The Waterly Edge Adventures
Chapter 1


Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - My sexual adventures in a small English village

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Analingus   First   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   Tit-Fucking   BBW   Big Breasts  

When I was much younger, I lived in a village called Waterly Edge. It was a very small village; we had a shop, a pub, a church and bugger all else. There were only a few dozen houses and the neighbouring farms. We didn’t even have a bus service apart from the Saturday market bus which left the village at nine o’clock and returned at five o’clock. And if you missed it, you had to either walk home or take a taxi.

It was the middle of summer and I was around 15 or 16. I had been to see a friend of mine in the next village which was eight miles away. I headed home on a bright sunny evening but after an hour or so of walking the sky went black and the wind picked up. A storm came in with gusto, thunder clapped and roared overhead while the dark sky was ripped apart by zigzag lines of lightning. Minutes later the rain came down in heavy sheets, and my shorts and summer shirt where drenched within seconds. I stumbled on hardly able to see, partly due to the darkness and partly due to the fact my eyes were full of rainwater. I had trainers on but they were soon sodden.

I decided to leave the road and try to shelter under some trees in a nearby wood; this did not help that much, so I decided to take a detour via the woods back to my village. I plunged deeper into the woods, splashing along paths that had become little muddy streams and scratching myself on branches I could not avoid in the darkness while all the time the storm raged on above me. The sound was scary, thunder echoed around me and the lightning ripped across the night sky.

Well ... my navigational skills let me down and within an hour I was totally lost, I came out of the woods onto a road that I did not recognise, and to be honest, I was not even sure which way to turn to take me home.

I must have looked a dreadful state, soaked to the skin, mud up to my knees, arms scratched and bleeding. I was about to mentally toss a coin to choose which way to walk when two lights appeared further along the road coming toward me. The nearer they got the larger they got, when they were about ten yards away I could make out the small van behind the head lights. I stepped into the middle of the road and flagged the van down. I could not see the driver as the sky was blacker than ever and the rain was coming down in sheets.

I saw the driver’s window open, ran toward it and heard a voice calling out for me to jump in. I ran to the passenger side, opened the door and dived in, glad to be out of the storm The van was an old wreck that smelt of old vegetables and fruit.

I looked at the driver; she was a lady in her forties, with blonde hair and round spectacles.

“Thank you so much for stopping”, I said, my teeth chattering with the cold. She seemed warm enough as she was trussed up in a big old wax jacket.

“No problem”, she replied.

“Where are you from and what are you doing out here in the middle of nowhere in this storm?” There was a genuine note of concern in her voice.

I told her my story, and she smiled at me. “Well the road to Waterly Edge is flooded and there is no way around from here. I was on my way back to my farm. You should come and try to dry out until the storm dies down”.

She drove down the lane, the driving conditions were horrible and the wind buffeted the van. It took over half an hour to get to her farm. She pulled up as near to the door as possible.

“Right, last one in makes the tea”, she said with a giggle, and with that, she was out of the door and running across the farmyard to the door. I was out and following her within seconds.

I entered the farm’s kitchen and stood by the door, the lady was already filling the kettle from a tap.

She turned to face me once the kettle was on the old gas cooker.

“My ... my ... you look like a drowned rat, and you must be freezing”, she said with a sympathetic smile.

I nodded my agreement.

“My name is Lizzy by the way, Lizzy Barrette of Barrette’s Farm,” she said.

“Hi Mrs Barrette, my names Zak”, I replied She smiled, “It’s Miss Barrette, but you must call me Lizzy”. With that, she went into a room off the kitchen and came back with a towel which she gave to me.

“You need to dry off, you will catch pneumonia”, she said, and removed her jacket, hanging it on a hanger by the door.

She was wearing wellington boots, a loose fitting skirt that stretched over a plump arse, and a white blouse that did little to hide the huge bust she had. I could see the pattern of her bra through the material it was so tightly stretched. She leaned forward to pull off her boots and gave me a view of her expansive of freckled cleavage. She was like the girls we looked at in the titty books that got passed around at school.

I tried not to look but I was a teenager and I could not help myself. I was sure she had not seen me staring, so when she finished removing her boots I quickly looked away.

“Well first things first. I bet your mother will be worrying about you. I will make us a nice hot drink while you go and use the phone in the front room to let her know you are okay”.

“Are you sure that’s okay?” I asked.

“Well of course it is, and you had better tell her you will have to stop here tonight, as the storm is getting worse and there is no way past that flooded road without walking.” Then she went about making the tea.

