him and nodded "are you sure it is mine you have slept with Mark and the other guard as well as the doctor and the orderlies."

Eva looked down "I know it has to be yours Mark didn't touch me til 3 weeks after you raped me and I marked it all down on the calendar it has to be yours. I will submit the babies DNA once it was born so you can test it if you want I am positive it is yours though." Jon nodded and went back to work the phone rang he picked it up and put up a finger Eva waited patiently for him to finish. He hung up and looked at her

"I have to go the plane is ready Shanea is in her cage so get your stuff. Mark is ready so go get your Heels and lets go." Eva ran to her room and grabbed her backpack and her high heels and flats and stuck them in her bag. She put her netbook laptop, and wallet, book then zipped her bag up. She was nervous she got in the limousine next to Mark and Jon she blushed.

Eva sat nervously while her Master and Mark stared out the windows and didn't speak the whole flight. It was an aweful akward silence that Eva didn't know how to break. She was so confused by these emotions she felt that she sat alone in the back of the leer jet to think she was becoming unable to push Mark away when she belonged to someone else. She would be in big trouble if Mark or Master found out she was in love with Mark and had no want to be near Jon. Jon wasn't a good man he had raped and tortured her to make her comply with his will she only went along with it because she wasn't able to escape.

The ride to the hotel was again silent and when they got there she was shown to her room which had a view and a balcony she was looking around when mark came up behind her and kissed her neck. She swung around and looked at him "I can't see you any more in a private setting or Jon will be very angry. I am pregnant and if i lose the baby I have nothing to live for. I feel deeply for you but Jon isn't going to just let me go anytime soon even though I am frightened of him". she sighed, "even though I wish he would let you buy me from him that won't come to pass if I indeed am carrying his son. I will always remember the good sex we had but unless you can convince Jon to sell me we aren't gonna be able to be together anymore as I wish we could".

Mark smiled and said "I can be very persuasive when i put my mind to it. I am very rich so I have enough assets to make him willing to sell you. Jon never keeps a slave more than a year so you are probably gonna be sold soon after you have your child. Jon prefers blondes or Asians he will most likely take you aside to inform you of your immediate future he trains and resells the girls he doesn't want. I have been with Jon for fifteen years he has never kept a woman longer than a year. Lakayla was the exception she was with him for one and a half years and died while in labor the baby was still born. I will talk to you later I am gonna go eat and then go to the Gym". Mark left for the gym leaving Eva to her thoughts.

Eva laid down and contemplated what Mark had said and prayed she didn't have a still born. She got up and went to the bathroom filling the Jacuzzi tub she stripped and got in she relaxed a bit being 8 months pregnant was no easy task Jon hadn't come to her in a long time she Moaned as she felt her body convulse in a contraction. She breathed deep as her water broke she sat there and tried to stay calm as another contraction hit her this time it was more painful she bit her lip and kept breathing she turned the heat up on the water reaching on the sink she grabbed towels clamps scissors and some thread to use.

She laid there for what seemed like forever before she felt the urge to push. She pushed and then breathed thru an contraction she pushed and then pushed again as she finally felt the baby slip out she brought him to the sink and got him breathing she tied and cut the umbilical cord before wrapping and bagging the placenta she smiled at her beautiful girl and kissed her forehead she emptied the tub and took the baby and the placenta to Jon. Jon was in a meeting she tapped on the door Jon told her to some in. "what is it Eva can't you see I am busy.

Eva tossed the bag on the table and left the room. When Jon came to her later she was in the Nursery rocking her daughter and singing a family lullaby to her she hadn't chosen a name yet but she had 5 days before she needed to Jon walked in and said " what was the meaning of tossing that god aweful thing on the table and then leaving me to open the bag and see what was inside". Jon was immediately distracted by the cooing he heard he looked at the crib to see a baby with a pink blanket around it. Jon walked over to the crib and looked down at the small smiling girl with avid curiosity. "She looks nothing like me and I am reserved to my skepticism and will demand she get a DNA test. I need to know the name you have picked so I may get her a legal birth certificate and a social security card".

Eva looked down at her daughter "Maikaiyla Katherine Davenport". she said with certainty she cooed and played with her daughter and let her suck on the tip of her index finger she picked her up ash she screwed her face to start crying like a pro knowing that her baby was hungry she fed her and smoothed her hair down to keep her cow lick down when Maikaiyla was done she burped her and held her. Eva was already attached to the baby the next day a very well-known doctor came and took blood and samples measured and gave the baby a checkup while writing down all the information needed for the birth paper work Eva signed her Legal name to the birth certificate while Jon did not sign it. the doctor left saying that he'd call in three days with the results when he did call three days later it wasn't good news Jon was indeed not the father Mark was Eva was horrified ad hid in the nursery afraid of what Jon would do Mark came to her to tell her that Jon had given in and relinquished her to him because he didn't want to raise another man's child the stuff that they needed was sent to the penthouse she looked at Mark "what now have you lost your job? Do we have to leave? Can i go home to my family finally after a year of hell? I'd like to see my family and tell them I'm all right." Mark smiled

