The French Collection
Chapter 1: In The Shower

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Mother, Son, Light Bond, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Nudism,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1: In The Shower - Mattie lives in Paris full time now. Is there sex? Lots. But is a little girl, Angel, growing up too fast? Then a boy, Christian, enters stage left. There are new, sexy participants. The French Collection is a continuation of my brother Mattie's life story. Helen.

This may sound like a brag, but the girls told me to put it in here.

They tease me a lot, but it's never mean teasing. They just get a kick out of seeing me squirm. One night Sylvie glanced at me, looked again, and said, "All right, Matthew, what is it? You aren't allowed any secrets here, you know that."

They can always tell when something is on my mind. And there's no getting around it, when you're asked a question, it's expected that you'll answer. In this case I hadn't planned on saying anything because it could sound as if I was trying to make myself sound like ... well, like some sort of stud or something.

Everyone was looking at me, Miles had a kind smile on his face.

I said, "There is this guy, at Skipper's, a personal trainer, he teaches yoga classes ... he's checked me out a couple of times."

Millie said, "Skipper's?"

Margot said, "That's where Matthew and Margot work out. That's why Matthew is such a hunk. Miles too. We had Mattie join Skipper's so he could check Miles out. Back in the day."

My sister said, "What guy, Mattie? At Skipper's? Checked you out ... how, Mattie?"

"He introduced himself, he works there, his name is Henry. In the showers. We shook hands. He's really friendly. And nice."

Margot said, "Henri? The beautiful Henri? My my, Mattie, you should be flattered. I tried to hire him as my trainer, but he's overbooked."

There was a flurry of discussion about him, then Margot pulled up the gym's website and pointed him out in some of the staff photos. Then the teasing really started, plenty of ooohs and ahhhs.

Sylvie said, "He is gorgeous."

Margot said, "And gayer than springtime."

My sister said, "Mattie ... no. Diseases. Someone who looks like he does ... he'll have had too many lovers. No. Sorry, but no."

"I wasn't going to do anything with him. He just asked me out for coffee."

My sister said, "You didn't mention this to us."

"Nothing to mention. He's just friendly. I couldn't go, I had to go back to the office."

Sylvie said, "Lighten up, Helen. Let Matthew enjoy a little flirtation. I mean look at this Henri, I wouldn't mind a shower or two with him. Look at those bedroom eyes."

Terri seemed amused, "How many times has he been in the showers with you, Mattie?"

"Just a couple, I didn't keep count. Well, six."

Miles smiled, "Uh oh."

My sister said, "Margot."

Margot said, "I'll check Henri out. Or have Twyla do it."

Twyla is one of the owners, sort of manages the operation.

A few nights later Helen sat next to me on on of the couches. She whispered in my ear, "Sorry, Mattie."

Margot said, "Well, girls, I have a full dossier on Henri. He's madly in love with Mattie, wants to elope with him."

Everyone knew she was kidding and of course they circled in on me, pleading with me not to run away with him. For the sake of the children. For the sake of decency.

Margot said, "Henri doesn't hit on the clients, Twyla was surprised. I told her he hadn't actually propositioned Mattie, just shown a bit of flirty interest. She doesn't want to confront Henri, he's a real draw. The yoga women love him. And there's a waiting list of girls, and a few boys, who want him as their trainer."

Miles said, "I know him, he seems like a good guy."

My sister said, "Mattie ... no."

Millie moved her mouth away from Jane's breast for a moment, "I'm jealous, Mattie, I can't compete with this Henri. What's he look like in the shower?"

Everyone looked at me. My face felt warm. Everyone was waiting.

I said, "He's a little over 6 feet, a couple of inches shorter than I am. Slender. Dark hair. Friendly. I'd say he's about 19 or 20."

My sister said, "Isn't there a staff locker room?"

Margot was grinning, "Yep."

Helen noticed the bulge in my slacks. "Mattie, no, don't even think about it."

"I'm not thinking about it."

Terri patted my cock, "Oh yeah?"

Miles said, "Helen, let Matt go out for a cup of coffee with Henri. Let him be chased a little. Matt will get a kick out of someone having a little crush on him."

My sister didn't answer. Then she put her hand on my erection. Sighed. "Okay, Mattie. Coffee. Or a drink. But no sex. None. Understood?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Not even a blow job. Not even a hand job. No sex. None."

Margot said, "I'll have a talk with Henri, Helen."

Margot looked at me, "How many times has he taken a shower with you, Mattie?"

"Six ... well, seven counting this evening after work."

"How could that be? As many clients as he has. And those yoga classes."

My face felt hot.

Margot kept looking at me. Everyone was looking at me. Kelly and Millie stopped sucking Jane's nipples to look at me.

"I guess I kind of finish my workout when he's winding down his evening class."

Margot gave me a kind smile, "So you're not exactly trying to avoid him. Not playing hard to get."

My sister said, "Has he touched you? Offered to towel you off?"

"No, not at all, nothing like that, Helen. He's just friendly, seems like a nice guy."

I felt like I'd done something wrong. And I hadn't. But that's how I felt.

Sylvie said, "What's the shower room layout, Matthew?"

My face felt hotter. "Well, you put your gym stuff in your locker. Walk over to the shower room."

My sister said, "Naked?"

Sylvie snorted, "Get that corncob out of your butt, Helen. You want him to shower in a jock?"

My sister said, "Naked?"

"Yes ma'am. Then we walk into the shower, it's maybe 20 or 30 feet."

"We? You and this Henri?"

I nodded.

Kelly made that little noise and spurted off in Millie's mouth. No one commented.

My sister said, "Where is his locker? Near yours?"


"How near?"

"There's one locker between us."

"How long has he been your locker neighbor?"

"About three weeks. Well, two."

"Do you feel like you're being stalked?"

"No ma'am, not at all."

Sylvie said, "So you and Henri stroll hand in hand to the shower room. Naked."

Terri giggled, "Stark fucking naked."

I said, "We don't hold hands, Sylvie."

Margot said, "Are the boys' showers set up like mine? Private cubicles and also a public area?"

"Yes ma'am."

My sister said, "Do the private showers have curtains?"

"Yes, white plastic curtains."

"Tell me Henri doesn't take you into a private shower."

"Oh no ma'am, nothing like that at all. No ma'am."