I did as I was told. The front room was cold and dusty like it was never used, and her telephone was like an antique.

I called my mom and told her a little white lie. I knew she would go mad if she knew I had tried to walk home and got caught in the storm, so I told her I was stopping at my mates until the morning. She told me this was the sensible thing to do.

When I stepped back into the kitchen, Lizzy was putting mugs of tea out and a plate of chocolate cake was in the centre.

“Sit down”, she said jovially “and help yourself; it’s home-made.”

She sat on the opposite side to me. I was nearer the gas oven and its heat felt good but I was still freezing cold and damp. My hands shook as I reached for the tea.

“Oh dear, you’re colder than I imagined, I think the best thing would be a hot bath.” With that she was up and bustling out of the door, I heard her go up the stairs and then seconds later the sound of running water could be heard.

I had my tea and two slices of cake before she came back downs stairs.

“Right, the bathroom is at the top of the stairs. If you need more hot water just help yourself, the boiler makes more than enough for me so there is plenty to spare”, she said, as she tidied away the teacups.

I made my way up to the bathroom and closed the door behind me. The bath was a big old thing, that was full to the brim with hot bubbly water and the heat was steaming up the room. I stripped off and slid in, the water was so deep it was up to my neck, much deeper than the bath we had at home.

It took minutes for the steaming water to start to thaw me out, and for the feeling came back to my extremities.

I lay there for what seemed like ages before I heard a knock and then Lizzy’s head appeared around the door.

“Are you okay in there Zak?” she asked, as she stepped into the room.

“I thought if it’s okay with you I would put your clothes through a wash as they are caked in mud”, she said, as she scooped them up and left the room without waiting for an answer.

It was fifteen minutes later when she appeared again, this time walking in without knocking.

“Are you feeling better?” she asked, as she sat down on the closed lid of the WC.

“Yes, thank you so much, Lizzy. I can feel my toes again. It’s time I was getting out of this tub”, I laughed and Lizzy giggled at this comment.

She stood up and handed me a huge white towel from the radiator: it felt warm to the touch. I thought she might leave the room as I was about to get out of the bath but she just sat back down again.

She must have sensed my hesitation, as she quickly stood up and pulled the towel from my hands, thrusting her hand into the bath, pulling the plug out, and the room was immediately filled with the “glug ... glug ... glug” sound of the bath emptying. The water level was dropping at an alarming rate and I knew that soon my modesty would be put to the test. I looked at Lizzy and she did not seem fazed by the fact that my naked body would soon be on full display.

Lizzy was stood by the edge, holding the bath the towel open wide for me to step into. I stood up, quickly stepped out of the bath and folded myself into the towel expecting her to let go, but once I was out of the bath she started to dry me, rubbing me vigorously with the soft towel. I felt unable to stop her, paralysed in the moment She started on my head and worked down over shoulders and chest. By the time she got to my waist, there was an obvious issue, my cock was starting to stir and this was not helped by her dropping to her knees to dry my legs. She took the towel with her and I was standing there as naked as the day I was born.

As she worked down my calves she seemed not to notice my semi-erect knob almost at the same level as her eyes, an erection that was not being helped by the fact that as I looked down I was gazing at that amazing cleavage. She worked down the outside of my legs then back up the inside until she came to a natural stopping point.

“Mmmm ... now what’s this all about?” she giggled, before rubbing the towel over my cock and balls.

I gasped, and then she laughed and did it again.

“Lizzy you are not helping matters here, I am embarrassed enough without you doing that”, I said my voice a little higher than normal

“Well it’s only natural and it’s a compliment that an old bird like me could excite a young man so much”, she said giggling again, and with that, she handed me the towel, which I wrapped around my hips trying to hide my now fully erect prick.

I thought perhaps I had offended her but she just leaned over and stuck the plug in the bath and started the water running. She turned to face me, and without a word started to unbutton her blouse.

I was taken back, shocked but at the same time excited and intrigued. Was she going to undress in front of me or did she expect me to go? I was in two minds; my head told me I should leave the room while my cock told me to stay. I did the only thing I could think of ... and asked the question.

“Should I wait downstairs?” I asked not knowing where to look, as her blouse ended up on the bathroom floor. Her boobs were encased in an industrial strength bra, the flesh oozed over the cups and I could see huge dark red circles that I knew were her nipples. They were creating little mounds in the cups of her bra.

She just looked at me, winked and said, “Well, I will leave that for you to decide”.