"no I didn't lose my job no we don't have to leave and no you can't go home to your family til I say so I am your owner and you will marry me the baby has been given my last name and you will be in the office at 3 to get married to me or I will not be happy do i make myself clear". Eva nodded and looked down at 2:30 Eva was dressed with her daughter in a pink onesie and booties she walked into the office at 2:50 dressed in a strapless skin tight black dress. The ceremony was lacking a lot but she kept quiet holding Maikaiyla in her arms they exchanged vows kissed and then signed the paperwork a lawyer was there with name change documents that Eva signed. Eva was allowed to go back to her real name and was happy for it Mark gave her a ⅓ carat diamond ring with 10k white gold that made a intertwined pattern around the diamond.

Maikaiyla Katherine Davenport had a head full of red hair and her eyes had started to turn bright green she was a giggly girl she was a good girl she made life so much better for Kaila being around. Kaila was her nickname she was the spitting image of her father with an attitude to match she kept Erin and Mark on their toes so there was never a dull moment with Kaila. Mark was wrapped around her finger so he was a doting father she made Erin have a purpose to her otherwise dull meaningless life.

They said their vows and he put the ring on her finger Jon had someone to take pictures she forced a smile that didn't seem fake Mark took his daughter and put his arm around her waist. They had steak for dinner and Jon left the penthouse to go get drunk his Guard went with him Mark took her to bed to consummate their marriage they soon fall asleep Maikaiyla woke Erin up at two AM to be fed which was fine. She sat in the rocking chain and fed Maikaiyla who fell asleep after getting her fill she continued to sit there rocking and singing softly. She was unaware that her new husband was watching her. Mark was amazed at how beautiful she was after becoming a mother to his daughter. Mark went and got back in bed when he saw Erin getting ready to get up. She crawled back in bed and yawned turning over Mark spooned behind her they didn't even get back to sleep when the phone started to ring Mark answered it and sighed talking into the phone. He grabbed his clothes putting them on. "Ya I am on my way how much is the bail. Okay I'll be there in thirty minutes with the money". Erin got up and put her clothes on she put Maikaiyla in her carrier she grabbed her purse and shoes. Mark drove to the police department and parked Erin picked up Maikaiyla and they walked into the building. Jon and the guard had both been arrested for drunk in public and were being held on one thousand five hundred dollar bail for the two of them Jon had started the fight and the guard had tried to stop it. Jon had been too drunk to think straight after drinking seventy-five dollars' worth of alcohol. Mark signed the paperwork before being told that they wouldn't be allowed to leave til eight in the morning after arraignment court. Mark nodded and said he would come back at 7:45 and follow to the courthouse.

They got to the penthouse and crawled into bed leaving Maikaiyla in the car seat she slept soundly til 6:30 when she was hungry Erin got up and changed her diaper and fed her before putting her back into her car seat and doing the straps she got ready to go showering and brushing her teeth and brushing and braiding her hair. She put on a black skin tight dress and matching heels she was still a bombshell even after having given birth a few days prior. She made other women look fat they walked hand and hand into the courthouse and waited for Marks time his guard was after him. Mark was going to post bail for both of them and then keep them out of trouble til the probation was up this wasn't Jon's first time he had done the last time had been with Lakayla when she had died Jon had fallen in love with her she had been 18 and smart.

Jon looked aweful when they walked into the court room Maikaiyla was still asleep and thankfully didn't start screaming when the Judge banged the gavel. Jon got 3 months' probation and was to wear an alcohol monitoring device to keep him from drinking or he'd serve 3 months in lock up. The Judge was harsh but not of his rights he had seen far too many repeat offenders who had hurt someone. Maikaiyla chose that moment to scream like a banshee and gain unwanted attention the Judge looked up and Scowled Erin scooped up the car seat and made a mad dash out of the room. She got Maikaiyla to stop after she picked her up she walked back in to the courtroom and was accosted by the Judge before she could sit down. "is your child going to be a problem Miss if so you should wait outside?"

Erin looked at the Judge and with a straight face said. "She is four days old what do you expect she was asleep and didn't even whimper when the gavel woke her I haven't the slightest idea what set her off but no if she starts again I'll leave".

The judge looked at her skeptically. "Four days old? You're pulling my leg she sure doesn't seem that young. What's her name miss". Erin looked at Mark who nodded with a look of worry on his face. Mark was probably worried Shed cry rape or foul and he'd be arrested and jailed. Erin wasn't like that she actually loved Mark and would never do anything to hurt him. They were also connected by a small human who needed them to take care of her.