"Mattie, this is coming back to me now. When we first told you to join that gym, Miles's gym, didn't Margot tell you to use the private showers so you wouldn't get boners looking at the other boys?"

"Yes. And I did. But then Sylvie wanted me to scout for a boyfriend for her. So I started going to the public area. At different times of day. But now I just work out after work. Nobody said anything about going back to the private showers. I guess I could."

My sister sighed. "Okay, I've seen his staff photos. What does this Henri look like in the shower?"

"Well, he's slender. Nice looking. Dark hair. Curly. Short, but curly."

Margot said, "He's built like a swimmer, Helen. Shoulders out to here, like Miles. Killer smile. Like Matthew Montgomery."

Kelly and Millie squirmed their little butts on Jane's lap. Matthew Montgomery.

My sister said, "Mattie."

"His cock is pretty long, longer than mine. I don't know how big it will get."

"Will get?"

"I mean does get. When he gets an erection."

My sister sighed again, "Take it out, Mattie. I don't want you to cum in your new slacks. Kelly would kick your butt around the block."

Kelly and Millie giggled into Jane's breasts.

Terri unzipped me and freed my cock. It was throbbing.

My sister said, "Continue."

This time I sighed, I felt like I was getting the third degree, "He has black pubic hair. Really curly, tight little curls. But trimmed. Like a little landing strip."

My sister kept looking at me.

I said, "The main reason I even noticed was because he asked me how I liked my wax job, being bald. And did I think he'd look good if he got waxed."

There were a few chuckles around the room. Sylvie said, "Yep, Mr. Smooth Talker has Matthew thinking about cocks. Talking about them."

Terri said, "And looking at them."

My sister said, "Continue."

"Helen, that's it. No touching, no erections. Friendly. He's not stuck up or anything. Nice. He has a nice smile. Just a casual conversation."

"Seven conversations, Mattie. Seven nude conversations. Which you facilitate by timing your shower to coincide with his schedule."

Kelly, always interested in details just like Mom was, said, "How thick is it, Matthew?"

Millie turned to look at me too.

"It's pretty fat, I guess."

Millie said, "Fatter than Matthew Montgomery?"

"I think so. Yes."

"Fatter than Miles?"

"A little."



Kelly said, "Balls?"

"They really hang down. Lower than any I've seen."

My sister said, "So Henri chats you up in the shower. Does he spend a lot of time making sure his cock is extra clean? Do you?"

"Not at all, nothing like that. It's just a regular shower."

"And then you get dressed?"

"Yes. Well, we turn off the shower and walk back into the locker room to get towels."

Margot said, "Wait a minute. You don't take towels with you? Hang them in the shower room?"

My face felt hotter. "Well, I used to. But he explained how the towels get kind of moist from the steam. It's better to get them after you're back in the locker part."

My sister said, "So you undress. Walk 20 or 30 feet with him. Shower with him. Walk back to the towels. Still naked. Where do you dry off? By your lockers?"

"No. I used to do that. But he showed me how it's easier to stand by the stacks of towels and dry off there. Then just toss them in the bin, it's right there. Then we go back and get dressed."

Helen sighed, it was her night for sighing. "Mattie, you know I don't care if you you have sex with boys. With Miles. Or Mikey. But this is a stranger, honey. A high-demand stranger from the looks of him. So, how long are the two of you naked together?"

"Just a few minutes. Maybe 10. Or 15. Once it was longer but that was just because another guy came up and started talking about the Patriots."

"Mattie, you don't care anything about baseball."

Miles said, "Football."

"Fuck football. Fuck baseball. Fuck all sports. Mattie, was this mysterious stranger naked too?"

"Of course. We were taking showers. And then drying off."

"Was he checking Henri out? Or you?"

"No. I don't remember his name, but he's married to Twyla. I don't think he's interested in guys."

That seemed to mollify my sister.

Margot laughed, "Chill, Helen, I'll talk with Henri Monday. Let him know Mattie has a crew of ball-busters watching over him. Find out how dishonorable his intentions are."

My sister said, "Mattie, has Henri asked you out again? For coffee? Or for anything?"

"Well, sort of. Not like a date or anything. He told me to try his shampoo. I liked it. Better than the kind you buy. He said he'd show me where I could buy it with a discount that the gym gets."

Kelly, this was in her wheelhouse, said, "What's the brand, Matthew?"

By some miracle I remembered. Kelly told the girls, "That's fine. All natural. Not like that AXE crap that all the boys are buying. Henri has good taste."

My sister said, "It's tasting good that has me worried."

Then, without a word being said, Millie turned her head to Kelly who simultaneously stood up in the rocker. Millie took Kelly's tiny penis and balls in her mouth and sucked her for a few minutes. We all watched Millie's little hands clenching and unclenching on Kelly's little butt. In rhythm to her sucking. Encouraging Kelly with her mouth and hands to spurt off.

On Monday Margot did more than talk with Henri. At dinner she said, "Company tonight, girls. Henri is coming over for brandy and blunts around 10. We can grill him about Mattie when the kids are all down."

My heart raced for a few seconds. But for some reason I wasn't nervous.

Kelly and Millie shared a glance. I bet they were wondering if they had to be dressed. Later, Helen gave them the word. Kelly would be dressed. Millie would have to wait upstairs. They didn't argue, they understood.

Henri showed up with shampoo for me and flowers for the house. Even my sister was impressed.

He was wearing what Kelly told us later was a deconstructed linen jacket. Black. Ivory slacks. Dark blue polo. I don't remember what she said about the shoes. The girls had me answer the door.

He gave me a nice smile and winked, "I feel like I'm meeting my date's parents."

That was the first time he'd actually said that he wanted to date me. Or hinted at it. But I pretty much knew he did. At least one date. That's what I hoped anyway.

Henri is one of those people like Miles, or Margot, who just knows how to talk with everyone. He chatted with Sylvie about architecture, my sister about Harvard, Kelly about fashion. It just seemed natural, not like he'd practiced having conversations on topics of interest to them. Not at all like 'how to make friends and influence people.'

I realized that was how he talked with me in the shower. Just relaxed, nice and cool.

Henri had a slight accent. Margot said it was French.