Once again my head was full of conflicting thoughts, but in the end, I knew I wanted to see how far she would go, so I stood still my eyes watching her every movement, my cock twitching and swelling beneath the towel.

Her skirt hit the floor. She had chubby legs and flowery knickers on; not the sexiest knickers in the world but on that evening they were doing it for me!

She looked me in the eye as her hands reached around and unclipped her bra. Her tits were huge, they dropped a little but they were the first real pair I had ever seen and I gasped audibly, amazed at how huge they seemed compared with the pictures I had seen.

Her nipples seemed huge, dark red and as big as my thumb. She gave a little shimmy and those huge orbs shook like two huge jellies. Her nipples were surrounded by a dark knobbly patch of skin, as dark as chocolate

“You like my boobies?” she asked almost purring as if she did not know from my facial expression. She cupped them in her hands, almost presenting them to me, lifting them and squeezing them as I watched. Her thumbs flicked at her nipples and her fingers massaged the skin of those big beauties.

“I like them very much”, my voice catching in my throat. My cock was throbbing and I was sure I would spurt all over the bathroom floor any second. I so wanted to grab them there and then.

She slipped her fingers into the elastic waistband of her panties and slid them down in one movement, before kicking them across the room, I could see a patch of dark hair between her thighs, and my cock throbbed even more.

Lizzy must have sensed something was wrong.

“Are you okay?” she asked. “If this is making you uncomfortable, you can always leave the room.”

“NO ... No ... not at all”, I stammered “it’s just...”

And I looked down to where my cock was making an obvious dent in the towel.

Lizzy moved closer to me and slipped the towel from my waist, my cock was standing to attention, the tip was shiny with pre-cum and I moved my hands to hide my obvious excitement.

“Let me see, please,” she asked. I moved my hands. My cock was not that big but she whistled in appreciation.

She sat on the WC and beckoned me toward her.

“Perhaps you would be more comfortable if I took care of this for you,” her fingers reached out and started stroking the underside of my cock, making me jump.

I could not speak so I just nodded enthusiastically, Lizzy’s left hand and reached out and cupped my balls, fondling them gently. Then the fingers on her right hand formed a circle around the base of my cock.

I stopped breathing as she slid her fingers slowly from the base to the tip of my cock, gently rolling them over the sticky exposed helmet. I watched as she slowly let some saliva slip from her mouth and onto the shaft of my organ, using it to lubricate her fingers, her fingers stroked up and down slowly, I could feel them stroking and squeezing me and it was driving me wild. All the time I could feel my balls being caressed. It was something I often did when I was having a wank and I seemed to have very sensitive bollocks. Every now and then Lizzy would release my balls and her fingers would stroke the soft patch of skin that led to my ass.

I looked down at her face and it was a picture of pure concentration, her face was so close to my dick that I could feel her hot breath on it. She slid her fingers back down over my cock with slow delicate movements while at the same time stroking and cupping my scrotum. I knew that I would not last long, I wanked most days but I had never seen a real naked woman, never had anyone else’s hand stroking me. This was all very new to me and all very exciting.

I tried to concentrate, starring at the ceiling, trying to make it last as long as possible, unsure where this all would lead. Lizzy’s hand stroked along my length again, this time her thumb stroked across the sensitive tip, sliding around on the pre-cum that was coating it.

She giggled and I looked down at her, her fingers stroked along my angry red cock, they felt as soft as velvet. Every stroke made me groan with pleasure and every groan brought a sigh of satisfaction from Lizzy. I swear she seemed to be enjoying wanking me off as much as I was enjoying it.

She alternated her grip on my rigid cock sometimes soft sometimes hard, but the strokes were always slow, from the very base to the very tip of my cock. At the tip, her thumb massaged my cum to lubricate her fingers before she stroked back along my length.

“It’s been over ten years since I had a real cock to play with. I hope you have lots of stamina”, she said, continuing her ministrations. My hips started to move involuntarily and I knew that I was about to blow the biggest load of my life. I had to rest my hands on her naked shoulders to steady myself as I was sure my legs would give way at any moment they had turned to jelly.

I kept trying to hold back, I thought to myself if this is all she gives me I want it to last forever. I looked down and as soon as I had I knew it was a mistake. Seeing this big-titted, sexy lady slowly stroking my dick was too much, as I felt my balls contract, my cock twitch and I knew I was about to cum.