Erin was still holding Maikaiyla and looking at the Judge. "Mai-Kai-Yla sir. Yes I am her real mother I gave her life. I am married to her father not that, that is important we are here to post bail for a friend. He isn't the sharpest knife". The judge seemed satisfied with her reply and called court to order since Jon's guard wasn't drunk he was let off with a two hundred dollar fine. Mark posted Bail and helped then took them back to the penthouse the guy who was going to put on the monitoring device came at Noon to put it on Jon was in a foul mood which made Erin stay as far as she could away from them. Mark was sitting in the living room watching the news and drinking Pepsi and relaxing Jon went to his room having had Shanae moved to the room next door she was locked in the room with no way of getting out. Jon wasn't going to get busted for having a 14 year old hanging around Erin went in and gave her appropriate food for the situation that they had all been forced into Maikaiyla was growing like a weed after two months of two AM feeding she was starting to sleep thru the night waking up at six thirty to be fed.

Mark helped out where he could but he didn't know much about babies at this stage in his life the day Jon was to get the monitoring device of Shanae was confined to a panic room until the cop and monitoring guy where gone completely. Mark held His daughter daily and bonded with her. Jon was sweet enough to buy some things to make up for his awfulness towards Erin. Jon kept to himself while he was on probation not leaving unless it was business related. He had to resort to using his one call girl to come and give him ease after a month of not getting any relief she was more than willing to help Jon out. Jon had trained her in the slave life style.

She was older but not more than twenty years old she was blonde and quiet beautiful. Katherine "Kara" Hailey Dunn was Delicate looking like a Porcelain Doll. She was blonde with blue eyes she had very straight teeth and dimples. Kara was twenty five years old and five foot eight. She had never had any children but she wanted to have some children. She had hopes that Jon would get her pregnant he certainly kept her busy he couldn't go more than two hours without fucking her. Jon hadn't told her but he was hoping to knock her up. Jon had replaced Kara's Birth control with placebo to make her think she was not going to get pregnant. Jon kept her in the penthouse for two weeks. She did not seem to have a problem with that. Erin braided her hair for her so it wouldn't cause problems. She more than once came out of the master bedroom with a little blood from the roughness of their sessions. She begged Jon to own her and keep her as a slave in the purest since of the word. Jon sighed and told her he'd let her know in a day or two. In the mean time they kept each other busy.

At the end of the three months Jon had made up his mind to keep Kara as a slave. She was over the moon with glee when the probation ended Jon told the guard to help her pack her most valued stuff the rest would be shipped to the island. After they three months was up they waited 3 days before the planning to fly back to the island the ladies packed their masters suitcases. Kara would be given the room adjoining Jon's and Shanae would be kept in the small room that was supposed to be a nursery Kara was not aware of Jon's slave child he planned to train and use to make his children she wasn't able to be left alone yet she would need to be broken so completely she wouldn't wear anything not approved by her master it was a 12 step training program she was only on step 5. The trip was uneventful Jon had blindfolded Kara once she was in the airplane so that Shanae could be loaded in to the small slave pen. Once that was done she was permitted to remove the blindfold. Mark and Erin were sitting in the back with Maikaiyla in her car seat the bags were loaded and then they waited for the tower to give them permission to take off Jon always made sure to have the tanks full incase of and emergency such as they would need to wait for clearance to land.

When they got to the island Kara and her bags were sent ahead with her personal bodyguard. Mark and Jon had to get Shanae to obey and get into her blindfold and shackles. After thirty minutes of fighting her they finally had her subdued enough to put the cuffs and collar on. Jon blindfolded her as the last part of the need to keep her subjugated to his will they arrived at the house only to usher Shanae into a side room when Kara came downstairs Jon took her to the playroom to show her where their sessions would happen. Once Shanae was put in the small room the door and walls had been sound proofed when Jon had bought his first slave the windows had bars and there had been a small bathroom added with a Jacuzzi tub. The door required a key to enter and to exit.

Jon kept Kara busy while Mark and Erin got Shanae untied Maikaiyla was asleep after the long trip and the fact that she was four and a half months old. Mark showed Erin to her new home after double checking the door was indeed locked. They went to put Maikaiyla in her new room he had hired one of the daughters of the maids to watch Maikaiyla so that they could go for a walk the girl was 16 and seemed to know a lot about children when they got back Maikaiyla was sound asleep. The girl they had hired lived with her family in the apartments Jon had, had built she was out of school for the summer and was willing to watch their daughter whenever they needed her she had never seen Jon or been to the main house so she was blind to all the things that happened in the house. Jon had had 3 small cottages built near the house each had five bedrooms and five bathrooms Mark and Alexander each occupied one the last one sat empty for such and occasion when someone important came to visit. Mark was very trustworthy and Jon had had to make a big compromise when He had found out Maikaiyla wasn't his but He refused to lose Mark over such a small thing like seventy-five thousand dollars Mark had written a check for the full amount right there.