Kelly had dressed, but she was almost more naked than actually being nude. Black short shorts that could not have been any tighter. What I learned later was a sleeveless shell top with a scoop neck. You could see all the way to her nipples whenever she bent slightly over. Or turned a certain way. I was a little surprised that the girls let her dress so provocatively. But, then Henri is gay.

Her top was ivory and she pointed out that she and Henri had matching colors. He smiled at her the way he smiles at me in the shower and said, "Kismet. Let's run away together."

Kelly laughed, pointed to Miles, and said, "Let's. But explain it to my husband first."

The hour or so Henri was here, the subject of him and me didn't come up. And I hadn't expected it to. That's just not the way the girls work. Nothing so obvious, nothing so direct. This was an exploratory meeting, a getting-to-know-him meeting.

Then, as he was leaving, my sister invited him to come back on Friday night. This was a terrifically positive sign. Henri couldn't, his parents were passing through town. But he could on Saturday.

So, it was set.

I had one more workout before Saturday and Henri took a shower with me, just like usual. He didn't mention his first visit to our house, nor the upcoming one. So I didn't either.

Well, before we undressed, he said, "All the women are so attractive, so accomplished. But Kelly ... wow."

I smiled, proud, "I used to be married to her. But it didn't work out. Then she found Miles, he's like a perfect match for her."

Henri was surprised that I had been married to Kelly, most people were after they got a look at her.

Well, he did bring up one ancillary topic as we left the shower, "Since Margot's the waxing expert, do you think she'll give me an opinion?"

While we were drying off, Henri patted his pubic hair and said, "I understand that if I change my mind and grow it back, it won't be as curly."

I was glad to have an excuse to check him out. I said, "I'm not sure. The girls never had me grow it back once Margot waxed me."

He smiled and looked directly at my cock, which I love people to do. "I certainly like the way you look, smooth as a baby's butt."


My cock started to get that full feeling and I didn't want to get erect in front of him, so I tossed my towel in the bin and walked back to my locker. I could feel Henri looking at me while I worked the lock. He said, "How often does Margot wax you? Every month?"

Fortunately I didn't panic and forget my combination. I slid my underpants up before any damage was done. Henri was leaning his shoulder against the locker next to mine, a nice smile on his face. I guess it was obvious that I had been getting aroused.

I said, "With our travel schedules, it's not on a regular basis. Sometimes every two or three weeks."

Henri nodded. Just stood there, nude and sexy, while I got dressed. He'd never done that before. I guess meeting the girls and ... well, I'm not sure what all ... but he seemed perfectly at ease teasing me a little. No, it wasn't teasing, not anything mean like that. Flirting. It was like he was flirting with me.

I could hear a couple of guys joking back and forth in another row. But I wasn't nervous. Henri wasn't overt, certainly wasn't making a move.

When I was dressed, he smiled at me. He brought his hand down and ran the back of his fingers over his landing strip and down over his cock and balls, "Remember to ask Margot about this, Mattie."

I was fully hard by now, "I will, Henri. As soon as I get home. Unless she's still at work. Then I'll ask her when she gets home. As soon as she gets home."

I finally stopped babbling and told him I'd see him Saturday.

I did ask Margot, but I waited until the golden hour. She said, cheerfully, "Henri realizes that in order to counsel him on such a momentous decision, I'll have to check out the merchandise?"

"I think so. Yes, I'm pretty sure."

Kelly said, "Can I be there?"

Millie said, "Me too."

Margot said, "Not the first time, Kelly. Millie, no."

As I was doing the dinner dishes Saturday night, I realized I was getting nervous. Not like the first time Henri came over. Millie was drying the dishes and Kelly was putting them in the dishwasher.

Millie said, "Do you want me to suck you off, Mattie, you're so tense? Or Kelly? There's plenty of time."

"No, no thanks. I'll be fine."

Millie said, "Margot told me I can check Henri out this time. I can't stay to visit, but she's going to introduce me before I go back upstairs."

Kelly said, "What are you going to wear?"

Well, that ended any assistance with the dishes.

This time Margot answered the door. She had a quiet talk with Henri before bringing him into the big den. She told us later it was to be sure he really wanted her advice on waxing.

I knew she was totally willing to check him out, she'd had me move one of Kelly's full-length, three-sided mirrors into Miles's den. That would give them the most privacy in there.

Just like the first time he was here, Henri was totally at ease. After about a half hour or so my sister took him into the kitchen to 'help her with the champagne.' I'm sure he knew it was to grill him. They were in there a good 15 or 20 minutes.

When they came back and poured more wine for us, Helen didn't say anything, but gave me a small wink, which I took as a good sign.

Blunts were passed around and Jane and I fixed snacks for everyone. Other than having a relative stranger with us, it seemed just like a regular golden hour.

Then Margot smiled at Henri, "Ready for your inspection, Troop?"

"Aye aye."

Perfectly at ease.

When they were in Miles's den, everyone looked to Helen. She said, "Henri was in a four year relationship, but it didn't work out. His boyfriend's parents didn't think Henri was good enough for their son. Nor wealthy enough."

Sylvie, in that shorthand way the girls can communicate, said, "Rebound?"

Helen said, "He says no. Hasn't been with anyone for about a year and a half. Tanya told Margot the same thing. Turns out there's more to Henri than just a pretty face. Tanya and her partners are letting him buy into Skipper's. Henri is getting some financial help from his mother. Tanya told Margot that one of their rivals is eager to finance him, to let him open his own place."

Sylvie said, "It's such a competitive field."

"It is that. But Tanya says that Henri has such an enthusiastic following that he'd be a success from day one. Sort of like the hottest stylist in town could open his own salon."

Kelly said, "Are you going to let Matthew go out with him?"

"I am, Precious. Unless Margot reports some disgusting things all over his bod."

I said, "She won't. There aren't any. Disgusting things."

Just then Margot came in smiling, "Mattie, I need a second opinion."

My heart started racing.

Henri was standing, completely at ease, in front of Kelly's mirror. Even though I'd seen him nude 11 times, this was much more sexy. It seemed wonderfully naughty with no shower / locker room setting to put his nudity in context. And no other guys going in and out.

He wasn't hard, but he looked a little fuller to me. What struck me was how calm he was. It was like he was standing on the street corner with his hands in his pockets.

Henri smiled at me, "Margot knows her craft."

My heart continued to race.

Margot smiled at me too, "A full Brazilian, don't you think, Mattie?"