I tried to warn her but the words were stuck in my throat, I let out a croaking noise and I felt my orgasm rock through my body uncontrollably, stronger than I had ever felt before, my cum exploded out of my cock like a cork out of a bottle. I looked down and Lizzy was still stroking me as if she was trying to milk every last bit of cum from my body. My jizz had hit her tits and there was a sticky string of cum linking my prick to her boobs.

“Now, did you enjoy that”, she said, “or is that just a daft question?”

I could not answer but I guess the look on my face was enough. She dipped her fingers into the sticky goo that adorned her enormous bust and slipped them into her mouth.

“Mmmm ... nice”, she laughed. One of the guys at school had told me that girls loved the taste of cum but I had never believed him, but Lizzy looked like she loved it. Her right hand was still stroking my now wilting penis.

“So Zak, have you ever shot your load over a girl’s tits before?” she asked quizzically.

I shook my head unable to utter the words.

“Have you got a girlfriend?”

Again I shook my head

“Are you a virgin?” she asked.

I nodded ... and then blushed a little; I was sure that when she found out I was not experienced she would stop whatever this was straight away. But my fears were soon allayed.

“Well, tonight I am going to teach you a few lessons that will have your future girlfriends screaming for more”. And with that, she let go of my genitals and pushed me away, stood up quickly and stepped into the bath.

She slipped a flannel into the warm water and started to bathe; she looked over at me her and tossed the flannel over to me.

“You better wash your dick Zak, it will be all sticky”. She laughed and continued to wash her self, rubbing a bar of soap over her tits. I cleaned myself down while watching her soap up her huge tits. And then as she cleaned herself under the water. I just stood and watched not knowing what to do.

After a few minutes, she asked me to pass her a towel and dried herself in front of me without batting an eyelid. I watched wide-eyed as she lifted each boob in turn and dried them roughly before slipping the towel between her thick thighs and vigorously drying her hairy pussy.

Once she was dry, she tossed the towel in the corner and took my hand in hers.

“Okay, let’s go and have some fun”, she said with a giggle.

She led me to her bedroom, it was warm, and the whole room seemed to be taken up with a huge bed. Two small lamps lit up the room. Lizzy led me to the bed and let go of my hand as she climbed onto it, I slid down beside her. She leaned over onto one elbow and looked at me, smiling. She took my face in both hands and started to kiss me.

I was a little shocked when her tongue slipped between my lips, but soon I was enjoying the experience. Her hands pulled me close and I felt the soft, warm flesh of her tits squeezing against my chest. We must have snogged like that for a few minutes, then Lizzy’s hands moved away from my face and I felt a sharp scratch on one of my buttocks. Lizzy was cupping and fondling my bum, every now and then her finger slid along the crack of my ass then went back to stroking and scrapping her nails over my bottom.

My cock started to twitch and Lizzy felt it as my hardness grew. She broke off the kiss and lay back on the bed.

“Okay Zak, lesson one”, she said looking me in the eye. “I have big titties and they love being stroked and kissed, so help yourself and just do what comes naturally.”

I looked down at those giant orbs; I knelt beside her and cupped one big fat tit in my hands, marvelling at the weight of it, the warmth of it. My hands moulded and fondled the flesh. Eventually, nature took over and I slipped my lips over one of her dark red nipples. Lizzy gasped with pleasure as I scrapped my teeth over the very tip, and they became harder and longer, I found the harder and rougher I treated it the more she moaned and groaned and as I took this as a good sign I bit down hard on it. I felt Lizzy grab the back of my head and force my face into the soft flesh of her boobs As I bit on one I grabbed at the other and squeezed and fondled it. I seemed to be sucking on her tits for ages before she pulled my head away.

“Honey”, she purred “they are like twins, you cannot treat one without treating the other.”

I switched my mouth from one nipple to the other and started to suck and bite that one.

Her breathing got deep and she was cursing me, calling out my name but her hand clamped my head to that huge tit.

I felt her take my right hand off her boob and she guided it down between her thighs. I felt her hairy bush and then she guided me to her pussy. My fingers stroked and explored, she was wet and sticky down there and soon my fingers were coated with her juices. I ran the tips of my fingers over her lips before slowly slipping them inside, she was so hot down there. First, one finger slipped inside, I ran it around her velvety soft cunt, stroked probing, after a few minutes I slipped in another and she gasped as slipped my fingers in and out of her, stroking her slowly.

Lizzy was now moaning. I felt the finger of one hand stroking the back of my head and ruffling my hair as I sucked on her fleshy tits and fingered her fleshy pussy at the same time.