Mark had shown time and again that he was the most trustworthy person Jon had hired of all the past employees. The master Bedroom had two large walk-in closets a Bathroom with a large Jacuzzi tub and a nursery that was filled with things that had been in Erin's old nursery Jon was now Maikaiyla's rich uncle. Erin still was on a tight leash til Maikaiyla was a year old and then he would decide to either take her to her family or to forbid it for a little while longer they found someone from the island families to cook for them because Erin didn't know a thing about cooking and Mark wasn't ready to trust her to make dinner in case she decided to poison him. Over the next five and a half months Jon and Kara got acquainted with Maikaiyla and Mark started to trust her a little more over that period she was so used to being told what to do that it became natural for her to receive orders from Mark albeit not verbally but more like she knew what he wanted before he had to say it. She gave him her body freely every night and she soon came to the realization that she was again pregnant.

Mark finally gave into Erin and asked for two weeks off to go to California using the Leer Jet. It had been eleven months since they had said their vows. Maikaiyla was almost a year old and talking off and on Erin was five months pregnant and didn't look it. They landed in Sacramento and found a car. Mark drove while Erin talked she wore a jet black wig and brown contacts Erin wasn't surprised to see a billboard with her photo that said have you seen me if so call this number she had him stop three blocks from her house in her five inch heels and skin tight dress she walked past her parents' house the cars were there so they were home. Erin got Maikaiyla and Mark got the diaper bag and they walked the three blocks she knocked on the door her mother opened the door. "Yes may I help you"? With a practiced motion Erin took the wing off and almost dropped Maikaiyla because her mom fainted Mark caught her carrying her inside he dad was in his chair watching TV.

Erin sighed "I know you have questions but before you ask meet Mai-Kai-Yla your granddaughter. Let me start off by saying I'm sorry and tell you that this wasn't supposed to be like this it was in the purest since of the word an accident that happened when my husband didn't wear a condom when she was conceived I thought you would be angry so we went to Las Vegas got hitched and waited til after Maikaiyla was older to make the trip she's gonna be one in 3 weeks so we plan to stay til the day after unless this becomes a hazard I am old enough to make my own mistakes this isn't one of them I hoped you might still have my Instruments and I hoped I could have them or buy them I really want my violin if you got rid of all my stuff I understand I shouldn't have taken off like that and it won't happen again on one condition lose the billboard tell Family I came home I'm ok but I had to go back to Montana to my new house. I'll have to try and get them all together before I go so that they can meet my daughter Maikaiyla started biting Erin's thumb Erin looked down and pulled her hand away so Maikaiyla would be able to do it anymore which made her start screaming to shut her up Erin gave Maikaiyla her hand. "We call her Mai or Kaila for short. Mark take YOUR daughter she teething and I'm bleeding now". Mai started howling again til she was given a frozen teething ring that was at the bottom of the chest of ice packs with her food and drinks. "I swear some days I just wanna strangle her she's such a pain in the butt. But other days I wanna just smother her in my love she's got and Italian short fuse it seems. She got mama's looks and brains and her dads attitude I swear she's gonna be a diva". Erin pulled out a photo album filled with duplicate photos of Mai and Erin and mark taken over a year's time a few where older from when she was still pregnant.

She gave the book to her mother and said. "This is yours too keep I made this up I have a few more to put together the original is the blue prink each photo has a date and whose in the photo". All the photos had been printed at the same place when they had gotten state side yesterday. They had been planning on leaving the day after Mai was at the one year mark and planned to keep to that. Erin's mother wanted to hold Mai so Erin let her but had to take her back when Mai howled to be fed. She went to the bathroom when Mai was do she got handed to her mom to hold Mia giggled and poked her nose. Erin's mom laughed and held her Mai. They left after a while to go and get something to eat Mai fell asleep in the car and stayed like that the whole time. Mark and she went to his vacation house which only got used maybe once a year it was bare of anything except furniture. They went to a baby store after eating to get a crib for Maikaiyla they bought some food and found someone willing to cook for them til they left.

The bed was a King size Mark set up the cradle by Erin's bedside so she could feed the baby quickly they put the rocking chair in the corner so she could rock her. Erin was almost six months pregnant and was always super horny Mark kept her sated and happy so she didn't complain the three weeks went by fast. The family was there on Mai's birthday and she had a camera and a printer making copies of some photo's for her Mother she had given the album to the person she had made them for people were taking pictures of their own. Her family talked and passed Mai around who kept screaming to be put down. She went to her mother to hold her who picked her up and held her. She had removed the contacts long ago she had gained ten pounds since getting pregnant she was slightly more round this time she was wearing a teddy that Mark had bought her she got up to eat at 3 am and was surprised to see that she was starving she made top ramen she put crackers in there. She was washing dishes when mark got up to start coffee she nodded and went back to what she was doing she dried the dishes once they were done. She put some toast in the toaster and got out some jelly she ate three of those before she was full she drank some Pepsi and made some eggs she put them on a plate with some toast and bacon and gave it to Mark she went and got the paper she put that down beside him then gave Mai a bath and put on some PBS for her to watch.