She cupped his balls and lifted his cock away from them, "He'll be ever so lovely, don't you agree, Mattie?"

Then she took my index finger and traced the tip of it over the shaved area next to his curly pubic hair. She said, "We don't like that stubbly feeling, do we Mattie? We want Henri to be this smooth all over."

Margot was still holding my index finger and ran it over the very tip of his cock. On top of the slit, over the slit, under the slit. And back again. She whispered, "Smooth."

I just started spurting. And spurting. A huge stain spread on the front of my slacks. For some reason, I wasn't mortified. Barely even embarrassed. My sister told me later it was the sweetest signal to Henri. How hot I thought he was.

Margot patted my bulge and smiled at Henri, "I think someone likes you."

Henri didn't say anything, but he smiled at me too. Not upset.

Then Margot smiled at me, "Bring us a couple of glasses of champagne, Mattie. Then go up and shower. You can walk Henri home, it's nice out tonight."

I knew exactly what she was doing. Having me walk through the big den, showing the girls that I'd cum in my pants. Not to humiliate me, but to show Henri how close the girls are to me. And how close I am to them.

I handed Henri and Margot the champagne, that cum stain so visible. But I didn't care. I guess I just decided not to worry about it. Not to fret, not to overthink everything.

Henri was still nude, still comfortable. He wasn't erect. A little larger than in the shower, but not hard. He thanked me for the wine and told me he's see me in a few.

When I came back from cleaning up, my sister said, "No sex tonight, honey. A good-night kiss if he wants one. Deal?"

"I promise, Helen."

Henri didn't hold hands with me, I don't know if he likes to hold hands. Somehow I knew he'd have a cool apartment. I didn't get to go up to see it, but it was in a fine old house, wonderful neighborhood. He told me he had the top floor, the third floor.

On the porch Henri put his hands on my shoulders and drew me to him. He gave me a light kiss on the lips, then stepped back and smiled. "The girls take good care of you, Mattie, I like seeing the love in their eyes. You and I will take it slow, I don't want to rush into anything. And they don't want you to either."

Then he gave me another light kiss and said, "No more showers at work, you're too much of a distraction for me. But I'll see you Monday night, that's Operation Brazil with Margot."

Then Henri gave me a small smile, sort of sad, and said, "I'm not over my last relationship. Great guy, it just didn't work out. He had to choose between his family and me. So if you're interested in me, you'll have to be patient. Really patient."

"I'm interested. I can be patient."

"Mattie, your sister told me to tell you this upfront. I'm not looking for a boyfriend. Not hoping to fall in love. I am looking for a friend. If it works out between us ... maybe we'll have some light fun and games."

Henri smiled at me, a kind smile, "Besides, you are married, don't forget that."

All the girls were waiting up. And Millie was back downstairs. She and Kelly were, nude, nursing at Jane's bosom.

I said, "Two kisses. No tongue. No tight hugs. But it was wonderful. He's really nice. Well, you could see that."

My sister grinned, "Henri told me he had heard a couple of guys talking about you, about how fat your cock is. Honey, it's not your sparkling repertoire that attracted him. But he does seem to like you. Not just your cock. You."

Margot said, "I didn't have to tell Henri him that I would be having sharp instruments close to his cock. But I let him know that you're kind of special to us. To all of us."

I looked around at the girls -- Sylvie. Jane. My sister and Margot. Kelly and Millie. Terri. All of them on my side. Rooting for me. For my happiness.

Preston Parker and Ethan.

One Friday night at the golden hour Kelly and Millie were rocking with Jane, nursing at her breasts. Millie opened her eyes at looked at my sister, "Helen, Matthew Montgomery wanted me to ask you and Margot if it's okay if he has Jimmy start sucking him off. They're jacking off together again, just like back when they used to watch all that porn."

We all looked at Terri, Jimmy's mom. She was startled. Not upset, but surprised.

Helen asked Millie, "Would Jimmy do that for him?"

"Oh sure, you know how much he worships Matthew Montgomery. Jimmy would feel honored that such a superstar wanted him."

Margot said, "Let us think about it, Millie. Tell Matthew Montgomery to talk with us in the morning."

My sister said, "Terri?"

"I need to think about it too. It's obvious how much Jimmy adores Matthew Montgomery. I guess I'd be more concerned if Jimmy hadn't ... if Allison hadn't..."

Millie wasn't pushing her mom, she just said, "Jimmy isn't gay, Mom. I know you see the way he looks at you and me. And I know you've seen his little boners pushing his jeans out, I've seen you checking him out."

Millie paused, thinking, "At least he's not a jerkface about it anymore. When you scored that pussy for him ... well, that Allison did him a world of good. Jimmy doesn't hide his boners, not unless Dad is home. But at least he doesn't try to rub against me any more."

My sister said, "I wonder why Matthew Montgomery didn't ask Margot or me about it, he doesn't beat around the bush with us."

Millie said, "He meant to, but kept forgetting. It's not that big a deal to him. I mean he'll get off from the blow jobs, but I think it's more of a kindness to Jimmy. It would mean a whole lot more to Jimmy. So Matthew Montgomery asked me to help him remember to talk with you guys. He won't mind if you tell him no."

Terri said, "Why would you tell him no? Just curious."

Margot said, "Well, we probably will give Matthew Montgomery the okay. It's just that things can get moving too quickly. Right Sylvie? Helen and I are trying to take a little more time, think things over."

Terri nodded, then asked, "Has Matthew Montgomery said anything to Jimmy?"

Millie said, "No, he wanted to check with Margot and Helen first. No sense in getting Jimmy's hopes up for nothing."

My sister said, "Millie, will Matthew Montgomery be asking us to let him fuck Jimmy someday? That's a much bigger deal. In our minds anyway."

"He's talked about it. He wants to see how Jimmy takes to sucking him off, let him get used to that first. And he's going to wait to see how he likes fucking Mattie. If you guys ever let him."

Like Mom used to say, it was up periscope for me. Terri put her hand on my bulge, squeezing it softly.

A more immediate concern the girls had was the question of when to let Allison fuck Preston Parker. It would be another father / son fuck like Millie hopes to have someday with Miles and Matthew Montgomery. Allison was eager to get moving.