“Give me your fingers”, I heard her growl, and I slide my fingers from her and she grabbed my hand before sucking on those gleaming digits. She seemed to crave the taste so I slipped my fingers back inside and moved them around before presenting my hand to her and she slurped and sucked at them. Watching her was so erotic.

“God that tastes so good...”

I felt her hand on my head pushing me down over her belly

“Lick me, Zak, taste me!” she said, her voice was full of lust and urgency.

I kissed my way down over her belly until my nose as tickled by her pubes. I nibbled her lips with mine and then ran my tongue up and down the length of her slit. Her pussy tasted divine, I parted her pussy lips, exposing her pinkness and releasing a sweet smell that invaded my nostrils. I am sure from that moment on I was addicted. My nose was full of the delightful smell of her womanhood and her excitement.

I stuck my tongue into her sex as deeply inside as I could lapping at her juices. She grabbed the back of my head and shoved my mouth firmly against her cunt, forcing my tongue even further into her. Her juice ran freely down over my fingers as they slid in and out of her. I soon found that if I varied the speed and intensity of my licking Lizzy got more worked up. I was not sure what I was supposed to do so I winged it, I started off licking at her with broad strokes of my tongue before jabbing at her with the tip, trying to get deeper and deeper inside her.

I lapped and licked and sucked on that pussy for all I was worth, and the more attention I showed it, the more Lizzy groaned. I slipped two fingers inside her and licked along her pussy and this really got her going. Her bum started to buck underneath me.

Lizzy guided me to her button, as she called it, and asked me to lick it. She had a very sensitive clitty (I was very naive and only found out its name some weeks after) and as I licked, kissed and sucked on her lips started to gyrate below me and her hands were clawing at my head. She was calling me a bastard, and angel and good boy over and over again, so I guessed I was doing something right.

I felt her orgasm building up as her body start to shiver and quiver, then her breathing became hard and I felt her hands let go of my head. My face was drenched as she came hard, calling my name as her body writhed around the bed. I licked my lips and she tasted of live nectar. So I slipped my tongue between her pussy lips and sucked and licked at the cum. It was thick and tangy but the taste was amazing and I drank long from her well.

As I did so, I heard Lizzy panting and telling me to stop. The first time I tried to move away she grabbed my head and held me between her thick thighs. I licked up her cum like a cat licking up spilt cream. Lizzy’s breathing got deeper and I heard her starting to moan loudly.

I slipped a finger over her clit, as my tongue ran all over her juicy hot cunt, and started to stroke and rub it, this sent Lizzy over the edge and she came on my face, again gushing a torrent of hot tangy cum over me.

Her excitement made me excited. My cock was now as hard as a bar of steel and I know what I wanted to do. It was primaeval, it was natural, it was like I was running on automatic I knelt up and slipped between her thighs. Looking down at Lizzy, she had her eyes closed and head tilted backwards. Her hands seemed to be clawing at the bed sheets.

“Lizzy, can I put it in?” I asked, not sure how far she would let me go.

She opened her eyes and smiled at me looking down at my erection

“Oh fuck yes!” she cried out...

I did not need a second invitation.

I took my cock in my hand and rubbed it along her sopping wet slit, covering my exposed cock head with her love juice. Then I slipped the first inch of my cock into her velvety wet opening.

“Take your time lover, the first time will be fast, take your time and enjoy it”, Lizzy said, as she watched me slid my cock into her.

The feeling was like nothing I had felt before. I slipped it all the way into her and held it there for a few moments before slipping it back out; I loved the feeling as my helmet opened her and slipped inside. I loved the shine that her sex left along my cock. I loved the grunt she made as my cock buried its self-inside her.

As I bottomed out, Lizzy’s hips lifted to meet me and the feeling was amazing. I loved the little twitches her cunt made all around my knob when it was inside her. I loved the noise that her pussy made as I slide inside her and the little pop as my cock slid out of her. I loved the feeling as our hips met and the way my cock felt as I ground it deep into her pussy.

I knew that the excitement would overtake me and it did. I wanted to do it slowly but my hips started to move of their own accord. Lizzy must have sensed it, as she pulled me down on top of her. Her big tits were crushed between us like a cream cheese filling in a sandwich. Her hands snaked around me and grabbed my hips so that she could dictate the pace. Our eyes locked on each other as I drove my cock into her at a pace she set, her hands moved me in and out of her pussy.