Erin got in the showered washed her hair and shaved her body. She got out and dried off putting on a loose dress with a strapless bra. Erin was going to make sure she gained enough weight to have a healthy child. Mark showered they went to the jet and were all loaded in and ready to go by one PM. Mark was reading the paper while Erin was mending some rips in his pants they landed at the island at five PM. They went and opened up the house Mark went to the main house Erin was in tow with Mai on her hip. Kara was sitting watching the game of thrones show when they came in. "Jon's in the office something about a girl". Kara hadn't even looked up. They went upstairs to find mark with Shanae Bent over a bench. Jon was raping her while she was crying and begging him to stop. Mark was patient and when Jon was done he finally spoke. "Hey you're back good did you enjoy your vacation"? Jon untied Shanae and pushed her to the bathroom. "Clean up and then sit on the mat and stay silent". Shanae did as commanded and then sat on the pillow.

Shanae looked at Erin with pleading eyes Erin refused to be swayed by the fact she had been in that same spot not a year ago. She stood like a good wife silent and adoring to her husband who was talking to Jon. Jon was sitting on the edge of his desk and listening watching Shanae trying to get sympathy from Erin who ignored her and was being a doting wife to Mark. Mark took Erin's hand a lead her down stairs. Kara was eating a sandwich when Jon came down stairs. Kara looked at Jon and smiled. Jon kissed her cheek and sat down beside her one of the Nurses was upstairs taking care of Shanae's back. She also happened to be a BDSM bride her husband was and orderly. She had two daughters who had been brought up in the lifestyle of their parents and their father was going to sell them to men on the Island. All the BDSM Masters Daughters were forced to wear Chastity devices. The women were going to virgins when they were sold.

Mark was in charge of the arranging of the selling of the women. Once a month the women would be prepared to meet their future husbands. Some women would be given to the same man because they were twins the man would not have to train them. The Men and women would meet in the large party hall and Jon had hired a Main land catering company to come once a month to feed the party. All the women were 12 or older they would be dressed in slave dresses in the same colors each woman wore a band. Purple: 15+ reached maturity and had offers already, Pink: 18+ reached maturity No offers currently Red: +12 reached maturity ready to be offered on, Black: 15+ reached maturity sold and claimed, Navy: 12+ reached maturity sold and ready to be claimed, Olive: Married not for offer. The girls could be claimed anytime the master decided there was several weddings planned the day of the meeting Jon and Kara were going to be there as well as Mark and Erin. Erin and Kara was wearing and olive green bands. One of the older married women was watching Kaiyla while Erin was at the mixer to keep the women and men from breaking rules.

The party was off with a bang as the women who were going to be married were prepared and kept separate the women were put in white gowns and with veils to match. The reverend was also a BDSM husband. The photographer was there to take pictures. They were doing a candle lighting ceremony the couples were going to light a candle and exchange rings. There was going to be a buffet after the weddings the women all had a ring for their intended. The youngest were going to be married first. The deflowering was going to be supervised by Erin.

The weddings started and were going smooth dinner was delicious the main dish was steak. The time for deflowering was going to take place in a the room next door bent over rape stands Erin went in and started strapping down the women one at a time after stripping them. Erin blindfolded them she let the men in the room the men went to their brides to claim what was now theirs. The women screamed and begged as they had their virginities ripped from their bodies Erin made sure that each man was with the proper slave wife. The families were will paid for the girls and the husbands would have many years of good service and many children from the union.

Jon had decided to sell Shanae to one of his friends since she had been trained and he had gotten what he wanted from her. The party was boring until the deflowering ceremony he was bored making sure the girls and men weren't trying to have sex. Each man was rich enough to have many children and when the girls reached age they would be offered upon by men who wanted them Jon had more homes being built each woman came to her husband with the pre marriage stuff and a dowry chest for her household with five thousand dollars. Some families went to the main land to work for his many businesses the girls weren't expected to have friends they were expected to obey the girls had all gotten their G.E.Ds and knew how to sew, cook, and mend tears they also learned to do CPR and had been certified the parents allowed the girls to swim under female adult supervision.

Jon had had a pool built with an indoor counterpart as well as a hot tub Jacuzzi. Jon kept track of the children born they were having a clinic built to cater to pregnant women so that the families could get sonograms. The girls who left with their husbands were forced to never venture out alone and not to open the door. Jon set the men up at his mansion in guest homes or in apartments next to his mansion he had apartments built for workers on the land next to his home. The land had building for all the houses around the apartments were huge. The workers for each family got a nice place to live half rent, half water and electric and free access to the pool for his mansion. The husbands kept their wives on short leashes in public punishing them if they were misbehaving when they got home.

Erin kept her home spotless having learned to cook and clean in the two years she had been kept prisoner Kaila had started talking at eight months and was shy but she was very smart. Erin taught her to count to ten and was teaching her sign language when she was older she would learn to read and write for now she was learning things that her mother had learned at an early age. Kaila was learning a surprise which delighted Erin, she was already able to speak fluent sign language and could count to 40 at the age of almost two years old. Mark got her a kitten as her first pet which she was quickly able to learn to care for.