Sylvie has four boys -- the first one with me. Then Matthew Montgomery with Miles. Her last two kids, of the eight living with us, were boys. Parker gave her Preston Parker. Ethan was the birth father of Ethan.

Four boys, four different fathers, four distinct personalities.

Sylvie had a fifth father involved, Mikey, but she gave that girl up for adoption by Allison and Mikey.

The girls are unanimous that of all of Sylvie's babies, the three most interesting, at this stage of their lives anyway, are Matthew Montgomery, Preston Parker and Ethan. Each of the three has strong characteristics of his birth father.

Matthew Montgomery has the stage presence, the tact, the strong, quiet personality of Miles.

Ethan, the youngest, will probably turn out to be the smartest of all her kids. It looks like a tossup between Matthew Montgomery and Ethan as to which one will be the most strong-willed of the eight.

Preston Parker has the same light touch, that easygoing personality that Parker has. And, according to almost weekly reports from the girls, a cock that will someday come close to Parker's in size.

He is the most beautiful of all of Sylvie's babies.

Margot said, "Mattie, Helen and I agree that Preston Parker is ready for some pussy. Miles, he's not your son, but do you have an opinion?"

"Based on how well Matthew Montgomery seems to be doing, I wouldn't argue against it. But -- and there always seems to be a but with me -- I know you guys and Allison are aware of the legal consequences."

Miles smiled at the girls, "That didn't slow you down with Matthew Montgomery. And Millie. And Jimmy."

Then Miles turned to Terri, "Will Jimmy be upset if he learns that Allison is breaking Preston Parker in?"

"I can't say for sure. But I'll have a talk with him about it first. He understands that Allison was never meant to be long term, that she was a very special treat for him."

Millie stopped nursing for a minute, "I could talk with Jimmy, Mom. If that would help."

"Thanks, honey, maybe I'll ask you to. But let me talk with him first. When it's just the two of us, he's starting to open up more."

All of us except Millie were thinking that when Terri and Jimmy were alone, that's when she gives him blow jobs. And that it probably would be a good time to talk about Allison and Preston Parker.

Margot said, "Terri, has Jimmy ever mentioned that he and Matthew Montgomery are jacking off together?"

"Yes he did. I was pleased with him for admitting it. Proud. Not many boys are that open with their moms."

Sylvie said, "How would it work. With Preston Parker and Allie?"

My sister said, "Margot or I, maybe both of us, would take Preston Parker down to New York, get him a hotel room. A suite. Meet Allison in a restaurant. Museum, art gallery. Somewhere neutral where they can talk alone."

Jane said, "Mr. Preston Parker sure seems to like Miss Allison. She spends time with him when he's here."

My sister said, "That's true, Jane. And we all know what a good flirt Allison is. Probably has Preston Parker jacking off up in his room, fantasizing about her. But we want her to talk with him after he understands that he actually can fuck her. Really fuck her, not just a teasing fantasy."

I said, "Would you stay in the hotel with them?"

"The first time for sure. Maybe the second as well. We'd have a suite so Allie and he would have all the privacy he wants in their own bedroom."

Helen grinned, "Although if he's like his dad, he'll be wanting to nail her with Margot and me applauding every move."

Terri said, "Would they always meet in New York?"

"I think so. Unless Allie were up here on business. Which doesn't happen that often. It was a bit of a pain for her to come up here for Jimmy."

Oddly, it was an incident at school that was the catalyst for the Preston Parker / Allison affair to begin.

The vice principal called Sylvie and asked her to come in for a meeting about Preston Parker. And she suggested that Sylvie bring his father too. Me. She told Sylvie that it wasn't anything urgent, nothing that Preston Parker had done wrong.

So, Jane checked with Alice and scheduled a meeting at school for 9 on Tuesday morning. Sylvie and I walked over, she held my hand. I like holding hands if the other person does.

This vice principal was really nice. Gracious. Most of the teachers and administrators are. I don't think it's only because tuition fees are high. I think that's one of the characteristics they look for when they interview for new hires.

Miss Alcott was somewhere in her 40s, that's what Sylvie told me. She dressed conservatively, but had a warm manner. Not like the people I remembered in school in Wichita. Of course parents have a totally different perspective.

Miss Alcott offered coffee. Sylvie had a cup, I didn't. I'd already had my two cups for the day. Miss Alcott didn't beat around the bush, "Preston Parker is a fine student. His grades aren't at the very best, but he's near the top quintile of his class. In a very competitive school. As you well know.

"His social comportment is excellent. He's polite, friendly ... he's ... smooth. Which is an odd adjective to apply to someone so young. Almost everyone likes him, students and teachers alike. You must be proud."

Sylvie smiled at her, we both nodded. On the walk home Sylvie told me that that was the moment she figured out what the parent conference was about.

Miss Alcott said, "Has Preston Parker seen his doctor lately?"

Sylvie took out her cell, scrolled through the calendar. "Last month, the 14th. Everything was fine. Doctor Karen doesn't have him on any meds, the checkup was routine."

Sylvie paused, smiled at Miss Alcott. Sylvie's instincts are so well honed. And she can be so kind. To let Miss Alcott off the hook, she said, "Dr. Karen mentioned again that Preston Parker's penis is extremely large. For someone his age. Well for anyone, actually. Of course Matthew and I have been aware of that all along."

Miss Alcott nodded, "You perceived that that's what I wanted to discuss with you. Preston Parker isn't doing anything wrong, not flaunting himself, bothering the girls, nothing at all like that.

"But we are concerned ... sometimes ... well, his ... endowment is rather obvious."

Sylvie said, "Erections?"

"No. Not that we're aware of. I'm sure one of the teachers would have mentioned it. There has been some discussion in the teachers' lounge ... nothing salacious. More concern than anything else. As you know, students ... well, children in general, can be rather ... hurtful to one another. Even mild teasing can cause distress. Especially when it spreads through social networking."

I said, "Is he getting teased?"

Sylvie said, "I monitor all his online activity. Haven't seen anything remotely resembling bullying. Nor any chatter about his ... penis."

Miss Alcott said, "No overt teasing in school, not that anyone has noticed. But it's the sort of ... subject that would tend to be done in private."

Sylvie said, "What can I do?"

"Have you had any discussions with him. On the subject? Has his pediatrician?"

"Doctor Karen hasn't. She and I decided to leave it up to me. I have talked with Preston Parker. He's ... he seems comfortable with the subject. He told me he gets teased a little, but nothing very heavy, nothing that upsets him."