I leaned down and kissed her lips hard, feeling her tongue probe my mouth and then it happened. I knew I could not hold back as my hips drove my cock deep into her sex; deep hard strokes and then I felt the earthquake of my orgasm rise up and spasm through my body. At the same time, I felt my cock swell and then the explosion of my spunk as it left my cock. Lizzy pulled my head to her shoulder, and I heard her groan as she also felt my cum streaming into her.

I kept driving my cock into her, my hips grinding into hers. I kept driving until I felt my organ go soft and slip effortlessly out of her pussy. I lifted my head from her shoulder and kissed her softly on the lips. She kissed me back and we snogged for a few minutes before I rolled from her and lay beside her.

My breathing was laboured and my head was fuzzy as I lay there, reliving the moment I had lost my virginity over and over in my mind.

After a while, I felt Lizzy’s hand stroking up along my thigh and cupping my balls for a few minutes before I felt one fingertip stroke up along my flaccid cock. It slid into the pool of cum that was forming on my stomach and I heard her sucking the finger with a satisfied sound as she sucked it clean. She did this once or twice before she moved into me, her body moulding against me, with one hand resting on my belly.

I guess we both eventually fell asleep, as when I woke I could see that it was daylight outside. At first, I thought it had all been a dream until I felt the weight of Lizzy against me.

I tried to be cool about the whole thing but having this sexy lady next to me had the obvious effect on a teenager and my cock started to stir. I closed my eyes and tried to slow my breathing down hoping that I would not wake her, and then I felt her fingers circle the base of my cock. Slowly she started to wank me off, gently slow strokes along my now steel hard knob.

“Is this for me?” she giggled, and I felt her shift on the bed and then her red lips enveloped my early morning erection.

My eyes opened wide at the feel of her mouth engulfing me, and I saw she was kneeling next to me, eagerly slurping on my cock, the noise alone was amazing but the noise and feeling combined were simply adorable. I watched as her lips slid up and down my shaft, sucking up and over my exposed mushroom shaped bell end, and then driving back over my shaft until her nose was buried in my pubes.

Lizzy sucked and slurped my cock while her left hand cupped and caressed by ball bag. I figured one good turn deserved another and slide my hand between her thighs, stroking the tips of my fingers down her pussy lips, before sliding two fingers into her damp pussy. I stroked them in and out, matching Lizzy’s rhythm as she slipped her lips up and down my shaft.

The magic was broken as she stopped sucking and told me to stand up. I did as I was told, a little disappointed that the blow job had ended so abruptly. Lizzy moved so that she was lying on the bed, her head almost dropping over the side, and then she asked me to stand over her. I moved forward and her hands took my hips, guiding me so that my balls were over her face, and I felt her start to lick and suck on them. At the same time, I felt her hand stroking my cock. The pleasure was intense, so intense I could hardly breathe.

“Hold my tits up for me”, she called from between my thighs. I cupped them and lifted them until my cock was rested between them, encompassed in her soft, warm tit flesh. Then I felt Lizzy start to kiss and lick down the soft flesh that was between my balls and ass.

I gasped as I felt her grab my buttocks, and gasped, even more, when her tongue licked my asshole. At first, the sensation felt alien but after a few seconds, I started to really like the feeling as her tongue licked and lapped at my asshole.

As she did this, I started to mould and fondle her big boobs, rubbing her soft tit flesh against the angry red skin of my cock. Thin strings of precum were already crisscrossing her jugs like a silver thread. My hip started to rock involuntarily, as I started to tit fuck her.

Lizzy was made for tit fucking, her tits here huge and soft and my cock felt so at home between them. I felt her tongue lapping at me and then it was like she was trying to force it right up my arse and the pleasure was so much that my balls tightened and my cocked swelled before it erupted like a volcano over Lizzy’s sumptuous boobs, covering them in my sticky white goo.

After what felt like minutes, but I am sure was seconds, I stepped back away from Lizzy as she laughed out loud at the mess I had made of her tits.

“You liked that I take it?” she said, as she used her fingers to massage her tits, rubbing the cum into them. I watched besotted as she played with her own boobs, and soon my cock started to throb. Lizzy noticed and slide off the bed laughing.

“Hey, no more fun for you today young man”, she said. “I have to grab a shower and drop you home. I have work to do”.

So that was the end of my first session with Lizzy. We both showered and she dropped me off at the top of my road. She asked me to come round and see her on the following Sunday. It would be a long week but I knew that the wait would be worth it.

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