Kaila was turning out to be a genius like her mother. Mark was surprised when Kaila spoke sign language to him one day she was small for her age but by the time she was two she was reading Dr. Seuss and coloring inside the lines. Mark was a doting father to Kaila and told Erin he wanted more children Erin was unnoticeably six months pregnant she looked heavier but she wore loose clothes and mark had been forced to travel with Jon to England for six months Erin was Due in December she assumed she was in bed when she had to pee she got up and went to the bathroom when she sat on the toilet she was horrified to find her water broke. She quickly ran the tub and sterilized everything. Kaila was asleep in her nursery they had put her in a crib and just left the cradle. She got into the tub and turned on the heater she was breathing deep when the first waves of pain hit her this wasn't like the last time she had given birth she breathed thru it after two hours she was old dilated to five. She sat in the tub breathing and crying at the six hour mark she felt the urge to push she had actually put at box with clean blankets to put the baby in nearby she screamed as the baby started crowning after the baby slipped out she put the wailing baby in to the tub she was over taken by a need to push again and screamed as a second baby slipped from her body.

She laid there panting as she went thru one more set of pushes to birth her third and final child. The first two were boys the third was a girl she got out of the tub after expelling the after birth. She took a pad and wrote BABY BOY ONE 6:30PM BABY BOY TWO 7:00PM BABY GIRL THREE 7:45PM. She cleaned them up cut their cords and put on caps she swaddled them after putting diapers on them. Erin was sitting on the bed when the phone rang Jon was calling to inform her that they had landed and where heading home Mark walked in the door to find Erin sitting on the floor with three small newborns.

Mark scratched his head "Am I missing something we had one child when I left not four. So whose children are they"? Erin pulled up her dress to show her bleeding vaginal canal Mark snatched up the phone she was in shock while the doctor weighed measured and disposed of the after birth. Mark was relieved to learn they were healthy and had been well taken care of. Erin was checked out and was just in shock nothing serious she didn't even need stitches like last time. The doctor looked at her note book and said "nice of you to write the information down makes it so much easier. Have you chosen the names"?

Erin smiled, "baby one Mark Anthony Davenport Jr. Baby two Rolland Aiden Ezra Davenport and Juliana Alexandria Catherine Davenport. Mark Jr. had green eyes and dark reddish hair he weighed six pounds, Rolland had crystal blue eyes and black hair he was five pounds, Julianna had Red hair and crystal blue green eyes she was five and a half pounds. Mark was holding his son and smiling at them. They took the hand prints and foot prints making sure that the babies had the right birth certificate. Kaila was brought to her parents to meet her siblings. Kaila was curious about her siblings she was being good. Kaila looked at her sister and then at her mommie, "why are they all pruney mommie"?

Erin smiled. "Mommie was giving your brothers and sister life they won't be able to play with you until they are older you will have to be gentle with them. Until they are older you will need to help protect your brothers and sister and keep them safe. Can you do that for mommie? Daddie and I want you to be a big girl you will always be our baby but you need to be a big girl and help mommie and daddie out with your brothers and sister".

Kaila nodded and smiled at her mommie, "Okay mommie I will". Kaila sat on the bed watching her siblings she was happy to have siblings now. Mark held her children one at a time smiling and kissing their foreheads the doctor took some blood and checked their ears and eyes. The doctor left and would give them the birth certificates and all the needed paperwork for her children. Mark took pictures of their babies for their Baby books. Erin filled in the Baby books with information. They kept the baby books on a shelf in the Nursery each had a name put on the cover they took photo's at each important mark in the book Kaila had four photo albums of photos.

Each baby would have their own set of albums and their own baby books. Mark helped her put the babies in their cradles. Mark went to Jon to ask him to use the jet to go to the baby store in New York to get more baby stuff for his children. Mark was allowed to use the jet to go to the main land Kaila was loaded into the cart with Erin and the triplets. They went to the plane Erin's bags and Marks bags were sent ahead to be loaded. Jon gave Mark free use of his penthouse while they were in New York. When they landed at the airport the people who worked for Jon loaded the cargo van with their luggage they went to the Penthouse. Erin had the maid who had been working for Jon for fifteen years to watch the Triplets while they showered and shaved. After they finished their showers they went to the Baby store to get the stuff they needed.

When they got to the store the sells gal offered to help them they grabbed seven big boxes of Newborn diapers, two cradles, six packs of four gloves, six packs of eight socks and six packs of caps. Ten boxes of baby wipes, two large bottle of Johnson and Johnson chamomile lotion and bath wash. They bought a bath for their sink. She also got five, five count packs of onesies for premies. They got a lot of little odds and ends to help with the babies; Mark and Erin were at the check-out being rang up they paid the bill and had the stuff loaded into the cargo van they put the babies into their car seats and Kaila in her child seat. They drove to the penthouse and unloaded their purchases the next day they would be sent to the jet to be loaded up to be sent to the jet the day to be stored til the day they left. Mark and Erin kept two weeks' worth of Diapers out of the box to use with a diaper bag with all the cleanliness supplies for their children.