"Good, he is remarkably even keeled."

Miss Alcott hesitated, "Have you considered ... thought about ... is there some kind of undergarment... ?"

Sylvie smiled in sympathy to the awkwardness felt by Miss Alcott, "I'll look into it. But, he was changing out of his Scout uniform last week. He's never been very inhibited. And I noticed his penis. I don't track it's growth, don't see him that often. But it seemed to be a bit ... larger."

Sylvie smiled, "I'll switch him over to boxer briefs, try those instead of jockeys. I already knew that boxers wouldn't work. But, honestly, I'm not sure it'll make much difference. Any other suggestions?"

One thing I noticed throughout the conversation was how composed Miss Alcott was. It was a potentially embarrassing subject, but she handled it professionally. I guess if you've worked in the school system for 20 years or so, you get used to just about everything.

Miss Alcott said, "No. But let me emphasize, Preston Parker is not a problem. He's doing nothing untoward. It's just that we pay attention to all our students. Try to identify potential problems and avoid them when we can. Mostly I wanted to make certain you and his father are aware of the ... situation."

On the walk home Sylvie squeezed my hand and said, "If this were a novel, Miss Alcott would be getting every fat inch of Preston Parker's cock on a regular basis."

But we did discuss it that night at the golden hour. Even Miles couldn't think of any solution. My sister suggested calling Parker. See what he did when he was that age. Nothing came from that conversation, Parker's memories of his school days were pleasant, fond.

But that parents' conference did push the Allison decision along.


Well, Henri wasn't kidding when he said he wanted things to go slow. I haven't gotten to see him nude in months. Not since he decided he wasn't going to shower with me any more.

It's ironic that Margot sees him naked more than I do.

I remember how he looks though. The whole package, not just his cock. Everything looks like it fits, is in proportion. Shoulders. Slender but strong looking legs. His smile, so sweet, so sexy. And, yes, his cock. Not Parkeresque, not by a long shot. But plenty large, I'm sure he'll be a lot longer than I am. Margot said he is a lot longer. When it's hard.

Henri and I have been out on four dates in about as many months. I call them dates because I want to think that he's dating me. But each evening has been more like taking Jane or Alice out to dinner. Friendly, really friendly, but no real sparks. No sexual tension.

And we don't go to gay bars or anything. Although I wouldn't mind it, but Henri said he rarely does. On our third date, he let me come up to see his apartment. As I anticipated it was furnished in style, like a place Margot would have done. Comfortable and classy. He didn't show me his bedroom, but the rooms I did see were stylish, even to my untrained eye.

On our fourth date he didn't invite me back up, but gave me a nice kiss on his porch. A long kiss, a sweet kiss. He put his hands on my butt and drew me into him. All four dates I've been hard, this time he was too.

That's not very many dates, but I don't mind. Henri has been drawn more and more into our golden hour. He never stops by unless one of the girls invites him. And they ask him over at least once a week.

Margot said, "Since his boyfriend left him, Henri doesn't have much of a social calendar. That's by choice, he could have as many new boyfriends as he wants. And girls too."

Sylvie said, "I'd fuck him in a heartbeat."

Miles said, "And, Matt, he seems to have chosen you."

My sister usually spends a few minutes alone with Henri, but that doesn't make me nervous. He's already passed her test.

I don't want to make him sound like a god or anything, but I would say he's passed every test the girls have thrown at him. After about his fourth or fifth golden hour, Jane smiled at Kelly and took off her top. Kelly looked at my sister who smiled at her and nodded.

Kelly just shrugged out of her dress and panties. Smiled sweetly at Henri and walked over to the rocker to nurse. Henri didn't gasp, didn't stare. Not even when Kelly made that little sound, stood up and spurted off in Jane's mouth.

A couple of months later Margot went upstairs and brought Millie down. Henri had met her one time, but he had no idea how she fit into the dynamics of our family. Margot stood Millie in front of Henri, kissed the top of Millie's head and said, "Millie is Mattie's little girlfriend."

Then Margot reached around her and untied Millie's robe. I could tell Millie was a little anxious, concerned about Henri's evaluation. Of her. And her age.

Henri just smiled, "Wow."

I think Millie put a little extra into her wriggle as she walked over to nurse with Kelly at Jane's breasts. I did notice that Henri crossed his legs watching those two naked little girls in Jane's lap.

Another measure of how accepting the girls have become is that frankly sexual conversations are now back on the agenda when Henri is here. Not everything. Not, for instance, Terri sucking her son off. Of course that's not discussed anyway when Millie is with us.

Henri quickly learned that I tell the girls everything. Had told them about our showers. Did tell them about our dates. One night at dinner he smiled at me, "The girls must think I'm pretty boring, no lurid details to share about you and me."

I just said the truth, "I like being with you."

And so, gradually but steadily, Henri was drawn into the group. As usual, my life became an open book. My falling in love with Miles. But no mention of Matthew Montgomery. About my first marriage to Annie. Here, Henri seemed impressed. People have heard about Annie, even up here in Boston.

But mostly the conversation just flowed, smoothly and easily. There's no comment, hardly any notice taken, when Margot reaches out her hand and leads Henri into the bathroom where she waxes him.

He told us about his mom and dad, he seems close to them. They live in Marseilles but have an apartment in Chicago. They're in the art gallery business. Catherine and Jacques.

My sister asked him where he went to school. He said, "The College de Sorbonne. Paris. I wanted to go to UCLA, study film. But Mama and Cecile don't think American colleges are ... give ... a full education."


"Dad's mistress. She's wonderful. Like a sister to me. Like Helen to Mattie."

One night at dinner Jane said, "Mr. Matthew, do you ever call Mr. Henri? Ask him out?"

"No. He calls me. Or sees me at Skipper's."

I thought about it, "Should I ask him out?"

My sister said, "Wait for him to call you, Mattie. He wants to move at his own pace. He's been hurt pretty badly."

Sylvie said, "You're the perfect boy for him, Matthew. Hungry, but not pushy. He knows you'll wait as long as he wants you to."

Miles said, "It's like an old time courtship, Matt. Kind of sweet."

Then one night Alice and I worked late on a project that had fallen through the cracks. Around 8 she called Jane to tell her that she had ordered sandwiches from a deli we like and I'd be later than usual.

