Babysitting Fun

by raplucknett

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, First, Oral Sex, BBW, Babysitter, .

Desc: Sex Story: I have grown up all over the world there for I have had sex with girls all over the world. This is one of those stories.

When I was in seventh grade my nanny's name was Rabab. She was really nice and kind in many ways. She had long jet black hair and pale skin. Rabab was big and beautiful. As well as an amazing rack.

Anyhow, one night while she was babysitting, my sister was crawling onto her lap and they were horsing around. I was standing behind her and Rabab's ass was exposed. I being a horny and curious sixth grader reached my hands down into her pants, grabbed her ass, and stuck my finger into her hole. I at the time had no idea what I was doing. As I did Rabab yelped in shock. I quickly drew my hands out of her pants and walked away. Even at that age my cock could become as hard as a rock, which it was after that moment.

I didn't know much else other than I wanted to play with Rabab's again. As well as, my dick was rock hard. So I wrote a note that said, "Ryan was here." It took some time before the setting was right again and my sister was riled up enough for them to start horsing around again.

I crept up behind her and put my hands into her pants with my note. I reached my hands down, stroked her ass. Rabab did nothing but smile. I slid my finger into her ass. She quickly then stopped my sister and held her to sit in her lap. Rabab then slumped forward slightly granting me more access.

I slipped my second finger into her ass and Rabab started moaning. She got louder and louder until she came. "Ya Allah!" she cried, as her ass muscles clenched around my finger like a vice. When she finally came down from her high she slumped her head forward panting heavily. I pulled my finger out of her hole and left my note. She moaned as it popped out of her. I turned away and started to play my videogames. It was very difficult to play because I could not stop thinking about her and what I did.

About an hour or so later Rabab called, "Yella, time for bed!" My sister and I got ready for bed. Rabab got my sister tucked away and came into my room. She locked the door behind her. "I found your note," Rabab said in a heavy Arabic accent. I just looked at her in fear. "What should we do about this?" she asked.

"I don't know," I said.

"Good, cause I have a few ideas," she said. My dick was getting hard again thinking about her luscious ass. "Get out of the bed and take off your clothes!" she snapped. Rabab sat down on my bed.

I did as she instructed. Getting out of bed as quickly as I could and stripping down revealing my erection. Rabab stared wide eyed at my penis. When I realized that she was not doing anything I asked, "Is something wrong?"

"No, now lie down over my legs," she said coming back to reality. I knew what was coming next and I closed my eyes and got ready for it. Smack! Her hand came down on my bare bottom with a lot of force. Rabab spanked me another three times afterwards. When she finally let me up I rubbed my butt to try and relieve the stinging sensation. "That was your punishment for invading my privacy," she said. My cock was still as hard as a rock pointing right at her.

"I know," I said in an almost whisper.

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