Kaila was given several new toys she had been good the whole time she was walking around holding her mother's hand and not being bad while they shopped. The babies slept a lot during the week they were in New York Erin fed them and kept them clean she still breast fed them and Kaila. Kaila was getting to be independent in some things she was painting with wash able paint. Mark let her come to work with him once in a while she would play with Kara and Jon. Kaila was learning and getting smarter. Julianna soon out grew her brothers in size and weight the boys were getting bigger too though. They all got fed the same amount though. Mark was a great dad he helped take care of their children he refused to change diapers but he would bathe them and dry them. Kaila would try to help as well bringing her mother diapers, baby wipes, burp blanket and even onesies if she needed them. When her babies where eight months old they were sitting up and crawling Kaila helped keep them in their play pen.

Julianna's growth had slowed down to a more normal speed. Her brothers now outweighed her by about two pounds each. Julianna was a bit of a firecracker she made it known that she was number one and wanted to have the most of her dad's attention. Mark obliged and held her every chance he got Julianna was pretty smart already even at the age she was a year old now. Kaila was two and a half she made her mother proud Erin gave her daughter a toy piano to play with. Erin had a full sized Grand Piano in the Solarium with a bench with books. Erin played the piano for her children.

Mark had bought her a Bösendorfer 1830 Grand Piano for their wedding gift she played it daily her children seemed to love it they were not allowed or supposed to touch it. The next couple of years were good to them Kaila was allowed to start playing the Piano when she was six. Mark and Erin had put off having any more children Kaila would scream when they someone tried to cut her hair. They would just trim it Kaila was bathing herself with supervising by Erin or Mark. Mark would sit their reading a book and helping if needed. Jon baby sat with Kara when they wanted to have a date night. Jon was good with them and Kara had surprised him two years ago by popping out sextuplets. Erin and Mark would baby sit from time to time as well the babies where now a year old. The kids all played together when they were together at one of the respective location. Mark and Erin had a candle light dinner on the place near the beach the staff made a meal for them.

Kara had named them Jonathan Vincent Rothschild Jr who had black hair and had blue green eyes, Donovan Charles Rothschild who had black hair and blue eyes, Katherine Hailey Rothschild who had blonde hair and ice crystal blue eyes like her mother, Lawrence Edgar Rothschild who had black hair and green eyes, Wesley Isaiah Rothschild had green eyes and black hair, Ezra James Rothschild had reddish blonde hair and dark blue eyes. Kara had been in bed for a week after having her babies. Jon made sure she was well taken care by one of the wives of his staff.

Kara took five months to bounce back to her normal skinny bubbly shelf Erin kept her company and helped her feed her babies Jon was grateful for her help Kara was a doting mother and made time for her babies. They bought a stroller were the car seats faced their mother. Each one had a changeable canopy on their seat the canopy that was on the carriers had their names embroidered on it. Jon also got blankets and hats with embroidered names on it. It was not all that bad that Jon only had one daughter but Jon didn't mind he now had an heir for his name.

Dinner was perfect and was very filling the staff was around to refill their glasses they were under a mosquito net. Their dessert was a cheesecake with strawberry toppings. They enjoyed the ocean and the moon light with the horizon they cuddled on a blanket while enjoying some beautiful ocean view. Mark and Erin had gotten Jon and Kara to baby sit all night. Erin walked to the main house at noon and walked her children to their home. Kaila and Julianna played on the floor the boys fell asleep in the play pen. Julianna and Kaila played happily on the floor while Erin cleaned the house. Mark came home after finishing paperwork he kept the girls occupied while Erin finished cleaning after she was done she got into bed and took a nap.

Mark knew where the food for the babies was. Erin slept for two hours the cooks cooked dinner she ate with Mark. Kaila, Julianna, Mark Jr and Rolland went to sleep and slept for most of the night. They woke up at five AM to be fed Erin was good at waking up quickly so she fed them and then went back to sleep. She woke up with Kaila sleeping on the bed with her the triplets were gone there was a note on her bedside table "sleep in the kids are with Kara you have been running yourself ragged enjoy some you time Kaila refused to go so I left her asleep with you".

Erin smiled rolling her eyes she got up to pee. Kaila and she had a good restful sleep til noon when she woke up. Erin got up changed her diaper and then they practiced the piano she loved to play and was already moving on to the Fur Elise by Beethoven she said it sounded funny but it made her smile. Mark came home to find them at the piano Kaila playing a song with great skill. When she finished he clapped she looked at him and said "dad sneaked up on us" Erin laughed hard.

"Yes he did he is a bad boy but you are getting so much more accomplished at that song I am proud of you. One day you might be famous and have so many people who like your music". Kaila laughed and smiled and started playing twinkle, twinkle little star with her Mother watching and Mark smiling at her. Erin had her sit there while she played Claire de Lune for her. Kaila was beautiful with her red hair and green eyes. She was the image of her mother she was beautiful to her parents.