One nice thing is that whenever Alice has food delivered, she always orders extra for the two nighttime security guys. They bring their own dinners, but I doubt that any food goes to waste.

Alice and I eat in her office, it's more comfortable than my cubicle. Now that she's moved up in the Foundation, she can afford full-time care for her grown son. He's severely retarded. But so sweet.

Around 9:30 Alice started filing everything away. She said, "You have time to work out, Mattie. I know it's your day. I'll let Jane know."

I don't think I'd been to Skipper's this late before. Not even when I was scouting for a new boyfriend for Sylvie. There were more people working out than I had anticipated, but it was still a lot less crowded than usual.

In the shower I was thinking that the golden hour would still be going on. And that I could use a snack. Then a hand slapped me on the butt and I heard, "Hi, Mattie." There was a smile in Henri's tone.

I had already shampooed and was about to get dressed, but I stayed under the shower to talk with him. Henri smiled at me, and gently nudged his cock and balls so they swayed back and forth for a second. "Like the look?"

His cock looked even bigger, more beautiful without any pubic hair. His balls hang down so low.

I tried to act cool, doubt that I fooled him. I just said the truth, in a soft voice, "You're beautiful."

He turned off my shower, then his, and we headed for the stacks of towels. He was drying off his hair and said, "Margot's a real pro, isn't she?"

I took this as another invitation to check him out. His cock wasn't throbbing or anything like that, but it looked a little fuller to me. I just said, "I like looking at you."

He smiled, tossed his towel in the bin and walked over to his locker to get dressed.

The second I walked into the big den, my sister took one look at me and started giggling, "Henri?"

I started telling them about the unexpected treat and Helen unzipped me and took me in her mouth. Margot said, "I agree with Mattie, Henri is beautiful. And sexy as hell." That's when I started spurting into my sister's mouth.


Preston Parker's big day arrived. Both my sister and Margot decided to take him down to New York on the train on Friday. Allison would leave work a little early and spend the weekend at the hotel with the three of them. If all went according to plan, she'd spend most of her time with Preston Parker.

They had one last conversation about the project. Margot said, "Miles, we want Preston Parker to talk with a man. You're it. It should be less embarrassing to him than talking with his dad."


My sister said, "Although we haven't seen any evidence of embarrassment no matter how ... in depth ... our discussions have become.

I don't know how many conversations Helen and Margot had had with Preston Parker, but they were convinced he was ready for it. Miles thought he was ready too. Ready to have Allison fuck him. There was no question that Allison was ready. More than ready.

She told my sister, "I'm going to fuck Preston Parker all weekend. Then go straight home and fuck his dad."


Margot said, "She will too, no question about it."

The Photograph.

One thing I've learned from the girls over the years is that when there's something to talk about that's uncomfortable for me, the best thing is to get it over with. Not fret, not over-worry. Just get it out there, get it resolved.

So one night I was the first one to speak. Kelly and Millie were just getting settled in Jane' commodious lap. Moving around, getting comfortable, getting their positions just right. It reminded me of how Mom used to snug with me at bedtime. Always the exact same position, pussy against my thigh, hand around my cock.

I said to Margot, "Do you think Henri would let me have a picture of him?"

When it's something this important to me, there isn't any teasing. Everyone in the room knew I meant nude. To jack off to. It was so well understood, that no one even commented on it, let alone teased me.

My sister said, "Want me to ask him, baby?"

I did, but I knew better. "Thanks, but I should do it. If you guys think it's okay. Okay to ask him?"

My sister said, "Don't end your sentence in a question mark, Mattie, you're not some Valley Girl. If they still do that."


Margot glanced around the room. A silent, split-second poll. "Sure, Mattie. When will you ask him? Where?"

"Not at the gym. And he hasn't asked me out for a while. I'm not worried about that, though. He calls and we talk on the phone almost every week."

Margot said, "When? Where?"

"I was thinking next time he's here. Not in front of everyone. Maybe in the kitchen. And not one of the nights when you're going to be waxing him, that would be too obvious. Too needy."

The girls nodded.

Miles said, "I remember when you asked me for a photo, Matt. I was proud of you, it was obvious how difficult it was. Took a lot of courage."

"For some reason I'm not that nervous about Henri. A little, but not a lot."

My sister said, "Wasn't Sally with you then, Miles? When Mattie asked you?"

"Yes, she was obviously in favor of it. Margot too. But I would have said yes anyway."

Margot said, "Mattie, for obvious reasons, I'm closer to Henri than the other girls. How about you ask him when I'm with you? It might diffuse the situation a tad."

"I thought about that, thanks Margot. But I need to start doing hard things on my own. Not depend on you guys so much. If he says no, it's no. I don't think he'll be upset with me. But if he is, that tells me something right there."

Jane said, "I wonder if Mr. Henri will want a picture of Mr. Matthew?"

Margot said, "I doubt it, Jane. It would seem out of character."

My sister said, "Besides, Mattie doesn't like people to see him in the nude. Especially hot heartthrobs."

The subject was discussed for several more minutes. Nobody had a magic formula. And everybody agreed that it would be good for me to ask Henri on my own.

Miles said, "Matt, I know him from the gym, but I don't really know him. What's his backstory?"

Miles wasn't being nosy, not asking about how grand his family was, how much money he has, nothing like that. Miles wouldn't.

I said, "Henri was born in Chicago to French parents. Catherine and Jacques. He has dual citizenship. They have art galleries in Marseille, that's their base. But also in Chicago and Palermo. Somewhere else. Manchester."

"Interesting. Major cities, but not New York or London or Florence."

"Henri says it's sort of a niche. They don't have the resources to compete with the major galleries, auction houses, dealers."

Sylvie said, "His parents know he's gay?"

"Yes, he says they're cool with it. Well, his mom is anyway. She's the force behind their little company. Henri says is dad is the marketer, the face. But it's his mom who really runs things."

My sister said, "What about the boy who broke his heart?"

"Henri doesn't talk about him. And I don't ask. But he doesn't mope around, look sad, anything like that. He just told me he had hoped it would work out. But it didn't."

Margot made sure to run into Henri at the gym the next day. To invite him over for Friday night. But he was meeting his parents in Chicago so they agreed on Sunday brunch. We usually have quite a crowd, so I didn't know if I'd have a chance to ask him about a photograph.

Then Sylvie said, "Who's going to shoot the shot, Mattie? You?"

Margot said, "No. Nerves. I will, Henri is used to being naked in front of me. Or, if he'd be more comfortable with a guy, I guess Miles could."

Miles said, "Of course."

Kelly, always interested in details, especially sex details, said, "Will he be hard? You'd want that wouldn't you, Matthew? Millie and I could help out in that department, he likes looking at us, doesn't he?"

Margot laughed, "Henri does check you guys out, Precious. Makes me wonder a little bit just how gay he really is. But I don't think he'd have a problem with Miles or me."

Mille said, "I wouldn't mind, Margot. I'd be happy to help Kelly with him."

Sylvie laughed, "Cool it, hot buns. You just want to have a sexy boy naked with you."

Terri smiled.

Well, our Sunday brunch was too crowded, too busy, for me to be alone with Henri. Sam was in town and he and Terri, plus Millie and Jimmy were there. And other friends of the kids. Our house is sort of a gathering place for a lot of the students and their parents.

The girls are so good, so social that people seem to gravitate here. It's fun. Jane and I just fix extra portions without even thinking about it. Those brunches are usually family style.

My sister did arrange for Henri to come back Wednesday night.

But for some reason, it just didn't feel right to ask him about a picture. I didn't chicken out, it wasn't that.

When the girls saw I wasn't going to ask him into the kitchen, I saw Kelly cup her little hands around Millie's ear and whisper something. That meant it was probably about sex. Millie grinned and nodded to Kelly.

Kelly slid off Jane's lap so gracefully, like a salmon swimming downstream. She and Millie, especially when they're in the nude, have a sort of exaggerated stride, like models on a catwalk. Shoulders back, hips thrust forward. One foot in front of the other.

Kelly walked over to Henri, her soft little penis not really long enough to sway. She smiled at him and sat on his lap. She cupped his ears and whispered something. I looked around at the girls, they were as puzzled as I was.

Henri listened. Then smiled and nodded to her. Kelly took his hand and placed his fingers around her tiny penis. He'd seen Millie hold her enough times to grasp her gently between his thumb and finger. Henri has slender, graceful hands, but Kelly's penis was still almost invisible.

Miles just smiled at his wife. A kind, understanding smile.

Kelly leaned back against his shoulder and closed her eyes like she was being rocked. Henri put his other hand on her little butt and scooted her an inch or so forward. I bet anything he had an erection.

As was typical of the girls, the conversation continued smoothly, flowing along as if it were an everyday sight for Henri to have a naked little girl on his lap. Then Kelly kissed him on the cheek, stood up and faced him. She gave him one of her killer smiles and stretched mightily, thrusting her pelvis in his direction, her hands as high above her head as possible.

Her tiny penis was hard and bobbing around. Then she cat-walked back to Jane and whispered in Millie's ear. Millie grinned, slid off Jane's lap and strode over to Henri, fully aware that she had the room's attention. Her gentle smile, erect nipples, slender legs, perky butt, that tiny slit of a pussy.

Sylvie said, "Uh oh, double trouble."

Millie was as bold as Kelly. She reached down and adjusted what was an obvious erection in Henri's slacks. Sat on his lap, wriggled her little butt until it felt just right to her. And cupped her hands, whispering in Henri's ear.

He smiled at her and said, not in a whisper, "Shouldn't you clear it with your mom?"

Instead, Millie stood in front of Henri as Kelly had done. Twirled her nipples for a second, then wheeled and strutted over to my sister. Whispered in her ear. Helen laughed and swatted her on the butt. She exchanged a glance with Margot and said, "Okay, Dumpling. If Henri says yes."

What was obvious was that Millie had signaled to Henri that if it involved sex, it was up to my sister and Margot. Not her mom.

Terri just smiled, unconcerned. She knew that Helen and Margot wouldn't agree to anything outrageous with her daughter.

Margot was the first to get it. She smiled at Kelly and Millie, "Brazil?"

That meant that the kids wanted to watch Margot wax Henri. And that Henri had agreed. And, it further meant that they would get to see Henri erect. See Margot suck his cock.

The first time Kelly and Millie followed Margot and Henri into the bathroom, Miles smiled at me and said, "The girls are trying to seduce Henri for you, move things along."

I didn't resent their getting to see Henri nude, not at all. Didn't feel an ounce of jealousy. I could sense that my time was approaching. Slowly. But he had told me that it would be slow.

In addition to observing Margot wax Henri, Kelly and Millie sat -- for a few minutes -- on his lap. Every night that he was over here.

Well, like when Allison establishes a new beachhead, that became the new normal for Kelly and Millie. Sitting, completely nude, completely comfortable, on Henri's lap. After that first time, Kelly didn't have to guide his hand down to her tiny penis, he just reached for it automatically.

Around the fourth or fifth time they sat on his lap, Kelly stood in front of Millie. Who sucked her tiny penis for a couple of minutes. The Kelly strutted, bold as brass, over to Henri. Sat on his lap. When she gently moved her hips up and down a fraction of an inch or so, Henri got it. He started stroking Kelly. It was obvious to all of us that she intended to cum in his mouth. Her penis is so tiny that you had to look closely to see his thumb and finger even moving.

I knew, without even asking, that Kelly had cleared it with the girls. And with Miles. Plus Henri had seen Kelly spurt off in Millie's mouth, or Jane's, dozens of times. Almost every night. Sometimes two or three times a night. You never know with Kelly, never know when the urge will come.

The first time, Kelly waited until she was on the verge before standing and pointing her tiny penis toward Henri's mouth. He didn't hesitate and took it and her little balls in. After that first time, Kelly would offer herself earlier, encouraging him to suck her off instead of just letting her spurt into his mouth.

It got everyone's attention the first couple of times. Now, it feels just as normal as when Kelly is in Millie's mouth. Or Jane's.

When Jane is out of town -- to spend time with her husband, Devdan. and her children, or more often to be with Parker or Ethan -- one of the other girls sits in her rocker to accommodate Kelly and Millie. Over the months Henri has seen little Kelly spurt off in everyone's mouth ... my sister, Margot, Sylvie, Terri. Everyone. Me.

That's how close our family has drawn Henri to us.

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