Mark gave Kaila a platinum tennis bracelet for her seventh birthday. It had sapphires and emeralds in a delicate small flower pattern. Mark had hired a teacher to come and teach his children which was smart they all got a placement test to place them in the right area of their knowledge. Kaila was placed at an eighth grade level of learning she was taught and was soon doing higher level learning on her academic's. Kaila was soon going to be past a high school level. Erin also had them get her a Diploma after testing out with a one thousand. Mark had a celebration for Erin and Kaila who had surpassed most of the standard age markers of her seven years.

Kaila was brilliant and kept form of a proper woman Erin taught her how to be a proper woman. How to dance, how to set a table and how to clean and vacuum and how to remove a stain. When Kaila got her first period she started screaming and crying Erin ran into the bathroom to find Kaila in a corner crying. Erin helped Kaila put on a pad and explained to her about when a woman bleeds. And how it means she is ready to have children Erin was great at explaining what was happening to her daughter who was scared of what was happening to her. Mark was going to get Erin pregnant again and keep his legacy alive Erin kept the girls occupied with toys and books. Erin was fucked a lot of the next the hours.

Erin helped Julianna, Mark Jr. and Rolland bathe and get ready for bed Kaila had her own room. Rolland and Mark Jr. Shared a room and Julianna slept in the room next her parents with Kaila in the room next door and the Boys in the room across the hall. Erin soon came to realize she was pregnant again. Erin hadn't had any children for four year. At twenty one she was beautiful and very slender with a beautiful body. She kept herself in shape with a good work-out regimen she would walk the girls around the path with the stroller with her kids Kaila was with her and looking around excitedly. Erin weighed in at one hundred twenty-five with C cups on her chest. She had been an A-Cup when before she had, had Kaila seven years ago having had Mark Jr. Rolland and Julianna hadn't hurt her chest size any.

Jon was scheduled to head to New York Kara decided to stay on the island while Jon went away to New York with Alexander. Mark was going with them to body guard Jon in New York for six weeks. Jon would be doing meetings the whole six weeks he was gone. Alexander was given free time he went to the local bars and met a very beautiful Asian woman. She was drunk and took Alexander up on an offer to give her the best night of her life. Alexander took her to the Penthouse to bang her Jon had already gone to sleep. Things got kinky when she started calling him master and begging him to fuck her harder. Alexander was worn out after four hours of sex the woman fell asleep next to him curled into a ball she was woken up to being taken again. Alexander kept her occupied til about five thirty AM. When he got up and took a shower he shaved his face and combed out his hair and got dressed in his work attire the Asian girl who was named Akiko Azumi Zhou

Akiko Azumi Zhou was five foot with waist length pitch black hair. She was twenty-five and her family was Japanese in origin she was kind of kinky. She rarely went to bars and let guys take her home she had actually been a virgin and wasn't used to sex. Sure she was kinky but that was because she had experimented in high school and college with some men and women. Akiko got up and got dressed getting ready to leave when Alexander walked in and spotted the blood. "Are you on the rag"? Alexander asked.

Akiko looked at Alexander "No I am not on my rag". Alexander looked at Akiko with some skepticism. Alexander wasn't aware of her previously Virgin status. Akiko had been very drunk but not drunk enough to be non-consenting. She was getting ready to leave when Alexander grabbed her arm. Alexander was patient he took a deep breath and looked at Akiko.

Akiko was smart and kept calm while Alexander kept himself under control. "Where do you think you are going? I definitely am not done with you by a long shot. I am not interested in a one night stand with you. I might have been interested in a one night stand two weeks ago. But now I am not going to let you go yet I am just getting warmed up. I am known for my stamina. I am in my prime I plan to have a lot more sex with you". Akiko blushed and looked up at him with concern.

"What if I don't want to have more sex with you? What if I want to go home and shower I work at a strip club and I am on the schedule for tonight. I need to get ready to go. Akiko picked up her shoes pulling her arm free she left the room and went to her home. She went home took a shower shaved her legs and under arms plucked her eye brows and waxed her pussy. She got to the club twenty minutes before her set at the club. She put on her Japanese school girl outfit, Akiko did her hair in a braid and did her make up. She went on and had a good time all the men clapped and threw money on the stage she looked up and saw Alexander with two other men both equally handsome drinking and talking and watching her. Alexander raised his glass to her she continued to dance when she was done she left the stage her boss told her some guy wanted a lap dance so she was forced to give Alexander a lap dance while his friends watched. Akiko smiled and tried to like it but she didn't when she was done she went back stage to her dressing room. She was getting dressed when her boss came back to the dressing room entering without knocking. Akiko was surprised and looked at her.

"What are you doing in her you need to leave I am getting dressed. So leave or I'll scream." He manager smirked and took a step toward her she stood up and backed against a wall. Her boss moved forward to press her against the wall. Akiko put her hands on his chest and tried to push him away. She was not interested in having sex with her boss.

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